Mackenzie McKee’s ‘Teen Mom’ Special To Air This Week: See How She Reacted to Getting Passed Over For ‘Teen Mom OG’

“I got royally screwed, guys!”

Next week, fans of the Teen Mom franchise will get a chance to check in with Mackenzie McKee—former Teen Mom 3 star and (almost) Teen Mom 2 and/or Teen Mom OG cast member—in a ‘Where Are They Now?’ special.

According to the official episode description, the September 19 special will follow Mackenzie as she raises her three kids, runs a fitness business and “has a husband who doesn’t understand how hard she works.” In the episode, fans will also see Mackenzie deal with her mom Angie Douthit’s Stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

While the special will give fans a chance to check in with Mackenzie, it’s not quite the network comeback she expected to make. The former ‘Teen Mom 3’ was jerked around for months, with promises of being added to one of the ‘Teen Mom’ show casts!

As The Ashley previously told you, Mackenzie nearly missed making the cast of both Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 this year. Mackenzie had been on the short list of names of moms MTV was considering to replace Farrah Abraham on ‘OG.’

A few months back, when Jenelle Evans absolutely refused to sign a Season 9 contract for ‘Teen Mom 2’ (due to various demands), MTV again considered plugging Mackenzie into Jenelle’s spot, even heading to Oklahoma to film additional footage “just in case.”

“MTV is gathering footage just in case Jenelle doesn’t sign on,” The Ashley’s sources told her last month. “They can add Mackenzie’s story into ‘Teen Mom 2.’ If [Jenelle] does sign on, they will probably use the new footage in Mackenzie’s mom’s special.”

However, Jenelle, much like the foundation beneath her home on The Land, ultimately caved.

After Jenelle signed on for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9, Mackenzie was no longer needed.

Mac’s (possible) spot on ‘Teen Mom OG’ eventually went to Bristol Palin and Are You The One? star Cheyenne Floyd. On the day that Cheyenne was announced as part of the ‘OG’ cast, Mackenzie was understandably disappointed about being jerked around by MTV yet again, and expressed it on Twitter.

“I’ve been done real dirty this year let’s just say that…” she tweeted at the time of the announcement.

In a video posted to Instagram Live on September 7, the day after MTV confirmed Cheyenne as an ‘OG’ cast member, Mackenzie was honest about her feelings, although she did not specifically mention the casting snub(s) in the video.

“This year has been a bad year,” Mackenzie said in the video. “I have been screwed over in every way possible. I have let people walk all over me. I’ve been promised stuff and people didn’t keep [those promises]. It’s just been a bad year, and I’m not just talking about one specific thing…”

She also described how she received various phone calls on the day that Cheyenne was announced as a cast member. (We can assume that at least some of those calls were from people associated with MTV.) She also received a text that pissed her off. (Don’t ya hate it when a network “breaks up with you” via text message?)

“Last night I got like five phone calls, bam bam bam, and then I got a text that was like the cherry on top of ‘Mackenzie, you have been screwed over,’” Mackenzie said. “I just had a mental breakdown. I just lost it. It all came together in my mind and I just broke down.”

While Mackenzie seems like she’s being dramatic, it must be taken into consideration that this is not the first time MTV has dangled the ‘Teen Mom’ carrot in front of her and then swiped it away.

Back in 2017, MTV considered both Mackenzie and Briana DeJesus for the extra spot on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ They eventually gave the gig to Briana, with Mackenzie finding out about the casting snub by reading it in the press.

“They interviewed me and Bri two months ago, but chose her,” Mackenzie old Radar Online in March 2017. “I thought, ‘This can’t be true!’ I was confused.”

Mackenzie may have initially been bothered by MTV’s casting choices (and the fact that the show’s producers basically jerked her around for almost a year), but she said she has no hard feelings toward Bristol or Cheyenne.

“I have nothing bad to say about anyone,” she told Radar Online. “I am happy for them all. These girls have a great opportunity and I hope they use it in a positive way.”

Despite her well wishes, Mackenzie regrets that she won’t have the opportunity, outside of next week’s special, to share the “touching story” of her mom’s battle with Stage 4 brain and lung cancer with viewers who may relate to or be inspired by her mom’s journey.

“Many out there have loved ones dealing with cancer and through my mom, I wanted to inspire those people out there to go out and live your best life, even if you’re told you have 4-12 months [to live],” she said. “Some way somehow I will make sure she doesn’t leave this earth without inspiring the world.

“Unfortunately, it’s just not a story MTV is interested in,” Mackenzie added.

While her storyline may not be what MTV is looking for long-term, Mackenzie said she’ll continue sharing her story in an effort to help others.

