Former ‘Counting On’ Star Derick Dillard Responds After Jazz Jennings Says He Posts Transphobic Tweets About Her “For Attention”

“Ain’t nobody got time to worry about that troglodyte!”

Duggar son-in-law Derick Dillard is firing back after Jazz Jennings said she has no time to worry about him or the transphobic tweets he’s posted about her in the past!

The I Am Jazz star, who has been the target of several Twitter attacks by Derick, told Radar Online that the former Counting On star is probably attention-starved, (especially since he is no longer on television.)

“Honestly, I don’t give Derick any of my attention,” Jazz told the site on Friday. “I don’t even read the tweets that he sends out anymore because I just don’t care. You know? He can say whatever. I think he’s doing it for attention.”

It’s been almost a year since Derick was booted from his wife Jill‘s family reality show for posting transphobic tweets aimed at Jazz. Over the course of multiple attacks, Derick has tweeted that he pities Jazz, and that he felt Jazz’s parents were taking advantage of “him.” (Derick has refused to use female pronouns to describe Jazz.) He has also stated that “transgender is a myth,” called transgender people “mentally ill,” and attacked multiple LGBTQ stars from the TLC network.

Derick also fired off a few tweets about Jazz and her parents earlier this summer, after Jazz had her gender confirmation surgery. He likened Jazz having the surgery to “child abuse.”

Raise your hand if you are jonesing for attention…

Still, Jazz has said that she tries to focus on people who are positive, rather than people like Derick.

“Honestly if someone has a negative opinion then I don’t really read or listen to them,” Jazz told Radar Online. “Why spread negativity? I listen to the people that are supportive who are saying great things — telling me that my message is meaningful and that I should continue telling my story.”

After Jazz’s interview was posted, Derick responded via Twitter.

“I just speak out against child abuse, and especially those who promote it, because it’s the right thing to do,” he wrote on Friday. “It’s just absolutely awful and should not be celebrated.”

Derick has continued to lash out via Twitter against TLC, the network who booted him from ‘Counting On.’ (Of course, if you believe Derick, he left the show because he wanted to, not because he was fired…)

Earlier this month, Derick expressed his desire to have ‘Counting On’ moved to another network, and once again slammed TLC.

“I encourage others not to watch the filth on TLC…” he tweeted on September 10.

TLC obviously doesn’t agree with Derick’s opinion about Jazz’s show being “filth.” In fact, the network recently announced that ‘I Am Jazz’ Season 5 will premiere in early 2019.

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(Photos: YouTube, TLC)


38 Responses

  1. I come to the articles regarding DD’s hateful talk hoping that the comments will have improved, because I consider the commenters here to be pretty well-informed and “with it”, yet every time, I am disappointed! Mostly by the amount of downvotes for the commenters that are open and accepting of others 🙁

  2. I have a real problem with Jazz and it has nothing to do with her transgender status. She is the most spoiled, self centered, brat I have ever seen. Everything has to be about her or she throws a fit. Her siblings even say in the show that she has to have all the attention. In one season, her friends tried to talk to her about the fact everything always had to be about her and she would not even listen to what was going on with them. She ignored them and by the next season she no longer had any of those friends because she was so self centered. Now, the only friends she has are transgender friends because they have that in common. No one else will put up with her because everything is about her. In one episode someone set her up on a date with another transgender person (female-male). She treated him terrible and acted like she was way too good to go on a date with him. To me it seemed like she thought she was too good for him since he was a transgender male and not a biological male. It was shameful.

  3. Someone needs a hobby.
    If i am appalled by someone maybe a quick comment then why waste your energy on them? But he wont let it go (how is Jazz affecting his life? Shes not so why xare so much? Obsessed)
    He is obsessed with Jazz. Maybe if he looked into getting Positive attention he MIGHT actually get another opportunity to get paid for doing minimal amount of work.

  4. I believe Derrick is homophobic .i don’t understand why he doesn’t leave Jazz alone is it because she has a wonderful top rated show that is helping people and he doesn’t.

  5. He is the true definition of hypocrite, his wife was sexually abused by her own brother why isn’t he trying to fight for child abuse victims rights he’s not fighting for anyone’s rights but his own right to speak his mind, which almost everything he says is ignorant if he really cared about child abuse he’d make sure his wife went through some intensive counseling instead of worrying about someone else’s body and their rights to it, get a job Derrick and shut your mouth about something that is no concern to you,you want to help someone help your wife.

