‘Teen Mom’ Cast Reacts to David Eason’s Firing: Jeremy Calvert Rants, Briana DeJesus Plays Nice & More

“Don’t let the door knob hit ya on the way out, Dave-o!”

Jenelle Evans has yet to speak publicly about MTV’s decision to fire her husband David Eason from Teen Mom 2 after he went on a homophobic Twitter rampage on Monday, but nearly all of the franchise’s other cast members have voiced their opinions on MTV taking action over what happened. (Several ‘Teen Mom 2’ and Teen Mom OG cast members spoke out right after the tweets were posted, pleading with MTV to fire David for the offense.)

As The Ashley told you on Thursday, the show’s higher-ups tried to give David plenty of chances to apologize, but when he refused, the network issued a statement announcing that he was getting the boot. (As of press time, Jenelle has yet to be fired from ‘Teen Mom 2.’)

On Tuesday, Nathan Griffith, one of Jenelle other baby-daddies, posted a message to his Twitter followers, seemingly in response to David’s hate-filled rant.

“I have my own beliefs and my own opinions but to segregated, belittle and to hate someone based on their opinions, lifestyle, region, race, and/or sexual orientation is wrong,” Nathan tweeted. “PERIOD! It’s 2018! As long as it doesn’t affect your life, then let it go. #lovemorehateless”

Right before MTV announced David’s termination on Tuesday, Jeremy Calvert of ‘Teen Mom 2’ took to Instagram Live to vent about David’s hateful words The ex-husband of Leah Messer felt so strongly about the incident that he even threatened that he and daughter Addie would no longer film if MTV didn’t step in and handle the situation. As for Jenelle’s apology on David’s behalf (in which Jenelle attempted to explain away David’s rant by stating that David didn’t know how to use Twitter), Jeremy said he wasn’t buying it.

“[Jenelle’s] apology is cracking me up … you can’t sit there and say you didn’t know what was going to happen when you tweeted that stuff about the gay community,” Jeremy said. “You say you don’t know how to use Twitter but, god**** it, you use it an awful lot for not knowing how to use it.”

“If I were them I’d be scared to leave my f**king house or even show my face in public right now,” he added.

He urged Nathan to fight for more custody of Kaiser, the son he shares with Jenelle.

“If Nathan don’t try to get his kid, I don’t know what to tell that dude,” Jeremy said. “I would have already been in court … even if I had to empty my savings account out, I’d go broke.”

Jeremy confirmed what The Ashley’s sources were telling her about members of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ production team and crew not wanting to venture onto “The Land” to film Jenelle following this incident.

“I know a lot of people in production who won’t go out to Jenelle’s house and put a camera in her face anymore,” Jeremy said. “I’ve had enough of MTV putting up with these two idiots.”

Jeremy—who is one of the only ‘Teen Mom’ franchise dads who has a job outside of MTV—also mocked David’s unemployment status.

[David’s] a** is in hot water, might lose that MTV money, might have to get a f**king job—uh oh,” Jeremy said.

Following the announcement from MTV that they were cutting ties with David, Kail Lowry said she was happy with the network’s decision. (Kail came out as bi-sexual years ago and was recently in a relationship with another woman.)

“Glad MTV finally did what was necessary,” she told Us Weekly.

Kail’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, also responded to the news.

“Honestly, with how society is these days, you never know the extremity a person will go to,” he told Blasting News. “I’m glad MTV handled it.”

Javi added that his best friend is a lesbian and he wouldn’t support anyone who made comments like those made by David.

“ … Me and [David] were never friends so his opinion kinda doesn’t matter to me honestly,” Javi added. “There’s plenty of people out there that feel the same way he does. I just don’t associate myself with people with those beliefs.”

Farrah Abraham, who was fired from the franchise last year and is currently suing the franchise’s production team also spoke up. Despite her strained relationship with MTV, she commended the network’s decision to fire David, calling the move “a responsible employer choice.”

Farrah elaborated her thoughts in typical “Farrah Speak” fashion.

“I hope David takes this as a learning experience to understand what the LGBT community is trying to improve,” she told US Weekly. “I hope he agrees, as if he has friends who should hopefully educate him, as some people die hearing those words and certain connotations, and it is very hurtful to the LGBT community.”

Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, said she was surprised and horrified to read the hateful messages.

“[I thought] No. 1, totally disgusting and No. 2, I would say a good portion of my support system are LGBT,” she told In Touch Weekly, noting the plight those in the LGBTQ community have suffered in the past and continue to face. “ … I’m just like, ‘How can this be going on?’ Especially when you’re in the entertainment world and you have a platform — I mean, what the hell? We’re all human beings. I just felt that it was a good move on MTV’s part and good for them. They took a stand and I’m glad.”

Debra also told In Touch she believes Jenelle and David’s relationship “seems quite volatile” and that she fears for Jenelle’s well-being, along with her children’s.

“I think he’s got a real anger,” she said. “I would be afraid if I were her.”

Briana DeJesus, a ‘Teen Mom 2’ newcomer and Jenelle’s only ally in the show’s cast, released a statement through Blasting News about David.

“It’s a sensitive topic … I am Jenelle’s friend and I am here to support her by any means necessary,” Briana said. “I think it’s unfortunate that it had to come down to this but people make mistakes and we can only learn from them. Love is love at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter what preference you have or ur skin color. We should all be treated equally.”

Briana went on to wish David the best and said that the situation has opened her eyes to the impact the ‘Teen Mom’ cast has.

“I think being on ‘Teen Mom’ we really have to take advantage of this opportunity to be heard in a good way of course,” she said.

Later in the week, Briana and Jenelle proved that they were still allies by appearing on Instagram Live together, but they did not discuss the David situation.

On Wednesday, Leah Messer told People she was disgusted by David’s comments and supported MTV’s decision to fire him, 100 percent.

“This ignorance cannot be tolerated and I refuse to be associated with hatred of any kind,” she added. “I stand in solidarity with my friends and family in the LGBTQ community and applaud MTV for their quick and decisive action.”

(Photos: MTV)


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  1. I just can’t believe MTV anymore. I never watch any of their shows anymore, really just because none of them are any good but I may swear off them anymore to boycott this network. In the beginning when they would show Jenelle and Amber and Leah all high and going to rehab I thought they were using it as a teaching moment. After all, it’s reality TV, and these are their real life struggles. Then they started showing things like child abuse and things like Ryan driving high and I became sick. Beyond the fact that these things are sick and dangerous, they aired them on national TV. That means that somebody had to film these things, turn them in, they had to be watched and edited and formatted and scheduled to air and THEN WENT ON TO AIR! This is beyond disgusting. I have to say I’m disgusted at David being fired but not why you’d think. I’m disgusted that he will answer for this, but not for abusing Kaiser. That he is in trouble for this and that kaiser will grow up and see that MTV filmed AND aired his abuse and no one cared enough to stop it. MTV is absolutely disgusting and I’m disturbed that they think we believe they are just doing their job.

    1. You are exactly right! I couldn’t agree more. I hope they end the Teen Mom series, report any and all abuse/neglect they witnessed, and create a trust fund for the children that the parents are unable to access.

  2. I can’t stop thinking about those poor kids….they have already witnessed SO much horrific shit in their incredibly short lives. And now the icing on the cake is a homophobic, hate monger stepfather? After everything terrible that Jenelle has done in her life, now she marries a complete hypocrite who feels justified instilling hatred in her children…She is seriously the queen of garbage.

    1. I completely agree! I just keep thinking about how much those children are suffering and it makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me even sicker to know the individuals perpetrating the depravity were PAID by MTV. I think about how deeply domestic violence, and abuse and neglect impact children and I am terrified for their future.

      It was right that he got fired for being homophobic…I just don’t understand why MTV didn’t draw the line sooner. How is abusing children NOT hate??? Why wasn’t the abuse and neglect we saw Kaiser endure enough for Jenelle and David to be fired? How is abusing women (or men…Amber should be fired too) NOT hate??? Not to mention Dr. Drew saying ON NATIONAL TV how it’s good David is there to control Jenelle…Dr. Drew should have been fired on the spot.

  3. LEAH said that last quote? I don’t think she knows how to speak that well. Someone must have written that for her to repeat.

