‘Teen Mom’ Stars Attend the 2018 MTV VMAs: See All the Photos!

“We’re reppin’ the ‘Teen Mom’ crew tonight!”

A handful of Teen Mom franchise stars hit the red carpet on Monday, strutting their stuff before attending the 2018 MTV VMAs at Radio Center Music Hall in New York City.

This year’s ‘Teen Mom’ turnout was a bit light compared to last year’s, when the ‘Teen Mom’ crew took up a whole section of the audience!

This year’s attendees included Kail Lowry of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and booted ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham, who brought her daughter Sophia with her. ‘Teen Mom’ franchise producer Larry Musnik also attended.

(Tyler’s appearance was surprising, given the fact that he did not attend the event last year, stating, “I may be weird, but those award show/red carpet things don’t excite me…besides I feel like I don’t belong there.”)

The rest of the ‘Teen Mom’ gang decided to skip the trip to the MTV awards show. As per usual, Maci Bookout and Chelsea Houska chose not to attend. (Chelsea is currently very pregnant, but she has stated in the past that she has no interest in attending red carpet events.)

This year, Catelynn went much more glam than we’ve ever seen her– wearing a short black dress and some mustard/gold-colored tights. Tyler went for a very “Uncle Jesse from Full House‘ look, pairing a white deep-cut tank top with a black jacket and plenty of long chain necklaces.


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Kail chose a sexy black lace jumpsuit, paired with wild curly hair. While the jumpsuit showed off plenty of cleavage, it still covered up more than Kail’s 2016 VMAs outfit did. (She recently revealed that, of all the outfits she’s ever worn, she regrets that one the most, due to the top showing her nipples.)

Farrah actually wore a semi-normal outfit to this year’s VMAs. She walked the red carpet in a striped jumpsuit and slicked hair. Last year, she dressed herself and Sophia like some sort of space creatures, while the year before she wore a Wonder Woman costume because… well, she’s Farrah. (Someone must have finally told her that the VMAs are not a costume party!)


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#VMAs OG’s @sophialabraham wearing @dislacouture & wearing @fashionnova @mtv #redcarpet

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Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason did not attend the VMAs (more on that later!) However, David was definitely watching the show from home, as he voiced an opinion about something that happened during the broadcast.

“Wow MTV its ok for Kevin Hart to say GD on live TV? You can blasphame God but you can’t have an opinion. #Racists #Liberals,” he wrote on Instagram.

(As you’ll remember, David was fired by MTV in February for voicing his “opinion” on the LGBTQ community, comparing gay people to dogs with fleas, among other things.)

Check out the video and photos below to see more of the ‘Teen Mom’ stars’ trip to the VMAs!


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Babe and I are at the VMAs looking good!!! Hair and makeup by @m1ssl1samar1e #VMAs @mtv

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(Photos: Instagram, Getty Images)

39 Responses

  1. Just out of curiosity, when did Jenelle’s half of the reunion air? I need to blow off some steam, and screaming at her segments helps with that. Y’all get that I’m kidding, right? I usually fast forward through them.

  2. There’s no denying that Catelynn is a busty lass, but whoever styling her clearly has no clue that a high necked top can make anyone’s bust look thrice the size.. and the mustard tights are an odd choice, but hey ho, she looks happy!

    I think that Kailyn looks pretty; despite the beasts being slightly uncaged.

    Farrah’s starting to look like one of those bobble head toys.. she looks fifty again. Sophia just looks like Hannibal Lector in the making.

  3. Farrah and Sophia look like someone photoshopped a head on a different body. And not good photoshopping, either. There is something about Sophia’s face that is just…off. I’m not blaming Sophia – she didn’t deal herself that hand, but what’s with the mother than lets her child run around with more makeup on than a RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant?

    1. I don’t think that’s why Sophia looks off. It’s a double whammy of how adult make-up on a child always looks weird (see: Toddlers and Tiaras) and Sophia having the wrong face shape for contouring. It’s so trendy and treated like the height of make-up, but it just plain doesn’t look right for round faces. I doubt we have seen Sophia’s bare face since she was a toddler. It’s not her fault!