  6. Oh please, he never adressed it as child abuse in the first tweets, only in one of the last.
    When he really cared so much about Jazz and child abuse, he would have attacked solely her parents and not the child.

  7. But he’s so obsessed with her. He literally watches everything she says and does. It’s creepy.

    Also, it’s weird how many people go out of their way to demean a child because they aren’t educated enough to understand other people outside of their trailer park.

  8. Derrick a douch bag and so stupid. He needs to mind his own business worry about his own life and family. Don’t see what Jill sees in him. He has no room to talk. So pathetic Jill family cover up what Josh did to his sister. He shouldn’t be around kids period. Derrick u thirsty attention seeker no one gives a fuck about u. Leave jazz alone u low life piece of shit.

  9. So that asshat, Derick Dillard, wants everyone to boycott TLC? More reason for me to watch it! He seemed so normal when Jill married him…who knew he was really a bigoted, close-minded, intolerant jerk hiding behind a Bible! I don’t understand what Jill sees in him and why she defends his cruelty and insensitivety to people that have never done anything to him! Is this how God-fearing people live? Derick, sit down and shut up!!!!!

  10. I don’t know the whole story behind this because I don’t know that much about it but I’m going to give a very politically incorrect opinion and if people want to call me “transphobic” after they read it then they can go right ahead. I don’t really care because I know I’m not transphobic. I don’t have anything against transgender people. I just don’t agree with this whole idea that men can be women and women can be men based on what their feelings are. I don’t understand that logic. You ask any straight man if he’d have sex with a transgender women (basically a man that believes he is a woman), they pretty much all will say no. That’s because a man that believes he is a woman is not a woman. He is a man. Many (including myself) still very much believe transgenderism is a mental disorder. That doesn’t mean I hate them or I think they should be treated badly. It just means I believe they have mental issues and I don’t believe playing into their illness will make things better for them or does any good for anyone else because it’s basically encouraging mass delusion into society. I don’t understand how people think they have the right to dictate to me and tell me I have to call them by their preferred pronoun if I don’t believe that is the way to go about it. I have the right to call them by their biological sex. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to talk to me which is fine. I just don’t accept that I have to conform to something I don’t believe in because it threatens your subjective sense of who you are.

    1. I love how people use the phrase “I don’t believe in”
      someone who is transgender goes through a hell of a lot more emotionally and physically then you could possibly know.
      Your comment only shows your arrogance and ignorance bitch

      1. I never said they don’t go through hell. People with mental disorders do go through hell and they absolutely have my sympathies. What I said is that I don’t believe in playing into their mental illness by pretending they are the sex to which they claim. I don’t believe in throwing basic biology out the window because people want to dictate to me that I am supposed to pretend that men are women and women are men.

        1. You should leave diagnosing people to actual medical professionals. While you are at it, take a biology class or several since you love throwing it around so much.

          1. Actually, medical professionals did classify it as a mental disorder for a long time. It was called gender identity disorder until they medical community was pressured and harassed by liberals to change it. Now it’s called gender dysphoria.

        2. So transgendered people are supposed to let the Heathers of the world dictate that they should pretend to be a man when inside they know they are a woman? That’s the answer—live a sh*tty life cause Heather doesn’t want to be told what to do?

          1. How can they be women? Is womanhood nothing more than a feeling? Do you believe in lady brains and boy brains? Do you believe femininity and masculinity are innate? I would hope not. And if you don’t believe in that, then you know damn well nobody can be “born the wrong sex”. By all means, live your life. But pretending and catering to people in this way is doing harm to real women and children.

          2. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Feelings are not superior over facts and reality. If you are born a biological male, you are a male. End of story. If you feel like a female, it doesn’t make you a female. You are still a male. Feeling like you are something you aren’t, doesn’t make it real. Feelings are feelings. Facts are facts. You can’t expect everyone to reshape reality for you feelings. Life doesn’t work that way.

          3. Clearly you wouldn’t know a fact if it bit you. Science has shown trans people are who they say they are. Again, take some actual biology classes.

          4. No, science has not proven that in the slightest lol. Gender dysphoria was only reclassified to remove the stigma of having a mental illness. It is still a psychiatric issue and there is zero conclusive data stating that men can know what it is to be a woman and vice versa. The fact you think biologists would state that femininity and masculinity are innate for each sex shows you are on a bandwagon and not actually concerned with science.

