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Note: This post has been updated as of October 2018! 

Babies are a big part of the Teen Mom franchise. After all, the girls from the show became famous for getting knocked up in their teens. The ‘Teen Mom’ stars all gave birth to their first kids on 16 and Pregnant, but there have been plenty more trips to the delivery room for them in the years that they have been filming ‘Teen Mom.’

This seemed like a good time for The Ashley to take a look at all of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise babies…by the numbers!

(Note: The following data includes the eight original girls from ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ only. It does not include the casts of ‘Teen Mom 3’ or ‘Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant,’ or the cast additions to ‘OG’ or ‘Teen Mom 2.’) 

0          Number of ‘Teen Mom OG’ babies that were born in wedlock. (None of the babies belonging to the female stars of the show have had parents that were married at the time of their births.) 

1          Number of ‘Teen Mom’ babies that came very close to being named Saychelle (It was Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, by the way.)

 1          Number of ‘Teen Mom’ babies that share a middle name with their mother (It’s Amber’s daughter Leah, whose middle name is LeAnn like Amber’s.)

1           Number of ‘Teen Mom’ babies that share a birthday with their mother. (It’s Chelsea’s daughter, Layne. Both were born on August 29.)

 1          Number of ‘Teen Mom’ girls who have had C-sections (Leah Messer has had two—one with her twins and one with Addie.)

 1        Number of ‘Teen Mom’ girls who were pregnant on their actual wedding day (It was Chelsea…Kail was not pregnant on the day she officially married Javi.)

1          Number of ‘Teen Mom’ girls who were filmed taking a pregnancy test…on the toilet (The toilet-sitter was Catelynn, in case you were wondering.)

 2          Number of ‘Teen Mom’ babies born in 2008 (They are the show’s oldest kids, Bentley and Leah.)

2           Number of ‘Teen Mom’ kids who have their father’s name as their middle name. (They are Chelsea’s son Watson Cole, and Amber’s son James Andrew.)

3          Number of ‘Teen Mom 2’ kids born in the month of January (They are Chelsea’s son Watson, Kail’s son Isaac and Jenelle’s daughter Ensley.)

3          Number of times Maci refused to allow cameras into the delivery room to film her births (During Bentley’s birth she purposely waited to call producers so that they would miss filming the birth for “16 and Pregnant.” For her other two births, she just refused to have it filmed.)

4          Number of ‘Teen Mom 2’ kids born in wedlock (Leah’s daughter Addie, Kail’s son Lincoln,  Chelsea’s son Watson and daughter Layne were all born while the mom was married to the baby’s father.)

4          Number of ‘Teen Mom’ kids that weighed less than six pounds at birth (They were Leah’s twins, her daughter Addie and Chelsea’s daughter Aubree.)

4          Number of hours Catelynn spent in labor with Carly

5          Number of weeks premature Chelsea’s daughter Aubree was

7          Number of ‘Teen Mom’ moms who have at least one tattoo for their kid(s). (Chelsea has tattoos but none that are kid-related, while Farrah has no tattoos.)

 7        Number of years after Aubree’s birth that Chelsea waited to have Watson

 7        Number of months pregnant Kail was during her second wedding to Javi

 8        Number of children that have been born to (or are about to be born to) the ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls (by 6 different dads)

8          Number of weeks it took Kail to finally name her son Lux after his birth

9          Number of years Amber waited after having Leah to have another child

10        Number of years old the oldest ‘Teen Mom’ kid (Bentley) will be in 2018

12        Number of pregnancy tests Maci says she took before she finally believed she was pregnant with Jayde

 12        Number of people present in the hospital room when Kail gave birth to her son Isaac (This included two cameramen, two producers, Kail’s mom, Jo, Jo’s mom, a doctor and several of Kail’s friends.)

