EXCLUSIVE! Kail Lowry Admits In New Book ‘A Letter Of Love’: “I Knew Going Into the Marriage With Javi That I Would Regret It”

Javi and Kail smile in 2014 during their marriage…

Kail Lowry holds nothing back in her new book, A Letter of Love– even admitting that she knew her marriage to Javi Marroquin was doomed from the start!

The Ashley obtained an advance press copy of Kail’s new book from the publisher and found the book to be full of juicy stories of what was going on in Kail’s relationships, behind the scenes of Teen Mom 2.

In one part of the book, Kail admitted that, even before she said married Javi in September 2012 at a Pennsylvania courthouse, things between them were not good, despite the fact that they were pretending to have a mostly happy relationship for the MTV cameras.

“Truth moment: I knew going into the marriage with Javi that I would regret it,” Kail writes in the book. “We were fighting constantly and not even sleeping in the same bed. I was overcome and filled with doubt at all times. I was trying to convince myself that things would get better in time, but they never did.”

Kail admits that she was constantly lying about her troubled marriage, even including lies in her first book, Pride Over Pity, which was released in April 2014.

“Even as I wrote my book, Pride Over Pity, I lied,” Kail wrote. “I wrote about how happy I was in my marriage to Javi. It was all a ditch attempt to try to convince myself. Of all the people watching our lives unfold, I now realize that while we were convincing the world, I was the one that needed to be convinced that love was real and that happiness would find me.”

From the outside (and to ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers) Kail and Javi seemed to have a good life, but Kail writes that it was mostly a falsity.

“I was married, and my husband had a good job. We had cars. What could have been so wrong? Everything! You can’t live a lie forever,” she wrote. ” Eventually, the truth will  make itself known, and the truth was that Javi and I were not going to make it.”


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Toward the end of her marriage, Kail claimed that Javi frequently threatened her with a divorce, which, in part, led her to seek one herself eventually.

“He told me on several occasions that he had filed for a divorce,” Kail wrote. “I never knew if he had really done so or not. I was afraid in so many ways…I was afraid to start over, afraid to fail at love again, and afraid to be the mother of two children from two different relationships that didn’t work.

“I made the decision to step outside of my comfort zone and to denounce fear just before Javi was deployed for the military.”

The Ashley will continue to post some of the juicier stories from Kail’s new book, A Letter of Love. Click here to order the book!

UPDATE! Kail’s ex-husband Javi is not happy about what Kail wrote about him in her book. On Saturday, after reading this story, Javi posted a series of tweets about it.

“I’m really getting sick and tired of reading this sh**. For real,” Javi tweeted. “The only reason she says this is to seek validation from her new relationship and convince herself it’s ok. I’m getting fed up with this. I didn’t sign anything to use my name. Maybe I should get my attorney too…

“For someone who claims and tells me to get out of her ‘story’ she sure does continue to write about and talk about me all the time. Podcasts..books,” he wrote. “Who tf would write that in a book dedicated to your children. Regardless of how our marriage ended stop lying and trying to convince yourself what you did was ok. For real I really don’t wanna come on here and spill tea because we’re past that for real.”

Javi also vowed to try to get himself removed from Kail’s new book.

“[Lincoln’s] already behind the curve cause his parents didn’t work out then to read it?” Javi wrote. “Nah I will make sure anything about me is out of that book.”

Stay tuned…

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  1. who cares about the adults? The publisher of the book should remove the book from print. the kids will read it, eventually…

  2. This book was a disgusting thing for her to do! She hasn’t considered the effect on the boys at all. At least Isaac has a great dad and stepmom.

  3. All I can say is Javi’s something else & one slick talker. He’s a bit full of himself & definitely after the t.v. limlight. He tried to get with 3 women overlapping. Bri didn’t want a baby with him so his new baby momma he kept hid on the back burner couldn’t be hid any longer…OOps, she’s pregnant!! Shame on you Javi!!

  4. One of THE worst things a parent can do is talk bad about the other parent to their children. She might not be doing it their faces in this instance, but as everyone said, Lincoln will read this later in life. How sad and pathetic of her.

  5. I call BS. Even in the worst of times when he was getting deployed and they were about th split she was upset. Those were real tears. She loved him, she loved him a lot. They didn’t work out, and that’s what it is. There’s no need to deny your feelings. It’s ok to admit that it failed. For heavens sake, take lessons in what happened and stop it from repeating.

    Javi isn’t some nice guy savior, but damn, this must hurt. I’d hate to read something like this from one of my ex’s. If the shoe was on the other foot, she would be very upset. She’s bitter that he actually moved on, and not just into a relationship to make her jealous. She wants him to want her.

