‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Says She Wants a Fourth Child: “I Feel Like I Want One More”

“There’s room in this stroller for more!”

Kail Lowry may be the first girl from the Teen Mom franchise to become a mom of four!

The Teen Mom 2 star spoke candidly on the latest episode of her podcast Coffees & Convos about wanting another baby. Kail, who is already the mother of eight-year-old Isaac (with ex Jo Rivera), four-year-old Lincoln (with ex-husband Javi Marroquin) and seven-month-old Lux (with Chris Lopez), revealed that if she does have another kid, she’d like to do it soon!

“I want more kids, and it’s crazy because you’re like, ‘Kail you have three kids by three people, why the hell would you want more kids?’ But I don’t know, I feel like I want one more,” Kail said during the episode.

Her co-host, Lindsie Chrisley was not in favor of Kail having a fourth baby.

“You already have a zoo!” Lindsie joked.

Kail–who is not currently pregnant–stated that she thinks it would be best to have another baby while her youngest son, Lux, is still in the baby stage.

“I feel like having kids [two years apart] makes more sense for them to be best friends, but Isaac and Lincoln are best friends,” she said. “I just feel like if I had another one that was close in age with Lux they could be buddies. It’s also insane of me to think that way, but why am I going to wait another four years to when Lux is grown to have to start over?”

Kail is no longer with the fathers of any of her children, but she said she’s considering cutting the man out of a future pregnancy.

“I’m going to start looking at sperm donors online and just freeze my eggs,” she said. “I’m not opposed to freezing my eggs for the future.”

She did acknowledge, though, that having four kids from four different places might make it hard for her to have a relationship in the future.

“My fear, if I get pregnant or adopt, my fear is that one day I’m going to be with someone in a committed relationship hopefully for life and if I have all these kids from all these different places, someone is going to be like, ‘What the f**k? Why would I get involved with you with all these children?’” she said. “So I guess I should wait—I’m only 26—so I guess I should kind of wait it out and see what the future holds. But I do want another [kid].”

The majority of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls currently have three children. (Jenelle EvansLeah Messer and Maci Bookout all have three, and Chelsea Houska recently announced that she’s expecting her third.) However, none of the girls have had a fourth child…yet.

Listen to the rest of the Coffee & Convos episode below:

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80 Responses

  1. Yup, she is already boning someone new and since we all know she doesn’t know how to use birth control, she will be pregnant soon. She pretty much gave us a heads up. New baby coming soon. She definitely needs an Asian baby. Make it happen, Kail.

  2. Exactly. Kail loves her kids. That’s very obvious and I’m certainly not arguing that. But she constantly refers to herself as a “single parent” and goes on about how hard it is. She has whole soccer team of people rallying around her and drop whatever they’re doing to help her. Remember when Javi came back from deployment and tension/emotions were at their highest?
    Everyone put their lives on hold to be there for the boys while Kail went off and did her own thing. She got pregnant so quickly after her and Javi separated and ignores Isaac’s feelings on it.
    Nothing in her life is stable. She’s still going back and forth Javi but wants ANOTHER baby soon. So does this mean that she’s gonna get with him long enough to get pregnant? Is she pregnant already? Is she working on it? Can she stop long enough to at least try and get why she can’t keep having these kids? While somehow giving the very basic attention to the emotional needs of the the three she already has? Who the fuck knows.

  3. No, you’re not overly bitter. Kailyn is selfish. Isaac and Lincoln are lucky they have Jo and Javi. I feel like she’s going to get a dose of really bad karma.

  4. It must be really nice to have money for expensive fertility treatments. All these “celebrities” taking advantage of that opportunity just because they can and middle class families like my own struggle for years unable to afford these things. Maybe I’m overly bitter because iui and ivf are our only options and they’re out of reach. How about you provide a halfway normal upbringing for the 3 you already have and be happy to have them Hulk?

  5. This chic is either already pregnant and wants to give everyone a heads up, even though she cannot keep her story straight about how and why Lux was conceived, or she’s trying to find a way to hurt Javi because he’s with the new (ex) girlfriend. All in all, it’s for attention. Even her podcast friend thinks it’s not a good idea and she doesn’t seem like the brightest bulb either!

    1. The fact that she could be already pregnant is a good point she’s been known to lay the groundwork only to change the facts of her story when convenient

  6. I just keep thinking of when she told Javi she didn’t want anymore children. So she doesn’t want when when she is married with a nice home and a husband with a stable job. But then she gets divorced and has one and now wants another!

