Chelsea Houska Reveals the Sad Shape of Ex Adam Lind’s Finances in New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Clip

“OK, if I can’t get a lower child support payment, can I at least borrow some bus fare?”

Former Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind hasn’t exactly been “winning” at life over the last few years. Between getting arrested (multiple times) to failing drug tests (again, multiple times), Adam is definitely on the struggle bus; however, his ex, Chelsea Houska, recently found out just how bad Adam’s struggles are.

In a sneak preview clip of this week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Chelsea–fresh from a child support court mediation meet-up with Adam– tells her friend Chelsey Grace (or “Other Chelsey” as we here at The Roundup call her) how dire Adam’s finances currently are.

“He has no bank account because that got closed,” Chelsea said of Adam, who was trying to get the amount of child support he pays Chelsea for their daughter Aubree lowered.

“He has no vehicle; people are driving him around,” Chelsea continued. “He has his house, which he paid [for] in full.”

(The Ashley has heard that Adam is–or was– renting his home out and living with his parents, but she is not sure if that is still true.)

“When asked how he pays his bills, he says he doesn’t,” Chelsea said. “He has no job.”

According to Chelsea, Adam was unable to remember when he last applied for a job. However, he blames his time on ‘Teen Mom 2’ for his unemployment.

“He went on this rant, that he can’t get a job because, ‘the publicity against me from MTV is negative,'” Chelsea said. “You’re not getting a job because you did that to yourself, and because you were a huge dick. Well, you are a huge dick and they probably don’t want to work with you because you’re a huge, irresponsible dick!”

Adam does not appear to be concerned that he’s a unemployed twenty-something father-of-two, though. Chelsea said that Adam revealed at the mediation that he has a plan fix his money woes!

“He doesn’t want to apply for a job because, as of today, he’s decided that he’s going to start his own business,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea did not know what kind of business Adam is planning on starting. In fact, even Adam doesn’t know that information!

“As far as what he wants to do for his business, he hasn’t even gotten that far yet!” Chelsea tells her friend. “How are you going to start a business without any money?!”

“I feel like Adam’s going to start hawking Flat Tummy Tea and waist trainers any day now…”

Adam has not been getting any money from MTV lately. He has not appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ since Season 7 and has refused to film since then.

Last month, Adam was arrested after a warrant was issued, in part, due to non-payment of child support for his younger daughter, Paislee, whom he shares with ex Taylor Halbur.

Watch Chelsea describe Adam’s financial situation in the clip below!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Right! People take more time choosing what they want to wear, rather than who they have unplanned kids with. It’s a shame.

  2. He doesn’t want to apply for jobs because he couldn’t pass a drug test anyway LOL.

  3. Does anyone know whether or not parental rights are taken if he actually goes to jail for an extended period of time?
    Frankly, I don’t know how he’s been able to avoid prison with all of his arrests.

  4. He’s failing drug test repeatedly so he was obviously spending money on that.
    I don’t understand Chelsea, why doesnt she just give up on the child support, she’s never going to get it. I don’t get why she hasn’t taken steps to have Cole adopt Aubrey and be done with that idiot and his clueless parents. Clearly none of them in that family are a good influence. There is no way in hell I would willingly leave my child unsupervised with any of them.

    1. I don’t think your stepdad can adopt you without your birth father relinquishing his rights or the courts revoking custody (like if she were in his care and continued to mess up – and they give SEVERAL chances)

      I agree with her needing to give up on the child support though. At this I honestly just wonder if it’s kind of a formality. Like if he ever gets his life back on track, he’ll definitely owe some back child support. But even then (if I were wealthy enough to do so), I’d probably want to wipe that slate clean and just let him start fresh. At this point the best he can do for his daughters is get sober.

    2. Chelsea has said before that she asks for the child support because Aubree isn’t getting anything else from Adam; that’s why she took him back to court and had the payments raised a few years ago, too. It’s her way of making Adam have at least a tiny bit of responsibility for his daughter and it’s really the only obligation to his children that anyone can actually force on him, no matter how small an amount he has to pay.

      Cole can’t adopt Aubree because Adam won’t agree to it and South Dakota law requires that both parents (even a non-custodial parent) have to consent to the adoption.

      1. Aubree is close to Adam’s parents so she does have some familial ties to Adam’s family. I doubt Adam would let Cole adopt Aubree if only because his parents are close to her.

    3. Adam is not going to relinquish control of Aubree being her birth father. He doesn’t GAF about Aubree or Paislee, but I don’t see him giving up power over either one. He should, but I highly doubt he would. Taylor and Chelsea are both married with stability now. It would be in each child’s best interest.

  5. He’s being lazy on purpose so he doesn’t have to pay child support. He never wanted his kids and it sucks he’s a father. I feel like he’s also doing it to make Chelsea and Taylor’s lives hell, because that’s the only control he has over them. Hes such a shitty person.

  6. Adam reminds me a lot of my son’s dad, especially in appearance. But the thing about my son’s dad, is he grew the hell up. Granted it took him about a year but he did it. He was just as big of a douche canoe as Adam was if not worse. Adam’s jackass could find work as a construction worker, electrician, floor layer, or hell holding the stop sign for construction zones. The problem is that he doesn’t want to. He seriously is trying to avoid child support in any way he can, thinking it’ll just go away. Sorry, but it doesn’t. And you’re going to be SCREWED for the rest of your life if you don’t get it paid.

  7. For me, Adam Lind and Ryan Edwards are pretty much the same spoiled, self-entitled person. Both with delusional, enabling moms who swear that it’s everyone else’s fault that their son is as effed up as he is — and it’s everyone ELSE who needs to grow up.

