Newlywed ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Stars Tori Bates & Bobby Smith Are Expecting Their First Child

“We had to get started early if we want to have as many blessings as the Duggars!”

Tori Bates and her new husband Bobby Smith have wasted no time adding to their family.

The newlywed Bringing Up Bates stars announced on Thursday that they’re expecting their first child. The couple, who got hitched in December 2017, told Us Weekly that Tori is due in the fall.

“We’re having a baby!” Tori told the magazine. “We are thrilled that God has blessed us with this amazing privilege, and we cannot wait to meet our precious little gift from Him. We’re on the edge of our seats to see whether it’s a boy or a girl!”

Tori and her family are good pals with the Duggar Family, and adhere to most of the same strict guidelines the Duggars do when it comes to courting, no pre-marital physical contact and (reportedly) no birth control. Like the Duggars, the Bates generally leave the number of children they have “up to God.”

Unlike the Duggar girls, though, several of the Bates girls have attended college. In fact, earlier this week 22-year-old Tori graduated from The Crown College of the Bible with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education.

Tori’s mom, Kelly Bates, congratulated her via the Bates Family official Instagram account on her graduation and pregnancy, and for sticking out her college finals while suffering from severe morning sickness.

“She graduated from college and now she has graduated into motherhood!” the photo caption reads. “These last few weeks of school have been very trying with constant morning sickness and Bobby has been so overwhelmingly thoughtful. You both make a mama proud! I’m so excited that this is going to be such a special Mother’s Day as you both celebrate the new life God has given! Congratulations!”

The caption of another post to the Bates’ Instagram account states that Tori graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Powell, Tennessee-based college.

According to Us Weekly, Tori and Bobby will make their on-air pregnancy announcement during the ‘Bringin Up Bates’ Mothers Day Special on Thursday, May 10 on UPtv.

(Photos: Instagram)

6 Responses

  1. I can’t imagine how she felt if she had such morning sickness the last days of school. But at least she finished. And I think her degree is education so it will come in handy when undoubtedly she will home school a hoard of children.

    Her sister Michael must be secretly aching though, all of her siblings have kids so soon and she is struggling for almost 3 years now to conceive.

    1. That must be so hard for her. Infertility is such a difficult thing already, being in their religion (where you’ve grown up thinking about this giant family you’ll have) it must be so much pressure. They literally grow up hearing that having babies is their entire future.

      My sister has tried since she was around 18 and got married. (She’s been with the same guy since she was 15…she just turned 39.) It breaks my heart knowing how some people ache for babies they can’t have for whatever reason.

      1. Haha I was actually commenting to say, right before reading your comment I’d wondered whether someone in their religion could use fertility drugs/doctors? If they leave the number of children up to God does that mean they won’t get medical help?

  2. At least they actually WENT to college. Even if she doesn’t use it maybe her kids will realize the value. The Duggars regard higher education like a sin so I think it’s a sin.

  3. They’re a cute couple…and unlike the duggars , at least Tori graduated from college before popping out kids! Go tori ! ? ?

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