“90 Day Fiance” Couple Jorge & Anfisa Nava Answer Questions About Their Marriage, Having Kids, Their “90 Day” Cast Mates And More

“‘Member us?”

90 Day Fiancé stars Jorge and Anfisa Nava are eager to keep their mugs in the spotlight and, since the most-recent season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? has finished airing, the couple has taken to YouTube to keep their fans updated on their lives.

Their channel has been a success so far, racking up over 250,000 subscribers so far.

In a new video posted to their channel, Jorge and Anfisa answered some burning fan questions—covering everything from their future children, Jorge’s (potential) future jail time, how they met and more!

On Jorge being afraid that Anfisa will leave him for a millionaire:

In the past, Anfisa has made it no secret that she loves money, so fans often wondered Anfisa will hit the bricks, now that Jorge has admitted to having money problems.

“I do worry that you would leave me for a millionaire or whatever, but you know, at the same time, I feel like you’re very loyal to me, so that kind of gives me peace of mind,” Jorge said to Anfisa.

On Anfisa’s relationship with Jorge’s family:

A fan asked the couple if Anfisa’s strained relationship with Jorge’s family has improved since filming ended.

“Heeeeeell no!” Jorge replied.

Anfisa said she has not seen any of Jorge’s family since the last time they filmed together.

On if Anfisa is a chubby chaser:

“I do like fat wallets, though!”

Anfisa claimed that fans have asked her if she likes her men plump. She denied being a “chubby chaser,” though.

 Yeah, I’m just a you chaser,” she told Jorge. “I’m just a Jorge chaser. It’s not like I like fat guys.”

Anfisa said she loves Jorge just the way he is.

“I fell in love with Jorge when he looked [laughs] — he always looked the way he looks now, so you know, I like that… [laughs] I’m saying it’s not like when we met you were fit and I fell in love with that, and you got fat…I fell in love with you the way you are.”

At this, Jorge leans in for a kiss and Anfisa shuts him down. AWK-WARD!

Jorge says he and Anfisa enjoy workin’ on their fitness together at the gym.

On their first in-person meeting:

Jorge said he had been speaking to Anfisa online and chatting over Facetime. Then, Anfisa was going to Spain with some other students in her University to study the Spanish language. Jorge told her that he would meet her there, but she didn’t really take him seriously.

But, oh, was Jorge serious… He said he immediately booked a flight and a hotel.

“So, I pull up in the taxi, and even the taxi driver was, like, ‘Godd*mn who’s that?!’… I pull up to the spot and I’m waiting,” Jorge said. “Were you scared to come out?” Jorge says.

Anfisa said she was very nervous because she was only 19 years old.

Jorge said when Anfisa walked out he was in shock.

“I was just like, ‘OH MY GOD! I can’t believe that she’s, like, a freaking goddess!’” Jorge said, adding that, upon meeting Anfisa he immediately leaned in and kissed her. They later had dinner at a restaurant in a cave (as you do).

On how they got on “90 Day Fiance”:

“When we were researching the K-1 visa we found this website that was assisting couples that try to get that kind of visa,” Anfisa said. “So, we used the services and there was a casting call on this website. It said, ‘TLC casting for a new documentary about couples who go through with K-1 visa. ’.I decided to do a little bit of research and I looked up the show, and I watched it and I thought — at that time, I think there were only three seasons out? Yeah, three seasons before us.”

Jorge says it was never a hit show until they were cast.

“I researched it and I watched the three seasons and I thought: ‘Seems alright, you know? It will be cool and fun to be on TV and to tell — to share our story with the world,’” he said. “And so, I applied through casting. I sent our info and whatever the questions were there that had to fill. And they got back to me, and then we had Skype interviews with producers, and then we got chosen. And then we started filming. That’s how we got on the show.”

On why some of the other couples on the show have a problem with them:

“They’re all just jealous!”

Jorge and Anfisa have squabbled with their fellow “90 Day” cast mates from time to time. Jorge attributed the bad feelings them and the other cast members to everyone else being way too into the show.

 “The thing with us is, like, we don’t really watch the show, and I feel like the other couples are OBSESSED!” Jorge said. “They’re obsessed with this franchise, and they’re obsessed with watching the shows and the whole thing. And they’re obsessed with being in other people’s business. And I feel like that’s why we have a problem with them.”

“My only problem with other people starts when they get my name in their mouth,” Anfisa added. “Like, before that, I don’t care you know? Mind your own business. I do my own thing and our paths don’t cross. OK. But then other people start attacking us or talk s**t about us.”

Jorge said that, currently, Chantel and Pedro are the only couple from the show they are cool with.

On Anfisa losing her virginity to Jorge:

“I swear I was a virgin!”

Anfisa has stated in the past that she was a virgin before she began dating Jorge. While her admission was met with some skepticism by fans, Anfisa insisted that it was true.

“I don’t go around and brag about it. It was a conversation between me and my friend,” Anfisa said. “So, she asked me, I said it, OK? Get over it. But people started calling me a liar, saying I lied.”

“I think if anything I was the one around bragging about it, remember? I’m like “Yeah, I popped a cherry boom!” Jorge said. “I was, like, I texted everybody I knew.”


On why Anfisa doesn’t have an engagement ring:

“Don’t get to comfortable having that on your finger, Babycakes!”

Anfisa and Jorge have been married for years, but Anfisa’s finger still remains ringless. Jorge attempted to explain why he has yet to buy his wife an engagement ring.

“I just feel like I’ve been broke. All this s**t happened with me. It’s like, every time I’m going to make some money, some crap happens,” Jorge said, while showing off his empty wallet.

On if/when they are going to have children:

 Anfisa said that, due to Jorge’s current legal problems, they are putting any baby-making plans on hold for at least five years.

“If you saw our video in February, you know Jorge may be facing some jail time so yeah, let’s have a child right now!” Anfisa said. “Even if that was not the case, I still feel like we’re young and we don’t really have much. we don’t have much to give to kids. So, the kids are not in the five-year plan.”

“Well, unless we like win the lottery tomorrow or something,” Jorge added. “Then that would be a different story.

Watch Jorge and Anfisa’s full Q&A video below!

(Photos: TLC)


  1. You’re a gold digging bitch. He could do so much better. You’re not as good looking as you think you are, in fact you are homely.

  2. My husband and I just started watching “before the 90 days” on advice from my sister and we are hooked… holy SHIT ??

  3. The reason this couple was chosen is that Jorge is such a loser and his wife had nothing but contempt for him from the beginning. There was money available initially so she married him, making it clear the whole time that she couldn’t stand him. He sees her good figure, and thinks he’s the luckiest man alive – even though she finds him repulsive! Of course people watch this – it’s a train wreck.

  4. Did she have work done on her face? Her nose looks different and her jawline is more define and her chin is more pointed now.

    1. She’s actually had quite a lot of work done, including plastic surgery(nose, chin, boobs) and various botox injections as well. She’s talked it about it quite a bit too, her reasoning has always been “beauty is pain”. Though she complains that it’s more expensive here in the US, nothing has seemed to stop her from continuing.

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