Kail Lowry Predicts She & Leah Messer May ‘Throw Hands’ At Jenelle Evans At Upcoming ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion

Meanwhile…Chelsea’s just minding her own damn business…

Kail Lowry is predicting a blow-up at the upcoming Teen Mom 2 Reunion– and maybe even a physical fight!

During the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star discussed the recent drama between her and Leah Messer and their co-star, Jenelle Evans. (As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle’s husband David Eason made some snide comments on social media about Leah’s daughter, Aleeah, and basically madness ensued.)

On the podcast, Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley that the show’s producers need to keep Jenelle away from her and Leah, or a Farrah-and-Amber-eque catfight may happen.

“We have a reunion next month. I don’t know what the hell is going to happen,” Kail said. “I don’t know if they’re going to have to separate us. I don’t know how Leah and I can sit in the same room as Jenelle.

“At this point it’s not drama between the cast mates,” Kail added. “You’re talking about our children. At that point, Leah and I probably want to throw hands. But it’s not worth it. Just keep her away from us.”

Lindsie suggested (as a joke…kind of) that MTV “should probably have the police there in advance.”

If things do come to blows, it looks like the ladies will be on their own. Jenelle’s husband David is no longer allowed to appear on the Reunions (or even be on set), and, according to Kail, all three of her kids’ dads will be absent for this reunion.

Although she won’t likely come face-to-face with David at the reunion next month, Kail warned him to keep kids out of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ feud.

“David, you are a grown man!” Kail said on the podcast, directly addressing David. “You’re commenting on someone else’s children that have nothing to do with you. They live in a different state and their lives don’t affect your lives.

“Do not bring someone’s kids into it. I don’t talk about [Jenelle’s] kids, Leah doesn’t talk about her kids. Nobody talks about Jenelle and David’s kids so why are you talking about our kids?

“Leah’s children have nothing to do with David, so David needs to shut the f**k up.”

“If ya need an extra hand to throw at Juh-nelle, I’ve got one!”

Jenelle and David have yet to respond to Kail’s comments, but it’s likely that we can expect an Instagram Live video from Jenelle (using the puppy filter, naturally) any minute now…

Listen to the entire podcast episode below:

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. More thirsty clickbait by Kail. She really thinks she has some sway in a producer-like role lol.
    I doubt she would do anything anyway but she has meaty armor like a rhinoceros in case the claws come out. Very thick skin on that one. Chinelle’s best bet is to drag that dugong to the ground where she will flail about like a chunky turtle. One of the few times I have ever been in favor of a Jenelle stunt.

  2. Yeah, Kail, it’s called ASSAULT. You can go to jail for committing ASSAULT. You’d have to give your kids back to all their dads if you had to go to JAIL. So be an adult and a good mom and quit antagonizing people and keep your hands to yourself. It’s not that hard.

  3. ANOTHER poor example set for Kail’s kids.

    Feeding, cleaning, bathing…that’s the easy part.

    Setting a good example is the harder and more important part of being a mom. I never thought I’d say this, but thank God for Jo. At least one of her kids has a chance.

  4. I don’t think Leah would think or say these things and I bet she’s not happy with Kail for speaking for her. Leah responded in a classy, understated way to David’s comments and that was it. Now Kail has taken it up and won’t let it go and is pretending like she and Leah are members of the same gang (Kail is the leader in her mind, naturally), and that theyre commited to beating Jenelle up over this whole stupid thing. This all sounds so much like kail, but not at all like Leah, and if I were Leah, I’d be unhappy about Kail speaking for me on her podcast.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. From what we’ve seen, Leah has never once engaged in a physical fight, or even threatened to physically harm anyone; I doubt she’d ever want to actually “throw hands” with anyone, especially not Jenelle.

      We all know that Kail is no stranger to physical violence, but I don’t think Leah would ever stoop to that level. She handled David’s comments very maturely and despite the hot mess that Leah was in the past, I think she has conducted herself very well over the last couple of seasons. I’m sure she doesn’t appreciate Kail opening her big mouth and volunteering Leah for a reunion showdown with Jenelle. Grow up Kail, and learn a thing or two from Leah about how to act like an adult and deal with people.

  5. Chelsea is so smart and mature to stay out of all the drama. Even if Lurch had brought her family into his rants, I can’t imagine she would ever lower herself to feed into his bullshit, or threaten to “throw hands” with anyone. Class act.

  6. Did any of these geniuses ever stop to think that setting the best possible “living example” is the best way to show their love for their kids? And that spewing trash talk and making threats of physical violence on podcasts are NOT a part of this example?

    Because this certainly doesn’t make you look tough. It also doesn’t make you look like a badass mom who takes no sh*t when it comes to her kids. IT. JUST. DOESN’T.

    Especially when it’s in response to someone so afraid of party balloons at a reunion show, that his one damn brain cell told him to pull out a knife to keep them from attacking him.


