Kail Lowry Says Ex Javi Marroquin Is Ditching ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion To Avoid Briana DeJesus: “He’s Basically Bitching Out”

“If I come I’m wearing a cup…and a helmet…and possibly a bulletproof vest. Just sayin’…Bitches be crazy!”

Not many men would want to come face-to-face with two of their exes– at the same time– and it appears that Javi Marroquin  is no exception. According to his ex-wife, Kail Lowry, Javi is bailing on the upcoming ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping because he doesn’t want to face his ex-girlfriend Briana DeJesus!

During the most-recent episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail revealed that all three of her baby-daddies–Javi, Jo Rivera and Chris Lopez— are not planning to attend the Season 8B Reunion taping, which will take place next month in New York City. Kail said Javi is sitting it out because he doesn’t want to talk about his failed relationship with Briana.

“None of my baby daddies are going to be at the reunion, I’ve heard. Javi doesn’t want to go, I’m pretty sure, because of the Briana drama,” Kail said.

As The Ashley previously reported, Javi and Briana split in January after just a few months of dating. Kail was not happy about their relationship, which resulted in several fights (both in-person and online) with Briana.

Anyway, during the podcast, Kail stated that she was unhappy that Javi was not showing up to face Briana and, in a sense, leaving it all for her to talk about and deal with.

“You know Javi loves his camera time and will do anything to be in front of a camera,” Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley. “But the fact that he is basically bitching out, at a time where I feel like he needs to speak the f**k up, I’m a little salty.

“I feel like, if he gets out of going to the reunion and I have to deal with Briana and that drama by myself, I’m not going to be a happy camper,” she added.

“Go ahead and come, Javi. We’re waitin’ for you!”

If Javi does sit out the reunion, he will likely be missing a lot of other drama. During the same podcast episode, Kail stated that she and Leah Messer may “throw hands” (which, for those of you who are not hip to the kids’ lingo, means “get in a fight”) at Jenelle Evans over all of the recent drama that’s gone on between the girls.

From what The Ashley hears, Leah’s baby daddies, Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms, are also not planning to attend the Reunion taping. Jenelle‘s husband, David Eason, will also not be there, as he is not allowed on-set at the Reunion. However, her other baby daddy Nathan Griffith is scheduled to go, as is Chelsea Houska‘s husband Cole DeBoer.

Javi has not responded to Kail’s comments…yet.

Listen to the entire podcast episode below:

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Sheesh what a stupid cow. Are we really going to have to deal with this publicity thirst when these girls aren’t getting regular MTV checks?

  2. I feel like the whole Javi and Briana thing wouldn’t have been such a dramatic shitshow if Briana weren’t on TM2. I kind if feel likes it’s a respect thing, ya know? Don’t date your new co-workers very recent ex-husband/ your very recent ex-wife’s new co-worker. So both Briana and Javi are at fault. I know I’m in the minority here, but I don’t think Kail is butthurt that Javi is moving on in the romantic sense, because she’s out gettin’ all the strange she wants, but because she needs someone to watch the kids. I feel like Briana is the type of girl that would get extremely angry/jealous that Javi had his own kid to be a parent to, and an ex to co-parent with, and would pretty much expect him to have very minimal contact his ex at all (the way she does), and play daddy to her kids instead. Javi is thirsty as all hell, and Briana is extremely immature and trashy, so this drama is completely on them, because they knew there would be issues. Even with the other girls, if some girl I didn’t know started working in my office, and immediately got with a co-workers very recent ex, I wouldn’t really wanna be around her because that’s super tactless. Team Kail on this one. Is she petty as all hell? Yeah. But honestly, it’s super shitty of Javi to run dick first into this drama and then try hiding from the consequences of it. Those being that he actually has to own up to and face his own choices. Nobody made you date ol’ oatmeal butt. Own it.

  3. Oh Kail, YOU are salty about something that has nothing to do with you? How shocking. /s

    Kail LOVES the drama. She pretends like she’s above it, but she’s the biggest shit stirrer of the bunch.

  4. “Throwing hands?”

    Whatever. Kail/leah won’t do jack. It’s all talk like high school online beef. I’m no jenelle fan, but she’s scrappy. She can scratch and pull hair better than Kail/Leah.

    “Baby daddies” is a ghetto term.

    1- Kail is a hypocrite
    2- There won’t be any fighting.
    3- Leah said she’s staying out of the teen mom drama
    4- David will be there at the hotel texting her the entire time. Especially with Nathan being there.
    5- Jenelle will have a free babysitter for Kaiser and Jace! Now where can she stash ensley so she can go explore ( otherwise known as find/smoke weed) new york.

    1. ““Baby daddies” is a ghetto term.” Well, if the shoe fits… It’s hard to make 3×3, in your 20s, and not with any of the dads somehow classier.

  5. So, I guess we should give Kail points for electing to be “relevant” by tossing shade on everyone else, rather than spawning Baby #4 with some random dude?

  6. Seriously, the women who cheated on everyone in her life, including Javi, is going to get huffy because he “leaves her to deal with the drama” over someone he dated a few months? And she singles him out, not Jo, who I suspect in finally over her shit, and Chris, who is..who knows, but as far as I’ve read, not interested in dealing with his baby momma drama himself.

  7. “None of my baby daddies are going to be at the reunion.”
    I think that’s really all that needs to be said.
    Kail needs to just stop talking.

