Bristol Palin Will Reportedly Make $250,000 For Her First Season of ‘Teen Mom OG’… And the Other ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Are NOT Happy About It (Exclusive Details)

“Suck on that, ladies!”

Bristol Palin may be coming late to the Teen Mom Party…but she’s still going home with a goodie bag full of cash!

Us Weekly broke the news on Saturday that Bristol– who was just announced as the newest Teen Mom OG cast member— will be making $250,000 for her first season on the show.  The Ashley was not able to confirm that this is the exact salary that Bristol will be making. However, she was able to confirm that the franchise’s other cast members were pissed when they heard the report!

The magazine added that Bristol, who is the daughter of politician Sarah Palin, will also have the option to sign on for a second and third season, with a $50,000 raise per season she agrees to appear in.

“She could be making $350,000 in three years,” the magazine’s insider stated.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that the franchise’s original cast members were pissed when news of Bristol’s high salary starting circulating through the cast and crew circles on Friday.

“The ‘Teen Mom OG’ and Teen Mom 2 girls all made about $10,000 for their first ‘Teen Mom’ season, and about $20,000 for their second,” one of The Ashley’s sources tells her. “Even though they are all making well over $300,000 a season now, it took them years to work up to that amount, and Bristol got it without ever having to put up with any of the bulls**t that comes with being on this show for so long.”

(The Ashley needs to amend this statement a tad because not all of the ‘OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls make over $300,000. The exception is Briana DeJesus, who joined the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast after Season 7. As The Ashley told you last year, Bri was paid about $20,000–plus bonuses– for her first season, which is equivalent to what the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls made for Season 2. Briana was given the Season 2 salary due to the fact that she had done one season previously on Teen Mom 3.)

“What the HELL MTV!?”

“The fact that Bristol is also getting a salary jump per season that’s basically the amount that all the old girls get is pissing a lot of people off,” The Ashley’s source tells her.

However, even a starting salary of a quarter of a million dollars wasn’t enough for Bristol, according to Us Weekly!

“Bristol came in hoping for a very big payday, and really thought she could and would get $500,000,” the magazine’s source said.

Bristol’s famous mother, Sarah Palin, gave her first interview about her daughter’s new job. On Friday, she told TMZ that her daughter, who got knocked up at age 17 back in 2008, is perfect for ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“Bristol’s going to be a great messanger for overcoming a little bit of a challenge, and doing well in life,” Sarah told the site, adding that Bristol and her sisters have a “great respect for some of the girls [on the show] who have overcome some obstacles in life and done well with their children.”

Sarah said she would be willing to appear on the MTV reality show, if her daughter needs her to.

“Whatever Bristol needs, whatever she wants,” Sarah said. “Whatever my grandbabies need or want, I’m there.”

Sarah added that Bristol isn’t doing ‘Teen Mom OG’ to be a reality TV star.

(The Ashley will give you a moment to control your laughing…)

“Heck’s no! We’re not doin’ the reality star type thing!” Sarah said. “She sees this as a venue, a forum to help people in a hurtin’ world.”

(Something tells The Ashley that she’s going to have a lot of fun recappin’ Mrs. Palin & Co.!)

Watch Sarah talk about Bristol’s new job on ‘Teen Mom OG’ in the video below!

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(Photos: Getty Images/ MTV/ Instagram)

44 Responses

  1. L.P. And tonight Kail and her bitching about being punished for her income in court, you’d think she was out there busting her fat ass working for it, not just sitting around getting paid to whine about such typical single mother of three young kids as going almost a year without a long child-free vacation to some far off tropical paradise.

  2. Here’s the thing.

    I understand that people are incredulous about how much these girls make. I’ll be the first to admit I’m jealous. But the truth is, shouldn’t they be the ones to get most of the money the show makes? Everyone complaining about their salaries are no better than the people that complain about how much athletes make as they sit and watch football every Sunday. I personally don’t think it’d be fair if these girls were scrimping and saving while commercial slots are going for loads of money that producers line their pockets with.

