Farrah Abraham Is Appearing on MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 2 With Ex Simon Saran: Get the Details!

“‘Member me?”

Farrah Abraham may have been booted from MTV’s Teen Mom OG last year, but it appears that her relationship with the network is still strong!

Despite the fact that Farrah sued Viacom (the company that owns MTV) last year, she was still cast on the second U.S. season of the MTV dating show Ex on the Beach. The Ashley has not been able to confirm all of the details (yet), but from what she has heard, Farrah began filming for the show last week in Malibu, California. 

Even more surprising is the fact that Farrah’s ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran, agreed to appear on the show with Farrah. (The couple split last year on bad terms.) This is lucky for Farrah, of course, since she needed to come up with an ex-boyfriend to appear on the show with her, given the premise of ‘Ex on the Beach.’

On Monday, Simon posted Instagram Live photos of himself at a house that The Ashley can confirm is  part of the ‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 2 set. On Sunday, he wrote, “MTV appearance, f**k it, why not” as the caption of himself getting into a car, presumably on the way to the show’s set.

Simon’s post to Instagram Live on the left shows surfboards that are part of the EOTB set…

Simon is one of the only real “exes” Farrah could have used for the show. Of course, if he had refused to film with her, Farrah could have gone the same route she used to film Couples Therapy back in 2014. Farrah didn’t have an ex-boyfriend, but wanted to still be on the show so she hired Florida DJ Brian Dawe to pretend to be her ex-boyfriend for the show. Brian later admitted that his “relationship” with Farrah had been fake, backing up his claims by providing Starcasm with screenshots of his correspondence with Farrah.

From what The Ashley hears, Farrah will be filming the show for a month, which means she will be finished in time for her to compete in her “celebrity” boxing match in Atlantic City on November 10.

Farrah on set last week in Malibu…

Farrah seems to have made a slick deal with the producers of the show, since she is allowed to have access to her cell phone and social media accounts while filming. This is, rarely, if ever, permitted on the sets of these types of shows. (As The Ashley has previously reported, the cast members on shows like ‘The Challenge’ are not permitted to have their phones while filming, and can only have access to a landline phone that is monitored by production.)

Anyway, according to Vevmo, Farrah and Simon will be joined on ‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 2 by Chad Johnson of The BacheloretteCorey Brooks of “Big Brother 18,” Jay Starrett from SurvivorMalcolm Drummer of Are You The One? Season 6, Zach Rance of “Big Brother 16,” Diandra Delgado of ‘Are You The One?’ Season 6, Janelle Shanks of Bad Girls Club: Miami, Maya Benberry of Catching KelceMorgan Willet of ‘Big Brother: Over the Top,’  and Nicole Ramos of The Challenge.

Last month at the MTV VMAs, Farrah hinted that we would soon be seeing her face (well…whichever face she happens to be using now) on MTV again very soon.

“I’m finding love next with MTV, so I hope you guys really love that and enjoy that,” Farrah told Us Weekly on the VMA red carpet. “I can’t [talk about the show]. I’m just very interested, obviously, in finding someone, maybe a male version of me. So that’s all I can say for now.”

‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 2 is supposed to air sometime this fall, but MTV has announced the official premiere date yet.

The Ashley will update this post when more information is available.

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(Photos: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images, Instagram Live, Instagram)

32 Responses

  1. I cannot wait for this to air! I hope Simon brings his snarky self, not his ass-kissy self, coz snarky Simon can be fuuuunnny! I’m thinking of coming up with a drinking game to go along with the show – a shot everytime Farrah ugly-cries, refers to herself as a business woman or blames her shitty attitude on her mom or the death of Dearly Departed Daddy Derek. And so on and so forth. Anyone care to join me lol?

  2. So let me get this straight, Farrah was so vile and inappropriate with her “adult entertainment” career that MTV severed ties with her from Teen Mom, but now they’re hiring her back for Ex on the Beach?