  8. I would think they would be required to go to the reunion, unless something like a medical condition prevents them from going. This is their job and their job duties include attending the reunions.

  9. I hate “baby daddy” or “baby mama.” You loved them at one point, so at least give them the respect of being your child’s other parent. People who always use street terms bug me,

  10. I was kind of under the impression that they don’t get paid for the season until/unless they attend the reunions…? I mean how else do they get half of these people to attend? Also – Kail calling Javi our for being a famewhore is ???

  11. Kail definitely tosses the term “my baby daddies” around as if it’s some sort of badge of honor.

    It’s not.

    And if nothing else, she’s probably secretly overjoyed that none of “her baby daddies” will be at the reunion, because it helps to solidify her constant: “Oh, poor me” stance of having to do everything on her own — with no help.



  12. Calling them all your “baby daddies” instead of “child’s father” is just showing how trashy you are.

  13. LOL, I bet David will come with Jenelle, just stay in a hotel and tell her “Don’t talk to Nathan at all!” We know he is THAT controlling.

    I still hope at least Leah will stay away from drama. Kail feeds on it so I’m sure she will try to fight everyone. Javi is still a p*ssy tho for not going.

    1. Agree. He’ll be the typical control freak, probs sitting in a car outside the studio & relentlessly calling Jenelle throughout filming.

      His biggest nightmare will be Jenelle having a polite, adult conversation with either Barb or Nathan. I can imagine the price she’d pay if that happened!

    2. Jan will have some kind of medical excuse when David can’t come. Foot and mouth, food dye miscarriage, seeying molecules, sweatty legs, those kind of things.
      MTV also refuses to pay for David’s flight and hotel and she won’t go alone.

    3. I don’t think he’s a pu$$y, I think he’s over both their bull crap. Now do I think he’s a famewhore yes ??

  14. Just like most bullies, Kail is all talk. She only gets physical with people she knows won’t hit her back, like her baby daddies. Whenever someone stands up to her she turns on the waterworks (like when Vee and Jo brought up 50/50 custody a few reunions ago). She’s a manipulative bully. Maybe she could do with a slap after all ??‍♀️

    1. It drives me crazy that she just starts wailing about 50/50, like there is NO reason Jo should not have Isaac an equal amount of time, if not more. That’s FAIR. And somehow Kail thinks it’s an attack and flips out.

      1. Same with her notion SHE should have “her” boys for Christmas…every year. “Her” family must be together……sorry honey, that’s not the way this works.

      2. It boiled my blood that reunion when she starts bawling and then Vee had to go and coax her out of her dressing room, even though there’s absolutely no reason why Isaac’s father who loves him shouldn’t have 50/50 custody other than the fact that Kailyn just doesn’t want it to happen. You can literally just see Vee’s expression being like “oh here we go again…”

  15. Kailyn is full of sh:t. Kailyn knows Briana and her family will go after her. If Kailyn is so bad ass why not go after Briana. Once again all about publicity.

  16. Why should she be salty about facing Briana herself. She wants to always act like a badass. I’ve never seen her lost for words unless she’s put between a rock and a hard place then she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. She’s always the first one to open her BIG ass mouth and get into everyone else’s business.

    1. Probably because Brianna never fights her battles alone. She has her mom and sister but in on her adult conflicts.

  17. Off the subject of Kail, I did not realize that the interviewer, Lindsie Chrisley, is the daughter of Todd Chrisley!!

  18. Now we see the real reason why Kail is trying to form alliances with Leah. She needs some backup herself on this one. Pathetic!

  19. Kail is such trash, she certainly cashes in TM drama for attention.

    Also her “throwing hands” (so lame) sounds like a weak slap fest of slapping, only proves how classless she is.

    Nice example for the boys, btw. Kail should become a tv producer. She is dramatic, knows how to promote an upcoming season with fodder, and is a bully, always right, unself-aware and lacks morals.

    1. I just can’t get over the hypocrisy of it all she wants to be treated with the upmost respect But seems unwilling to give even an ounce of respect to the men in her life

          1. I should probably explain I’ve been using the text to speak microphone because I am on bedrest from a recent surgery (I have to lay down a lot) let me tell you recovery is a road I was NOT prepared for I honestly wonder some days how Amber does it she seems so happy to be in bed and I just don’t get it

  20. Is there anyway we could see what a teen mom contract looks like? I would just be curious usually you have to show up to work commitments. In all honesty it’s not like javi ever got a word in edgewise. I will be the first to admit I have been watching way too long at this point in my life but to me all the reunions are starting to blend together blah blah blah we got over drama you all just watched we’ve moved on it’s all great nothing to see here

  21. Kail please STFU!! You’ve “bitched out” several times by shutting down and not answering questions when you didn’t want to talk about something. ??

  22. Aren’t they required to attend the reunion? If they’re that uninterested, why are they still on the show? I hope Jenelle gets the verbal whooping she deserves.

  23. Javi is smart. Why would he want to be smack dab in the middle of that major bitch fest? It’s going to be living hell in the middle of those girls! Self preservation Javi! Smart call!!

    1. Javi is such a sap. After all Kail did to him, he’d still go running back if she crooked her finger. He really was thr woman of that relationship.

      by the way, shouldn’t Kail be preggers with a new baby daddy by now?

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