    They’re the face of the show. They deserve the majority of the profits. Look at every other reality show- vanderpump rules, jersey shore- same thing. They made very little the first season, but once the show found success, their pay skyrocketed. But what, these girls don’t deserve because they got pregnant as teenagers?

    I’m not gonna judge. Lord knows I wasn’t celibate at 16 either

    1. The point is that this show claimed to want to impact the epidemic of teenage pregnancy in America by showing how difficult it was to raise a baby as a teenager. How does this show discourage teenagers from unprotected sex when they reward these girls with massive salaries for being on a show where the requirement was nothing more than poor judgment, lack of responsibility and being knocked up? Teenagers are often delusional and thing they can achieve fame and fortune like the people they see on TV. How does this show help them? It doesn’t. It’s a train wreck that people watch for the same reason we all slow down to stare at accidents on the highway. None of these girls are talented or exceptional in any way. They have money from being on this show, but most of them have done very little to improve themselves as human beings. We have one college graduate out of 9 girls? With all that money, no one else could prioritize education and go to school? Now they have cosmetic lines, clothing lines and paid partnerships to pimp weight loss products and gimmicks? These girls are not role models. They have not worked hard at anything other than their social media accounts, and now they complain about dealing with the issues that come with being in the public eye. Boo hoo. You want the big $$$, you deal with the consequences.

  3. I’m glad Bristol Palin is very excited to join this show, and I, in turn, am very excited to finally stop watching this show.

    Shame on me for Bristol being the final straw, sure, but good gawd MTV is nuts to do this. And that salary is nausea-inducing.

  4. This is simply insane. I can’t add anything else to the conversation here. I’m done watching it. By watching it, people will support her being on the show. It’s all about the ratings at this point. Giving out all the WRONG messages to young people!! Good Lord!!

  5. This is the end of Teen mom. I will no longer be watching. It has ran it course and they need to quit before this train wreck ensues.

  6. “Bristol got it without ever having to put up with any of the bulls**t that comes with being on this show for so long.”

    REALLY?! She’s had to deal with much more actually! She should make more. Pay them less, give Bristol more.


    All the teen moms have ever done is spread their legs. At least this one has an actual realistic life. A job! They’re mad she has more than one job now. Haha! I am living for this. Haters are EVERYWHERE! Go Bristol! Why should they get paid more when they don’t do anything? I’m sorry, watching you sit on the couch all day doesn’t earn you 1/4 million. This is going to be a very interesting twist. And it’s KILLING Farrah and Jenelle too I bet. FOR IT! Save some money by firing Jenelle

  8. This is kind of a random question but I was just curious. Who do you all consider lower in the reality tv totem pole: the teen moms or the Kardashians? I feel like a good argument can be made either way.

  9. I can see why the girls are mad; $250,000 that’s Maci’s and Taylor’s yearly drinking budget. That’s money Catelynn needs to buy more barn animals, and the next house after they get bored of the one they are remodeling now. And that’s 5 new,imported from Italy, silk couches for Amber!!!! Bristol must be stopped!!! IMMEDIATELY!!!

  10. Let’s just face the reality that teen mom is over. Amber will never get off the couch or bed. Maci will never quit drinking or whining about Ryan. Kail will forever be a bitch and whining about who Javi is with. Catelynn will forever be depressed and sitting on her azz. Jenelle will always be one step from the looney bin. For all the money all the moms have made none has uses the money to help them out of the shit they were born into. The only thing mtv has done for the moms is made their lives worse.

  11. I feel like this is the beginning of the end for this show. This is so off the rails to bring in these random people as cast members. Also what a ridiculous comment about how they are pissed because they have worked up to that amount. News flash: what you do is not “work”. You sit on the couch and let cameras film you making the worst life choices possible. The rest of us meer mortals have to do actual work for a lot less than 300k/year. It’s called the real world, and I think you will soon become acquainted with it.