          5. Have you actually read any of the research done on this? What they have discovered in brain scans? Male and female brain are different. The brains of trans people most closely resebmle that of the gender they identify as, and that is before they begin hormone therapy. They do not resemble the brains of their
            assigned sex. They are also in the early stages of finding clues in the DNA of trans individuals. Human biology is very complex, and there is still much we haven’t discovered yet. Medical science and biological discoveries are being made all the time. It wasn’t removed as a mental illness due to “feelings”. From where I’m sitting, the one arguing based on feelings is you. You don’t like the evidence, so you decide it isn’t real. It doesn’t work that way.

      2. Your comment displays the same ignorance and arrogance that you claim her comment displayed. You have shown that you are intolerant to anyone that doesn’t share your opinion.

        Heather was able to explain exactly why she holds that opinion. You were only able to resort to calling her a bitch – that’s not an argument. There’s a difference between disagreeing and attacking someone for holding a different opinion than you do. Heather disagreed. You attacked.

        1. I attacked? Where? Because in reality I didn’t threaten her with violence in any way. I didn’t use enough words to explain my point of view apparently.
          I think it’s really self absorbed and stupid to say I’m not going to allow someone else to define who they are. It takes nothing away from anyone else by being transgender. It doesn’t change your religion, morals or political tendencies. But because it makes you uncomfortable you can’t handle it. People kill them selves because you can’t mind your own fucking business. That clear enough?

          1. If someone is suffering from schizophrenia and think imaginary people are talking to them, I’m not going to humor them and tell them that the imaginary people are real. I’m going to help them get treatment. Playing into their illness won’t make it better. It’s the same logic as transgenders. Dictating to people, telling them they are supposed to throw away basic biology because they want to “define who they are” is not something I believe is good for the transgender or society in general. Like I said, it’s encouraging mass delusion and playing make believe to appease people. It doesn’t even change the fact that the transgender suicide rate is 40%. The fact that this whole social justice movement are trying to convince us all that the transgender suicide rate is that high because people bully them or refuse to call them by the preferred pronouns is absolutely untrue and ridiculous. The suicide rate is that high is because these people suffer from mental illness. But look, if you don’t agree and think I’m just being intolerant because I’m “self absorbed” or uncomfortable” with transgenders, that is your opinion but you don’t know me so your opinion of me does not matter.

          2. Actually it is starting to take away from women. Transgender activists are trying to change self-ID laws where anyone who identifies as a woman would have access to female only spaces. Bathrooms, changing facilities, Girl Scouts, shelters and refuges, etc. all designed to be single sex to protect women from the risk of male violence/harm. So yes, current trans ideology does harm women.

    2. I completely agree with you, Heather. We’ve come to a point where feelings are superior to reality and facts. That is dangerous and it’s doing more harm than good.


  12. Maybe D bag Derick should put all this effort into helping actual victims of child abuse. This isn’t about abuse at all. It’s about his hated of gay/trans people. If it were about abuse and Derick actually cared, he would denounce his brother in law and Michelle and J bob for covering up the sexual abuse in that family. Shame on him! What a hypocrite!

    1. This is a comment I can get behind. Regardless of how you feel about transgender, we can all agree Derrick is full of shit and doesn’t REALLY care about child abuse. It’s a convenient platform for him to hide behind.

    1. He “touched her only through clothes” as said by them which means “he fondled his sister’s private parts, no big deal!” to him. Imagine that being made by someone unknown by their family and possibly of different religion or atheist. But because it was JUST her brother, it’s okay, right?!

      And he is concerned about Jazz’s private parts so much but he doesn’t see how his own brother-in-law did that to his wife. That is the definition of hypocrite.

  13. Says the man whose in-laws promote blanket training, and whose in-laws allowed the reputed abuse of their daughters by Josh. Sit down and stfu, Derick.

    1. So rich him saying he’s against child abuse. The Duggar family is all about abuse, whether it’s the blanket training, emotional manipulation of their daughters sexually abused by their brothers, mental abuse from having these kids raise their siblings for them, or the religious indoctrination. Family is so cringey and he’s worried about Jazz? Typical.

  14. Yeah this genius has moved on to belittling sexual assault victims. Luckily not his own wife (yet).

    Besides his thirst for attention he has a pretty serious rage problem. But keep on putting lipstick on that pig Jill with all your “Derick is the best husband and father!!!!” Posts.

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