  7. I’m all for people having as many kids as they want as long as they can actually handle the responsibility. I know I might be in the minority, but I don’t think Kail is actually a bad mom. But I don’t think she should have had a third, let alone be planning a fourth child. At least with just Isaac and Lincoln, she had Javi who was always willing to take both boys, as well as Jo who always seems to want more time with his son. The boys had stable father figures who got along and loved each others children. Then she threw Chris into the picture, and obviously we don’t know everything about him, but he doesn’t seem to have a great relationship with her, and zero relationship with the other fathers (not that it’s necessary but it would be beneficial for his son). She’s also talking about going back to school, and TM2 isn’t going to be on the air forever. Sure she has a degree, but is she going to be able to find a job that she can comfortably do with her hectic schedule between three children and their activities and fathers? I think she made an irresponsible choice when it came to getting pregnant with Lux, but she is handling it, and he is definitely loved and cared for. But a fourth child would be way over the top. Sperm donor/Partner/Husband aside, she needs to just enjoy her existing sons. I couldn’t imagine having three children at her age and planning a fourth. My finace and I are just starting to talk about having our first child, and we’re 25. Four kids at 26 is insanity no matter how many fathers are involved.

  8. What. The. Hell.
    This woman is gonna need a damn spreadsheet to keep track of who all the fathers of her kids are, not to mention how will she keep up with four different visitation schedules?

  9. The thing that really bothers me is how she is constantly harping on the fact that she’s a single mom and she has to do it alllll on her own. I watched one of her youtubes videos and every chance she got she would say how she has to handle all three by herself and she gets no help. Did she not do that to herself repeatedly???? And now she wants another! Please

    1. If I were one of her friends I would be offended by her comment saying she always has to do everything on her own because it seems like she never does anything on her own and always has one of her friends there to help which is a great thing however you think she would show them some gratitude they seem so willing to put their own life on hold

    2. For someone who is not with any of her kids dad’s Kail gets more help from her kids fathers than I got with my kids when I was married to him

  10. You know if Chris is really an absent father like she portrays, she has no idea what she’s in for with Lux. And it hurts me to see that she would purposefully set it up to have another fatherless child. (By no means am I saying kids without fathers grow up broken, but when a father is in the picture and chooses not to be around, it is devastating.) She was extremely lucky with Isaac and Lincoln that they have had very involved and loving fathers, but Lux is just a baby and doesn’t appear to have that. When he gets older it’s going to be a whole new ballgame for her as she tries to navigate it alone and help him deal. Another child added to the mix would be the most selfish thing she could do, I hope this is just a sad ploy for attention.

    1. I think what will make it hard for Lux is that Isaac and Lincoln have two very present and active fathers.

  11. This is exactly why I don’t think she’s as great a mother as everyone wants to believe. Yeah, her kids are clothed and well mannered (can we give the dads some credit for this, please?) but she’s so fucking selfish! She JUST had her THIRD and she’s already talking about having another one. She isn’t in a stable relationship and is constantly traveling and/or going out with friends. IF she wants another one that badly, like someone else said above, why not adopt? She can teach her sons an amazing lesson while giving a baby/toddler/small child a home.

    1. I agree but I also wonder if she would qualify to adopt. She is a young mother of 3, with no real future as far as a career or employment goes. She has had 3 children by 3 different men, she has been on social media with all of her relationships. I just don’t see an adoption agency deeming her as a good candidate for adoption. I suppose she could always try private adoption but that take a lot more money.

    2. Being a good mother to very small children and being a good mother in general are very different things. I think Kail is very good at keeping her kids fed, clothed, and gives them plenty of tactile attention. That is all babies need. Even slightly older kids need to make sure their health and school engagement is taken care of, but its still mostly just a case of having enough and being physically present. Being a good mother, however, is about putting your kids first always. Not just physically making sure they have what they need, but emotionally have what they need. They need her to be making decisions that will keep them safe and help them grow into successful adults. Issac already displays signs of anxiety, but he has Jo, Vee, their families, and even Javi/Javi’s fam still have relationships with him. Bringing a kid into the world that you are completely unprepared to raise beyond the age of 10 years old is so irresponsible.

  12. Narcissistic Kail is just an empty shell of a person. Now she wants a 4th child and then it will be a 5th and a 6th etc…

  13. Looking online for a sperm donor for ANOTHER child?

    Jeez, Kail…..

    Octomom much?

    (Somebody please tell me this pickled brain attention-seeker planted this story with the media for just that. ATTENTION.)


    1. Just before I read your comment I said to myself Kail reminds me of the Octomom! Same mentality, trying to fill some kind of void in her life with more kids, smdh.

