TLC Releases First Trailer For “90 Day Fiance” Season 6: Meet the New Couples!

This looks promising…

Love is in the air! TLC’s hit reality romance show 90 Day Fiancé is back for another season of marriage, visas and drama!

TLC has released the first trailer for Season 6, introducing us to the new couples racing down the aisle before their K1 visa expires! Over the years, the show has delivered some incredibly memorable couples who have gone on to star on one of the franchise’s many spin-offs, and the Season 6 stars seem like they’ll be delivering the high drama the show’s viewers have come to expect!

 Let’s meet the Season 6 couples!

Kalani & Asuelu

Kalani, 29, is from Orange County, California. She met her 23-year-old fiancé, Asuelu, while vacationing in Samoa. Kalani and Asuelu are sure to bring the drama because they have religious tension on their side. Kalani was raised Mormon and was a virgin when she met Asuelu. After losing her virginity to Asuelu, Kalani became pregnant with his child. The couple now has a five-month-old baby and are eager to get married.

Kalani’s Mormon family is not supportive of the relationship.

“He has no idea who my sister is. She does not need him,” Kalani’s brother says in the season trailer.

Eric & Leida

Eric is 40 and hails from Wisconsin. He met his 29-year-old Indonesian fiancé Leida online. Two days after she responded to his online personal ad, Eric proposed to her.

Eric has three daughters from a previous relationship and they are questioning Leida’s motives. Apparently Leida comes from a “wealthy background” and, judging by the what we see in the trailer, Eric lives in very, um, modest accommodations.

“I’m concerned the life I have here isn’t enough for her,” Eric says after Leida gets a look at his filthy apartment.

Jonathan & Fernanda

Jonathan, a 32-year-old from North Carolina, met 19-year-old Fernanda while “in da club” in Mexico. Within three months, they got engaged. In the preview for the season, Jonathan can be seen worrying about their age gap, as well as the fact that he feels Fernanda is a “very jealous person.”

“People say, you know, a 19-year-old she’s just using you… maybe she is,” Jonathan says.

Later in the trailer, we see Fernanda expressing her desire to go back to her home country.

Ashley & Jay

Ashley, 31, met 20-year-old Jay when she was in Jamaica for a wedding. After Jay hunted Ashley down via social media, they began a relationship and were engaged within six months. Ashley worries about the age gap between her and her young lover, but he seems unconcerned. In the preview, he can be seen telling her can’t wait to “give her the D every day.”


Ashley’s friends are concerned for her.

“She’s so eager to be in love, she lets red flags just go!” Ashley’s friend tells us.

Colt & Larissa

Colt, 33, is a mama’s boy who met his 31-year-old fiancé Larissa on an online dating website. They met in Mexico and Colt proposed just five days later.

Colt is worried that Larissa might not get along with his mother (who he apparently still lives with?)

“She’s beautiful, she’s sexy, but she has 90 days to get to know my mother,” Colt tells us in the trailer.

(Cue the “Psycho” music….)

Colt’s loved ones don’t trust that Larissa is in the relationship for love.

“That bitch is in it for his money, period!” one guy tells Colt of Larissa in the trailer. “She’s taking advantage of you and you need to f**king realize!”

Steven & Olga

Steven and Olga are both 20. They met when Russian-born Olga was visiting the U.S. for the summer. Olga learned she was pregnant just six weeks later, and she and Steven have been raising their son in the United States. However, her visa still hasn’t been confirmed and Steven is afraid she might take his son back to Russia.

In the trailer, the couple is seen arguing (with Olga accusing Steven of “acting like a crazy.”) Steven is worrying about making a lifelong commitment to Olga.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to be married for the rest of my life,” he says. “It wouldn’t have happened without a baby.”

“90 Day Fiance” Season 6 premieres October 21 on TLC.

Watch the trailer below!

(Photos: TLC)

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  1. Colt & Larissa; she is using him for his money? I guess if he is still living with mommy he must be saving a ton of money (assuming he doesnt pay rent or help with bills.
    Eric & Leida; she comes from a wealthy family (whats your definitionof wealthy) ….but is she wealthy. How can she be using him? If her family is that wealthy im sure they can find a better guy in the US if that is her goal. Eric might not be that poor but it looks like he is very dirty/messy. You can be poor & still have a clean place, maybe he is poor & dirty/sloppy

  2. I watched clips of the show about a couple years ago on youtube. So much drama and i loved it. Cant wait for this new season. Ive been watching all the stuff thats on now. How can i see old episodes?

    1. O man it autofilled to my husbands name and i didnt see that lol. @theashley can you take off this comment and my previous comment that i replied to. Thank you if you can if you see these comments

  3. How are Eric’s daughters doing the questioning when it’s their father who will have a financial come up by marrying the foreigner? Smh

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