Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Say It Was Disrespectful For MTV To “Blindside” Them With News That Bristol Palin Was Joining ‘Teen Mom OG’ Cast

“You can’t call us before you add randos to our show? How are you gonna play us like that, MTV?”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra returned to Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast this week to discuss a cornucopia of topics– including their feelings on the newest Teen Mom OG cast member, Bristol Palin. (MTV made the official casting announcement earlier this week for Bristol, but the news was leaked to the press last month.)

Tyler and Catelynn didn’t hold back while discussing how unhappy they were with how they found out that Bristol was joining the cast.

“Do I have anything against her as a person? No,” Catelynn said. “Do I dislike her? No, because I don’t know her. Do I think it’s weird that you’re throwing somebody onto the ‘Original Girls’ story? Yes.”

Catelynn and Tyler confirmed The Ashley’s report that none of the show’s cast members were informed that Bristol was joining the cast, and they didn’t find out until the news was leaked to the press.

“That’s the only problem I have with it, is the way it all got brought out into the media,” Tyler said. “We started a franchise, built it, sustained it for 10 years. I think we deserve the respect to know what’s going on when you’re doing a major franchise shift [to something] we helped build, create and sustain. I feel like that’s more of respect thing.”

“I’m not gonna be the new Farrah at the Reunions, am I guys?”

Catelynn agreed that it was wrong for MTV to keep them (as well as the other original ‘OG’ers Amber Portwood and Maci Bookout) in the dark about girls being added to their cast.

(As The Ashley previously told you, the show’s producers were so intent on keeping Bristol’s casting a secret, they were using a code name in the production logs, etc. in order to keep it a secret that she was filming.)

“I think whoever was making this decision should have had the decency to call all of us [and let us know],” Catelynn added.

Tyler said that he and the others felt “blindsided” when the news was announced. Kail stated that she felt the same way back in March 2017 when news that Briana DeJesus was joining the Teen Mom 2 cast leaked before producers told her. (The Ashley was the one who leaked that news…so….oopsie!)

Tyler said that MTV should take into account that he and the other original cast members are the ones who have been making the shows profitable.

“It’s like, ‘Hey, network! You like your money? You’re welcome!'” he said.

Tyler and Catelynn’s co-star, Maci, also recently gave her thoughts on Bristol joining that cast.

“I think me and Catelynn and Amber are pretty much on the same page… if they bring in new cast members, then we don’t want it to be called ‘Teen Mom OG’ because that’s not true if there’s new cast members,” Maci said during her appearance on Coffee Convos earlier this month.

The new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ premieres October 1 on MTV.

Listen to Catelynn and Tyler’s entire Coffee Convos podcast interview below!

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42 Responses

  1. Oh, please. These two have NO grasp of reality. Tyler and Caitlyn, you didn’t conceive or sustain this show! Ego check. please! Why don’t you actually be productive members of society. ALL that “couch” talk, for YEARS about your big plans (as you were not tied down with a child to raise) in life, degrees you would both get etc. You have done NOTHING!!! When this sh*t show ends, how do you plan to support yourselves? I doubt Caitlyn can find employment sitting on the couch, biting and eating her nails. And I don’t think Tyler will find many wanting to hire him as a “metro-sexual” model, with his “interesting” fashion sense!

  2. He really feels MTV owes them that?….He’s employed by them….they don’t really owe him anything other than payment for his services. They gave them a heads up when Farrah came back, but that’s because there was bad blood there…if there’s no ill will against Bristol, then what’s the problem?

  3. I guess I work for a very different institution than most. But we usually get consulted on major decisions including what we want in new hires, and are informed with an email introduction and bio whenever a new employee is hired. I’m directly involved in hiring within my department and I do make sure to always ask my team to tell me their needs, and I keep them abreast with our interviews/candidates all along the way.

    1. But there is a huge difference here. They all may be on the same show but the don’t tealky “work” together unless you consider “working together” at reunion shows. MTV is just basically filming the lives of four or five different “moms” and putting it all together in one show. I’m not sure how having her on the show affects Tyler and Catelyn at all. Other than having less time to see their sofa complaining sessions. It doesn’t cut into their paycheck at all. Or their time in the sofa or in rehab or whatever. Tyler, how about you do you and not worry about what other people are doing. You have enough shit to straighten out in your household.

    2. That’s awesome. We have something similar at my job. The peers and people from other departments create a committee and then review applications and do the first round of interviews. They move forward the top 3/4 candidates and the manager has the final say.

  4. This made me laugh. Who do these little fers think they are? I just want MTV to cancel the TM franchise,so I can watch the “Where are they now?” Episode 10 yrs from now

    1. It’s simple, they feel entitled to everything. Hell, even Bristol feels that because she grew up with a politician as a mother. So they are all just acting like spoiled brats.

      If you don’t like it Tyler&Cate, there is still, you know, a chance to just call it quits! Money doesn’t stink, does it?

  5. I don’t understand why Bristol is getting paid 250k for her FIRST SEASON on Teen Mom OG when Briana only got 20k for her first season on Teen Mom 2 and she had been on 16&Pregnant and Teen Mom 3 before. I wonder how MTV justifies that.

    1. Exactly, how does some rich white privileged girl get that much for the first season and Briana did not. I don’t get the justification in this. Because she is the daughter of a former senate? She definitely does not need the money. It’s pretty disgusting.

      1. So because she has more money, she gets more money? I think its ridiculous that she is getting paid that much. The other girls didn’t get that much to start and many of them were living in poverty before becoming “stars”. The fact that they are paying the rich more money to start is just absurd. And I don’t like Briana and I think Cheyenne is a disgusting too but I don’t care how “relevant” someone is, she shouldn’t be getting paid that much.

