Nate Berkus Responds After Former ‘Counting On’ Star Derick Dillard Slams His Show For Featuring Gay Dads

“Bless his heart…”

Derick Dillard is once again behind his computer keyboard, taking aim at LGBTQ issues– and TLC reality TV stars!

Unlike last time, when he targeted transgender teen reality star Jazz Jennings, this time Derick came after designer Nate Berkus, calling Nate’s new show Nate & Jeremiah By Design (which features his husband, Jeremiah Brent and their daughter Poppy) “a travesty of family.”

On Friday, Derick–who is married to Duggar daughter Jill— started in on Nate’s show, which he tweeted “both highlights and celebrates a lifestyle so degrading to children on public television as if it should be normal.”

After his initial tweet, Derick spent the day (which he made sure to let followers know was his day off from work), defending his opinion that a show about two gay men raising a child should not be on TV.

“[Their lifestyle] affect(s) this poor child, as well as what perversions are celebrated,” Derick explained. “If it were adultery, I doubt a network would be so quick to focus on the reality of it as if it were OK.”

Derick called on other Christians to boycott what he called “the bad shows” that celebrate sinful lifestyles, like homosexuality.

“I’m just calling Christians not to support its promotion in such a public sphere,” Derick told one person on Twitter. “Freedom of speech works both ways.”

After Derick’s initial tweets, Nate took to Twitter to respond. Although he didn’t address Derick directly, it was obvious that the tweet was in regard to what Derick had tweeted.

“My hope with having a show like #NandJByDesign on @TLC, where we go into people’s homes and welcome viewers into ours, is that we can start to break down barriers & normalize the way our family looks & the way our family loves,” Nate wrote.

Family of 4 ??

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Derick’s Twitter-bashing of Jazz Jennings (who stars on I Am Jazz), appeared to be one of the reasons that TLC discontinued filming with him (as the network announced his departure from the show immediately after the tweets were posted). However, Derick has always maintained that he and Jill made the decision to remove themselves from ‘Counting On.’

“We knew for awhile that there may come a point when we would no longer participate in the show,” Derick tweeted. “A number of things about a year ago lead me to believe that it was a good time to split ways with filming and do what was best for our family. We were headed in a different direction….Yeah, and there came a point where it wasn’t for us. May 31st to be exact.”

(By the way, Derick later insisted that nothing specific happened on that date–which was right around the time Jill’s sister Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forysth.)

“TLC didn’t want us to, because they were opposed to our leaving,” he wrote. “For TLC it’s a matter of popularity and what makes money. That can be good or bad, but it’s true. Just sayin’…

He later added, “[TLC] won’t tell you that I was ever fired because I wasn’t. We wanted to leave and they didn’t want us to. That’s the truth.”

To read all of the juicy stuff Derick revealed during his previous Twitter rant last month, click here!

(Photos: Instagram, TLC)


  1. It does not matter what he says. Everyone has a right to choose in life. But it’s all the past now. Nate has now a son. Oskar Brent Berkus who is born through surrogacy. Jeremiah and Nate are happy that is what matters.

  2. Who is he to decide what is right & what is wrong! Keep your beliefs & opinions to yourself asshole! Nate & Jeremiah you guys are amazing! So happy for you & your family! Your children are adorable!

  3. It’s called, “projection” in psychology. I pulled up the most simple definition:
    Psychological projection is a theory in in which people defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others. It incorporates blame shifting.
    We see this A LOT with public figures-they rant and scream about homosexuality then you find out they’ve been having sex with men in glory holes in airport bathrooms or with prostitutes. It doesn’t mean that everyone who disapproves of homosexuality is projecting (!) but I always suspect people who protest too much. Why does it bother them this much??Unfortunately it also twists Christianity in which people are urged to love their neighbors unconditionally and -“let he without sin cast the first stone”.
    The whole Duggar family are a bunch of hypocrites.