    2. I’ll say it. Her eyes are very far apart. She looks just like her dad. She might be one of those kids that gets prettier with age but hopefully not resorting to gobs of plastic surgery like Farrah. I like Caits hair and makeup but damn… girl needs a stylist. Just no

      1. I was going to say it’s the eyes & it doesn’t help that she’s at an age where they’re almost always rolling & photos enhance that.

        As for the girls- Farrah almost looks like a normal young woman for a change.
        Kail is gorgeous except those hideous tats stand out horribly. I don’t mind tattoos in general but in her case it changed the look in a bad way.
        Cate actually looks slimmer in this then all those flowy maternity looking blouses she usually wears. The color of tights isn’t my fav, but to each their own.
        Tyler looks good, however this reminded me more of the backup talent on Grease than Uncle Jesse

  4. For the first time, I think they all look great! Ok, except for Tyler maybe.

    Meanwhile David goes on and on…….DUDE, being homophobic and downright hateful is not the same as saying something like “goddamn!” because that phrase is so popular and goes beyond religion……..honestly he is just craving attention at this point.

  5. Well it’s a nice change to see Caitlyn off her couch, not picking her scabs to eat for a mid afternoon snack. She actually looks really pretty, she doesn’t seem so down and out right now. But lord have mercy those tights. The ear wax yellow was a terrible choice.

  6. If David doesn’t care that he was fired from MTV, why does he keep bitching?…Plus as much crap as he talks about them and as horrible as he’s trying to make them out to be, why would he want to work for them anyway?…Seems to me like he cares very much and is very salty about his firing….Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.

  7. I guess Farrah decided start sporting jumpsuits with stripes to prepare herself for jail life that she has coming..

  8. The pictures tell the whole story. Teen mom shouldn’t be there. Kail and Catelynn really need help picking out clothes. Kails problem is she looks like a celebrity with plastic surgery. The wrong plastic surgery but not the face to back it up.

    1. I totally agree, I bet no one really talked to them, Maci and Chelsea get invited every year and don’t go because they know they will stick out like sore thumbs. This is a night where people celebrate talent not a night for someone’s luck on reality television.

      1. Kail is trying to look like Kim K or Nicki M. Kail just doesn’t have the face. At least K and N have the face. Kail looks like her father in girl clothes.

  9. Did Farrah attend the event, or just walk the red carpet like an attention whore before being told to leave?

    This is a much better styling for Cait than last year. She and Tyler look miserable in that pic, but I wonder if they were going for a “high fashion”, disinterested look.

    I can sorta see why Kail was thinking of breast reduction. Her hair and makeup are on-point though.

  10. The VMA’s have gone so far downhill that I don’t know why they even waste the money continuing to have them. The fact that the Teen Moms get red carpet treatment says it all.

  11. Farrah actually looks good? How strange.

    I think it’s a shame that Kail regrets that red lace top – she actually looked quite nice and guess what? EVERYONE HAS NIPPLES. I didn’t think it was a fashion “faux pas” at all.

  12. Agree with the comment questioning why Farrah was there. On another note, I quite like her jumpsuit! It’s a shame about the unnatural looking overinflated watermelons.

  13. I don’t understand why Farrah is still invited to the VMAs since she’s not on the show anymore and has no association with MTV.

  14. God Tyler looks fed up and bored. Can’t needs to get off the couch and has no business in those pants shorts whatever they are. Yep this picture screams we are happily married. Also mtv give it a rest they are not celebrities they are trash

  15. I like Kails hair and makeup. The jumpsuit is pretty, just not on her. She needs to drop a few cup sizes and deflate the bum. Sophia is just an unfortunate looking kid. Wtf is Catelynn wearing though? A dress top and gold leggings? Someone of Catelynns size should not wear leggings. Especially colored ones.

  16. Oh, my Kail looks like a drag queen and not a pretty one.She looks like a tired drag queen that’s done way too many late night shows at the club. As for Cate, where’s the funeral?

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