Watch a Sneak Peek Scene From Bristol Palin’s Debut on ‘Teen Mom OG’: Plus Farrah Abraham Insists That Bristol Is Trying To Copy Her

“She so obviously wants to be me…but, then again,. who doesn’t?”
“Um…yeah, no…”

The eighth season of Teen Mom OG won’t premiere until October, but MTV gave the show’s fans a sneak peek at a scene starring the newest ‘OG’-er, Bristol Palin!

In the just-released clip, Bristol chats with her mother, Sarah (who The Ashley just knows will provide her with plenty of recapping fodder!) During the talk, Bristol (who gave birth to her first child, Tripp, at the age of 17), talks about her life being a mess.

Well…she’s certainly on the right show!

“I was a teen mom,” she says. “My life is NOT perfect at all!”

“Amen!” a plucky Sarah replies.

“I want to do what’s best for my kids,” Bristol, who is also mom to two-year-old Sailor and 14-month-old Atlee, says in another part of the trailer.

As The Ashley previously told you, Bristol was contacted by MTV to replace original OG’er Maci Bookout on the show, after Maci refused to film unless her troubled ex, Ryan Edwards, was kicked off the show. (MTV eventually did, indeed, agree to stop filming Ryan and his wife Mackenzie.)

There was already an opening in the cast, due to Farrah Abraham getting booted from the show last year.

Naturally, Farrah didn’t miss an opportunity to slam the show and its newest cast member. On Monday, Farrah was asked what she thought of Bristol joining the cast. According to the Backdoor Teen Mom, Bristol is trying to become Farrah…or something.

“I think it’s like ‘Girl, Interrupted,'” Farrah told Associated Press on the red carpet of Monday’s MTV VMAs. “I see a girl try to move to where I live [Texas], try to have a piano (?), have the Pomeranians, have the same spot as me,” Farrah said. “I’m actually kind of scared for that.

“I wish them all the best, but I’m very happy to move on,” Farrah added.

Last month, when asked for her feelings on Bristol joining the show, Farrah told Us Weekly, “Who cares! I don’t care, as there’s no replacement for me, as we all know.”

For her ‘Teen Mom’ efforts, though, Bristol will be making big bucks from MTV. The divorcee is reportedly raking in about $250,000 for her first season of the show. As The Ashley previously reported, Bristol’s high-dollar starting salary pissed off the show’s other cast members— Amber PortwoodCatelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout— as well as some of the Teen Mom 2 girls, who all started off the show making hundreds of thousands of dollars less than Bristol is.

According to MTV, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8 premieres October 1.

Watch Bristol’s first promo below:

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(Photos: MTV, Getty Images/Angela Weiss, Instagram)

12 Responses

  1. Ugh, I’m done with the show! I was already struggling to keep up with the new seasons, but the show was supposed to be educational and a deterrent for teen pregnancy. Instead, they’ve all popped out more kids (except for Farrah ) which defeated the point of the show. Now it’s reality trash. Bristol being added was the LAST straw!Time to stop watching it.

  2. How is it that Farrah has that much silicone/Botox/fillers in that haggard face and still looks about 30 years older than the other girls? I’ll give it to her that Bristol’s face looks similar to the face that Farrah used to have, but Farrah is deluded if she thinks that people actually want to anything like her. Bitch, literally no one wants your life. Farrah is the human equivalent of a garbage fire, no one really wants to deal with her but she’s such a raging disaster, we just can’t look away. Please fade into oblivion already.

  3. Farrah thinks everyone wants to copy her. Ofc, who doesn’t want to get a butt load of plastic surgery, molds of her vagina being sold, make porn, etc. It’s every girl’s DREAM!

  4. I am just happy that Farrah is off the show. She is a horrible human being. Sophia is a sociopath in training. I’m elated that we no longer have to watch Farrah treat her family, the crew, waiters, her pets, etc., like shit and listen to her word salad. Hallelujah!

  5. Farrah, get over yourself! No one wants to be you. Texas doesn’t want you. Go back to California.

  6. Can’t wait to watch her! ? I’d rather see some new girls instead of the old ones with the sameeeeeeee story line.. bring on Bristol !

  7. Yes Farrah, your delusional ideas about Bristol being obsessed with you are 100% true…did I miss the part when Bristol made corn hole porn? Lol. I’m no Bristol fan, but nobody wants to be Farrah. Farrah doesn’t even really want to be Farrah. Hence the plastic surgery and fake BS attitude.

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