‘Teen Mom’ Fans Freak Out After Farrah Abraham Admits To Having Questionable Photos of Nine-Year-Old Daughter On Her Phone

“You act like this is weird or something?”

File this under: “WTF Farrah?”

Teen Mom OG fans are expressing their shock online over an interview that Farrah Abraham gave TMZ on Thursday night. The news outlet’s team, who caught Farrah coming out of a Los Angeles restaurant, asked Farrah to comment on a photo that Kim Kardashian recently posted online that shows her four-year-old daughter North snapping a pic of her topless mom.

Farrah did, indeed, comment on Kim’s pic…and offered some insight into her life at home with her own nine-year-old daughter, Sophia, that some ‘Teen Mom’ fans found disturbing.

Farrah said that she saw nothing wrong with Kim’s daughter taking a topless photo of her because it sounds like a typical day at her own house.

“My daughter and I, we run around the house naked and we just live life free,” Farrah said before adding the part that some people found creepy.

“I mean, we have naked pictures on our phones of each other because we’re like a mom and daughter crew,” Farrah stated.

The people that Farrah was with seemed to find that statement surprising, so Farrah added something to try to make what she had just said a bit less…awkward.

“My mother has pictures of me, being a baby, running all over the yard naked,” Farrah said.

As soon as TMZ posted the interview on Friday night, fans quickly added their thoughts.

“She is basically admitting to a crime as far as I’m concerned,” one person wrote on Twitter, insinuating that having naked photos of a child of Sophia’s age was illegal.

“Please tell me she’s talking about baby pictures of Sophia on her phone or something. Please tell me that is what I am hearing about, not pics of a nine year old,” another person tweeted.

“Wait a second did she just say she has naked pictures of her child on her phone? Wow she is truly the dumbest person on earth,” one person wrote in the comments section of the TMZ story.

In the same interview, Farrah made several other interesting  statements. While discussing the lawsuit she has pending against Viacom and the producers of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Farrah stated she was ready to do battle in court over the producers firing her from the show for what she says was her continued work in the sex industry.

“I’ve never lost any lawsuit I’ve ever been in,” she said. “My legal team is ready, Viacom’s not ready.”

She also stated that having a sex tape is no big deal. After all, she claimed, “every celebrity has a celebrity sex tape.”


Farrah also told the interviewer that she knows her lawsuit against Viacom, etc. will have a global impact.

“Women aren’t treated equally so I just do what’s right,” she said. “If nobody else wants to change the world for the better, then that’s fine but I want to and that’s my prerogative I guess.”

Watch the interview below:

(Photo: MTV)

59 Responses

  1. She’s remarkably stupid that’s for sure. I don’t know whether or not she really has questionable pictures of Sophia but lets be honest that kid is just waiting to be exploited. I see Farrah trying to make her mini Kylie Jenner.

  2. It’s more than obvious that Farrah belongs in a mental institution. Please, someone save the mini horse from her evil spawn before it gets skinned alive.

  3. First of all, Sophia is way too old for her to be taking naked pictures of her, it’s not like she’s a toddler running around after they just ripped their diaper off and are being silly and you snap a picture of their baby butt or a baby bath picture or something like that. Second, with Farrah, I doubt there’s anything innocent about the pictures. She tries to make Sophia into a miniature version of herself, so she’s probably in sexual poses or has private parts exposed. Third, is she saying that Sophia also has a phone and that that phone is full of naked Farrah pictures? What?

  4. What the actual fuck???????? Its one thing to have baby pics of ur kid in the tub. Its quite another to have naked pics of a 9 year old on ur phone. Thats called child porn. This kid is doomed. I think farrah says outrageous and ridiculous things most of the time because she knows she will get a reaction and attention.You know like a 5 year old. Even bad attention is better than no attention. But this is just beyond me. Somebody needs to help this poor kid she is doomed. Daddy derek is probably rolling over in his grave. I hope this is just another pile of word vomit. But if its not it wouldnt surprise me in the least shes shown over and over that when it comes to common sense she has none and when it comes to parenting she doesnt. Just sad for sophia.