    With one exception:

    Unlike brain-dead Adam, Ryan is still smart enough to keep the cash coming in by NOT biting the hand that feeds him, i.e., telling the MTV money machine he refuses to film.

    Teen Mom2 was a job. And it looks like loser Adam — couldn’t do that one either.

  8. Yes its all MTVs fault he cant get a job…even though the MTV money paid for his house.
    The lack of job prospects has nothing to do with your multiple arrests & many alcohol & drug offenses nope not at all (it that was the case he would actually have to take responsibility for his own actions… that just cant happen

  9. I think he may be exaggerating a little bit – thinking that’s going to help his situation but he just looked like a whiny, lazy, entitled fuck.

  10. Adam’s problem isn’t that he destroyed his relationship with MTV, it’s that he destroyed his relationship with his daughters and with their mothers. Lots of people make a living without reality TV, but all these years of bad parenting or non-parenting are years he’ll never get back. Chelsea used to be nuts for him, it took years of him beating her over the head with his douche nozzle for her to finally leave him behind. Now Aubree seems to be leaving him in the past as well. He could have been the one with the family and the happy home, instead he wasted his youth on assholery.

    1. It’s disgusting how some mothers think the sun shines outta their kids ass no matter what. Adumb is a pretty shitty human, and his family continues to help his demise. Like at what point do you hold your kid accountable?! I would’ve cut him off right after he got arrested the first time.

  11. You could see this coming. He just refuses to work so he doesn’t have to pay. I bet he has some income, rent for his house probably but wasn’t he selling sportsdrinks and that sort of stuff?

    1. Exactly! My daughter’s father is trash like this too! It’s not that he doesn’t have any money and is flat broke, he’s avoiding having reportable income so he doesn’t pay child support.

  12. Zero sympathy for this douche-tool. I see a similar future for Jenelle and Lurch who set demands and restrictions on the crew as to when and what they will be filming, absolutely desperate, destitute and unemployable after the cameras are gone, wishing they hadn’t bitten the hand that fed them.

  13. he called chelsea a fat stretch mark whore and referred to aubrey as “that mistake” yet thinks it’s mtvs fault for making him look bad? you did that to yourself buddy. funny how aubrey doesn’t even give a fuck anymore about him

    1. I’ll never forget watching that episode, back when I used to watch instead of just reading the Ashley. It was heartbreaking.

  14. Adam. ALL you had to do was hang out at home, be a nice guy, take your daughter every other weekend and let MTV film it. That’s it. You would be making plenty of money from MTV. It’s the easiest gig around. You could sleep 26 days of the month and just hang out with Aubree for those weekends and chat with her on camera. THAT IS IT!

    But nope. You had to refuse to film, not show up for Aubree’s visits, pump yourself full of drugs and steroids, blow all your money, and drive like a maniac. Missing out on alllllll that MTV money because you can’t even be a decent person 4 days a month. Unreal.

  15. This is sad. Adam needs to stop blaming TM2/Chelsea for his problems. He happily collected TM2 money a few years ago & is lucky he has a fully paid for house.

    Pull your big boy jocks up and man up. Aubree and Paislee should be plenty motivation for you.

  16. So sad. Sucks for Aubree that this is her father. Take it as a lesson ladies. Next time yall want to get hot a heavy with a dude, without birth control, this could be your future. Choose wisely, the father of your children.

  17. Too bad Adam continues to act like a delusional moron. I doubt he’s ever taken the blame for any of the problems he’s created for himself. When I last watched and saw Adams mom was mean to Chelsea and told her to grow up, it immediately became clear where he got the bullshit attitude.

  18. I feel so sorry for Aubree and Chelsea I wish he would just leave them alone Don’t pay child support and just leave them alone Aubree is such a cool kid and deserves only the best which she has with her mom Cole and Watson and her new little sister coming soon Bet ole’ Adam aka loser Dick is kicking himself for not filming any more Everyone is over you LD (loser dick) go away

    1. I cannot believe anyone would down vote comments about what a prick Adam is and how great Aubrey is. Who are these people!? Unreal.

  19. Every time I read an update about Adam I’m so happy Chelsea dodged a bullet with that douche. The day she took off those rose colored glasses she always viewed him with was the best day ever. Dude is straight trash, high school cool dude turned bald drugged out loser nobody. Thank god Cole came along to raise aubree and give her a dad figure.

  20. I’ve been reading old recaps and I forgot how absolutely delusional Adam is. He thought he was the greatest gift to the earth and he probably still does!! He’s just as bad as jenelle

    1. I always thought the most likely couple to result from the TM franchise would be Adumb and Jenelle. They share so many (awful) similarities – too many to list. It could still happen – we all know Jenelle and Lurch won’t last.

  21. I always thought Adam’s situation is a lot like Ryan’s, that he has wealthy parents who enable him. Over the years, how many expensive vehicles have we seen Adam drive. A stream of toys, just like Ryan. Plus, he skates most of the time he goes to court. Must have great attorneys thanks to his parents.

    1. I think the expensive cars and other things came from his own teen mom 2 money, not his parents. I doubt his parents are wealthy because if I remember correctly, Adam admittedly would take money from Chelsea that Randy would give her to fix his (older) cars and other dumb things and he did not live a flashy life back then. He looked like a garage worker on her 16&pregnant episode and early teen mom 2 seasons. I could be wrong but, while I think his parents do okay for themselves, I don’t see them being Larry and Jen level well-off.

    2. Adam’s parents don’t have money. He paid for his stupid fast cars with his MTV money and that’s why he has none left – it all went to cars, drugs, and steroids. I wish the judge could make him sell his house to catch up on all his back child support.

  22. In the words of the great philosopher, Biggie Smalls.

    “Don’t be mad…UPS is hiring.”

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