  14. WTF is wrong with her? That’ll be 4 kids. 4 sperms donors. Jo and Javi, thank God are no longer with this moron. She does not need any more kids. She needs to get some pyscological help for narcissism, and why she’s always angry, and can’t keep a relationship. Pathetic actually.

  15. disgusting trash bag and now another baby with another guy very classy. funny javi wanted another child but you didn’t want that. why not try for an even dozen with all different dads

  16. Just a big sigh. Go to school..find another ‘black ms’ as you call it and be the selfcentred bitch you always were. No worries about relationships, someone will fall for your cash hun. Not your personality or looks.

  17. Kail is only saying this Incase she gets pregnant again. I am sure all her friends can help her raise it since she has no idea how to have a real relationship. As soon as her man grows a pair bigger than hers she has no use for em. She’s too narcissistic to see beyond anyone’s needs but hers. Kail treats mtv the same way. As soon as they show her in a bad light to the public she stops filming.

  18. She does not need a 4th kid my god girl you already have 3 and you are not with any of their fathers not to mention your life is so full of drama get yourself together and take care of the 3 you have.And maybe find someone who you will love and be with so your kids can have a male figure in the house who will do stuff with them and stay away from the women and grow up.

  19. If it must be so, at the very least, adopt a kid. Like an actual child, already living, hoping for a family or parent to love them. You don’t need to create more.

  20. Maybe she’ll get that loser Chris to have another baby with her lol. Then he can be a deadbeat to 2 boys and she’ll only have 3 baby daddies.

    1. We only have her word that he is a deadbeat!!!! She admitted fkn him for a baby and nothing more, she treated him like shit, pushed him away, then blames him for not being around, we all know and have seen what a bitch she is to the father of the other two kids.

      Maybe just maybe Chris wants to be a father to his son, and hulk being the controlling bitch we all know, has stopped him having a role in Lux’s life.

  21. Eww gross. What random pothead will she knock boots with this time? Seems a bit wreckless and stupid. She is gonna need a longer arm to add the new name to that sweet skull sleeve lmao

  22. Too bad some of these girls (the stable ones) can’t foster or adopt. Inspire others to do more than just pop em out

  23. I have a 20 year old, an 18 year old, and am pregnant. I don’t understand the need to have all your kids stacked on top of each other age wise. Take your time, get yourself straightened out, and if you decide you’re in a good position to have another child at some point down the line, consider it then. She’s just making her life more and more stressful and chaotic, and then complains about how stressful and chaotic it is. It would be nice if she could at least wait until she is in a stable and loving relationship for a while so that her next kid can have a stable family life. For Kail, though, it isn’t about the kids, it is about what SHE wants.

    1. Thank you for saying this!… Nobody should feel compelled to have a child due to their youngest child’s age it’s ridiculous and unfair to them and the unborn child I am from a big family some of us are like stairsteps as in one after the other but I am just as close if not closer to the ones who were born long after me

    2. My parents always waited a few years. My mom had me at 19, and then married my step dad when I was 5. When I was 7, they had their first baby and the second a little over a year after her. Two years later, they had my brother, three years later another sister, and then three years after that, my youngest brother. They wanted to have them all close in age at first, but then decided to start waiting until the youngest was at least out of diapers before having anymore. Me and my siblings are 25(OCT1993), 18(APR2000), 17(JUL2001), 15(OCT2003), 12(MAR2006), and 8(JUN2009). Honestly, I’m closest to my 15 year old brother because he was my little buddy when I was growing up. I personally like the way they spaced their kids considering they wanted a big family. Me and my fiance are talking about having our first child some time next year, and we plan to see how it goes with the first before planning more, let alone how close in age we want them. Having babies too close together/spaced apart is like coin toss. Either you get stuck with double the diapers at the same time, or you’re stuck in diaper hell for years if you space them. Youngest brother started kindergarden in 2015, and it was the first time since 1999 that she didn’t have small children in the house all day long.

      1. For anyone who was wondering since there are a lot of down votes and having this many kids isn’t really normal anymore, my mom and step dad come from big families and both always wanted a ton of kids. My step-dad owns his own business, and they have a massive house that he built himself with the help of only his two brothers, and every child has their own room. My family was never on any kind of assistance, and my parents had us involved in literally every activity under the sun, and were present at every game/practice/play/award ceremony/school event/concert. We each received help with homework if we needed it no questions asked, and most of the time we ate dinner together every night unless someones schedule conflicted. I had a good home life as a kid, and my siblings continue to live good lives. Having a bunch of kids works, when the parents involved are capable of caring for them and want to do so.