  6. I only feel bad for her kids. They not only have to deal with different Dads half siblings and step moms but also her putting their personal family business out there for a buck. If you want to write an apology to your kids do it privately. She makes these messes herself and revels in the attention it brings negative or not. I feel bad Lincoln will learn his parents never loved each other and his mom told everyone in the world before he was old enough to understand. She’s taken complete advantage of every situation she’s in she used and abused Joe’s parents kindness, she used Javi for benefits and security, she used Chris for another baby. She could be such a positive influence but she wants to continue to portray this “white trash” image she claims she has. So sick of TM and TM2 girls.

  7. i was always more believing javi then her( ” oh poor guy, divorced hy this bad cow”), until i watched latest season of TM2. it is here soo visible that Javi is desperate fame searcher and quite a manipulative a…ole and liar….

  8. I sincerely hope no one buys this book and feeds into this little girls ego and bank account. What a piece of trash. YOU forced his hand by getting pregnant. THIS IS MOSTLY ALL HER FAULT but she’s just a victim right? At least Javi found someone that’s not a nightmare

    1. I agreed with the first part and then you lost me after saying she forced his hand by getting pregnant… girl, it’s 2018, you should know women do not get pregnant alone. If anything it’s more on Javi for carelessly ejaculting.

      1. It’s also insensitive because Kail was raped before she even met Jo, by an ex of her……..so no, I don’t believe for a second she would force herself on a man to have a baby.

      2. I agree with you, Stranger. Javi sought Kail out for the TM notoriety. He was as anxious to have a baby with her as he was to marry her for the MTV paycheck. He was juggling 3 women last winter, playing them against one another for the big “prize” that he thinks he is. He can take his labia lips and GTFOH.

      3. Meaning all the “bad things” that she’s been a “victim” of are mainly her own decisions that caused it. She used Javi for the benefits. The ratings. Another baby. Did the same thing with Joe and Chris. What’s to misunderstand? And honey I know what year it is. It’s the year of the ever present victim mentality and not holding oneself responsible for their own actions and blaming all their problems on everyone but themselves.

        1. Hmmm I don’t think you do know what year it is because it’s actually the year of holding men accountable and not just blaming women. I’m not speaking on her other actions. They got pregnant, they used each other, they all made bad choices. Chris, Javi and Jo are no victims. The only victims are all the children involved.

  9. I’m sure that wasn’t the first thing she did that she new she would regret. It seems everything she does ends up in a mess. At least she has her kids,

  10. She will never be happy because she only thinks about herself and her vagina. It’s always about her. She doesn’t know how to be in a partnership.

  11. I think people that really longed for a nice family fall for these kind of guys/ relationship easier. Been there, done that. Javi looks really good on paper, she expected the happiness would follow automatically. He seemed to be this normal and good guy, she thought that was how it worked.
    We need to teach young girls and women (and men!) more about healthy and lasting relationships. Especially those that didn’t have an example.
    As people are involving children so young, even more important.

  12. So why did you marry him then?! For the benefits? Well, at least you produced a lovely child, Lincoln is a sweetie but one day he will be reading and will be like: “My parents’ marriage was a lie!”

    1. Well, they aren’t married anymore. So, I don’t think he will have some built of illusion of them having a great marriage anyway. I know people don’t like kail, but I do think she just wanted a family. She never really had that in her life. She’ was very young too and people make mistakes. Especially people looking for love they didn’t have in their childhood.

    2. I don’t think she thought through how this was going to land. She’s either rewriting history or coming out as a sociopath.

  13. So basically you’re saying you lived and wrote a lie, so who’s to say that this book isn’t a lie?? We get it you made a “mistake” marrying Javi, you don’t have to keep repeating it!! How about saying “I don’t know how to love or be loved” so I keep getting into toxic relationships!!

  14. Javi literally stalked Kail wanting to be on t.v. (p.s. he also had another girl on the line at the same time he was going after Kail whom he was also trying to get on a reality show with & he was turned down). Why do you think Javi went after Bri (p.s. he also had another girl on the line at the same time here too). Sneaky snake Javi!!

    1. Can you share more info about him seeking her out specifically to get in a tv show? And the other girl at the time? I haven’t heard those stories before, so I’m curious.

      1. I tweeted a link for you Simone but incase it doesn’t show on comments– due to it being a link— google ..Javi Marroquin tried to get on true life. The article is on starcasm about him.

  15. So in her public “love letter” to her children she’s telling Lincoln she regrets her relationship with his father, which he’d likely find very hurtful. Because he wouldn’t exist without that relationship. I feel like this is aimed at hurting her baby daddies and she doesn’t care if hurting her kids is a side effect.

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