Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Charged With Battery & Resisting Arrest After Beverly Hills Hotel Incident Last Month

“Will the courts be divided by celeb status?!”

It looks like the Backdoor Teen Mom is going back to court!

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office reportedly filed two charges against Farrah Abraham on Monday, according to TMZ. The charges—which reportedly include battery and resisting an officer—stem from her arrest last month at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

If convicted on both charges, Farrah could find herself in the slammer for up to 18 months, TMZ reports. Both charges are misdemeanors. 

In a statement to Radar Online, a spokesperson from the Los Angeles D.A.’s office confirmed the charges.

“Abraham has been charged with one misdemeanor count of battery and one misdemeanor count of resisting, delaying or obstructing a peace officer,” the statement reads.

As The Ashley previously reported, the shenanigans started one night last month while Farrah was at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She allegedly got into a physical altercation with a security guard at the hotel after the guard reportedly noticed Farrah having a verbal argument with some other hotel guests and approached her.

“We’re told things got heated, she was asked to leave and refused … and that’s when she allegedly struck the guard,” TMZ reported at the time. “Cops say the man reported she hit him in the face with her forearm, grabbed his ear and pushed his head as he tried preventing her from reentering the hotel.”

Cops were called and Farrah got mouthy with them. (The Ashley will give you a moment to get over your shock…)

“CLEARLY the judge just wants me to come into the court because he wants to stare at me and probably ask for an autograph! Peasant!”

Part of Farrah’s interaction with the officers was caught on tape. On the tape, Farrah can be heard telling a cop, “If you want to f**king bulls**t me, and you want to act like I’m not a real adult, you can go f**k yourself, go f**k yourself, go f**k yourself. That’s you, no one is talking to anyone else! Do you understand me?”

She also told the officers that she was refusing to stand up because she did not want to be arrested. She can also be heard accusing the officers of provoking her to be arrested. When an officer tells her she is resisting arrest, Farrah bellows demonically, “I AM NOT RESISTING!” She then starts sobbing and slurring, while screaming, “I’m not going to be arrested! You’re hurting me!”

She was booked into the Beverly Hills jail and released the next day.

Following the arrest, Farrah and her father Michael Abraham have insisted that Farrah was targeted (because of her celebrity status, naturally). Farrah also stated that she was “attacked” at the hotel. (Watch the video below to see Farrah explain her version of how things went down.)

In an interview with The Ashley a few days after Farrah’s June 13 arrest, Michael stated that the incident was not as big of a deal as it was made to be.

“We have seen this before,” Michael said in a statement to The Ashley. “The situation was blown out of proportion, a misunderstanding that occurred and there was no battery or trespassing charges. The police were doing their job even though they were misinformed and lied to by others at the hotel.”

(The Ashley reached out to Michael for comment on Farrah being charged in the incident. He stated he had no comment because, “Farrah’s attorneys are handling, not me.”)

After Farrah’s arrest, Michael wrote on Twitter that “Farrah was never arrested for assaulting a police officer” and that “she was set up.”

Radar Online confirmed that Farrah’s arraignment has been set for August 13.

UPDATE! Farrah has responded to the story that she has been charged with two misdameanors. In an interview with Radar Online, Farrah said that none of it was true, despite the D.A. Office’s confirmation of the charges.

“That’s false,” she told the site. “Legally I’m not guilty and I’m charged with nothing! Stop the lies!”

Farrah’s rep told Radar that Farrah “has a legal team” and that the charges are “going to be fought.”

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available. In the meantime, watch the video of Farrah’s arrest below!

(Photos: Channel 5, MTV)

42 Responses

  1. Ha! I could watch that video all day long. Now, THAT is what MTV should have been showing all along. Ratings booster!

  2. I know she’ll get away with it just like Jenelle’s 7 billion charges. But just imagining Farrah in jail or prison has me cracking up. She’s dumb enough to mouth off to the tough women in there — and she’d FINALLY get what’s coming to her.

  3. I want to be a fly on the wall when she explains all of this to Sophia. That conversation is going to be priceless! I think she would have been a whole different kid if she had a better mom.

  4. Funny enough, this comes out a few days after World Class Revoution Pro Wrestling announced a partnership with Farrah. Let’s get ready to rumble, anyone?

    1. She would’ve been a great character for GLOW. Too bad she was born a few decades too late –
      for sure she would’ve been one of the villains.

