EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Ryan Edwards Arrested Again! See His New Mugshot

“Ding-dang it!”

Just days after Ryan Edwards announced he was quitting Teen Mom OG, the reality TV dad is back behind bars!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Ryan was arrested and booked on Monday in his home state of Tennessee. He was booked on a charge of “Booked on Previous Charge or Other Reason.”

At press time, Ryan was still in the Hamilton County jail and was being held on no bond.

The Ashley was told by the Inmate Information System that Ryan’s charge was listed as “possession of controlled substance.”

In his newest mugshot, Ryan’s hair is wild and salt-n-pepper colored (reminiscent of the hair of that other ‘Teen Mom’ jail bird, Butch Baltierra!)

He has a court date set for August 6.

Ryan’s latest mugshot offering!

This is not Ryan’s first arrest. In March, he was picked up on a warrant for petition to revoke, which means he broke his probation related to a past simple possession of heroin charge. Ryan had kept the fact that he was on probation on the down-low from the public.

Ryan has claimed to be sober since last summer, when he did a short stint in rehab to get clean from a nasty heroin addiction. (His wife Mackenzie claimed that at one time, Ryan was spending $10,000 a week to support his drug habit.) Viewers watching the most-recent season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ have questioned Ryan’s sobriety, but he and his family claimed that he was still clean.

On Friday, he and his pregnant wife Mackenzie announced that they were leaving ‘Teen Mom OG’ because MTV did not want to show Ryan in recovery.

UPDATE! On Tuesday, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrest via a statement on its official Facebook page.

“Ryan Christopher Edwards was arrested yesterday, Monday, July 23, 2018, by the Red Bank Police Department in Red Bank, Tennessee,” the statement reads. “Edwards was charged with Simple Possession of Heroin and is currently being held in the Hamilton County Jail under a No Bond.

“According to arrest information, Edwards is scheduled to appear in Red Bank Court on August 6th, 2018… Once again, this release is to clarify the arresting agency, confirm Edwards’ arrest, and that he is currently being held in the Hamilton County Jail.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, Ryan was still behind bars.

(Photos: MTV, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office)


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  1. I’m not saying Maci wants to be with Ryan, because she doesn’t, but it’s clear she loves him as a person and as the father of her child. The fact that she used her power to get MTV to stop enabling him is remarkable. I do think Ryan’s parents love him but they need to get real and encourage him to leave Mack and get help.

  2. Ryan use the lindsay lohan excuse: They weren’t my pants! I didn’t know heroin was in my pocket!?
    Such a sad thing for poor bentley who’s now old enough to know what’s going on. I have no pity for Mactruck because she enables him. Mactruck is about to understand what Maci went through times 10.

    1. It just means he didn’t have a large enough quantity to be charged with felony possession of heroin.

    2. According to the discoveryplace.info/drug-laws-tennessee :

      Simple possession or casual exchange is the lowest drug offense there is in Tennessee. If you did not have enough of a controlled substance on you to be charged with a felony possession, trafficking, or sale charge, then simple possession is another option for the prosecution.

      Simple possession has the ring of a relatively minor offense, and effectively, it is usually somewhat of a minor offense in Tennessee. However, to those who have never experienced criminal charges, possession can be a scary, serious matter. Most of us do not anticipate having a criminal record in our futures, so are thus frightened at what types of records and penalties this charge could entail.

      Those charged with simple possession or casual exchange will face Class A misdemeanor penalties, which can mean serving up to one year in jail and facing fines of up to $2,500.

      Those charged with a second offense or greater will face Class E felony charges, which carry a potential sentence of one to six years and fines of up to $3,000.

      In addition to jail or fines, one may be required to take a drug education class at the discretion of the presiding judge.

      Some fail to realize that one can be charged with possession of a controlled substance even if not caught with the drugs on their person. If law enforcement finds a controlled substance on the property of a registered owner (e.g., a house or a vehicle), then that person can in fact be charged with drug possession.

    3. Simple possession is based on weight, which varies by state but it is a small enough amount that it’s assumed to be for personal use, not for sale or distribution.

  3. He probably was on his heroin and was pissed and as usual blaming Maci and went against restraining order which is why no bond. That family better kick serious tough love or he’s going to either be wearing stripes or a toe tag. His wife’s ex needs to take full custody of their son until she’s completely separated from lazy ass.