  5. I literally face palm every single time I read a quote from Farrah.. it’s fucking mind-boggling the shit that comes out if this chicks mouth

  6. Talk about foot in mouth. I believe Farrah was just trying to be supportive and ended up looking really bad. The least we could hope for is a knock to her pride?

  7. We all have unfortunately seen the pics of Sofia “modeling” in a bikini, “working” the fireman’s pole at the playground etc. What are the odds that these supposed naked pictures she has of Sofia aren’t provocatively posed? As far as I’m concerned, regardless of Farrah being the “parent”, it should be considered possession of child pornography among other things. Running around your house naked is alright I suppose, but having naked pictures of your preteen daughter on your phone? Wrong on so many levels!What’s next? CPS needs to be involved ASAP.

  8. And don’t you get so sick of hearing Farrah’s parents talk about what a great mom she is? Really? With all the bad things she does? Wow! My parents did everything wrong. NOT!!

  9. When is CPS going to investigate and do something for Sophia? For years we watched Farrah’s poor behavior, bad life
    Choices. She is erratic, unstable, the porn. I can only imagine what Farrah has done t Sophia … someone get the kid way from her.

  10. Questionable photos? That would be a big no. They are not questionable. It’s 100% totally wrong,wrong and a wrong. Farrah is grooming Sophia to go into porn like her. Grooming Sophia into thinking what she does is ok. OMG MTV loves the money that shot show is bringing in. Time to shut the shot show down.

  11. You going to tell me those women with her weren’t other adult industry people. Omg the blonde taking her coat off and all posing. Had to have one of those waist cincher things on. Omg how do a persons insides not get displaced. They were all sooooo gross.

  12. I grew up in a home where being naked wasn’t a bad thing, but it also wasn’t like we were doing nude family photo shoots. It was more like, if you forgot a bath towel and had to hightail it to the linen cupboard and mom saw your bare ass, you didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed.

    That being said…Slightly creeped out by the nude pics of one another on their phones part…

    1. Forgetting a bath towel and needing to grab one is totally different. I absolutely get that. But what Farrah is talking about is her and Sophia taking naked pics of each other. Gross! I guess that’s more material for Sophia’s tell all book.

      1. No no I totally agree with you. I was just saying, coming from a naked friendly home, the way she phrased what she said creeped me out.

    2. Agreed, plus doesn’t she still live with Michael and fiance. Not even her house to run around naked in.

  13. I grew up in a house where I regularly saw my parents naked. My parents raised me that way to give me a healthy idea of what the human body looks like, and they succeeded. My daughter is a few months younger than Sophia and again, we see each other naked a lot around the house – I think it is more important now than ever to give kids realistic ideas of how diverse real unphotshopped bodies are.
    However, I draw the line at photographing it. Babies is one thing, and although a photograph of a naked child is not inherently illegal, I really question what reason one could have for taking or owning such photos. If allowing your own child to see your naked body is progressive in terms of body positivity, taking photos for other people to see is surely the opposite.

  14. I think being naked at your house is okay. However, when you have a kid, put some damn pants on. Your kid doesn’t wanna have your junk etched into their memory. (Yes I’m aware Sophia can just google her mom and see it, but still)

    The pictures….I don’t even want to delve into that. So disgusting.

  15. There’s nothing wrong with being naked in own home, but there are issues with taking pictures on a hackable devise especial since she sexualizes EVERYTHING.

  16. I have the horrible feeling that Farrah and Sophia will be doing mom+daughter porn as soon as Sophia is old enough. Farrah has admitted to letting Sophia watch her film and read her books, and now they apparently hang out naked together and take pictures. It’s seriously like Farrah has been grooming her for porn.

      1. Yup, and read the graphic passages in her book. She said, in her own very Farrah way, that she didn’t believe in censorship for Sophia, and she thought it was good for her to be exposed to a woman’s sexual empowerment.

    1. WTF?! I thought that exposing a child to sexual material is also considered abuse. Isn’t it? Someone needs to call CPS.