  24. So, then will have 4 kids by 4 different fathers? Yes, that is a smart thing to do. smh I thought she went to college. Book smarts but no cmon sense.

  25. Makes sense. Every holiday right now will need to be coordinated with Jo and Javi, and the terms of a stack of custody and visitation agreements, while poor Lux is stuck home with mom knowing that he’s the only one no one else wants.

    Might as well add another unfortunately named, fatherless kid to the brood so he doesn’t feel left out.

    1. well now because kail some how thinks she should have them for the holidays remember her and javi going thru this and she was pissed that how dare he think he could have him on a holiday

  26. I guess the schoolses aren’t well in Delaware or wherever she is from, because she is the worlds biggest dumbass.

  27. Didn’t she purposely get knocked up by Chris? She didn’t consider the effect of three babies by three men on her future and her children’s lives then? And her statement, “why am I going to wait another four years to when Lux is grown to have to start over?” Good to know that four-year-olds are considered “grown.” Idiot.

  28. If she wants to stay in the public eye. She should have Keefer’s baby. Can you imagine all the drama that would cause???

  29. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    4×4 here she comes!

    1. On one hand, she is right in that motherhood is the most lucrative thing she’s ever done, but there is a tipping point with how expensive children are. She wants to be a lifestyle personality, but she doesn’t really, you know, have a life. I don’t know if she really knows how to do anything else other than be the mother of very young children.

  30. Doesn’t she want to get her life somewhat in order first I thought just recently she said she wanted to go back to school why does she insist on making her life harder? She’s dragging innocent souls into what seems to be a chaotic environment. I genuinely wish she would talk to somebody because she doesn’t seem ever happy with what is babies are not going to fill any kind of void in her life nothing will help her until she’s willing to sit down with somebody go through some for deep rooted issues and realize her own self worth

    1. Colleen, I wish you used punctuation. I usually agree with you, but it’s so hard to tell sometimes bc you don’t use a single comma or period.

      1. What is the point of this if you do or do not agree with me that is up to you but I don’t really need to know your reasons for it If this is the kind of thing you want to call attention to I wish I had such little problems in my life to where this is the kind of thing I would feel was big enough of an issue to call attention to

          1. I find her sentences difficult to read as well. Not using a single period, comma, etc.is beyond just having “poor grammar.” Not trying to be mean, just trying to be helpful.

  31. These kids are doomed! This girl needs to go in one direction and not all over the place. Does she ever think about how her decisions affect the kids she already has? It’s all about this nit wit. She needs counseling in the worst way.

  32. And once again, Kail proves it’s all about what she wants, and to hell with the real life consequences it has on those around her.

    1. I think she’s genuinely concerned that when her older kids have a decision to make as to who they want live with they will each go to their fathers so she’s making sure this child will not have the option

    2. Right? When you already have three kids who will be facing all sorts of stuff now they are growing up and needing your attention in a different way, maybe think whether another baby works for them rather than just you. I don’t think she’s a terrible mom to those boys but she’s never let the dust from the dramas she creates settle around them before she’s kicking up some more. Maybe focus on what you have and they need first?

  33. I’m thinking Kail is just saying this to bring attention back to her (Javi seems to suffer the same disease – look at me-itis).
    Girl, we just watched the clusterfuck that was your last pregnancy while being a sidechick. You’re right, you’re only 26, with THREE KIDS, just enjoy what you have. Damn, that TM money ain’t going to be rolling in forever and even though you have an education, I assume you raising 3+ kids on just your regular job salary will not be fun. Also, Javi & Jo won’t have TM money to pay you bank in CS either – check your ovaries chick before they start writing checks you won’t be able to cash

  34. Oh sweet jeeeezus…. She was talking about how her fertility was decreasing (because apparently she is the only woman who this happens to) and now she wants a 4th? I’m 28 and having my second one in a month and having panic attacks daily, and that’s with a husband who is the father of both..

  35. Wait a minute. Wasn’t she always yapping on when pregnant with Lux that it was a high risk pregnancy?

    So either she was exaggerating and she was fine or she was high risk and is willing to put herself through another pregnancy.

    Can you imagine the logistics involved in her house when trying to sort visitation, child support, holidays etc.

  36. Well, I’m gonna say one thing: I’m at least glad she is not considering having a fourth baby daddy.

    But Kail, should have thought of it before you had three by three as to how it will affect your future, right?

    1. Not much difference between an anonymous sperm donor and the way her youngest was conceived. I suppose for #5 she’ll just divide in two, like an amoeba.

  37. Oh hooray! Then we’ll have to hear even more of her whining about how hard it is to be a single mom of 4.


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