Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Jamie McKay Welcomes Third Child

It’s a boy for 16 and Pregnant alum Jamie McKay!

Jamie, who starred on the show’s third season, welcomed her third child on Friday. She and her fiance David announced on Monday that they named the baby boy Jackson Oliver.

“Jackson Oliver decided to make his entrance on 6/15. He’s absolutely perfect!” Jamie captioned a photo of her newborn son that she posted to Instagram.

Jackson Oliver decided to make his entrance on 6/15. He's absolutely perfect!

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Jamie is already the mother of three-year-old Mason and seven-year-old Miah (who was born on Jamie’s “16 and Pregnant” episode.) Their father is Jamie’s ex, Ryan McElrath. (The couple split in 2015.)

In April, Jamie, who is now 24, announced that she and David are engaged after several years of dating. She has praised David for being a great father figure to her kids. (He also has a son of his own.)

I said yes!

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“This man deserves to be called best dad ever,” she wrote on Instagram in 2017. “He’s so good to all of these kids. I’m a lucky girl.”

Many of the girls featured on Season 3 of “16 and Pregnant” have gone on to have more children. Jordan WardDanielle Cunningham and Jennifer Del Rio all have three children now, while Jennifer has four! Nearly all of the girls from that season have had at least one more child since appearing on MTV.

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  1. How do these girls do it? I’m 26, and my only child was born when I was seventeen. I have worked really hard under very stressful circumstances since her birth to get a trade and a decent job, and although I have those now, I am not well paid, and struggle by month to month. I feel constantly guilty for not having the means to give my daughter the nice things I had at her age, like holidays and nice clothes. There are a million reasons I would never have another child, but lack of funds is definitely a big one.

    1. Don’t feel guilty (even though I totally get what you’re saying.) Just take a little solace in knowing you’re busting your ass and doing everything that’s possible for both you and her; and that’s more than many people attempt to do. 🙂

  2. weird how this would’ve been her fourth baby if she didn’t get that abortion after miah. just glad she finally moved on from that toxic relationship with ryan

  3. Leah also has a nice income of her own, from the show, not to mention trust funds from MTV waiting for the kids, also. Either way, it’s incredibly dumb to rely on child support on a long term basis, since it goes away when the child is 18. I’ve seen several people lose everything because they forget that the CS well runs dry.

    1. Right? I’m 25, have been with my partner for 5 years, we have a combined household income of about $65,000 annually, and we’re STILL too afraid to start trying. Good for her, but that’s 4 children under one roof by the age of 25, and I’d honestly love to know how they make that work.

    2. I’m 27 and about to have my first, both my husband and I have pretty good, full time jobs and I’m terrified!! Especially after seeing what day care costs :S I keep teasing my husband that we might be one and done haha can’t imagine having three by 25.

      1. The cost of child care is terrifying on it’s own! And congrats, I’m sure you two will do great!

    3. Maybe they’re getting really high Child Support payments from the Fathers, like Leah is with the twins and Addie?

      1. I doubt it. If I recall, the father of the other two looked like a loser and a deadbeat during their episode. I can’t see him having a good job. Granted he was a teen then so things may have changed, or i could be confusing him with another deadbeat dad on the show.

    4. Welfare. Jamie McKay even did a special where she talked about being on welfare and was appreciative for the help.

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