    1. Agreed. He has his own impulses to deal with and deals with it by projecting blame and hate onto others

  4. Man… i usually dont hate people but i hate this guy. Im really good at reading people and there is somethimg very wrong with him. He is very much struggling with his sexuality. I would bet money he is gay. Its ALWYAYS the ones that have such a problem with homosexuality. That actually are gay themselves and struggling with self loathing. There are plenty of rumors around about his time in central america. And many rumors surrounding that murdered man.

    1. And just to add to what i said. Im pretty sure all the go fund mes he set up in the past are for payoffs to the family of that man that was murdered. I honestly think this mans murder was because of derrick. Someone was gonna get caught playing hide the sausage

      1. I want to know more about this rumor/theory. Was there gofundmes other than the mission trip ones or are those the gofundmes you are talking about? A murder in US or CA? Where can I read more about this theory, is it discussed on a blog somewhere on that freejinger forum? I haven’t heard anything about someone murdered that could have been tied in with Derrick somehow. You have me interested.

  5. My exact thoughts, thank you. He has a hell of a lot of nerve to be commenting on anyone else’s family. I bet Nate’s kids have a lot more normalcy, love and complete acceptance in their homes then any of the Duggar kids in their perverted family. He is a complete ass. I do not like to judge and group people based on their religious beliefs or life style but I have found that the holy roller, Bible thumpers tend to be the most judgmental, hateful and unchristian people that you can find.

  6. Man, him and David Eason are one in the same. “I didn’t get fired, I quit.” Yeahhhh, you were fired. It’s not a coincidence that you both shot off your fucking mouths, then got canned.

  7. Really starting to think Derrick is gay if he has SUCH a fascination with bashing other people just living their lives. Go fuck yourself Derrick.

  8. How can someone that is guilty of all deathly sins except gluttony lead a ministry?
    X pride
    x greed
    x lust
    x envy
    x wrath
    x sloth

  9. Jill is probably devastated about having to leave a show she was on for half of her life because her husband can’t shut up. She always looks depressed to me and I bet she regrets marrying him.

  10. Lesbiens raising kids? Great!

    Two MEN raising kids? Terrifying. I’m sorry but there is a reason God did not allow men to give birth.

    Don’t get me wrong here. They’re great for watching the Three Stooges with kids but that’s about it. Sorry, JMO.

    1. I’m 100% certain that he and Jeremiah will be better parents than yours were. I’d bet my life on it.

      P.S. I’ve followed Nate for many years. I’m guessing he is repulsed by the Three Stooges and/or has never seen it.

      1. Don’t get on your high horse, Shea. Suebee’s comment was gross, but I’ve seen worse from you around here.

  11. I feel like every day I’m tweeting some network and their parent company to get nasty, disgusting people off their network. David Eason, Kim Biermann, and now Derek Dillard.

  12. Just remember, Derrick’s once called Isreal a liar. I mean, REALLY?? He was two! I was always taught that shoving our faith down people’s throats, is the absolute wrong approach.

  13. The psychology of people who consider themselves followers of god yet are full of hate and/or commit sins themselves but use religion to justify their actions is extremely interesting. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love wins.

    1. Yep. I can smell the latent homosexuality all over him. Nobody has this much rage at others unless they hate that part of themselves.

  14. If I was Jill I’d be pissed my husband is trolling the internet and continuing to make himself look like an a** instead of helping with the kids.

  15. Oh yes – just the other day I was thinking we were surely due the latest batch of needless vitriol from this slack-jawed yokel. He really needs to quit bothering strangers and focus on his own mess of a family.

  16. A travesty of a family? Did he forget what kind of family he married into. He needs to shut the f**k up.Nate and Jeremiah seem like loving caring parents. What a gorgeous family !!!

  17. He doesn’t need TLC money because hes not too proud to go online and beg for money. Hypocrite of the worst kind

  18. His “normalcy” is outdated. As many shows and theirs was 1, if I don’t like I don’t watch it and keep scrolling. Try it Derek.

