Dr. Drew Pinsky Tells Troubled ‘Teen Mom’ Dad Ryan Edwards: Get “More Treatment For A Long Period Of Time”

“All in favor of me rebooting ‘Celebrity Rehab’ with the ‘Teen Mom’ casts?”

Dr. Drew Pinksy is worried about Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards.

The addiction specialist– who has known Ryan and the rest of the ‘Teen Mom’ crew since they were teens dealing with an unplanned pregnancy on 16 and Pregnant— did not hold back when he was asked for his opinion on Ryan’s drug and legal problems, advising the reality star to go back to rehab to treat his substance abuse issues.

“My advice to Ryan is more treatment, more treatment, more treatment,” Dr. Drew told Us Weekly on Wednesday. “It’s like anybody with that condition. More treatment for a long period of time.”

Last week, Ryan was arrested for violating probation stemming from a previous charge of heroin possession. Ryan’s alleged abusive behavior toward his ex Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney caused them to file for protective orders for themselves and their kids against Ryan.

Dr. Drew, who used to host the reality show Celebrity Rehab, stressed that Ryan’s life could be in danger if he chooses not to follow a recovery plan.

“Let’s not fool around. These are life-threatening problems,” he told Us. “He’s no different from anybody else. Let’s all say a prayer hoping he gets [more treatment].”

Ryan has made several attempts at getting help for his drug problems (including an alleged failed rehab stay in 2012). In May 2017, Ryan spent less than 30 days in The ‘Hab. While Ryan and his family have insisted that Ryan has been sober since returning from rehab, ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans have questioned his sobriety, based on the behavior he’s exhibited on the show.

Dr. Drew, who saw Ryan and Maci last month during the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion taping, told Us Weekly that he has made it known to Maci that she can call him whenever she needs to talk.

“Everybody wants Ryan to get better, that’s it,” Dr. Drew said. “And nobody wants anything else. I mean, nobody.”

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  1. Does Ryan have some sort of brain injury? When he talks his speech pattern and body movements seem very slow. I know that could be from drugs but sometimes it seems neurological. Especially compared to his earlier seasons on Teen Mom.

    1. I read somewhere that he was in a bad car accident and possibly got some type of pain meds afterwards then got hooked on them. If that’s the case it could explain some of his “problems”.

  2. It’s about time DOCTOR Drew has actually somewhat done his job with these people by suggesting that and not saying “Oh you say you’re sober?? I’m so glad, Ryan!”

    1. He makes excuses and even bail out words for the women, but manages to call it with the men. Of course, MTV does the same thing, protecting their cough cough”stars” while calling out the memr

  3. I know I sound like a broken record with this already, here goes again… the help they’re getting is NOT sufficient! Ryan ( and others) are putting themselves in these high buck resorts when they need a better source. If they want that prestige at least go to Betty Ford, their country club visits seem no more than an escape from reality. These kids need a place that works with real health insurance… it’s ama I got how they blow through thousands and thousands on these places and don’t take into consideration that eventually their money train is going to end meanwhile Charlie sheen will still be able to purchase these whole rehab center 100 time over.

    1. Hearing them talk about rehab options is exactly like listening to them talk about their next vacation; “Oh look honey they offer horseback riding,” Rehab, resort, same thing.

  4. now this ass clown speaks? why isn’t he telling Cait and tyler to grow up knock it off and get jobs? he is as much of joke as everyone one this series

  5. I’m pretty scared for Ryan. If he doesn’t pull it together soon, he could lose his life. If Maci was his wife instead of the snake, he would be held accountable and probably be taking it more seriously. The snake enables him too much and as long as she’s in the picture, I don’t see him getting better.

    1. I could see mack truck taking out a big insurance policy on him (if anybody even would) and praying for a speedy od. Once the teen mom shit show is over, she’s gonna be married to a broke drug addict. Now throw in a new baby. This will not end well.

  6. “And nobody wants anything else. I mean, nobody.”

    ….except for Ryan, who’s never given an F about anything other than his own selfish desires, ever.

  7. Oh man, so many things… first, I grew up with Dr Drew on Mtv’s “Loveline” with comedian Adam Carolla (who later did the Man Show with Kimmel, take that however you like). “DR” Drew then, long before TM, was a sane/*medical* (basic common sense stuff really) opinion, like, “Yeah dying your pubic hair various bright colors seems cute now, but could lead to other issues in the long run”. His stint as host for TM interviews is a joke and his *success rate* for Celebrity Rehab is awful.

    Now, as an alcoholic, I agree that Ryan needs long term rehab, probably a halfway house of sorts after rehab – freedom to get a job, but curfew, sponsors, accountability partners, etc, on premise to not enable him, and his family absolutely needs to go into Al-Anon meetings and/or a addiction treatment facility for family members. And MTV should foot that bill completely because really – THEY are the worst enablers.
    – And I’m not saying Ryan wouldn’t have been lazy, turned to drugs, etc – but do you really think he’d have been blowing $10k in heroin (that doesn’t include anything else, like drinking, or uppers) a day if MTV wasn’t bankrolling his habit?! We’ve witnessed him for years go deeper into addiction, yet MTV, who one assumes sees far more than they show us, continued to film. Ryan, high off his gourd “driving” to his sidewalk wedding… MTV milked all of it. I recall during a Real World episode (Hawaii – long before TM) a cast member drove drunk and and a producer intervened, begged her not to drive, then cast member (Ruthie) did, and it was filmed and later showed to the rest of the cast to decide her fate. The rest of the house opted for rehab. Anyway, I digress, just pointing out MTV knows fucking better and once upon a time they acted like they cared.

