Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Says She May Drop Out of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Season 2 If She Can’t Stay Close To Home

“Don’t make me pull a Sammi. Work with me, people!”

The second season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation is already in the works, but if Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has her way, Season 2 will have a very different format than the Miami-based season we’re currently feasting our meatball-loving eyes on.

While walking the red carpet earlier this month, Nicole said that, while she is committed to doing Season 2, she would likely pull out of the next “Family Vacation” if the season wasn’t filmed close to her New Jersey home.  

“Season 2, I would like to be home with my children,” Nicole told a reporter for E! News. “I don’t want to be away from them again. That was like the worst mom guilt I’ve had in my entire life.”

Since watching Snooki take her kids to the grocery store just doesn’t provide viewers the same excitement as, say, watching her rage in a nightclub with her roomies, Nicole said she’s willing to compromise.

“Supposedly, it’s going to be like a ‘[Real] Housewives’ format where we film three days a week and then we go about our lives and are not sequestered in house for a month without seeing my family,” Nicole said.

“If it’s like that again I’m pulling out of Season 2,” she added. “But yeah, being a mother comes first. So, hopefully they will work with me on that.”

Shooting Moms with Attitude with our minis today! ???? ?

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At the same event (which took place in early April), Jenni “JWoww” Farley told reporters that filming for Season 2 is “starting in a couple of weeks” and that the cast has not been told where they’re going yet. It does not appear that filming has started, though, as the cast has been posting to social media from their homes and appear to be living their regular lives. (Also, there are no paparazzi photos of them filming…yet.)

While Nicole wants to stick close to Jersey, others in the cast want to venture out a bit. Pauly D says he would like to the crew to come to Vegas so he could take them to his house and show them where he DJs. Vinny Guadagnino seconded a vacation in Vegas.

‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ is currently airing on MTV with smashing ratings. It seems everyone wants to relive simpler times when all we had to worry about was our gym, our tans and our laundry.

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Watch the ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ cast talk about Season 2:

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15 Responses

    1. THIS^^^ I am expecting a spinoff show of her next pregnancy along the lines of “My Husband is DTF” or some shit. It is a long road from roles like “sidepiece thot with dried jizz and beer-crusted genitals that can’t even cook a pizza and drunkenly runs cars into bridges” to happy mommy blog world. It is fun to watch her try to maintain that balance though lol

  1. Snooki seems like she’s ding the set up for a “newly single snooki” show. I can see it now… a camera follows meatball #1 around while trying to navigate through single mom life. In 3…2…1…

  2. The show was good and funny when they were younger but now its just seems fake. almost all of them have kids and its just not the same anymore. I think doing this remake of the original was a stupid idea.

  3. I was gonna say stop complaining and do your job, but being sequestered away from your kids for a whole month would kill a mom. So I can undestand that. A week, sure. But a month is a lot.

  4. she is pathetic and she was my favorite. She claims she misses her kids and wants to be a wife and mother yet she was trashed or high in every preview. She still acted low class getting drunk showing the goods. I think her marriage is hanging by a thread I think he threatens her if not more. Sorry no one freaks out that bad when and ex sits in a car next to you. Jwow grew up and is embarrassed by Nicole maybe she should grow up. Also she isn’t the reality star she was she can demand all she wants I hope they say no.

  5. I don’t really knew what I expected but It has been a minute since they were in their 20’s but their repugnant behaviour seems worst,
    Snookie & J-Wow need a Real Housewife type of show,
    With the Ladies all being Married it just seems fake, Ackward and Lame,.

  6. Honestly, if she would be acting like she does in this season, I won’t miss her. She was funny when younger but now she’s over 30 and still making a big deal out of everything. I’m sure some of it is fueled by the production team but still, both her outbursts weren’t even funny, they were just embarrassing.

  7. Her top lip is so distracting. I’ve been watching the new episodes and she has trouble even talking, it sounds like she has a retainer in her mouth. And her screaming about everyone ruining her marriage? Then on Twitter she said it was a joke? What’s the joke? Because either way you look dumb.

  8. Does Jionni want his wife to work or not? I’m sure the guilt she was feeling was mostly fueled by him. He knew who she was when they first hooked up and he’s resented everything about her Jersey Shore life ever since. He’s always tried to change who she is. The shit that he said to her on Snooki & Jwoww about being a horrible wife and mother was VILE.

  9. I love Snooki and Jionni but it’s pretty clear their marriage is in the toilet. The way she was raging about everyone “ruining” her marriage was transparent. They got pregnant fast and married young, coupled with fame and cheating allegations. I’m sure Jionni read her the riot act about Vinny before she left.

    Jenny loves her kods and hubby just as much, yet they seem much more secure in their marriage amd family.

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