12       Number of babies born to the original ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls (by 10 different dads)

16        Number of hours Kail spent in labor during Lincoln’s birth

21        Number of weeks pregnant Maci claims she was when she found out she was expecting Maverick

30        Number of hours Maci labored with Bentley before finally getting an epidural

80        Number of minutes (!) Chelsea’s labor with Watson lasted, from start to finish

200      Number of miles Barbara drove Jenelle to get her abortion in 2013

367      Number of days between the birth of Maci’s daughter Jayde and her son Maverick

581       Number of days between the birth of Chelsea’s son Watson and her daughter Layne

33,655    Number of babies named Bentley in the six years after Maci’s “16 and Pregnant” aired

42,500  Number of Twitter follower ‘Teen Mom’ kid Sophia has

1.88 million    Number of ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers who watched Jenelle give birth to Kaiser in a 2014 episode


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  1. I have pcos and I really don’t think she didn’t know that far along, since she had 2 kids already and they move around alot sooner with each pregnancy .I’m going more with denial ,but it’s easier to use the pcos excuse .

    1. I think the interesting thing about these Teen Moms or people with PCOS and other issues is this- I have PCOS and my doctors (multiple OBs and fertility doctors) have always said it might be difficult to get pregnant and risky but NO ONE has ever said you’re infertile, don’t worry about using contraceptives. I feel like people use this as an excuse. People might disagree with me but I feel like most doctors aren’t that careless with their words.

      1. I also have PCOS and Maci makes me really mad when she talks about it. This is just an excuse. Her story about whether or not Jayde was planned changes all the time. First she said she was told she couldn’t have any more kids so she stopped using birth control (which birth control is always recommended for PCOS to help control symptoms and regulate periods). Later she said that her doctor told her that getting pregnant again might not happen because of it so she “didn’t want to prevent it any further” so they would just see what happens. Now when her PCOS is convenient to the storyline she says she “always struggles with it” but then she never mentions it again.

  2. chelsea “waiting” 7 years to have more kids isn’t special lmao, you could say briana also waited 6 years to have another kid and amber waited 9. it’s more due to luck than anything.

  3. 1- number of pregnancy tests taken during the show that were false positives (it was Jenelle btw. Remember? When she got an abortion 18 seconds before she decided to “try for kids” with Nathan)
    I still can’t get that stupid episode out of my head when Nathan is like “We will just have to continue practicing” *BARF

  4. Idk but I just have a really hard time believing Maci would KNOWINGLY drink while pregnant ON CAMERA… it is actually possible with her lack of consistent menstrual cycle she didn’t know… I don’t think it actually played out how it did on the show, however. That was the worst acted scene in history. Now everyone downvote me and tell me how I’m wrong…

    1. No worse than West Virginnie Leah anise her Aleah, Allileah, and Addileah, plus whichever one is Grandmother Hialeah.

      1. Autocorrect ran wild with that! I kind of like granny Hialeah but was going for whichever kid is Gracieleah.

  5. Damn 80 minutes for Watson. Lucky girl! I was in labor for 39 before they realized my baby wasn’t coming out and decided to give me a c-section. All together I was in labor for 41 hours.

    1. When you really think about it, Cate was never a teen mom. She was a girl that was 16 and pregnant, but she wasn’t a mother.
      Just saying….

  6. Omg get over the maci thing. She drinks beer who cares. She is an adult get off your high horse…

    1. Being an adult who likes beer is totally fine. Being pregnant and constantly drinking is not fine. Who cares that she likes beer, I like wine. But it’s pathetic she couldn’t put the beer down while she was pregnant ??‍♀️

  7. I was trying to figure out the math for the TM2 girls’ kids and realized I forgot Briana. I guess I don’t consider her an actual TM2 girl. She doesn’t even go here!

  8. Number of times Jenelle has been pregnant/married/engaged/found her soul mate/ been “done with her mom”/ threatened to quit should be a list in it’s own.

  9. Number of beers Maci drank in the 5 months she “didn’t know” she was pregnant with Maverick?

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