  4. It is absolutely appalling how MTV has responded to this entire situation. Even after witnessing and filming Jenelle abuse animals, neglect and abuse her children, and use drugs…she was not fired. After filming David verbally abuse and manhandle Kaiser…he was not fired. If MTV was so concerned about ‘the normalization of abusive behaviors’ or ‘promoting hate’ they would have contacted the police and CPS instead of using the abuse for ratings. Are we seriously supposed to believe MTV cares about human rights when they use a national platform to exploit abused children??? The way I see it there is only one answer…if they cared about protecting people from hate, violence, or abuse they would have fired Jenelle years ago, and the only people reading David’s hateful twitter rant would be his old cellmates who would promptly block him. Abuse IS hate. It’s not that I think homophobia isn’t a good reason to fire someone, because I think it is an excellent reason. In this instance the firing should have happened long before it got this bad. The twitter rant should NOT have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. The camel was born without a spine, 100 years old, and already flat as a pancake because someone dropped a Buick on it. How does MTV look at the old pancake camel under the Buick and not think enough is enough???

  5. Just curious if The Ashley heard any scoop of MacKenzie McKee replacing Jenelle Evans?
    Any new update?
    Kind of at work and bore… And curious….

  6. I realize there’s a lot going on in teen mom world, but can we recap last week’s episode. There’s sooooooooo much to say about that wedding

  7. Farrah’s incoherent word salad didn’t make sense. Girl needs to get a grip on the English language or hire a publicity agent to manage her public statements. She tries to sound cerebral but she sounds illiterate. Bless her heart.

    1. It’s like when she was on dr Phil and she tried to pretty much say it wasn’t a dui because when the cop came to her window she had pulled over lol

  8. I absolutely hate Briana , she is just as disgusting as David and Jenelle. They all need to go in my opinion. On another note very surprised and proud of Jeremy. Especially him calling Nathan out. He is usually the offensive one.

  9. Jeremy just seems so damn shady to me. Do ya seriously believe he would take his kid and stop filming over this? Maybe but I doubt it. Yes Nathan needs to go after custody of his son but Jeremy is being hypocritical bc I don’t remember him doing crap when Leah hot mess express was eating them pills all day every day and Addie being unsupervised. Just saying. Anyways I’m thrilled crazy Davids Fired and I say fire crazy Jenelle also. Spewing hate should not be tolerated and I would pull every single ad from that franchise if I was them companys until this was handled.

    1. That’s disgusting her whole coven scares me they will do anything to be on TV she just does not fit with the other girls they waited too long to add somebody there was no reason to do it

      1. So true I don’t know if you remember Dr. Drew saying something about going on vacation and Chelsea was the only one to say uh no we can’t go all the time Cole works

      2. I think Cole is an air traffic controller. Don’t quote me on that, because I’m not sure. I believe I heard that somewhere.

    1. The Ashley didn’t say that Jeremy is the *only* person who has a job outside of TM, she said he’s “one of the few” who does.

  10. What in the world were Nathan and Farrah talking about? Imagine Farrah and Nathan in a twitter war….I swear they just pick long words out of a dictionary and put them together, in no particular order….but it looks like most if not all of the cast (except for Jenelle) are glad that David is gone….BTW Jeremy is absolutely right. Nathan needs to get up off his ass, be a father and go get Kaiser.

  11. I knew I liked Javi, the king of drama, when I saw him wear that Miley Cyrus shirt. Remember how he wore the hell out of that Miley shirt? Those were the good days…

  12. Farrah probably thinks everyone else in the world is dumb for not being able to understand her “Farrah Speak.” She is so advanced and uses such big words that us regular folk just don’t understand her. It’s not her fault she’s so much better than everyone else.

    I’m glad the cast is speaking out against Lurch and in support of the LGBTQ community.

    Save Kaiser and Ensely.

  13. Yeah, I think Farrah says that stuff about Tyler just for attention. Sometimes, I say things that I don’t mean, but I try to be accountable for my words. Someone in another thread made a comment about me and kids. I guess I deserved it. I didn’t want to mention that I’m unable to have them. Point being, David and Jenelle need to learn to watch what they say, and she should quit making excuses for him. By the way, even though I make mistakes sometimes, I would never say anything hateful on purpose.