“I went through dark days and I am a suicide attempt survivor,” she said. “When I got through mental illness, I knew I was called to share my story. So maybe on another platform I can help others. I’m going to keep shining and focus on my mom and fitness journey. 2018 has been as sh**ty as it gets for me, but I’m strong and I will get through it.”

Mackenzie’s ‘Where Are They Now?’ special will air Wednesday, September 19 on MTV.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. She still rubs me the wrong way, I’m sorry. The only reason why Mack would be a better option is her mother. But now she can use that money for her treatment and just……be with her, not on instagram live. Every second is precious, you don’t know how long you’ve got with her.

  2. Someone needs to tell her to move on! Yes, I would have preferred her to the other two, but it’s not happening! Get over it, they don’t want you . And quite frankly, nobody cares!

    1. I’ve gotta agree with you on that one…seems like she keeps putting all of her eggs in one basket when it comes to a career, and MTV constantly drops the basket and busts all the eggs…Sucks for her that they keep skipping over her, but she’s been trying for YEARS to get back on TV to no avail…she just needs to move on like the rest of her TM3 costars have.

  3. Mack McKee is a fraud ! She attempted to use her poor mother’s cancer as a way back on mtv. She makes up so many stories that I can’t keep track of the lies anymore. Her husband josh can’t stand her. Her clothing or fitness business is a flop ! And what happened to her selling that awful MLM scam stuff , Kyani?! Another get rich quick scheme ! Please don’t drink the Mack McKee Kool aid. It’s poisonous.

  4. Mackenzie McKee is nothing but a liar ! She attempted to use her poor mother’s Cancer to Secure a spot on teen mom! Well mtv saw through her shenanigans and dropped her ! She’s a complete mess ! And her husband sucks ! Bye Mack ! You won’t be missed.

  5. I didn’t like Mackenzie or her mumblemouth husband before (who doesn’t sound like he’s gotten much better), but I’d 100% have kept watching if they added her over Cheyenne and Bristol Palin. They lost a viewer in me over that decision, and I really hope I’m not the only one.

    Well, that and I’m sick of being constantly disappointed by Catelynn and Tyler.

    1. Same. I don’t even like her but she would’ve been 10000 x better than Cheyenne and Bristol combined. And it would’ve made sense, since she was…you know, an actual teen mom. I swear they’re purposely trying to tank their own show. This was the dumbest decision.

  6. The entitlement in just about everyone associated with this franchise is staggering. They owe you nothing. In the long run, it’s better for her not to get the gig, because it ends up ruining the lives of most of the people on the show since they have zero life skills, minimal education and no employable skills. The five year updates once the shows are cancelled are going to be gold, with the exception of Chels, Maci and their families I don’t see a stable future for any of them. Yes Kail has an education, but like five minutes after the show goes off the air no one will care about her podcast and her behavior has been so reprehensible, I don’t see steady employment or relationships in her future other than bootleg reality shows.

  7. Mackenzie makes so much more sense for the show than that Cheyenne woman. Mac was an actual OG being on 16 and pregnant and TM3….that Cheyenne lady wasn’t apart of that franchise at all, and had her kid in her 20s…at least Bristol was a teenage mother….I seriously have no idea why MTV picked Cheyenne… Maybe for diversity?

    And since they chose Bristol just in case Maci quit…but Maci came back, and they kept both Cheyenne and Bristol…why couldn’t they just add Mac to TM2 if Jenelle was on the fence? I really wonder why they keep avoiding casting Mac?

    1. MTV didnt choose Mac because they wisely surmised that their audience wouldn’t want be down to watch a woman dying of cancer every week. That’s depressing as hell!

    1. I agree. I liked Briana on her 16 and pregnant episode, but when her and her family got comfortable or whatever, and decided to start acting like some crazed animals on TM3 and TM2, I’ve been totally over her and her storyline. I was excited to see her on TM3, but her behavior was disgusting….then they brought her BACK for TM2 and she had the same shitty attitude. I’m seriously over her. Mac woulda been a much better choice for TM2

  8. Even though Mckenzie can be irritating, this is just down right dirty MTV, to do this to her at such a difficult time in her life and fo a second time—you’re disgusting for this!!! She has a lot on her plate with her mom and non supportive husband. Meanwhile Jenelle hired attorneys to have MTV falsify her storyline, making it look like she’s this upstanding citizen & does volunteer work etc…. The Ashley did do a story regarding this.—-look the story up on here y’all. Jenelle needs to go bye bye!!

    1. It’s no dirtier than when you go for a job interview and don’t receive a callback. Mac auditioned and was passed on because her story wasn’t compelling enough. No one wants to watch a mother’s gradual demise from cancer every week in an escapist reality show. How depressing!

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