    Grow up.

  7. Lately David has been on a transphobic rant to so yeah…….this guy has lost it. Unfortunately Jenelle might not see it before it’s too late. SAVE THE CHILDREN!

    Kail and Leah need to be the mature ones here and just ignore her on the reunion.

    1. I can see Leah being offended and rightfully so, but she seems to have matured past threatening violence. Corey might but not Leah. And Kail has very little maturity at all.

  8. When did David say about Kailyn kids?

    I would love to see an actual fight but I know it will never happen. Kailyn would win she’s the hulk. Everyone knows she will hit someone but obviously this is all for her podcast. Kailyn is always giving her opion now on all the teen moms.

    Chelsea is the only one acting like an adult. Let’s not forget all the teen moms are almost 30.

    1. I’d like to agree with you about Kail winning because she’s huge… but Jenelle did beat the taste out of a girl’s mouth a bit ago. I wouldn’t underestimate her.

  9. How are they already filming the reunion in a month when the show hasn’t even started airing yet? They normally dont film the reunions until like 2-3
    weeks before the season ends. The Teen Mom OG reunion didnt film until like the 3rd week in March and the show ended in April.

  10. Serious question is her podcast about teen mom or do they talk about other things? Maybe now would be a good time to start branching out

  11. Why does Kail need to go all white teach in people? Seriously. The most mature thing to do is ignore her. Don’t talk to her. Don’t respond to what she says. Just behave like she doesn’t exist. Don’t give her power. Unless she puts your kids in physical danger, ignore her!!!

  12. Kail is just running her mouth. Leah wouldn’t say anything to Jenelle if it was the two of them in a room. Kail wouldn’t fight either and would just run her mouth. I hope Chelsea leaves her kids at home and doesn’t subject them to her trashy ass cast mates. She is the only one with an ounce of class.

  13. Jenelle and David thrive off the negativity and live to play the victims so why give them the time of day? Yes it’s horrible they’d bring children into this but do we expect more of them?! Kail and Leah need to take a page out of Chelsea’s book and ignore the drama collect the checks and live their lives.

  14. I don’t care if Jenelle and David are terrible people , terrible parents, etc. mtv needs to take some responsibility right now!! This is an out right threat against one of their employees and it’s wrong!!! Anyone who wants to down vote my comment has no morals. Kail is a grown woman threatening to cause physical harm to another… here in the real world people are prosecuted for this! This is all over a stupid comment about make up.. what a wonderful mother, making harmful threats with no mind to her children’s well-being should this come back on her. Can’t stand kail!

    1. Not to mention the fact that she would stop at nothing if somebody said this about her kail seems able to get a PFAs is at the rate Janelle sends out cease and desist

        1. Preach! I feel like with her it’s constantly a game of how low can you go but then act like you’re shocked when not everybody takes the crap that you’re spewing out

  15. David only said that Leah let’s her daughter wear a lot of makeup. Big deal. Who cares what he thinks. Kailyn should take her own advice and mind her own business.

  16. So Kail you know ahead of time that you might fight Jenelle bc her and her husband are two
    a-holes? I guess after you fight her you’ll file a protective order bc you fear for your safety???

  17. I guess an adult and normal response would not have helped rating enough?
    Just ignore her, send her C&D’s, whatever.

  18. These two should mind their own business. Kailyn and Leah each have three kids and should be more concerned about them than about grabbing headlines… Threatening to become violet and strike another Teen Mom just reinforces the idea that they are completely class-less, lowlife and talent-free.

    1. So it’s ok for Jenelle and David to open their Big mouths? Constantly causing drama? And Talk sh** non-stop? Kail and Leah have every right to defend themselves/each other. Some one has to start putting Jenelle in her place if MTV won’t. I think everyone can agree, Jenelle has gotten away with too much for way to long.

  19. The only problem with that is that Jenelle will claim that everyone is picking on her, and completely ignore the fact that she and Lurch started this whole mess.(Cue the world’s smallest violin.)

    1. By the way, Kail, threatening Jenelle is just going to cause more problems. You’re a mom. Think about your kids. Be the better person.

    1. This was all part of Lurchs master plan
      He cant go to the reunions so he devised a plan to get Jenelle to stay home.

  20. I bet you anything Jenelle probably isn’t going to show up now because she won’t have that psycho husband backing her up…and Kails right….David had no right bringing up someone else’s kids when he’s a crap father himself. The only reason why he gets custody of the kids is because the women he makes them with are the scum of the earth….

  21. Everyone in this situation needs to grow up. You know how you can sit in the same room as Jenelle? Professionalism… Stop acting like a spoiled brat. And I don’t even like Jenelle or agree with David shit talking children. Basically saying you’re going to fight Jenelle at a reunion show with children around, just shows how immature you are also acting

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