    1. The charge is simple possession. Has zero to do with a restraining order. Most likely scenario is he broke some term of his probation (also why he currently has no bond). If I had to place bets, I’d guess he failed his most recent drug test and he’s already failed before.

  4. Heroin is a hard drug to kick for people who do rehab correctly. This will not end well.

    He was such a deadbeat before the drugs though, and his enabling wife is so awful (although she does provide some entertainment factor, like her huge four-month break from social media that made me LOL forever) that I can’t say I really care that much, except for the kids’ sake. I feel bad for addicts who fall into drugs because of hard times or not knowing any better. This was not the case for Ryan.

  5. Sadly, disappointed but not surprised. He has bunch of enablers around him and just……..I feel bad for the baby. No one else, just this innocent baby who will be born in this mess. I think Mimi and Larry will be taking care of him esp if Mack&Ryan divorce.

  6. I figured out who Mackenzie reminds me of its Peter Pettigrew from the Harry Potter movie the guy who turns into a rat and vice versa go look it’s uncanny

  7. Since he insists he’s been clean for months, we can only conclude he was arrested when he was found without drugs on his person, or for driving while sober, or for passing a drug test.

  8. If he was booked on a “previous charge” then I’m really curious to know if this is from the same heroin possession charge that landed him in rehab. If that is the case, I’m dying to know why and how he ended up behind bars again and being held on NO BOND. I wonder if he skipped out on another drug test/probation meeting. I’d put my money on that. He probably knew he would fail and skipped out.

    1. He was caught originally and the judge must have told him he will avoid jail if he complies with his probation which he has already failed a drug test which is why he was arrested again and this time he had to have been caught with a small amount which is why he’s in jail with no bond. He’s now violated probation 2 times. Sad. I’ve been sober for almost 5 years heroin is the devil and it’s a miserable existence. I’m glad that I’ve been able to stay clean but I have been on medication to help me stay clean so I’m still in recovery. He probably isn’t ready and you won’t quit until your really ready. He’s being forced and that usually doesn’t end well. His poor kids. I hope he doesn’t kill himself overdosing. I’m not saying he’s a great person but he has too many enablers and a wife that seems to be using him for fame.

  9. Are the people posting here saying it’s Maci’s fault actually serious?
    It’s RYAN’s fault. No one else is at fault here, even his enabling wife and parents.

    Maci hasn’t been with the guy for YEARS, she knew he was a trash person and got away from him YEARS AGO!

    Team Maci all the way.

    1. No, no one here really think it’s Maci’s fault. But that is the go-to excuse and explanation that Ryan and Mack use. Everything they do, and everything that happens to them, is spun to somehow be Maci’s fault. The posts here about it are a running joke and prediction of the Edwards’ response.

  10. This is so sad. He is a lost soul, trapped in his addiction. No one seems to be able to help him find a way out. I don’t want him to die. He has a wife and soon to be three children, including his little stepson. Yes, he and his wife are flawed, but his death would destroy them all. All the fame and money of MTV just works against him.

    1. “The fame and money of MTV” isn’t working against him. His enabling, lying, covering-up wife and parents are working against him, as well as himself. “The fame and money of MTV” guaranteed him a spot at one of the top 5 rehabs in the freaking country, and what did he do? Left halfway through. “The fame and money of MTV” gave him an open invite to go back anytime he was ready. What did he do? Refused. His stubbornness is the only thing in his way. Most people would kill to get into a rehab like that one. He just makes excuses and his family plays “He’s doing great, everything’s fine, nothing to see here!” because god forbid someone think they’re not a perfect little happy family.

    2. Very true, an addict needs to decide for them self that they need help. And unfortunately Ryan’s closest are covering up and telling him and everyone that every thing is okay. So Ryan may actually not think he has a problem.
      He needs to fully hit rock bottom and realise that he needs help or he will literally die

  11. I’ve been watching the show since the very start while he seems to be a big man child who doesn’t take responsibility for his son. It’s very sad seeing somebody destroy themselves in front of you. My own brother is a recovering drug addict and he takes his soberity very serious. Went to rehab for 1 year where he stayed in a facility away from us. I get the feeling Ryan has never done enough to try get clean like staying in rehab for a few weeks was never going to work.

