Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Kayla Jordan Welcomes Third Child

“It’s another boy, y’all!”

It’s been a big year for former 16 and Pregnant star Kayla Jordan! Just two months after tying the knot, Kayla has welcomed her third child!

Kayla, who starred on the show’s second season alongside the Teen Mom 2 stars, gave birth to a baby boy which she and her husband Dakota Jones have named Odin. She announced she was pregnant back in April.

On Sunday, Kayla posted a photo to Instagram showing Dakota holding Odin, along with the caption, “I have never seen anyone so in love with someone.”

I have never seen anyone so in love with someone. ???

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As The Ashley previously told you, Kayla got married to Dakota in May in an elegant home wedding in Alabama. At the time of her wedding, she was pregnant with Odin.

Kayla is already the mother of two boys: eight-year-old Rylan (who was born on Kayla’s December 2010 “16 and Pregnant” episode) and two-year-old Bryce. Rylan’s dad is Kayla’s ex-fiance, J.R. Davis, who appeared on “16 and Pregnant” with her, while Bryce’s dad is Kayla’s other former fiance, Zach Bedwell.

Kayla’s three sons: Rylan, Bryce and Odin…

Now the mother of three children, Kayla joins a large group of “16 and Pregnant” alum who currently have three children. To date, 18 of the 59 girls from the show have at least three children (or are currently pregnant with their third child). Only one girl– Season 3’s Jennifer Del Rio— has four children.

(In case you care which “16 and Pregnant” girls have three kids or are pregnant with their third, they are Season 1’s Maci Bookout and Ebony Jackson; Season 2’s Jenelle EvansChelsea HouskaKail LowryLeah MesserKayla JordanLori Wickelhaus and Aubrey Wolters; Season 3’s Jordan WardDanielle Cunningham and Jamie McKay; and Season 4’s Mackenzie McKeeLindsey Harrison; Jordan HowardKristina Head and Sarah Roberts.)

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  1. Kind of off topic, but is MTV not doing new 16 and Pregnant episodes? I feel like it’s been years.

  2. Let’s see. The girls who haven’t had more kids since their episode aired. I think this is current and correct.

    Season 1: Farrah
    Season 2a: Valerie, Samantha
    Season 2b: Emily
    Season 3: Kianna, Taylor
    Season 4: Alex, Sabrina
    Season 5: Maddy, Autumn, Arianna, Jazmin, Jordan, Karley (I’m just counting her because it’s one pregnancy)

  3. I hope that, this time, she has truly found real and lasting love.

    Because it has to be exhausting having a baby every time you get a new boyfriend.

  4. Her middle son cracks me up. If you scroll her insta, he’s got an absurd amount of personality for being such a small human.

  5. I don’t understand. Is there ANYONE on this shows franchise that has only had the one kid so far? And or got married/finished/school etc.

    1. I didn’t watch 16&P in the later seasons, but pretty sure Taylor is the only girl to have just one child AND a college degree. And looks like she graduated both high school and college on time with a demanding major (nursing). Pretty sad that she might be the only one, but it makes her achievements even more remarkable. Izabelle got her degree, but had a second kid (at least with the same baby daddy even though they’re now split). Ugh – there are more girls with multiple baby daddies who passed through this show versus those with degrees.

    2. Samantha, Valerie (sadly she overdosed), Emily, Kianna (her current husband is in jail), Taylor Lumas, Alex Sekkela, Sabrina, Maddy, Autumn, Arianna, Karley (she had twins tho), Jazmin, Jordan Cashmeyer (drugs and escorting was her problem, don’t know where she is now). Those girls are neither pregnant or had a second child (with Karley it would be third) as of 2018. (I found all that online) So not a lot but at least some of them still have one kid, who knows, maybe some of them won’t have any more? Btw, I HIGHLY suspect Sophia to be an only child.

    1. More like Jenelle 2.0 minus the child abuse and drugs. She’s on her 3rd fiancé, 3 baby daddies, and she’s about 25/26?!
      I will say at least she’s not on drugs and only married one of the fiancés. Hopefully this marriage will last

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