  17. I don’t think she knows what moms are supposed to do with their kids. This is really disturbing. Most of the time I am naked around our house but it’s just me and my husband. I know when our child is born(just found out I am pregnant again after a miscarriage a couple months ago) that I will have to go back to wrearing sweats and baggy t shirts. I just hate tight clothing.

    1. Or you don’t have to – while i’m not a nudest there is nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own home and teaching your child to be comfortable in their own skin. Chances are good that if you don’t like tight clothing that it’s a sensitivity and your child may inherit it. Also, it’s a lot easier to breastfeed if you are chilling at home without a top

      1. I agree that parents dont need to sexualize nudity. Farrah is just dumb and has a slutty reputation. It’s also one of those things you don’t go around giving interviews about and saying you have pictures on your phone. That’s what makes it super creepy!

  18. When you THINK she can’t be any dumber………but here we are. I DON’T CARE if you jump around your house naked, just DON’T make those pictures on your phone where someone can easily hack you. Didn’t she learn from celebrities being hacked when they had a pictures of themselves on? Just DON’T HAVE PICTURES OF ANYONE NAKED ON YOUR PHONE, PERIOD.

  19. Farrah constantly claims she’s this super duper business woman with her furniture and Froco yogurt stores, along with selling sex toy molds of her own va jay jay.

    So now that she’s no longer a part of Teen Mom, perhaps she should focus more on her awesome business skills, rather than trying to stay relevant by posing in front of cameras making these ridiculously dangerous statements (in horribly botched English) about naked pics of her nine-year-old daughter.

    Doesn’t this brain dead simpleton realize the amount of deranged perverts out there listening to her foolishness along with everyone else?


  20. Not too long ago there was this huge scandal of leaked photos of celebs obtained by their phones being hacked. She just announced that she has naked photos of her daughter on her phone. Yeah her phone is likely being targeted right now by someone somewhere. Let’s hope she made it all up for shock factor and attention. Also if true, it’s messed up grooming behavior that put Sophia at risk of being abused and led to believe naked photo shoots are a ok. Any one that would want to abuse her and is able to make their way into Farrah’s life now know of a really good way to groom her in order to abuse her. Please please let this be some dumb stuff she made up for headlines and attention.

  21. There is nothing between this girls ears but air. No filter, no intelligence, no soul…just air. She is the ultimate airhead.

  22. She is just so full of herself. Global impact? Really? You don’t register on that large of a scale, sweetheart. The vindictive part of me seriously wants Viacom to knock her down and take her to the cleaners; however, I feel she has something up her sleeve on and they will end up settling. Then everything will be forgotten until she orchestrates another desperate attempt for money and fame.

    As for her and Sophia’s mother/daughter nudes…no. Just no. Sophia is going to have such a warped sense of sexuality, self-image, and personal boundaries. I can’t begin to imagine the negative impact it will have on her in the future.

  23. As much as I’d like to see Farrah in a bright orange jumpsuit getting her hair extensions ripped out by some lifers in prison- I don’t think she’s a weird pedophile. I think she just says whatever she can to make herself relevant. She’s not just a regular Mom guys, she’s a cool mom.

  24. WTF!?!?!?!
    I’m no lawyer but I’m fairly certain this could be considered production and possession of child pornography. Which is a felony. You will go to jail and become a registered sex offender. I’m quite certain I’ve heard pervert bastards on Law & Order:SVU make very similar comments about how “beautiful” and “sweet” pictures of nude children can be, trying to justify their perversion.
    So so so disturbing.

  25. I’m pretty sure the only lawsuit she’s ever been involved in was when Derek’s mom petitioned for grandparents rights which was denied because there wasn’t an established relationship with the grandchild. Going up against a corporation like Viacom is a whole other thing than going up against an individual. She’s too stupid to know how stupid she is. She’s just ugh!

