‘Are You the One? Couple Gianna Hammer and Hayden Parker Weaver Welcome First Child: See the Pics!

“We made a baby!”

It’s a boy for Are You The One? couple Gianna Hammer and Hayden Weaver!

The couple, who met on Season 5 of the hit MTV dating show, announced the birth of their son via a series of Instagram posts on Saturday. Gianna and Hayden named their son August.

“24 hours of labor ending with a c section… only for you, August,” Gianna wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo of her holding her new baby.

24 hours of labor ending with a c section… only for you, August ?

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In his own Instagram post, Hayden discussed the difficulty Gianna had bringing August into the world.

“We were awake for 36 hours before you made mommy get a C section, but meeting you was still the single greatest moment of our lives, Little August,” Hayden captioned a picture of the newborn. “Mommy and daddy love you so much.”

Hayden and Gianna announced that Gianna was pregnant in February via an Instagram post. In the caption of a photo of Gianna holding the sonogram, she revealed that the pregnancy was not planned, but that they were thrilled to be parents.

“This came as a big surprise to us and am I nervous HELL YEA but I’m super super excited to grow this little bean into a cute lil mini me (or mini Hayden),” she wrote in the photo caption.

Last month, Gianna revealed that she and Hayden have not been living together during her pregnancy. She stated that the couple will be moving into a house together in Indiana this month.

“It’s been weird not living together but it’s worked out for the best,” she wrote on July 9. “It’s been so hard not being able to ‘nest’ and set things up but I’ve been working on my patience for 7 months lol I can do 2 more.”

August is the third to be born to an ‘AYTO’ couple. Season One’s Ethan and Amber Diamond welcomed a daughter in 2014. The couple’s second daughter, Serena, joined the family in June.

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  1. I really couldn’t stand them during their season, but I’m glad they’re still together and I wish them the best!

  2. I always roll my eyes hard when I see any of these reality celebs or any famous person really, who tweet out to their kids as if they are reading the posts at age 2 days or 8 months or whatever the case is. Write it in their baby book! We dont need to hear about your c section sob story. You gave birth to a baby just like we did, you dont need to take out a page in the paper over it.

  3. Ok, I always hate it when people start saying “like subscribe etc.” in their videos, social media etc. I will if I want to but don’t think you ‘pushing’ me to do it will make me “Oh right, I will like, subscribe, tap on the bell because they ask me to!” Maybe it’s a stupid thing to complain about but it just looks like your life is some sort of “social experiment” people comment on. (*cough* Truman Show *cough* I love how this movie existed even before reality shows, influencers etc. It was spot on! We become obsessed over lives of others for no reason!) And yes, I do believe some youtubers etc. get pregnant only to be able to post about it. So their baby actually IS a social experiment. Don’t get me started with putting a camera on baby’s face when they are just born and making them social media. (Sometimes I do wish I would have pictures from the day I was born, oldest is I think when I was few months old but I’m still glad all of this didn’t exist back then)

    Also, the battery thing isn’t even funny. I wonder how long will they actually last. The name isn’t really original, it took them 2 sec because he was born in August. At least it’s a legit name.

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