    I can honestly only hope Ryan does get cut off by filming MTV, and they send his ass to rehab – maybe do a catch up in 6 months, a year, like Intervention style. I get the feeling while Ryan enjoys the MTV paycheck (bc drugs), he doesn’t really like filming and when he *hopefully* gets sober I can see him horrified of what has been filmed and never wanting to film again. One thing a lot of people don’t get is when an addict finally gets sober, one of the hardest things to deal with is how you behaved drunk/high, and asking forgiveness for all your shitty behavior. There is so much shame, humiliation, and guilt… And a lot of Ryan’s transgressions are all on film!
    And, frankly, that how a lot of addicts relapse, they don’t resolve their past bad behavior and/or they relive it and can’t let go, it eats at them, and getting drunk/high helps them forget. I remember it all too well.

    But I wish Ryan the best, otherwise he will die. MTV and Dr Drew own a good majority of this enablement train clusterfuck that is “TeenMom” (2 & 3 train wreck included).

    1. Can’t really blame Dr. Drew. He is called in once a year to do a painful reunion show. MTV and whatever production company deals with these people on a daily basis and ptobably have tons of video evidence of their bad behaviour. Like Jenelle asking Keiffer to score heroin for her. Thank goodness her mother knew she needed help.

      1. Not blaming Dr Drew, but if he’s gonna keep touting that “Addiction Specialist” title, I’m just pointing out what a *Captain Obvious* statement he’s making when he has in the past excused obvious addict behavior and proclaimed to everyone how *sober* obvious high individuals are. He’s a shill for a paycheck, no more, no less.

      1. I think he would be amazing for reunions if he wasn’t restricted by MTV with what he can and cannot say. It seems like he coddles them which is not helping anything.

        1. He Is Definitely restricted on what he can ask or say. He is a good addiction specialist. You can’t go by Celebrity Rehab. His regular pts aren’t filmed or paid.

  8. This guy is a quack. They need someone else to host the reunions. He is almost scared to ask the questions that he should be asking. Stop kissing all these peoples asses they have done nothing to deserve it.

    1. Except maybe leah i think she is doing better these days. I cant even imagine how hard it is for her to watch ali. It really hurts my heart

      1. I think the thing that people forget about Leah is that unlike Ryan and Cate, she was the type of person a relatively short stay in a resort style rehab can help. Intensive but relaxing residential rehab works for people who genuinely want to get better but are too overwhelmed by their responsibilities to get a jump start on treatment and making healthier choices.

  9. Says the guy who “proved” Amber was “sober” by shining an iPhone flashlight in her eye, and never calls out any of their definitions of “being sober” when they continue to drink alcohol (Amber, Cate, Jenelle).

  10. Sorry Dr. Drew, I stopped listening to you the day you asked Randy if he ever thanked or complimented FREAKING ADAM. GTFO.

  11. Too little too late Doc.
    Dr Drew knew for years Ryan did not ‘just get really tired sometimes’.

  12. And this week’s headline causing massive amounts of “F@%KING DUH!” brought to you by Dr. Drew.

  13. Thank you captain obvious! Ryan needs more treatment!….Drew also said everyone wants Ryan to get better….yea everyone except for that opportunist wife of his…

  14. So he loves to get that paycheck and now when everything is made public he goes “He needs more treatment!” Yes, he does but not by you!!

  15. I love Dr Drew! I agree he goes easy on the girls at the reunion shows – which frustrates me. But in that role, he’s a host of a show, not their doctor. I listen to Dr Drew’s podcasts and listened to Love Line for years. He’s a legit MD who’s been in the addition game for almost 30 years. And Celebrity Rehab WAS successful. The addicts who later died relapsed – as addicts do. Dr Drew can’t help anyone who doesn’t want it or stop anyone from using.

    Also he doesn’t get paid for these interviews. They called him for a quote because of his affiliation with the show, personal knowledge of Ryan, and his addiction expertise. He gave the quote most professional, caring doctors would give.

    Ok – that’s my Dr Drew defense. I know I’ll get down votes because he really is annoyingly soft on the Teen Moms.

    So all that rambling aside – I can’t wait to hear the latest from Mackenzie. I never thought I’d be on pins & needles waiting for her next statement.

    Happy Friday Ashley friends! Almost time to crack open the Jameson on the East Coast. Cheers!

    1. I get where you are coming from. Ryan can just cry “monkey” and Dr. Drew will have to respect that lol.

      1. Yeah – I love Dr Drew but I too want to punch him for the softball questions and BS passes he gives them on the Reunion show. And asking Randy to thank Adam was just dumb. I’d love to know his rationale on that one…

        1. He doesn’t get to determine how the conversations with the TM cast will go, he doesn’t get to decide what questions get asked. He is there as a host, and the framework for the reunions is provided to him by the network and production company. Their hope is that his “Dr” title will lend legitimacy to the circus, but he has been in entertainment and not patient care for many, many years now. He is not to blame for how soft he goes on the TM crowd in televised interviews.

    2. Down arrowed on the first sentence and didn’t read the rest. Dr Drew enables these kids, with full knowledge of their issues, on behalf of MTV. He is despicable.

  16. Radical views there from Dr drew, an addict needs treatment you say?! Fascinating, didn’t know that!

  17. What an eye-opening interview. So much new information from this expert. I sure hope they gave him a bucket of money for advice that we viewers have been offering for years. Thanks, Drew. You’re as relevant as a top celebrity in the nation.

  18. Shut the fuck up, Dr. Drew. I don’t believe for a second he cares. You tired old hack.

    Look how well you did with celebrity rehab.

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