EXCLUSIVE! Kail Lowry Is No Longer Working With ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producer JC Cueva: Here’s Why

“I can explain!”

Kail Lowry has been working with Teen Mom 2 producer JC Cueva since 2016, but, for the upcoming ninth season, another producer has been signed to handle Kail & Co. ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have been wondering why Kail and JC are no longer working together, especially after Kail wrote on Instagram that “some things happened [with JC] that I wasn’t OK with so I needed to start over.”

The Ashley can exclusively reveal the reason Kail and JC aren’t working together anymore.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that “JC had some drama with one of Kail’s friends” a while back that made Kail uncomfortable working with him.

“However, things really came to a head at the last [‘Teen Mom 2’] Reunion,” one source said. “JC knew Kail was ready to confront Briana [DeJesus] on set and one of the higher-up producers told Kail she couldn’t fight Briana because it was a liability. But JC made it seem like he was on Kail’s side.”

As The Ashley previously told you, many crew and cast members knew that Briana was planning to come out on stage and have it out with Kail.

“Kail asked JC, as well as several other producers to place Briana at a different end of the stage when the whole cast came out to film a segment,” the source said. “She told them that she knew Briana was going to come out ready to fight. Kail told JC that he should have prevented Briana and her sister [Brittany] from being placed directly behind her.

Once Briana did, indeed, come out screaming and trying to fight Kail, the source said that JC “turned on Kail” and prevented Kail’s friend–known on-camera as Bone–from coming out to help Kail.

“Bone was watching on a monitor backstage, and as soon as Bri came out ready to fight, JC was heard saying into his walky-talky to have security hold Bone back,” the source added. “Eventually, JC literally used his own body to prevent Bone from coming out on stage. Kail saw that as the ultimate betrayl.”

(The incident was all caught on camera and will likely be shown during the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion episode in the background during the fight scene.)

After Kail found out that JC had purposely prevented her from having Bone come out to back her up with Bri and Brittany, she exploded, according to multiple witnesses backstage.

“[Kail] got right up in JC’s face and told him he was fired, in front of a bunch of other cast and crew members” one source said. “She told him she didn’t like him, and that he was no longer welcome in her home. She said he got her all hyped up and then basically took Briana’s side and helped her and Britt come after Kail. She felt that JC set her up, and that’s what she told him on-set after the on-stage fight went down.”

The Ashley hears that the higher-ups were also very unhappy that JC got involved in the drama. He has since been assigned to work with new Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd. (At one point, he was the producer working with now-fired ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham but he was replaced on her story as well.)

“Kail wanted nothing to do with JC after this final incident and told Larry to get her a different producer,” the first source said. “This was after [Kail’s ex] Jo [Rivera] had a previous issue with him, so [the executive producers] decided it was best that JC not work with Kail or her secondary cast anymore.”

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

44 Responses

  1. I think it was all a setup myself trying to get ratings for the show and another thing Brittany shouldn,t even be on the show she has no kids or not even a man in her life I think her and her mom only goes on the show for fame and Brittany needs to get a life and stop living in her sister shadow

  2. Freakin get real!! Kail has accomplished a lot thru the years. Sweetheart, Javi broke the trust issue first when he cheated on her to start out with. So get with the program. MTV did do wrong by her and Briana has been nothing but trouble since she started and brings her dog to do her battles. Kail is a excellent mother! Just look how much herbkids love her and Joe is on her side. Potty your to dumb for this show. The girls would be fine with just original cast. Kail, Chelsea and Leah seem to get along just fine or have you missed that to?!!!!?

  3. Kail thinks everyone owes her some kind of respect . Javi owes her because they have a child together , Chris owes her because they have a child, Jo owes hers bevaytgey haveca child, NOW the producer owes her??? Give me a fuc*ing break! Jail is not worthy of respect , she’s a whore, a disgusting whore that did her husband wrong while he was defending our country. As I’ve stated numerous times on here; she’s NOT educated, her degree is a joke! I’d love to give her public speaking professor a piece of my mind, she’s a horrible speaker on coffee convos .. “ and I’m,and um”. Kail was asked to pick a subject to speak about ( few shows back) and she wants to talk about bleaching her asshole ! So I ask, does anyone really think she can support herself and kids with her knowledge, or lack of?
    Her producer threw her under the bus? What did she do to poor Leah on that convo? Kail is a double standard disgusting pig of a person. She puts on a big act that she wants to spend time with her boys.. NO! She’s a control freak that can’t stand the fact that the courts make the visitation rules. Kail needs to be knocked off her high horse and sit her ass on the ground where it belongs.

  4. A little advice to all the young ladies out there from old uncle Nibs. Guys look at girls who fight people as pigs. Stop it, you look really bad and become unbangible. This is a public service bulletin, your welcome.

  5. I am on team Kail. Brianna started this fight weeks ago by shoving her relationship with Javi down Kail’s throat. Brianna’s sister has no business even being there. Nobody else gets to bring their bodyguard.

  6. And neither of them can just own up to the fact that they are fight over a guy that NEITHER of them are with anymore. Just be like Elsa and let that shady shit Javi go.

    1. I think it speaks to the point. They didn’t fight over Javi, they fought because producers/media/hangers on were egging them on.

