Farrah Abraham Rejects Plea Deal in Court Case: Insists She’s Not Guilty & Says This Is “Incrimination of a Celebrity!”

“Plea deals are for peasants!”

Farrah Abraham has declared that the city of Beverly Hills is committing “Incrimination of a Celebrity” against her!

No, seriously…

The former Teen Mom OG star appeared at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles on Monday to attend her arraignment stemming from her June arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Farrah, who was officially charged in July with a count of misdemeanor resisting a peace officer and misdemeanor battery, told multiple outlets that, although the prosecutor offered her a plea deal, she’s not taking it.

“I am not accepting the offer because I’m not guilty,” Farrah told Radar Online. “I have gone through a lot of counseling and therapy. I am also very mentally stable and have no aggressive issues. I can literally submit that to my lawyer, show that to the judge and it would still override this fake offer.”

(The Ashley apologizes for not being able to provide a “Farrah Speak” translation for that quote. She has no idea what Farrah is talking about.)

“Will the courtrooms be separated by celebrity status?”

Multiple media outlets (as well as Farrah’s attorney Tiffany Travillion) have confirmed that the “fake offer” is, in fact, very real. Farrah was reportedly offered a sweet plea deal by the prosecutor. Under the plea deal, Farrah’s battery and resisting a peace offer charges would be dropped. (Only her trespassing charge would remain.)

She would be required to take 26 anger management classes, agree to three years of probation, perform community service and pay all court fees and fines. She would also be required to stay away from the Beverly Hills Hotel (which, of course, would be very hard for Farrah, who considers herself a Top Celebrity In Our Nation.”)

E! News reports that Farrah rejected the plea deal and entered a plea of “not guilty.”

Farrah, who, naturally, toted her nine-year-old daughter Sophia to the court hearing, seemed to think that her charges have been dropped. She spoke to TMZ paparazzi after leaving the courthouse to declare that someone will pay for “harassing” her.

“I’m not guilty, battery dropped, case closed!” Farrah told TMZ. “I’m just happy they wanted to drop the battery. We just have to see it through, watch the videos and make sure someone is charged properly for incrimination of a celebrity!”

(Look at Farrah’s lawyer’s face after Farrah says this. It’s at the 46-second mark and it’s a real hoot!)

Farrah told Radar Online that she was not trespassing at the hotel, and she did not hit anyone; therefore she refuses to plead guilty and accept the plea deal.

“I didn’t batter someone,” she said. “This is just, to me, another form of again, ‘No celebrity face, there would be no case.”

(This may be Farrah’s attempt at coming up with a legendary legal term a la Johnnie Cochran’s ill-fitting glove quote during the O.J. Simpson Trial. Sorry Farrah, but your rhyming line is no “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit!”)

Farrah told E! News that she is not like those “other” ‘Teen Mom’ stars with legal issues.

“I don’t need any criminal records,” Farrah (who has a criminal record thanks to her 2013 DUI arrest) said. “I’m not like the other Teen Moms…I don’t think it’s funny when people are harassed. I’m not a victim, I’m a victor.”

Radar reports that, according to the prosecutor in the case, Farrah could be facing up to 18 months in jail if she is convicted of the battery and resisting arrest charges.

Farrah’s estranged mother, Debra Danielsen, told The Ashley last month that she feels that Farrah may benefit from spending some time behind bars.

“She needs to go to jail,” Debra told The Ashley. “Just like Amber [Portwood] needed it. Farrah needs it.”

Following her hearing, Farrah (of course) immediately got on Instagram Live to proclaim her innocence.

“Try me, approach me, attack me, but God’s got my back and I’m never guilty of these lies and bullying and horrible things,” Farrah said. “At a legal level, it’s incrimination.”

Farrah will have to appear in court on September 21 to attend an early disposition conference.

Watch the video from the night Farrah was arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel! ((The video does contain some naughty language, just FYI, but it’s quite the treat!)

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38 Responses

  1. My head hurts from trying to understand what she says. No one NEEDS a criminal record Farrah, you NEED to get some English lessons so that you don’t sound like a flaming idiot everytime you open your mouth. And ‘celebrity’?

    Sure Jan

  2. You know, I’m actually glad she rejected the deal. Maybe the judge will give her a more harsh one after this and she’ll actually get screwed. No pun intended.

  3. And all of her ridiculous behavior which seriously needs medical attention overshadows the fact she took her 9 year old to court. Not even touching on everything else that innocent child is exposed to. Very sad.

  4. Hold up! Hold up! Hold up! She says “no celebrity face, there would be no case.” (I probably added the comma that she’d never use because well…..I’m educated.—-yet still watch this show ?.) I digress. With that past statement and in her arrest video she says “I’m a normal person.” WHAAAATtT?!?! The Ashley and her readers have to have good comments for that contradiction: I mean!!!! Maybe we like drunk Farrah better???? ????

  5. I wonder if the day has arrived yet where Sophia is utterly embarrassed to have to stand beside this woman. If the child turns out to have a sharper mind than this fluff-bunny, I fully expect that day will come.

    No, Farrah, ‘fluff-bunny’ was not a compliment. 😉

  6. No worries – Michael will surely smuggle her in some goodies in his vagina. Also a great opportunity to make prison sex tape!

  7. She really believes that she is innocent.
    Im sure they have witnesses & even video to prove she is guilty but she will just keep saying that people are lying & the video is doctored or that its not her in video & its a big conspiracy against her because she is a huge celebrity.