        1. Ruth from the Netflix series originally wanted her character’s name to be C^%TAR – that name would be BEYOND perfect for Farrah. Heck, that name suits Farrah perfectly even if she’s not a wrestling character.

  5. I hope she has to go in front of the judge and see how she rude she is to him/her. If she is dumb enough to talk to the cops the way she did, there is no doubt in my mind she will be rude to the judge. Maybe she will be held in contempt and taken straight to the slammer while kicking and screaming.

  6. What a mom who thinks she is all that I think Debbie should have her daughter so she could live a normal l life

      1. Good heaven’s, no!
        He is a weak “Yes” man for all of Farrah’s crazy ideas and antics.
        They’re all as loony as bed bugs.

  7. I hope Farrah has to do jail time. Hey y’all, I just thought of something. Do any of you wonder how she’s going to explain this to Sophia? I bet that’s going to be priceless!

  8. Nothing would make me and a million other people happier than farrah’s butt (hole) in the slammer.

    After all she put her mother there.

    Your turn ya nasty thang.

  9. So Farrah says she’s charged with nothing and her rep says they’ll be fighting the charges… I think they need to discuss the party line.

  10. She’s so damn stupid that she probably thinks “charged” and “convicted” mean the same thing. No, Farrah, you have not yet been convicted of the battery and obstruction charges. You HAVE been charged, and I honestly can’t see any way that you won’t be convicted. At BEST you might be allowed to plea to a lesser charge, but, one way or another, you’re getting something on your record. You CRIMINAL!!! Hahaha

  11. She’s a top celebrity in the nation people! She can’t go to prison, who would we look to for moral and ethical guidance? #freefarrah

  12. Put her back door out of commission! Through her in jail! She’ll have someone knocking on the front door in there, lol

  13. She was just acting up because it was the only way she could get a man to put her in handcuffs. I gather it’s been a while.

  14. I’ve been a good boy this year, volunteered and donated to charity. I wish for nothing more than to see her spend some time in jail!

  15. She won’t get jail time as she’s not a repeat offender. She’s smart enough to hire an attorney to take help her take care of the legal crap when she needs it and they will tell her to be humble, keep your mouth shut and let the attorney do what you pat them for. She’ll get her hands slapped, hopefully learn a lesson, move forward with her new contract with wrestling and see what happens next.

    1. There is no way she’d shut up and be humble though. I doubt she’ll get jail time too, but her mouthiness might piss off a judge. Which could mean higher fines or more community service. I hope she has to pick up trash on the side of the highway…

    2. She won’t get jail time as she’s not a repeat offender.

      I agree, unless she gets the uncontrollable urge to show the judge her “people skills”.

    3. Agreed! A couple important things that could cause some hiccups…Farrah’s biggest problem is going to be focused on WHO she allegedly assaulted, he wears a shield, HUGE problem! To make matters worse she tells the cops to fu** off, showing this kind of disrespect for the law is a problem with a judge. If Farrah gets a chance to say anything ( very doubtful other than answering something that’ is yes or no) a judge will look right through any “ Your Honor” she may offer.
      I really think she’s going through be scared to death and shut up but this is Farrah , if she pops off she’s screwed… I hope she does?
      While most people would get a good plea bargain in her situation, her attorneys have thier shit cut out for them and with no doubt are charging her up the ass!

    4. Maybe, bc she was drunk when she was arrested, they’ll make her do some mandatory AA meetings while she’s on probation. 90 meetings in 90 days will really curb her travels. And I wonder if being on probation, having to report once a month (or more), will also keep her in one city. At least Sofia would be in one place too, and not being dragged around the world witnessing her mother’s escorting.

  16. Farrah: I am NOT resisting!

    Also Farrah: I am NOT going to be arrested!

    To be fair, she probably doesn’t know what “resisting” means.

    1. No, it’s not bad. It would actually probably do her some good, though I’m sure she would turn it into some (FarrahSpeak™) “God gave me a challenge to show the world what a strong, appropriate person I am who can handle the hardest circumstance issues with full adult maturity #GirlBoss”.

      In reality if she gets time (which she won’t- lawyers will not allow her to speak in court and she’ll plead down), she’d be booked and released literally 20 minutes later due to overcrowding. Good ‘ole LA County.

  17. Hahahaha! I wonder how shocked she was today when she found out being released on ROR is not the same has having charges dropped. Idiot.

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