    1. Are you saying they fired him for the wrong reason? Child abuse is fucked up and he should’ve been fired for that, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t also be fired for this. But I feel like coded in a lot of these comments are “they should’ve fired him for child abuse, not this, this isn’t a big deal.” I’m just relieved they finally fired him. And no one is applauding MTV who isn’t getting a check from them.

      1. Nah I don’t get that vibe. At least in my eyes I am obviously more angry that MTV cares more about reactions to tweets than videotaped child abuse….i guess it’s kind of horrifying to think that you can watch someone treat a little boy like garbage/yank him around and nothing happens, but have an appalling twitter rant and sudden, swift action is taken. People wanted that for Kaiser too. The only saving grace is that he aired himself out for being a homophobic lunatic piece of shit and got what was coming to him…

  14. Most of these girl will be seeking employment in porn once mtv funds dry up. They aren’t used to actually working. They have no skills and a regular job will pay peanuts compared to the $500,000 mtv lays for 6 months of filming

  15. Remember when Janelle sent cease and desist letters to her castmates because she said the negative things they were saying about her and David would cause them to not get jobs in the future? Ironic considering I’m pretty sure David’s own douchebag Twitter post was far more damaging than anything the cast ever said about them.

      1. That’s not always indicative of a bad attorney. There are attorneys that have practiced for 15+ years that would do the same dumb crap and are stupid as stone.

        There are thousands of attorneys, new and experienced, that would have taken the case just to get a cut of the settlement against deep pocket corporations.

  16. Farrah is so full of shit. When she was on another reality show (I think Big Brother) She went on a rant insulting gay and black people. And she is the most hateful person I have ever seen. But David is a close second. Glad he is gone but I fear for those kids.

    1. And she’s the one who keeps calling Tyler B. Gay… not that it’s a condemning thing but the way she accuses him of it makes it seem that way. Farrah is awful….just like Jenelle.

    2. Farrah made a comment about Chad Ochocinco’s mom on marriage bootcamp, called her a black p.o.s. or something. She, as well as David, think they are better then everyone else. That is clearly not the case.

  17. Farrah needs that shirt that says “I use big words that I don’t understand so I can sound more photosynthesis” ?

  18. I always have to shake my head and re-read anything Farrah writes- it defies any rules of grammar and usually makes no sense. If she is home schooling Sophia, that child is destined for a life of illiteracy.

    1. I just saw a thing that Sophia just turns 9. That child acts and speaks like she’s 4. Definitely developmentally delayed somehow.

  19. The only person that didn’t butcher the English language in their response was Leah of all people. However, her response was a quote from People magazine so she didn’t actually have to write it.

    As others have said, as awful and hateful as David’s recent tweets were, there should have been such a strong response months ago by MTV and the cast members when David was being rough with Kaiser. Papa Randy spoken out about that incident if I recall, but that was it. The words were ugly, but abusing a toddler is much worse. #teamdoris

    1. She’s not running a damn thing. She puts up the money and hires people to do everything. Except when Teen Mom is filming, then she walks around like she’s some businesswoman. She’s a joke.

    2. My husband is 100% sure that her businesses are all in the toilet because she has zero business sense, not to mention zero common sense. She’s filing bankruptcy and all three of her stores will close. There’s no way she has a clue how to run them.

  20. It is a bit shocking to hear these straight male types, Jeremy, Nathan, Javi, be so vocal in their support of LGBT rights and even moreso offended on behalf of their LGBT ❤️ones.

    I mean this in the best way possible, and it warms my heart.

  21. I think they all better be prepared to get real jobs. One news outlet says that Kail is shopping a show about her. Because she is in fear of the show being cancelled. I won’t watch it because I have never cared for her and I think her striking out on her own will be a mistake. She’s not that interesting. Admit it the reason most of us tuned in was because of Farrah’s nastiness, and Janelle’s train wreck of a life and the constant battle with Barb. The others were just fluff.

    1. Really? That seems so odd to me because it seems as this series has gone on kail has had a hard time relating to people I think she tries but when she does it comes across as phony I don’t think I would watch either she’s starting to give me a Kate Goslin feel

    1. Like do you think I would write like words are beyond your impression so just stop embarrassing yourself and the mtv with your pathetic attempts at English.

  22. Does anyone else read and re-read Farrah’s statements and try to figure out what she was trying to say, but fail to make heads or tails out of it??

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