    1. Love how she says in the interview that “Viacom isn’t prepared”. Yeah, I’m sure one of the largest companies in the world who has litigation on staff isn’t “prepared”. She keeps blaming the producer Morgan for her firing, but it’s not like he has the sole authority to fire her. She’s under contract, and I’m sure there is some type of stipulation that dictates the reasons why one can or cannot be fired (such as off-camera behavior that could have a negative impact on the show). Her dismissal was certainly discussed at length with lawyers, as would be standard. It’s time for the show to end. Farrah and Jenelle are terrible, terrible people, but I’d bet the farm ratings are going to tank without them. Many people watch for the trainwreck. It’s unbelievable that despite Jenelle’s drug use, child abuse, etc. she has not been removed, and the only reason has to be due to concern of low ratings. If Jenelle sticks to her word and refuses to film unless David is involved, I’ll be very surprised if this gets renewed for another season. No way Brianna or Mackenzie (who is allegedly on standby as Jenelle’s fill-in) will bring in ratings.

  26. Nakey babies are VERY different from naked pictures of a 9 year old child. That’s disturbing, and someone needs to get that through her head. It’s one thing to be comfortable with your own bodies in you own home, but don’t take pictures of a child that someone might somehow get their hands on. Literally all it would take is for someone to hack her icloud. She’s an idiot.

  27. She should really comment about how women are raped and am abused during times of war. Until she can really comment about how women are abused during civil war in their own countries she should be quiet.

    1. What exactly does that have to do with the question that was asked (“Do you think it’s inappropriate Kim K’s daughter took a topless photo of her?”). While I absolutely agree that the statistics involving rape and abuse during conflict are disgusting, I’m not sure that Farrah commenting on that would have any impact. She cannot even form a coherent sentence. I’m trying to figure out the correlation between Farrah Abraham and rape during civil war?

  28. Having pictures of your baby is a LOT different than having naked pictures of your 9 year old! And it’s weird to have your 9 year old taking naked photos of her mom (especially when said mother is a porn star)

  29. These girls may think MTV was the best thing that ever happened to them, but they are ALL sadly wrong. This show and what it created is evil and wrong on so many levels, for the love of god cancel it already!

  30. Why not just add 30 more years of therapy to this child’s resume it worries me that Sophia is not acting her age she doesn’t know how to carry a conversation without using baby talk thinks it’s normal to have naked pictures of your mom on your phone! I’ve yet to see Farah let Sophia have any friends other than her and that is not parenting that is keeping a child so sheltered she’s not gonna know how to function in the real world who does that benefit?

    1. @colleen, only time I can think of is Sophia’s last birthday party. Her now being homeschooled is going to damage her even further

      1. Right I thought about that too well I was writing it… But even then something seemed off about it like the kids had to be there and they didn’t have a genuine connection with Sophia I know that’s a bit extreme but I feel like there is more to the story of she just had a group of people over for her birthday party Completely agree though I feel like being in a school environment would’ve been great for Sophia because then she’s at least exposed to normal conversation and expectations of a nine-year-old child

    2. I was thinking this today has anyone ever heard Sophia talk in a normal voice?

      Vote Thumbs up for No
      Vote Thumbs down for Yes

      1. Once. In Farrah’s latest youtube video. She said one sentence. “Someone cut my hair in public school once” and it broke my heart. That poor child. She was so sad.

        1. That’s so sad… Also I did not think Sophia ever went to a public school a few seasons ago when Farrah was leaving to film some other thing in London she made a point to say that Sophia went to a private school when she was talking to Deb so now I’m totally confused

          1. I think she meant ‘public’ in comparison to Sophia now going to ‘school’ at home, in private. Because that’s what she was ranting about. Saying she wants to keep Sophia away from the public where there were shootings and bullying. Which is when Sophia injected to mention being bullied and Farrah basically shut her up.

  31. Appalling absolutely disgusting to hear. If this isn’t the nail in the coffin for her to have a full case opened with CPS then I don’t know what will ever trigger it. That is disgusting. We have nakesd pictures of each other in our phones?!?!? Reading that makes me sick. I wish Sophia well but let’s be honest, she has NO chance in life being raised by Farrah or Debra or Michael. All sick twisted delusional abusive people.

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