    1. Agreed, if a show works you don’t need to do anything to it. All this restructuring and firing and hiring, on top of the diva demands from these loonie bins, means maybe two more years. Then I say it gets canned.

      1. I don’t think it will last two more seasons, I really do think with Palin on the show, it will get cancelled, everything she’s been in gets cancelled, as many fans as her mother has, there is an equal or more amount of people that can’t stand her!

  12. If I would have known all of this, I wouldn’t have tried very hard in high school, and I would have gotten knocked up by my high school boyfriend. Being a responsible teen hasn’t afforded me a 250k yr job. Lol

    1. Right lol. Silly me, I went to college got a degree, waited till I was in a loving, mature, committed relationship before getting pregnant at 28. Duh!!! I should of been a hoe like Kailyn, banging every guy and getting knocked up.

        1. So, a college degree prevents typos and auto correct? You are a special kind of arse hole. By the way, there is no comma required after “should” and you failed to use any appropriate punctuation. I’ll assume you are a clueless 12 year old making idiotic comments because you have nothing better to do. K?

          1. I’m guessing that she meant should “of” was wrong. The correct usage there is should “have”… but whatever really.

  13. If that ignorant, fame-hungry piece of garbage makes just one appearance on teen mom… I’m officially out. She makes Jenelle look like a physicist.

    Honestly, though- these girls are tipping towards 30. I’d rather have all fresh faces who have real challenges.

    They can come back to the “og” cast 4 years from now to see what real jobs they’ve had to get since Mtv left. That would be a show I would watch.

  14. I second the JamieLynn comment! She seems to have kept a relatively low profile aside from trying to make a musical comeback and her family comes off as more down to earth and relatable than this drama queen and her crew. I’ll tune into the first episode just to scope out what these new girls bring to the show but I have a feeling it’ll be like Farrah’s segments and I’ll be fast forwarding right thru them. MTV is making a huge mistake by not convincing the OGs and TM2 girls for one big cast of somewhat original girls. That would be more appealing than this shit show.

  15. “She could be making $350,000 in three years.”

    There’s no way the TMOG dumpster fire will still be around in three years. If it is, they might as well change the name to Thirtysomething. Bristol and the rest of the girls better start saving for the rainy days ahead.

  16. And queue rantings, shoe throwing and table jumping from the DeJesus coven in 3,2,1… Wow MTV’s Bristol shenanigans have me actually agreeing with Lurch on something and feeling that Briana is kinda getting the shaft. What is this world (or at least this disaster of a show trying to stay relevant) coming to?

    As much as I can’t stand them, the DeJesus coven could actually use that money, although they might blow it on more butt stuffing and needing lipo for the other body parts due to deliberately poor diet. And Briana would likely join the ranks of the other unemployed characters on the show (the fact that she works makes me respect her a little bit). But at least they’d move to a roomier house. Bristol’s family already has plenty of money and Sarah is so sickeningly full of BS – she had her own reality show awhile ago which flopped. Let TMOG flop too with the Palin clan on it.

  17. More than a viable message to teens, sadly it’s all about the ratings now. And MTV is willing to pay for them, no matter who feels slighted. Clearly, with all the additional babies that have come along since the show’s inception— that “It’s Your Sex Life. Org” ad they show at the end of each episode is way beyond meaningless at this point.

    But pay scales aside and on a lighter note, the always hilarious Ashley recaps of Bristol Palin and her mom’s well known jibber jabber a.k.a. “Sarah Palin-speak” should be nothing short of legendary — if not just flat out priceless.

    And to think that Farrah with her equally air-headed “Farrah-speak” thought that “herself” could never be replaced.

