Several ‘Southern Charm’ Stars Are Reportedly “Not Comfortable” Filming Scenes With Thomas Ravenel Due to Recent Allegations Against Him

“Everyone on this show loves me, right guys? Guys…?”

Things appear to have gone south with Thomas Ravenel and at least some of his Southern Charm co-stars…

According to Fits News, the allegations of sexual assault recently made against Thomas by several women have caused a rift between him and some of his cast mates, with a number of them reportedly now refusing to film the show with him.

“Several cast members made it clear they would no longer feel comfortable filming scenes with the 55-year-old playboy,” Fits News, which helped break the story of the allegations against Thomas, reported earlier this week.

As The Ashley previously told you, Bravo confirmed that Thomas would be a no-show for the Season 5 reunion, which the rest of the cast began filming this weekend in New York City. The network has yet to reveal if Thomas will continue to appear on ‘Southern Charm’ going forward.

“As an explanation about why Thomas was not at the reunion, the network planned to announce that the former politician was not returning to the series, but that information leaked last week,” Fit News’s guest columnist Amy Feinstein recently wrote. “Before the production company made the decision to pull the plug on Thomas’ invite to the reunion, at least two cast members had said they didn’t want to participate if Ravenel was attending.”

Last month, at least two women came forward, accusing Thomas of sexual assault. (One of the women—known as Nanny Dawn to ‘Southern Charm’ fans—has appeared on the show.)

Thomas has denied the allegations against him, telling Fits News in April, “I’ve never assaulted a woman in my life.”

It is not known which of Thomas’ cast mates are allegedly refusing to film with him. Various sites have reported that the network issued the ‘Southern Charm’ crew a gag order so that they would not discuss the Thomas situation publicly.

Tamara Tattles has reported that the gag order is being lifted at the Season 5 Reunion, and Thomas’ co-stars will be allowed to discuss his legal woes on camera. Assuming the cast does dish on the Thomas allegations during the reunion, we’re anxious to hear what Thomas’ ex and baby mama, Kathryn Dennis, will have to say—if anything at all.

Kathryn shares two kids—Kensie, 4, and Saint, 2—with Thomas, though she lost custody of the children in 2016 after a failed drug test. While the couple has had quite the tumultuous relationship over the past two years, recent videos posted by Thomas to Instagram show the exes getting along (and even practicing cheerleading moves together…)

As for Thomas’ future on the show, rumors are swirling that Season 5 will be the ex-politician’s last, though Bravo nor Haymaker, the show’s production company, have yet to confirm or deny these claims.

Bravo did, however, confirm in a statement issued last month that an investigation was being conducted regarding the allegations against the reality star.

“Haymaker, the production company for ‘Southern Charm,’ and Bravo take allegations like these very seriously,” the statement claimed. “Haymaker is conducting an investigation and once all the information is gathered and carefully reviewed, appropriate action will be taken.”

(The Charleston Police Department is also investigating the sexual assault claims.)

Thomas is currently dating Ashley Jacobs, who isn’t exactly winning the hearts of the ‘Southern Charm’ cast herself this season.

My day began and ended with this beauty ? @ashleyhjacobs

A post shared by Thomas Ravenel (@thomasravenel) on

Ashley has been noticeably absent from Thomas’ social media for the last few weeks, causing some fans to speculate that he and Ashley had called it quits. However, Ashley shut down those rumors this week.

When asked by one of her followers if she and Thomas were still in a relationship, Ashley replied, “Awww! Yes, of course we are! Sorry to keep you guessing!”

At press time, the network had not announced any plans to eliminate Thomas from the cast of ‘Southern Charm.’

(Photos: Bravo, Instagram)


  1. Ass-ley if repulsive and TR is just plain disgusting! The cast won’t have to worry bout filming cause Ass-ley will be sent packing and TR will soon have a whole new zip code #inmate666!!! Couldn’t have happened to a sweeter couple!! DEUCES, douches!!!!! 🙂

  2. TR served time in Federal Prison for possession and distribution of cocaine and was fired from his job as S.C. State Treasurer. That alone should’ve thrown up some red flags for Ass-ley. She is repulsive. Period. TR will probably be sacked and Ass-ley sent packing. She has her ‘Polo’ gig to fall back on so she’ll be just fine. I do not blame the other cast members for not wanting to film with her/him. Heck I wouldn’t have been able to film cause I would’ve been in jail for attempted murder….if that skank had talked to me the way she did Kathryn…..OMG….it would’ve been OVA!!!! So deuces, Ass-ley! Get to steppin!!! And we all know where TR’s next residence will be!!! Don’t drop the soap!!!! 🙂

    1. Sorry guys…..didn’t mean to post both comments….thought I had erased the latter one…..opsy! Didn’t think the 1st one went thru so I posted a shorter version….sorry again!!!! :0 :0 :0 🙂

  3. Really? This show has degenerated into filth and despair. They are all slimebags! I cannot believe people are buying Kathryn’s BS. She seems out of it and sedated this season.She gave her son FAS!!!!!! Evil scum

  4. That Ashley is sick. She needs help. I hope her family pulls her back and stops her madness. Thomas open your eyes !!!I can’t believe these southern women have remained so good to you. Cuz if you were here !!! Love all the other folks on the show I really do. Smh at Thomas and these accusations. Breaks my heart. Give those kids plus $$$ to Kathryn. Better to go to them rather than those dresses for mashley…..

  5. Ugh.. Him & Ashley both are absolutely repulsive. Please for the love of God let Kathryn be granted primary custody of those two children…

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