    1. That’s ridiculous. Neither of those women are half of her size, first of all. Second of all, there is plenty that can be said without needing to comment on her weight. This is how 10 year olds behave. I’m embarrassed FOR you- do better.

  7. My question is why is Brittany even sitting on stage with the moms? She isn’t a mom. Whether she was pregnant before or not, I don’t see why she is part of the “main cast” but everyone else’s sister isn’t there.

  8. Fire Briana not Kail. If you take notice, none of this starting happening until Briana and the rest of the trash family were hired on. She do not interesting along with her family. Say by Gomes to them why don’t ya!!

  9. Just FIRED kali!! She starting to act like Farrah. Trying to run everybody. As if she the star of the show. As for the other Teen Moms, plz don’t get caught up in her shit. You are doing so well for for yourself. Hold your heads up. MTV, Stamp Kali while you can. Don’t let it ad far or you will also be Suit by her.

  10. So since David got fired over popping a balloon then can we PLEASE fire Brianna for trashing MTV’s studio property and breaking glass?! Seriously, this isn’t Brianna’s home where she can live like a pig. And why in the world is Brittany there?! She is NOT a teen mom by choice.

  11. Exactly what did JC do? Fail to allow Kail to get into a physical altercation on national tv? How is that not having her back? Something seems to be missing from this “account” of what happened.
    And truthfully, while Brianna and family acted like the gutter trash they are, it was Kail and her self-entitled attitude that caused all of it- she never failed to have something to say when Bri was with Javi and she knew damn well it would set the gutter trash off and then she could sit back and play poor little innocent me. She poked and poked and poked- she never missed a chance to talk about Bri and what garbage she was. Was Bri supposed to never respond to it because Kail is the queen and no one is allowed to question anything she says or does?
    And as for Bri talking about Kail’s kids- that never happened- Bri said what kind of person was Kail to talk about Bri’s life when she allows Chris to beat on her in front of her kids. That is not even close to talking about someones kids.

    1. Exactly! When Kail said “Who do you think you are”? to Bri, like she doesn’t have the right to question Queen Kail, just showed how she believes she is above her but she can’t control Bri and that makes Kail so mad!

  12. I watched last night and i couldnt believe. These morons were fighting over javi?????? Seriously??? I wanted to smack that shit eating grin right off his face as he was sitting down eating cake next to kail. He was eating it up. What happened to this guy?? Fame hungry, and wants camera time. Brianna is such a slob i cant with her.

  13. What a f*cken self-important cow Kail is. This woman believes she’s some gift to humanity and that we should all feel privileged we get to watch her on tv. Get over yourself, Kailyn! Tired of your drama

  14. This isn’t about JC. This is about all the clowns at MTV. They set this whole thing up. They could’ve taken precautions to ensure this altercation didn’t happen. The fact that they didn’t care about the other cast member’s safety (especially Chelsea who was pregnant) speaks volumes. I have no respect for them. They think protecting people’s feelings getting hurt over David’s tweets by firing him makes them saints but then they’ll set up physical altercations? Give me a break.

  15. I’m sure that without the usual liability issues, if the security staff ever stepped aside and let Kail and Briana really go at it, the most we’d see is the cleaning crew running in with a mop and bucket to clean up where BOTH of them peed themselves from being scared sh*tless to actually fight.

    I am SO over these two beating their chests like badasses and “swiping” at each other, while Javi sits on the sidelines smirking and giggling like an eighth grader because women are fighting over him.


  16. Without offering an opinion on Kail herself, I will just say that I wouldn’t want to work with a producer who did that to me either.

  17. Oh please…first of all…it didn’t matter where Kail would have been placed judging by the way Brianna came charging out on stage…second of all….everyone was holding everyone back…did she expect them to let one more psycho out on stage? So trashy! Kail likes to act like Brianna is the trashy one, but she’s just as bad. What poor excuses for mother’s…teaching their kids to physically fight and attack each other because they don’t like something someone posted online!

  18. Why was Brittany on stage in the first place? She and Brianna are as emotionally immature and as intellectually dumb as Jenelle. Brittany is Bri’s nasty security blanket aka a David Eason. Mind your business Brittany or hire an aide for your special needs sister. Aint nothing tough or cute about you two and your lousy attitude is already showing up in Nova.

  19. Kailyn wanted to look all big and bad in front of her friends. Neither one can fight because of security but yet they both try to fight when security is around. Bri wasn’t talking about Kailyn’s kids. Bri only said that Chris beats her in front of the kids. Javi probably told Bri Chris beats Kailyn. Kail said she would fight her but had security. Kail said she didn’t say anything in the room but Bri did. Bri said that she would say whatever she wants to her face. So everything Kailyn said was a lie. I believe Kailyn did all the for the pod cast. Kail keeps saying it isn’t about Javi but it’s 100% about Javi. Kail wanted bone to back her up but yet Kailyn throws bone out for Chris. All Kailyn does is lie.

  20. So badly I want JC fired and the same goes for Briana and Brittany. Their trash and fight dirty. They are not woman they adolescent teenagers with no scruples!

    1. I’d like to see Kristin fired. That woman feeds the drama between Janelle and Barbara like crazy! She’s a conniving twat.

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