  18. this show should have been canned years ago, it’s really stupid now, staged, scripted for TV and not real. The first 16 and pregnant was as real as it ever was, when it was filmed the girls weren’t famous. Now it’s just nonsense, and probably doesn’t have much shelf life left. For the tea party fans, it will bring in some ratings, but for every tea party fan, that are plenty that loath this annoying imbecile, which is what she is. White trash single mamma with the famous mother. All she has done with the tools bestowed on her, is continue to line her pockets with reality tv show money. Anyone see this clunky creature on Dancing with the Stars? Everything about her is fake and annoying!

  19. This is the beginning of the end. The show has turned into a circus, it’s has strayed so far from where it originally started. Maybe once upon a time it was helpful for people to see these teen moms struggling but these girls are in their mid-twenties. If they haven’t figured it out by now how to “adult” and be a mom it’s ridiculous. Now the show is basically a real housewives or a Kardashian show where people tune in just to see the stupid shenanigans and to be nosey.

  20. Go ahead girls, pitch a fit. MTV will replace you. You have been acting entitled and demanding anyway, especially Maci with her refusing to film unless certain demands are met. Next time may be your last time. Janelle still hasn’t signed her contract but it looks like they don’t need her now. Yay! Who’s next? Bristol brings a whole new audience abd is worth her money.Racist Cheyenne, I’m not so sure. Bristol also made it on her own and isn’t depending on MTV money…

    1. Bristol made it on her own?! Lol. What exactly did she make on her own? She seems equally as demanding and entitled. She would be a total nobody were it not for her mom. And I agree that Cheyenne harbors some serious and horrifying prejudices, but Bristol is openly homophobic, so they’re both trash as far as I’m concerned.

    2. Exactly. I’m excited to see Bristol. Yes her family has money just like chelsea but she’s married and raising her kids and honestly is more well known then these teen moms. Don’t hate the player hate the game. Your mad she’s making good money? Poor you. You had a kid in high school and make more than pharmacists and doctors so no one feels sorry for you kaci, cait, amber

  21. If she wasn’t making as much as the original cast members from both shows, I figured she would at least be making 6 figures because she already has a famous name. No way in hell she was going to accept 20k. She’s too entitled.

  22. Even though her huge salary is unfair, the other OG girls are ridiculous as well. Like they are being paid for a real job and their hard work… They need to stop thinking that MTV or any kind of reality show is a real job.

    1. I’m done with both teen mom shows. Cheyenne posting about killing white babies and still being hired was my last straw.

  23. They are paying her that much because she will bring ratings. Bristol has done reality TV in the past and has been in the media since she got pregnant as a teen. I’m looking forward to these recaps.

  24. Every single word of the article disgusts me to the umpteenth degree! She has literally made a living off of being a hypocrite. Oh the humanity! “Heck’s no! We’re not doin’ the reality star type thing!” Sarah said. “She sees this as a venue, a forum to help people in a hurtin’ world.” WTF does this even mean!?! I’ve been to Alaska, it’s a majestic, glorious state! How did this idiot become governor? Oh yes commenters, we’re going to have a great time snarking this upcoming season!

  25. Well I’m not surprised they’re paying her a hell of a lot more than Briana (or any of the other girls made their first or second season). She’s already famous. Everyone knows who she is not just teen mom viewers so they’re probably banking on her bringing in a load of NEW viewers. The other girls, and especially Briana, brought nothing unique of value to the table that another girl couldn’t have brought. No one is watching this show just to see Briana, for example.

    1. Yes, wasn’t Bristol even pregnant when Sarah tried to become president? Everyone told her what a hypocrite she was, being mad at people having pre-marriage sex (and use protection) while her own daughter got pregnant, you can’t make this up! I’m pretty sure people will tune in, esp those who like Sarah and Bristol.

      I myself would rather have Jamie Lynn Spears tbh, she is doing great and just now had her second child!

      1. I think Bristol preached abstinence twice and was pregnant and not married with her first two . But Maci was the same way . Bristol will bring ratings .

      2. Really? Sarah Palin was the VICE-Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket in 2008. John McCain was running for President. Many of you people on this site are woefully ignorant, including the gossip writer.

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