All the Details of the Upcoming ‘Naked and Afraid’ Episode Featuring ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout: Watch a Sneak Peek Clip!

“I survived like five seasons on TV with Farrah. I can handle anything!”

Teen Mom OG fans have been waiting to watch Maci Bookout‘s episode of Naked and Afraid ever since The Ashley broke the news back in March that the mom-of-three was going to appear on the survival show. Earlier this week, Maci shared the first photo of her episode, and now Discovery Channel has released new info and more pics from Maci’s stint in the jungle.

As The Ashley told you, Maci is appearing on ‘Naked and Afraid’ According to Starcasm, Maci will be getting naked and afraid with  Justin Tuell, a 31-year-old ICU nurse from Colorado. The pair spent 14 days in the Nicaraguan jungle without food, water or clothing.

The Blast has obtained a sneak peek of an interview taped for Maci’s episode, which is scheduled to air on Discovery Channel on Sunday, June 24.

“I would describe myself as a badass,” Maci says in the clip. “I’ve been a fan of ‘Naked and Afraid’ for years. Even though I may not be an expert, I’ve been camping multiple times a year my entire life. This challenge, it is something that I am dying to do, and I really, really want it.”

Maci’s husband Taylor McKinney also appears in the video, which was shot at their Tennessee home. Taylor joked that taking care of the couple’s three kids alone may be as hard as surviving in the jungle.

“This is my own survival show,” Taylor says. “It’s called three kids and afraid!”

Maci insists that being a teen mom has helped her prepare to get naked and roam the jungle.

“Being a mom prepares you for a situation like this, because the motherly instinct kicks in and gives me an edge,” Maci says.

She said she refuses to quit, no matter how hard it gets, because she hates watching episodes where contestants quit.

“People quit way too early,” she says. “Like, they don’t even give themselves a chance. The first sign of distress they tap out. They’re done.

“I mean, it’s gonna suck for sure, but I’m not gonna quit!” she insists.

Another sneak peek of Maci’s episode is set to air during Sunday night’s ‘Naked and Afraid XL: All Stars.’

Watch Maci’s intro interview clip below!

UPDATE! Maci discussed more details of her episode on Twitter on Sunday night, revealing to two fellow ‘Naked and Afraid’ participants that she wasn’t given any special treatment because of her reality TV star status.

“Nope, only allowed to bring one item… same rules/boundaries as every other brave soul that has signed up for the challenge,” Maci wrote, later adding, “it changed my life, and i have so much respect for every single naked & afraid family member.”

A new sneak peek clip of Maci’s episode aired on Sunday night on Discovery. Watch the video below to see it!

(Photos: Discovery, Instagram)

30 Responses

  1. “I’ve been camping multiple times a year my entire life.”

    Yeah and I cook three meals a day, but that doesn’t mean that I’m a chef!

  2. I give Maci so many props. Especially cause she’s going on survival show because she thinks it’s something cool. Not Marriage Boot Camp, not Couples Therapy for the sake of the brand. And if you’re comparing this to Farrah, get out, you must be a child if you can’t tell the difference between the two situations.

  3. Well it’s more interesting than the latest middle school girls fight, trip to rehab, or “We’re pregnant on our second date!” announcement.

  4. Don’t they usually stay 21 days instead of 14? I cannot believe she made a 2 all stars isn’t that for the real badasses.

  5. What is that tattoo on her shoulder? I’ve never been able to make out what it is. It’s so ugly and unflattering.

  6. I read somewhere that she got bit by a monkey and had to leave after two days…I hope that’s not the case. I like this show and would fun to watch her try to make it the whole time.

    In regards to people comparing this to Farrah… Please.. lol. Farrah is a prostitute. There is absolutely nothing sexual about Naked & Afraid. Past contestants have even said that sex is the last thing on their minds while they are out there.

    1. Do you know what month filming occurred? I’m wondering based on her social media posts and any gaps if a rough estimate of how long she made it could be figured out?

  7. Well considering that Naked and Afraid is fake and heavily edited I dont find it that “bad ass”. Either way I’m excited to finally see all of Maci’s tattoos ?

    1. I’ve been reading a ton of blogs/interviews with past contestants (especially the ones who are really angry about something that occurred or had an issue with a producer- those tend to be some of the juicer ones since they are pissed), I would definitely not call it “fake”. Every single reality show on TV is edited- it has to be, to fit days and days of footage into 30-45 minutes per episode. They are definitely out there in the forrest (though it’s generally not as far from civilization as it appears). Production will step in if there seems to be a health issue or emergency and they have medics on call. They’re not inside a house- they are outside, naked, exposed to the elements and anything that can come with it. There’s a certain amount of risk involved with this show, as there’s always the chance of getting bitten by something or injured with only so much medical help can do after the fact.

  8. Actually from what I’ve seen on the show – I will give Maci credit for doing it, people have become very sick from putting themselves on that show. I think one girl said she faked being passed out so they would just take her to the medic tent/hospital.

  9. “I don’t want my son filmed on a show that has Farrah who has done porn!” *goes and films buck naked on another show*

    1. Right, because nudity and selling yourself for sex and masturbation for everyone to see is the same thing…..?

    2. Are you trying to troll, or are you genuinely so deficient in critical thinking and reasoning that you can’t see the the difference between the two situations?

    3. Naked and Afraid is far more National Geographic than pornographic. Biting flies and dysentery aren’t sexy.

    4. Hmmmm I’m not sure but I think these things are very different! Seriously sex vs a survival show. If this was in Farrah speak I would think it was her!

    5. You think close up shots of anal sex are the same thing as being naked in the woods trying to start a fire with wet wood while being bitten by mosquitoes is comparable? Who are you???

    6. There is a difference between filming naked for a show that doesn’t make being naked sexual and showing off your gaping butthole after having it railed on video.

    1. …i wouldn’t go as far as saying that i want to see her naked, but i would definately like to see the episode lol

    1. She’s probably running around naked in the bushes as we speak ? She’s gotta prepare herself so she can go and do way better than Maci lol.

    2. Cousin Crystal: Who GAF what Snakekenzie thinks? She’s hasn’t made any smart life decisions of her own….. If Maci is a fan of the show and wanted to do something outside her comfort zone (that isn’t in the sex industry), then who cares?

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