Larry Edwards Assumes He & Wife Jen Will Continue To Film For ‘Teen Mom OG’ Even Though His Son Ryan Was Dropped From the Show

“We ain’t goin’ nowhere, ya hear?”

Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards may have gotten the boot from Teen Mom OG, but the fate of Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, remains unseen…even to Larry!

In an interview with Radar Online, Larry– who has been part of the show since its first season– stated that he is pretty sure he and Jen will continue to film with MTV, despite the fact that Ryan and Mackenzie are no longer filming. (The couple announced on Friday that they were done with the show, and The Ashley told you what really went down behind-the-scenes in regard to that decision!)

“I would assume [we’re going to be on next season],” Larry told Radar. “We haven’t heard we are not [on the show anymore]. I’m not sure with Viacom. We haven’t been notified.”

Larry admitted that he and Jen have not been actively filming for Season 8. (The rest of the original girls have been filming for weeks, with the exception of Maci Bookout, who, as The Ashley told you, only started filming about a week ago once the show’s producers ensured her that Ryan would no longer be filming for the show.)

“No we have not been filming,” Larry said. “We haven’t heard anything. The last time we filmed was in New York when we were there for the Reunion [in March]. They haven’t been back to the house since. Sometimes they film Maci and Taylor.”

When they announced that they were no longer part of the show, Ryan and Mackenzie stated that they were booted because the show’s producers “don’t want to show Ryan as a recovering addict.”

Ryan and Mackenzie, who are expecting a baby this fall, alluded to the fact that Ryan’s parent’s will still have a place on the show, with or without them.

“[MTV] did want to enter a contract with our unborn baby and have the baby film with Ryan’s parents so it would look like someone else is raising it…So they’re writing us out of the show right now and making it seem like we dipped out on our baby, on Bentley and on everyone. And that’s just not the case,” Mackenzie said.

On Saturday, “Ryan” made statements in his Instagram comments that sounded very similar to what Mackenzie told E!

“We are not doing the show anymore,” Mackenzie Ryan wrote in a comment on Ryan’s Instagram page. “They said they don’t want a recovering addict on the show. They want to show the worst of it but not the recovery/positive side. They also want to film our new baby just not with us so it looks like we dipped. Sorry but no. That is why I’m speaking out on here!”

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Ryan’s mother, Jen, has not made any public comments regarding her status on the show, or her son getting booted.

As The Ashley previously told you, Bristol Palin and The Challenge star Cheyenne Floyd will join the ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast for Season 8, which is reportedly due to premiere this fall.

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23 Responses

  1. If they feel the need to repopulate the cast I would prefer that they find a “real” teen mom and not stick some want to be celebrity in with the original cast. I think it would be far more interesting to find a teen mom who comes from a functional family, who makes it a priority to stay in school and continue her education, and show real life struggles she faces. I think it would be an interesting contrast to put that kind of story alongside the older cast who are from from teen moms at this point in life. It just seems like MTV takes something good and always turns into trash, it is like starting with Oprah and ending with Maury as far as who they choose to feature. They have done it on all their shows. Real World was such a great concept and then they turned it into a bunch of losers who only want to party, drink and fight. How about putting some more reality into reality TV, there are teen moms out there who really do succeed, not saying it is easy but it is possible!

  2. Good to see Ryan owning his mistakes, his actions, and thier natural consequences. That’s an important component of his recovery.

    Oh wait…

  3. Well to be fair they filmed janell for years.. And they did Amber as well. When they are high when they were getting high etc… I think the truth is Macy doesn’t wanna put that Bentley through this and who can blame her

  4. Jen and Larry will have to film so they can use the money to help take care of Ryan, his ratface wife and their new baby. Ryan has skills but cant pass a drug test so he will,be unemployed and on disability in no time. Ratface Mac has no skills so she wont have an income until she can pass one of those CNA certification course thru social services.

  5. No way, they just enable him. Not role models as good parents. Are they that desperate for the easy money MTV pay. Get a job the pair of you.

  6. “They don’t want to film a recovering addict”
    Uh no Ryan, they don’t want to film a using addict.

    1. To be fair, there are many using addicts on the Teen Mom series but none so obvious these days as Ryan. I don’t blame Maci for trying to protect Bentley.

      I will bet anyone $10,000 that this will be Larry and Jen’s storyline this coming season. “Maci doesn’t want Ryan to film because she still loves him and is jealous that he’s happy and has a new baby.”

  7. @soulmate du jour your comment has me crying ? they seem like down to earth sweet people who are definitely loving grandparents but they are the biggest enablers. I get trying to save face and suffering embarrassment on national tv but at some point you have to put the show aside and realize this is a serious matter concerning your only child. I hope I’m never in their position as parents but it would seem that tough love would be a better approach with an addict child than sweeping things under the rug and allowing the lying and using to continue. I don’t think Ryan is clean and I don’t think Maci wants to protect Bentley by keeping this matter off tv. More than likely her refusal to film about this has to do with the restraining order business they’re involved in.

  8. I stil dont’ understand what Maci is going to film about? Ryan (sadly) was the only interesting thing about her.

      1. I’d hardly say she threw him under the bus! Is this Mackenzie?? Ryan is a HEROIN ADDICT. He’s the father of her kid. Do you have a kid? Do you have a kid that you drop off with your ex-partner? It’s a huge deal. She also WAS right about him, how bad the addiction was getting and he was arrested. We saw how he had no problems drugging and driving. That’s terrifying to see -I’m gonna drop my son with his dad who drives around high as a kite. Who clearly has no judgement.
        I’m sorta gobsmacked by your comment but I’m chalk it up to ignorance.

        She may drink but it doesn’t interfere with her life. She is on a tv show, runs a business, has three kids and is married. That’s a hell of a lot on her plate.

      2. I’m not usually the one to pull the “they only film a small portion of their lives, and it’s EDITED” card, but here I will. First of all, I don’t personally believe Maci “always” has a beer in her hand like some people are so hard-up about, but even if she did, it’s not necessarily indicative of a problem. They don’t film 24/7 and it is possible to be a social drinker as long as you’re a responsible human being, which she seems to be. I love the craft beer industry, drink weekly, and am the mother of a healthy, happy 2-year-old.

        You cannot, however, be a social heroin user.

  9. If they do film I’m sure they will be there’s to tell us all how “fantastic” Ryan isn’t doing. (Eye roll) I’m waiting for the next line to be “he’s the first person ever to be cured of a decade long heroin addiction after just 2weeks in the hab and no aftercare”

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