  12. Hopefully Ryan will hit rock bottom soon and get the help he needs. Maybe the court will force him into rehab……. I just hope it’s not when he’s six feet under.

  13. It’s all Maci’s fault, she KNEW Rine was still using, and she never told poor Mack! It’s been 1957362 days…


      1. She’s joking. It’s from one of the after shows where Maci claimed she didn’t know and Maci didn’t tell her.

    1. I agree with the Butch comparison, but Bentley seems to be better off than Tyler was – he has a stable home life with Maci and Taylor.

    1. SOMUCH. I could barely watch Jenelle’s road rage scene, it was so upsetting. I can’t imagine that being my life…

      1. I cannot believe she did all of that with her son in the car. Poor Jace is so traumatized by all of his family and David. My heart goes out to him. That poor boy.

    1. He’s 30, but that doesn’t make it any better. His dad looks 10x better than he does! Drugs kids, not even once.

    2. I was going to say the same thing. I used to think he was so cute, but drugs have taken a toll on him?

  14. For the amount of shit talking Ryan and his family has done about Maci, why am I not even surprised that once again after their latest statement this happened? It’s not even funny or ironic, it’s just sad.

    1. I’m always surprised at Jen and Larry talking about Maci. I thought they had a good relationship, and she’s always brought Bentley to see them.

  15. This will be unpopular but I’m scared for him. He needs real help, jail or extended rehab stay far away from mackenzie and any other enablers. I worry because he can be a good person, if he wanted to but he is so clouded with drugs and people telling him everything will be okay, and if he can get himself together Bentley won’t have to continue growing up possibly without a father.
    My heart hurts for him, and down vote this, it’s cool

      1. My husband is too, clean 9 years and he was way way worse than Ryan. And if he could get on the right road, anyone can. It makes me sick and angry and sad

  16. [img]http://forums.previously.tv/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://pmchollywoodlife.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/ryan-edwards-bio.jpg?w=300&key=31bfbfee1ec749070a78f4a635e50d9f36cc01fd532e444a359541cb77d0410c[/img]

  17. But he’s clean… Mackenzie and Ryan’s parents need to stop enabling him and blaming Maci for insisting he passes drug test before he sees Bentley, Ryan can’t be trusted round him if he is still not sober. Poor Jagger too, not born yet and his daddy is an addict and his mummy chose a drug addict over her older son, CPS better take this poor child away as soon as he is born.

  18. If Ryan’s being held with no bond, then he has to stay in jail until a first hearing occurs, right? Great to know that, finally, even police/judges are fed up with his s*#t and that nobody is able to bail him out this time. A couple of days in jail might actually help him.

  19. I finally figured out who Mackenzie reminds me of its that man Pettigrew from the Harry Potter movie who is also a rat . He goes back and forth between rat and human . Look and see it’s uncanny .

  20. Jen, if you’re reading this; it’s up to you mama. Go to that judge, tell him to give your son serious rehab that he participate in and complete, with a aftercare plan or hard jail. Put it all out there, no more hiding and enabling. Honest, hard, tough love. You’re going to be burying him in the ground if you don’t stop burying your head in the sand. Try Dr. Phil, something. Do SOMETHING other than deny deny deny. You’re helping no one

    1. I bet you’re someone who will stare at or dirty look someone who has marks on their arms, immediately judging and putting a label on them. You’re the cockroach here

  21. Oh but he’s totally sober, right Mackenzie?? Enough with the denial, hold him accountable and stop enabling him before something worse than an arrest happens.

  22. This paired with their claims that Ryan “left” TM because he was an addict in recovery is borderline embarrassing at how delusional Ryan and Mack are, along with Jen and Larry. Ryan is an addict, he is sick and needs serious help. The only shame in this situation is sticking their heads in sand hoping it goes away while Ryan keeps using. What a waste.

  23. I don’t watch the OG, but this guy does not look like he’s been using heroin long term. It’s possible he just recently relapsed. Again, just going by the physical appearance because I know nothing about him.