    She is better off saying they targeted her because she is in the pirn industry, MAYBE people will believe that.

  8. If we learned anything, she won’t end up with jail time.
    She will get off with a slap on the wrist or it will be swept under the rug. I can’t wait for the day when they do face to consequences of their actions.

    1. We can hold on to some hope,Hope?
      The deal they offered is now OFF THE TABLE! So, the prosecutor is going to ask for the max on all the charges, now she’s costing the state a lot of money,she’s asking for a trial. Not only does her attorney have to work, now she is costing the state a lot of money and time… she made a crucial mistake today not negotiating a plea . I’m not saying she will actually serve jail time , but but but she will wish for this day back.
      I don’t think any of us would be shocked to see her being held in contempt for acting out in court. Also, I myself say she will get a least suspended time with the charges as of now.

  9. Yes this is jaw dropping but I just can’t make fun of her anymore. There are no words for this. I really don’t think she understands. She lives in a delusional world and everyone is bowing to her every word out of fear and no one is brave enough or willing enough to use a hard hand with her. She needs it. This really isn’t funny anymore. She needs help.

  10. I’m convinced that she’s just not all there in the head… she’s anti bullying blah blah bullshit! She is the biggest bully around- making fun of homeless walking bums really Farrah really… shame on her. I really hope Hoopz whomps her!! She’s so damn delusional. Sadly Sophia will end up just like her mom…

  11. Wtf! Her poor attorney ( I said her counselor would have their shit cut out for them ) I wouldn’t be surprised if she asks to be dismissed from this case. I would hope she told Farrah not to speak to the media, Farrah just doesn’t listen. Who goes to court with their boobs popping out like that ? I can’t believe her attorney didn’t tell her DON’T bring your child as it’s stated on your summon to appear.
    What made this deal sweet … they were willing to drop the worst of the charges!!! The state was really laying on for a trespassing charge, it sounds to me that Farrah wasn’t willing to let her attorney negotiate..she’s hell bent on not guilty.

    I can’t wait to see this outcome, keep us posted on this idiot. There’s a little joke around my work place.. everyone is reading the local paper, USA Today , NYT.. I read The Ashley! ?

  12. Her poor lawyer. Can you imagine having to be the one who struggles to explain to that airhead that the Battery charge still stands because the plead not guilty, that you can’t reject the plea deal and still benefit from the terms of it?

    Funny for us of course, but when this goes south Farrah will loudly and publicly blame her attorney and probably try to claim incompetent defense for an appeal. I hope the money’s worth it (it’s not).

  13. In psychology, logorrhea or logorrhoea is a communication disorder that causes excessive wordiness and repetitiveness, which can sometimes lead to incoherency. Often seen with psychosis associated with extreme cases of bipolar disorder.

    *This is not a diagnosis. This is an observation.

  14. This woman is so delusional it’s not even funny anymore. (Ok, it is but still it’s unbelievable) How can you be SO CONVINCED you are such a celebrity if even REAL celebrities are humble? (Not all of them ofc but there are ones who are happy to take pictures with fans etc. They know without them their fame would fade) Meanwhile this b*tch charges her fans to shake her hand and speak to her. I have no words, only that I hope money dries out and she faces reality. (Jail time would also be nice!)

  15. What in the hell is wrong with her?

    I legit feel like my IQ dropped dramatically (or dramastically..) from just reading the utter bellshit that comes out of her mouth.

  16. No one will ever have to search for things to use to make fun of Farrah . She literally hands over all the ammunition on a silver platter . It almost takes the fun out of it . Almost .

  17. I would LOVE to hear her definition of “incrimination” because I guarantee you she has no clue what that word really means.

    But maybe a Top Celebrity in the Nation doesn’t have to play by the same rules of the English language.

  18. Was she dropped on her head? Repeatedly?? Ten bucks says she thinks since she said she’s not guilty it’s all taken care of now. “Like OMG Why don’t more people claim not guilty?? Are they just lazy or poor or what?!” ?

  19. At this juncture it is clear that there is something mentally wrong with this person. She literally makes no sense. One has to wonder if the people around her ask her to clarify herself, or if they mostly just let it go because she is not understandable. The Ashley would be doing us a favor by consulting a psychiatrist (they can stay anonymous) and asking them for a diagnosis. Oh my….. I don’t have any children, but of course this is a normal Monday morning outing for a child. I wonder if she brings her along for publicity, or if there isn’t anyone to watch her (are children even allowed in court rooms?). This kid is so f***ed it’s super sad, she has a zero percent chance of becoming a healthy adult. The way she throws around the bullying word is infuriating. In the last couple of years it’s been a catch-phrase for when a person doesn’t get their way. My local grocery story was out of the everything bagel this morning, I was bullied. Debz og is a freaking lunatic, but everything she’s said about the world of Farrah has been 100% spot on. By now she knows that she’s never going to have a relationship with baby-goo until she’s old enough, washed-up enough, aged out of the porn industry to look back on this circus and realize her grandmother really was looking out for her. This idiot is a freak show and it’s hard to watch, but all of us regular, work-a-day, average Janes can look at this and appreciate our normal lives and our normal families a little bit more.

  20. “I have gone through a lot of counseling and therapy. I am also very mentally stable and have no aggressive issues.”

    ….. girl, you better get yourself a damn refund for that therapy.

  21. Wait… What? Celebrity,very mentally stable,no aggressive issues. Give me a break!!! I hope she gets the maximum sentence.

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