‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Javi Marroquin Celebrates Gender Reveal Party With Pregnant Girlfriend Lauren Comeau: Get Details

“I can’t wait to find out if we’re gonna name the baby Javi Jr. or Javiana!”

Javi Marroquin is about to become a father of two, and over the weekend the Teen Mom 2 dad and his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Comeau learned the gender of their baby during an elaborate gender reveal party.

Javi invited the gang from Radar Online into the party (as you do).

The site reported on Sunday that Javi and Lauren are expecting a baby boy. (It’s not known if a reporter from Radar actually attended the party or if the site was just given the exclusive rights to the photos.)

Javi, who is already the father of son Lincoln (whom he shares with his ex-wife Kail Lowry), held the soccer-themed party in the backyard of his Delaware home. Lincoln was front and center as he found out that he would soon be a big bro to a baby boy. (He sported a “Big Brother” T-shirt, while Javi wore a blue jersey and Lauren wore a pink one.)

They revealed the news by having blue confetti shoot into the air during the party.

Javi announced that Lauren was pregnant back in May. The news shocked some ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans, as Javi began re-dating Lauren shortly after splitting with his ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Briana DeJesus. (Javi and Lauren dated briefly in 2017 after meeting at a wedding.)

“I never believed in love at first sight, but when I saw Lauren I definitely did,” Javi said in a previous interview. I’m hoping Lauren and I can figure this out because she made me the happiest I’ve ever been.

“I want to do things differently,” he added. “I just want to enjoy it. She’s the only girl that’s been on no TV. It’s just real stuff.” (Lauren has not appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’…yet.)

Javi and Lauren have yet to reveal when their son is due, but everything seems to be going well with Lauren’s pregnancy, according to Javi’s recent tweet.

“Was able to make it to my first doctor appt today… the baby is healthy and right on track,” he wrote on July 9.

It appears that Lauren– who had been living in South Carolina– has moved (or is about to move) to Delaware to be with Javi. In the caption of a recent Instagram post showing her kissing Javi, Lauren wrote, “Final drive home to you.”

Check out photos from the gender reveal party:

Your mom, big bro, and I love you already! ?‍?‍?‍?

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(Photos: Facebook, Instagram)

31 Responses

  1. Javi’ slips and big ole teeth really get on my nerves. She’s not on tv and is real so hope he stays away from tv too.

  2. I coudln’t care less, nor could I care less about Kail’s latest vacation. Show is one boring mess.

  3. Somethings really off with Javi…it’s like he’s so desperate for love he leeches onto anyone that’ll have him….Crazy that Briana (who is the epitome of an airhead) saw the red flags, and had enough sense to not get engaged or knocked up by him…but he was able to get this girl hook line and sinker, within the matter of a few months…days really. Congrats on their boy though.

    1. No, she just got knocked up by two guys that didn’t want to marry her and cheated on her. Javi is definitely weird with relationships but he was a better choice than the other guys she did have babies with.

      1. Lol is he? As time goes on we’re starting to see what a fame whore he really is, and although Kail is crazy, he throws it right back to her…and sometimes even harder. Let’s be real….nobody in that situation is good a catch of any kind.

        1. You don’t think his original intentions were pure when he first met Kail? I mean what guy wouldn’t be attracted to her winning personality and laid-back nature?

  4. I have a very honest question. I could careless either way about the teen mom series so no judgement toward those who comment just an observation. Anyway, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of backlash toward everything the teen moms/cast do. It seems people are so mad at them but it’s obvious people watch the show/read the articles/news about them because on the Ashley the posts about teen mom always have a ton of comments. I’ve watched the show and I know they can be gross humans and bad parents but the more we (including myself) talk about them the more famous they become even if it is negative. What makes us so obsessed I wonder? Also did the numbers on the back of Javi’s and companies gender reveal Jerseys mean anything? Thanks!

  5. Seems to me Javi is trying to build up a good story line so that he and Lauren can be featured more. He’s trying to build up the anticipation to feature Lauren on MTV. She seems open to the limelight: Public IG, okay with selling her story to Radar, looks like the signs were for free based on the well place Ad sign, and he keeps pointing out she’s never been on TV.

  6. I almost forgot Javi is having another child. (Same with Ryan and Mack). Which boy will be born first? Anyway, both are screwed. These people should really think a bit before they procreate. At least Lincoln is happy he will have another brother but that’s the only positive thing I can say about this. (But he also must be confused, another brother in under a year, he will be surrounded by (half) siblings at this rate!)

    1. If I’m not forgetting anyone I think the only “full” siblings on both shows are Cate and Tyler’s Carly and Nova, and Leah Messer’s. twins Ali and Gracie.

      1. Watson and Chelsea’s new baby girl will also be “full” siblings but otherwise yeah…….only a few of them, it’s crazy.

      2. Cate is this rare case where both of her children have the same biological dad.

        With divorce so high, I think it’s becoming more common place to have half siblings. I have a half-brother, and has a half brother and sister via his dad. A lot of people I know have children from different fathers/mothers. Heck, my children have two half siblings and my stepchildren have a half sibling via their mom. It’s convoluted but, it seems to becoming the norm.

    2. That’s crazy….only 1 couple out of that entire franchise doesn’t have to take their kids to a parent drop off each week….

      1. Welp, I guess that outcome isn’t too surprising given the premise is based around girls who were knocked up in high school. What would be really shocking would be if they all had college degrees and / or professional careers. Chelsea at least had a marketable skill and at one point Kail had a real job (dental assistant). That’s it…

  7. Javi! So thirsty and desperate! Inviting paps to the party??! Desperado…

    We talk about shutting down Teen mom and stopping the egomaniacs – add Javi to this no talent list. Ugh.

  8. Javi looks like the type that would poke holes in his own condoms to knock someone up. He is so needy and desperately needs to be in a relationship. Now, I see why his first marriage didn’t work. Javi is too needy and Kail let’s the entire DSU campus hit it.

  9. My guess she is at least 5 months pregnant. I saw her IG & I can see a light linea nigra on her belly. This usually doesn’t appear until the 5th month or later. Javi, you’re a dog. Raw dogging any chick that’s halfway willing to bore your spawn. ?Lauren, good luck. You’re gonna need it with your thirsty, famewhore boyfriend.

    1. Based on my own sleuthing (and the fact that I am pregnant too lol) I think she’s around 20 weeks. We just found out the gender last week and I’m just about 21 weeks. She’s likely due around late November/early December.

      1. I believe she is further along than she is saying, but you can find the gender out before your 20 week scan. You can get a blood test done, or if you have a scan earlier, it will show.

        1. No way she is more than 20 weeks along…. I was pretty pregnant when they announced theirs, and I am 29 weeks. She might be 20 weeks max. And I found out the sex of my baby when I was 10 weeks along…. they have a blood test now.

  10. Another Teen Mom2 bastard child. And she’s from South Carolina………. hmmmm, I wonder if Javi was sneaking around with Janelle on “The Land?”

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