    What’s next? Hiring homophobic trash talker David Eason back to help Nev Schulman give out relationship advice on Catfish?

    Jeez. Flat out hypocritical much?

    1. I don’t know if you saw Ex on The Beach, the original show, but it’s not unusual that they bring in ‘celebs’ with personality’s like Farrah (maybe not as bad though). They bring them in on purpose because they want drama, and they don’t need to uphold an image like Teen Mom did.

      Not saying MTV isn’t hypocritical, they definitely are, but the shows are very different.

      I hope this makes sense :p English isn’t my first language.

      1. MTV didn’t fire Farrah.. She didn’t sue MTV either. Farrah quit Viacom, she sued Viacom. Morgan Freeman the creator of teen mom made her pick between camshows & teen mom, she chose to leave teen mom & continue camshows.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA, “male version of me”. So you need a completely self absorbed man who hates everyone?! You will kill each other first.

    Ex on The Beach is again a show I can’t really comprehend. Again, I know the UK version well and except for first season when they were fooled, you can’t really feel sorry for someone who is meeting an ex they can’t stand because well……that’s what you signed up for. If you don’t want to meet your horrible ex, well, don’t sign up for the show! Same as that Tattoo show, like really, is fame and money so important to you?! (Rhetorical question, I know the answer)

  4. Ashley, will you please tell us everything about Farrah on barbiturates? This could explain her personality…and maybe if she truly gets clean we’ll be able to understand what the he’ll she says without a Farrah speak translator lol

  5. She is going to get her ass handed to her. It won’t be the notoriety she thinks it’ll be, but she’s definitely going to get some attention. Those people aren’t going to take her shit, and they certainly won’t have to, nor be expected to. (better ratings if they don’t, too!)

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! I can’t wait till someone just cracks her in the face some day. Hopefully it’ll be someone from BGC, so it’ll at least be entertaining to watch. I know violence isn’t the answer, but when it comes to Farrah… it would just be so satisfying!

  6. But, I thought MTV was hypocritical for being against “adult entertainers” and they’re “bullies” who are beneath her now. Plus she’s such a successful businesswoman who doesn’t need to do these types of shows anymore. She did some bootleg new show with her mom that aired today and failed a drug test (explaining a lot), but seriously, she does not speak like a real life human person. She has got to stop trying to sound like a big girl, because she uses words that she thinks make her sound intelligent but are not actual words, like “predatorism”?!? Maybe she was dropped on her head as a child, seriously. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. I want to watch so hopefully the other people are mean to her. Is that an asahole thing to say, yeah. Do I care? Naw, she’s a trash human.

  8. Don’t get me wrong, I loathe David, but what’s MTV’s reasoning for him not even being able to be around filming while they let Cheyenne & Farrah on their network? I’m tired of there being no rhyme or reason to their moral & ethical standards.

    1. I mean to be fair, no one would be the least bit surprised if David pulled out a gun and blew them all away at some MTV event, so I don’t blame them for wanting to keep him away.

  9. I’m here for it! I love ex on the beach.. And as much as I hate Farrah & that pos Simon. It will be hilarious to watch her in a house with other females that will beat her ass when she pops off that attitude! I’m not surprised at all Simon is going on. He’s a bitch! He’s a totally different person on camera than he is on Twitter lol. He let her down him for years just to be relevant. Let’s see which Simon we get on this show lol.

  10. Viacom executives have really put their feet down I see.
    Have some balls when you kick her of a show cause she is a porn actress.

  11. Am I taking crazy pills? Why on earth would MTV re-hire her after she sued them? Unless, maybe, this was part of the settlement? And Simon does nothing but talk trash about MTV, and yet, here we are. What universe is this?

  12. I hope this season is more like Ex on the Beach UK or Double Dutch. There are way more issues, conflicts and fights. Btw..Chad and Farrah should be an item. Both got drinking problems, huge egos, were fired from a show, have anger issues..perfect.

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