Former “16 and Pregnant” Stars Jamie McKay & Izabella Tovar Reflect on Their MTV Experiences As the 10-Year Anniversary of Filming the Show Approaches

“‘Member us?”

The girls of 16 and Pregnant have come a long way since they allowed MTV to come in and film their lives nearly 10 years ago. 

Recently, Jamie McKay and Izabella Tovar— who both starred on the third season of the MTV reality show—took to Instagram to talk about filming their episodes nearly 10 years ago, and how much their lives have changed since that time. 

Jamie— who gave birth to her daughter Miah on October 3, 2010—stated that she has only watched her “16 and Pregnant” episode once since it aired, due to the pain it causes her. Since the show, she has gotten married and had two more children (one son, Mason, with Miah’s father Ryan McElrath, and another son, Jackson, by her now-husband David).

“I came across these cleaning my basement. MTV sent them to me when my episode aired. My husband has never seen it and I’ve only watched it once,” Jamie wrote. “I’ve never wanted to look back at such a painful time. Not because of MTV but as a vulnerable teen I opened my life to the world and many people were not kind. Thankfully that time in my life is over and I’m stronger.”

Jamie stated that, back in 2010 when she was a pregnant teen, she never thought her life would end up where it is now.

“I had goals back then that I thought were completely out of reach and here I am with a life I dreamed of,” she wrote. “Never give up y’all. If you work for something hard enough and you stay focused it will happen.”

Some of Jamie’s followers expressed their desire to have moms like Jamie on the Teen Mom shows.

“You’ve made leaps and bounds and should be very proud of the woman you’ve become. You are exactly what MTV needs to show more of,” one person wrote.

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(Fun fact: The cast of Teen Mom 3 was supposed to be made up of girls from “16 and Pregnant” Season 3; however, when Season 3 star Jordan Ward got pregnant again immediately after filming her episode, the producers decided to shift and use the Season 4 cast members instead!)

Jamie’s Season 3 co-star, Izabella Tovar, also recently reflected on the filming of her episode. The episode— which showed the birth of her son Enrique (now called Henry) on September 17, 2010–was filmed when Izabella was only 15. 

“I watched my episode of 16 & Pregnant the other day,” she wrote on Instagram. “It was the first time in a long time I’d watched it, tbh I skipped through some parts. But overall it was so cool to see how far we’ve come in life over the past 10 years. & omg how has it been 10 years?! Henry’s 10th birthday is in 3 days… double digits you guys, I’m crying.”

After filming her episode, Izabella went on to have another child– daughter Anastazia—with Henry’s father, Jairo Rodriguez , in November 2014. The couple married in May 2016 and split in January 2018.

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  1. That’s crazy that the one twin messed up TM3 for some of the season 3 girls…I wonder had they used the season 3 girls for TM3, would that cast have been more successful than the girls they picked from season 4…imagine…we would’ve been spared having to watch Briana and McKee.

  2. THIS are success stories, not Kail going on holidays every other week (pre-covid of course) and Jenelle doing drugs, getting knocked up, a new boyfriend each month etc…I am glad these two girls learned something from the show and achieved what they always wanted. They were probably too boring for Teen Mom spin-off too which is always a good thing!

  3. A couple things I think it should also be mentioned that Isabella graduated hs and went on to graduate from college normally. She had a lot of parental support but she did work very hard and that should be recognized. Also although her and her ex split they amicably coparent even doing random fun activities with the kids together and even do this without jumping in and out of bed with each other like some others (ex: Leah).

    1. Enrique is Spanish for Henry. They wanted to give him a Spanish name but then he was just called Henry more frequently and it stuck.

    2. Henry is the English version of Enrique. Izabella said her relatives in Mexico kept calling Enrique, Henry when they visited, and they ended up deciding to call him that.

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Izabella wears the same outfit in every photo. Idk why that annoys me so much lol

  5. I think Izabella reminded me of Chelsea she was a lot more stable and well off than most other girls. Likable but the struggle wasn’t the same. Glad they have come a long way and grown up and are allowing their children privacy.

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