  19. ……says the guy whose wife was molested by her own brother in a “normal” family. Makes sense. I defend the Duggars on many topics but this guy makes me want to smack him right in the face, and I’ve never hit anyone in my life. He is disgusting and hateful and ignorant.

  20. First of Derick is jealous because he is no longer on a reality show. Secondly he is friendly with his brother-in- law who molested his wife…

  21. Why is it the business of his to save or condemn others? Go take a vitamin Derek you look like sh*t.

    1. Exactly. Why do they care so much. It is like Derick cares about anyone but himself. So he is not trying to “help” Nate (and no I don’t think non-heteros need help). Some of these bible thumpers haven’t read the bible or the spirit it was written.

    1. Yuuuuuup. I’m always in awe of the brass balls it takes to be “missionaries” in a country that is already Christian.

      Then again, Catholics don’t count to them.

  22. Well said CURIOUS! I 110% agree with you and love the added touch of the bible reference lol If that’s the case….Derek’s in for a ROASTING (bieber style) when he gets to the pearly gates!!

  23. Adultery Derrick? Kind of like your brother in law?
    Stop giving him press. He wants to stay relevant. He isn’t.

  24. Derek needs a job a life and perhaps some real problems.That way he may be too busy to insert himself into other peoples lives. He wants people to accept his religious beliefs, that he actually uses to hide behind while harassing people he has nothing to do with. That is such a cowardly move. I have no doubt Nate and his husband are great parents, but I do see a lot of heterosexual people who should have their kids taken away.

  25. “If it were adultery, I doubt a network would be so quick to focus on the reality of it as if it were OK.”

    Uh oh nobody tell Derrick that TLC features Sister Wives; Brother Husbands,; 3 Wives, 1 Husband; My 5 Wives; and Seeking Sister Wife.

  26. Yeah, because it’s so much healthier to be raised in a family so large that your parents don’t know anything about you as an individual person, where the parenting is done by older siblings, where free thought and individuality are discouraged, where they cover up sexual assault to protect their precious oldest son than by two men! Oh, the horror!

    Jesus, God, Derek. Shut the hell up.

  27. Oh shut up Derrick and go satisfy your mother in law if you have so much extra time! Make sure your house is clean before commenting on others. I love Nate and his beautiful family.

  28. I’m pretty sure they are BOTH better dads than you will ever be! You did call taking care of your first son “babysitting” after all. Shut up and go away please!

  29. I was thinking the same thing.
    I seriously would love to be friends with Nate and Jeremiah can’t help myself and their daughter is adorable.
    Wish Jill would get a back bone and break her husband’s fingers to quit Tweeting it’s ridiculous from his rants and begging for money go to another country without internet access and live.

  30. Yes, because it’s much better to have a heterosexual family with a child molesting younger siblings. You hpgafe up your right to the moral high ground when you married into and condone the acts of the Duggar family. Let’s stop assuming family can only look one way.

    Oh, and, the Bible very explicitly warns against judging others. The way you judge is the way God will judge you. And can we please leave the smiting of sinners to God?! He’s actually quite good at it and doesn’t really need our help. Just ask Noah.

    Just saying……….

    1. Sorry posted it in the wrong area..

      Well said CURIOUS! I 110% agree with you and love the added touch of the bible reference lol If that’s the case….Derek’s in for a roasting (bieber style) when he gets to the pearly gates!!

  31. Here’s what I really want to know Derick—->>> What about your brother inlaw, Josh, let’s address what he did to his sister (your wife) and other female siblings????? How about Josh trolling other women and engaging in nonchristian activities while being married??? HE SEEMS TO FORGET ABOUT WHAT”S IN FRONT OF HIM!!!

    1. Yeah, but they say it’s ok. Because josh asked for forgiveness and repented or some BS. They think that the diddler is fixed now. Which is sick and ridiculous. I wouldn’t allow josh around my kids.

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