        1. Yes, and because she’s more relevant and will bring more views than people with no name like Briana and Cheyenne??? (is that this girls name?? I don’t feel like fact checking), Bristol will get paid more…It’s just how it is…if they asked Kylie Jenner to come on there, I bet you she would be making triple if not quadruple of all 4 of the OG’s salary combined, because she’s more RELEVANT and will bring in views…So yes, because she has more money and is more relevant, esp with her crazy mom dropping gems on ABC News about Russia being Alaska’s next door neighbor and seeing Russia from land in Alaska, you bet MTV is going to pay more to have her on their network than Briana and Co or that Cheyenne.

    2. Because shes more relevant than Briana was, and has a lot more money to hire an attorney that can negotiate what she wants. I don’t like the girl or her views, but more people care about Bristol and Sarah Palin than Briana DeJesus…or even that Cheyenne girl that’s coming on….is that even her name? No way they would get paid as much as someone with an already established name.

  6. Obviously I’m in the minority here but I think they have a point. They are public figures and part of their job is promoting themselves and the show. It helps if they at least know what they are promoting. It also does not make sense to call them Teen Mom OG anymore, perhaps just Teen Mom. Regardless I do think a lot of people are going to tune in to watch Bristol which will increase all of their brands and give them the power to negotiate bigger paychecks. So I doubt they have an issue with the choice. I think it’s a reasonable criticism whether you like them or how they make their income or not.

  7. For me, MTV is really no different than any of the “real world” employers I’ve ever worked for, because I have yet to have an employer come and discuss who they were hiring with me.

    I always met the new person when they officially showed up for work — on the first day.

    Just saying.

  8. “Hey, network! You like your money? You’re welcome!”-Tyler

    “Hey, Tyler, you like your money for sitting on your ass and not doing shit for ten years? You’re welcome!”-MTV

  9. What are they all so dramatic about, MTV may be throwing in a little class to their show?
    Relax ladies I’m sure you all have Bristol beat….in tattoos!

    1. While I think it’s a bit ridiculous that he girls are acting like divas, it’s a little extreme to say they added class to the show.

      1. It’s extream? Compared to the original girls and all their backgrounds???? No comparison
        Appearance alone , if you knew none of them.. which would you hire? No brainer

        1. What exactly is classy about Bristol? Seems like she’ll fit right in with the rest of the cast.

        2. I would, based on appearances alone, would hire Catelynn because she looks to most relatable. Don’t know how many people here can relate to a daughter of a senate. Someone who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and had access to opportunities from a young age but still got pregnant (and preached against pre-marital sex)

          1. Governor. Sarah Palin was the governor of Alaska, she was never a senator (or “senate,” as you’ve said twice now)

          2. Senator, Governor, same difference. I am not American nor do I keep up with your shi**y politics. My mistake. My whole point is that she is rich and entitled and not relatable at all.

  10. These two entitled brats make me sick. How dare they talk about anyone being disrespectful! How many times have they disrespected Brandon and Teresa? They have zero room to talk.

  11. Why do they care? Its not like they walked on set to a new coworker. Someone else is just spliced into the hour. How often do they see each other? Nobody said they had to go on vacation together. Tyler is such an ego maniac

  12. In the words of Ross Geller:
    “How does this affect you? Really?”

    You got pregnant as a young teenager and no one owes you shit. Calm the f down. They could have picked ANY other girls for the show originally and it would have had the same train-wreck outcome which we all hate ourselves for watching.

    The only thing I’ll agree with is it shouldn’t be called OG.

  13. I won’t be watching Teen Mom especially if Sarah Palin’s daughters on it. No way in hell.
    How old is Bristol Palin like in her 30s?

    1. Bristol Palin is 27. She’s a very pretty young woman. I think she is too good to be on this show full of trash, but it’s easy money.

  14. Oh,please!!! These teen moms are always bitching about something except their paychecks. If you don’t like it QUIT.

  15. Why are they upset? They are still getting paid for doing nothing. I swear some of these Teen Moms are such divas!!!

  16. Well damn, all the teen moms act like this is a real “JOB” then why are you bitching about your real “JOB”. No one in a real “JOB” has any notifications of what’s going on until it happens. Get off your high horses and come back to reality.

  17. The reality is that most companies do not tell everyone about hiring decisions before these announcements are made. Only the higher up people know these types of things in advance. But, since Cate and Tyler have never had actual jobs, they wouldn’t know that. And it’s not even like they have to work with Bristol. They’ll see her at reunions and that’s it, so it really doesn’t affect them at all. They have a point about the “OG” thing, but that’s just stupid anyways. No one really cares about them or their OG status.

  18. Get over yourselves, you work for them, they dont work for you. Your egos have gotten out of control. Kail thinks she fired her producer, he was probably glad to get off her shit show, my 3 daddies and looking for more.

  19. OMG, shut up.
    You don’t have REAL jobs, you are on TV talking /doing the same shit and getting paid for it…

  20. Oh please, just get over yourselves.All of u should thank ur lucky stars they still want u on the show.

  21. I cant wait to watch bristol , instead of farrah . I think a Few more entitled cast mates need replaced also! ?

  22. Fist, that chick that does the pod cast with Hulk is smoking hot. Second, not sure who these people think they are anymore. Their over paid employee’s, don’t forget that.

  23. Oh my you morons are delusional!!! You didn’t build or sustain anything!! MTV did. Please stop talking to the media like this and makes no fools of yourself every time you open your mouth. I feel embarrassed for you!

      1. Cheyenne is a joke too. She isn’t even a teen mom. She was 22 or 23 when she had her baby. She’s a racist too.

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