    1. There really is no, “norm” in terms of appearance. It’s a REALLY bad idea to judge someone’s level of addiction based on their appearance. I’m in recovery for 25 years and I had a terrible drinking problem but for many years because I was fairly attractive, intelligent and articulate people would say, “you don’t/can’t have a problem!” It’s a good excuse to put off getting help another day. Most addicts look like the person sitting next you at Starbucks.
      He’s also snorting not shooting it up (yet). He was spending thousands of dollars a week before his last bust.

  24. I’ve said this before on Grace Report and I’ll say it again: I knew Ryan was going to relapse. He did NOT complete inpatient or attempt to do any aftercare. Ryan basically stayed less than 2 weeks. He was probably on suboxone or methadone during that time to help him get off the heroin and opioids. It is not a long term solution and treatment is needed. Ryan was NEVER serious about being clean and sober. He did not get clean for himself and to make himself better. You can’t get clean for anybody else but yourself. Take it from someone who worked around addicts for a living for three years. I’ve seen it over and over again! Ryan also has no coping skills, no goals, no sponsor, is co-dependent…etc.

    1. I’m not saying any of this to be obnoxious. I’m saying It because I watched the cycle: in and out of jail (prison eventually), toxic relationships, children, enablers, infections, numerous other chronic medical issues, being beaten up, lots of tears, homelessness, trap houses, evictions, denial, blame, and lots of manipulation tactics.

      I have also had the unfortunate opportunity to watch addicts not stay sober and hear about their deaths from OD and suicide. You can’t save people from themselves; all you can do is actively listen, give a shit, and offer advice for treatment. Many of my co-workers who worked alongside me in rehab those three years were former addicts. Many did not stay sober their first, second, or even third time in treatment and most did time in prison prior to being successful in their recovery.

      The most inspirational person in my life is actually an 18 year sober addict old co-worker who sponsors and runs local NA and AA meetings. He has stated many times that it is a daily battle to stay sober. Unfortunately this is a battle Ryan is losing in every aspect. Maci needs to be commended because she isn’t enabling him. Thank goodness MTV isn’t either now.

  25. Mmhmm, because sober people carry their choice substance for fun. Got it. I will not believe another thing his stupid wife ever says again (I never did but this confirms it). Is this a “bless her heart” moment with his wife? -I’m not from the south-

  26. This is so shocking… said no one ever… hows your recovery going? Hes never been sober. Hopefully he goes to rehab and gets clean. I doubt it though he has too many enablers who care about what everything looks like to others. Sad. He looks like a 45 year old man.

  27. My goodness he is puffy!! (bloated) Yes like another poster commented it DOES look like he is shooting into his neck :(. MTV Knew he was not clean..why they didn’t fear a lawsuit letting him go… Poor Mack and her trap baby… hard to get MTV salary child support when your baby daddy’s in jail!

  28. So happy that mackenzie wont be on our screens anymore dont have to see her pathetic face i read an article yesterday about ryan and his dad said in it trust me ryans clean or your would hear about it ???guess we heard about it

  29. MacLiar will spin this and say the
    stress from Maci forcing MTV to fire them cause Ryan to relapse.

  30. If “THIS” is the type of thing that Maci doesn’t want her son to see play out on TV or anywhere else — I cannot blame her one bit.

    Ryan’s enablers can continue to give out all the delusional reports of Ryan “doing great” and come here to vote down comments to the contrary all they want.

    The real truth is that Ryan is NOT doing great.

    He’s just isn’t.

  31. Can’t wait to hear Mackenzie’s latest explanation (cover-up), assurance that everything is fine and Ryan is doing fantastic, and why this is Maci’s fault!

  32. Wow Rhine is a bloated mess! He needs SOMEONE other than Maci in his life to give him an ultimatum. He is surrounded by enablers, and his lazy sloth but certainly wont di this for himself. Good for MTV not bringing him back, he needs a good kick in the behind.

  33. So does the “booked on a previous charge” mean that he violated his parole again? I’m so confused??

  34. But he is on the road to “recovery”. Sucked in Mack-truck. We all know you married an idiot druggie who doesn’t care about you.

    1. Still cant believe shes going to bring a baby into that hell of a relationship the baby doesn’t deserve those 2 pos for parents if mackenzie doesnt leave his arse i hope cps takes the baby

    2. Cant believe that selfish bitch is going to bring a baby into that hell of a relationships that baby doesnt doesnt deserve those 2 pos for parents

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