Youngest Duggar Girls Release First Album of Religious Songs: Duggar Family Says Their Personalities Are “Like the Four Oldest Girls On Repeat”

“We are…so…thrilled.”

With (almost) all of the older Duggar girls married, out of the house and birthin’ babies, it’s time to bring in some of the family’s younger “blessings” to help add to the family’s bottom line.

The Duggar Family announced on Tuesday that its four youngest daughters– Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn and Josie, as well as their oldest granddaughter Mackynzie— are releasing an album of religious tunes. The singing group, called “The Duggar Girls” (which is applicable since Mackynzie is Josh Duggar‘s daughter and therefore carries the Duggar last name) sing 10 songs on the album, called “Happy Hearts.”

“We are SO excited to announce Happy Heart CD!” the Duggars posted on their Facebook page. “The younger girls have worked so hard on this and we love the results! We pray that it would encourage and bless you!”

Years ago, the four eldest Duggar gals– JanaJillJessa and Jingerreleased a book about Growing Up Duggar. Since then, though, Jill, Jessa and Jinger have all gotten married and become mothers, so they most likely don’t have time to continue to churn out products. Luckily, though, the Duggars have no shortage of children that they can use for various projects. (Only Joy-Anna has escaped doing any of these group “projects.”)

If you’re a fan of the older Duggar girls, the Duggar family insists that you’ll like the younger Duggar girls.

“We’ve always said that the four youngest Duggar girls’ personalities are like the four oldest girls on repeat. Everyone has a twin. Jana/Johannah, Jill/Jennifer, Jinger/Jordyn, and Jessa/Josie,” the CD’s website states.

“I’m just thankful they didn’t make me be part of this!”

The sisters and Mackynzie (who is technically their niece), sing religious tunes such as “Jesus Loves Me” and (the appropriately titled) “Little Blessings,” in addition to “The Star Spangled Banner.”

If you’d like to order the Duggar Girls’ new CD, you can do so using the link below!

Watch Josie record one of the album’s tracks in the video below:

(Photos: YouTube, Instagram, TLC)

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  1. haha “we need to do the word “brave” again cause there was a crack.” As a music producer you didn’t hear all the other breaks and cracks??? I think Josie could be a decent singer with actual lessons… Like lessons from a professional not Michelle, Jana and the handy homeschooling books.

    Once again ol’ Jim Bob and Michelle need to hawk their children to buy more cans of processed food

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