‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jo Rivera & Vee Torres Are Married! See Photos From Their Wedding

“We FINALLY got hitched!”

The longest-lasting couple in Teen Mom 2 history has officially tied the knot!

Jo Rivera married Vee Torres on Sunday in Bloomfield, New Jersey, surrounded by friends and family. The couple, who has been engaged since April 2016, did not invite MTV cameras into the wedding, but they did invite Jo’s ex, Kail Lowry, to join in the festivities!

Jo and Kail’s son, Isaac, was part of the wedding ceremony, as was Jo and Vee’s daughter Vivi.


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What a great wedding ??

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On Sunday, Kail thanked her friend Becky for being her wedding date, tweeting that Becky was “wiping my tears as I bawled” at the ceremony.

On Monday, Kail tweeted about how happy she was for Jo and Vee.

“Y’all really want me to still be bitter about Jo & Vee,” Kail wrote. “We’ve come a long way since we were 18. I couldn’t ask for a better stepmom for isaac. Literally cried tears of happiness for them last night.  that’s fam.”

Kail, Becky and other wedding guests posted social media photos from inside Jo and Vee’s wedding reception, giving ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans a peek into the fun. After descending a long staircase, Jo and Vee danced their first dance as husband and wife to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

Jo then danced with his mom, Janet (‘member her?) to the song “Mama.” (Vee also did a special dance with her mother.)

Jo and Vee also adorably whirled around the dance floor with the kids. Vee and Isaac danced while Jo and Vivi danced to Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.”

Vee has long maintained that she would not have her wedding filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ although the show’s producers did try to get her and Jo to have their wedding featured on the show.

“I don’t want it documented lol,” Vee told a fan on Twitter last year. “That’s why I said no. It’ll be between family and friends how we want it.”

Jo and Vee have been together longer than any other ‘Teen Mom 2’ couple. (Their relationship has lasted longer than any other ‘Teen Mom’ franchise couples’, besides Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.) Jo and Vee began dating in June 2012, and welcomed their daughter Vivi in 2015.

Check out photos of their reception below!

Jo dancing with his mom, Janet…


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The beautiful couple! I’m so happy I took you in my little civic to meet him that night ?

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34 Responses

  1. Vee is so beautiful, like, all the time! I am guessing that’s why Kailyn didn’t like her. Insecurity/jealousy.

  2. Off topic…I love Bristol!!!! Why????? I really thought she was stuck up and spoiled etc….. except for The fact that she is very down-to-earth and I really …nornal..sweet..relatable..i really connected with her And parts up me are shocked and appalled but she is a really nice girl….Anybody??,, I’m Still struggling connected to Cheyenne

  3. Off topic…I love Bristol!!!! Why????? I really thought she was stuck up and spoiled etc….. except for The fact that she is very down-to-earth and I really …nornal..sweet..relatable..i really connected with her And parts up me are shocked and appalled but she is a really nice girl….Anybody??,,

    1. He hugs Vee the same way. Kailyn has a lot of issues, but she has to be doing something right to raise such a sweet, loving boy.

  4. I get the feeling they want to be exactly enough famous to help sell real estate, get some likes on social media they were going to post anyway, keep Kail from lying about them and not one drop more.

    1. Depends on the wedding, but I’ve always heard it’s *rude* to wear white to a wedding, I assume because the bride is supposed to stand out and generally is wearing white. Usually I try to match my “date” or if I know the colors in the wedding.

  5. Uhhh dancing to A Thousand Years with the kids just makes me feel emotional! That would have been such a beautiful moment.

  6. Isaac is always just SO caring, precious, and handsome. I love, love, LOVE that kid!

    Huge congrats to Jo and Vee. Also great seeing Jo’s mom Janet again, after so many TM2 seasons and years have passed since his parents have filmed.

    Looks like everyone had a great time.

  7. Wow, Vee is beautiful ! Congratulations to them! I love their relationship and respect that they would not allow MTV to tape it.

  8. There shouldn’t be any “finally” in this. That would be a back handed congratulatory statement.

    I love this couple and so happy they did everything at their own pace! No rush, no fuss, no mess. Just love through and through. I’ll reach and say besides the DeBoers, the Riveras are on my list of favorite families! Congrats Jo, Vee, Isaac and ViVi! Instead of hopping and changing women like drawers, Jo remained humble and made his grass green.

  9. Vee looked absolutely lovely and Isaac is so cute. My husband and I got married in Bloomfield but at different venue! I’m glad for Joe and Vee and very glad they have a nice blended family for Isaac.

  10. I don’t think it should be seen as finally. I see is as them taking all the time they wanted. They waited for their first baby, they waited for the wedding. No rush, no “OMG, SHE’S PREGNANT, LET’S MARRY!”, just everything went on their own pace. That’s what I commend the most. Also that they put their foot down not to have the wedding filmed, it’s a private thing and they deserve respect for that. Vivi is adorable! Congratulations and to many many happy years, I do think Vee is the one for Jo.

  11. Jo has come such a long way. He comes from such a nice, normal, stable family (his parents are great), I think they’ll be able to live a comfortable life after the franchise is finally over. Very happy for them and their children.

    1. Agreed CoryandTrevor! There are few couples on this show who are actually respectable and normal. Joe just seems like such a good guy and great father. Vee seems really cool/nice too, and seems to genuinely care for Isaac. I’m very happy for them.

    1. Kail is just a mess. Her life’s a mess her friends are a mess her, her finances are a mess, her body is a mess the list goes on and on. Congrats to Joe for dodging that bullet.

    2. People have commented on this, there was other articles that showed more pictures of Becky with Kail at the wedding. I’m not sure if they are actually together but I could have sworn Kail has mentioned she was bi? I mean, I know she’s said she’s bipolar, so maybe I got it confused.

    1. There’s huge difference between “letting people see some pictures and videos from your wedding” and inviting a production crew who care more about their show than your wedding. I think that might be Kail’s biggest mistake in the end: missing the fact that Vee and Jo would be way more open to letting people in their life and doing stuff that helps with her media career if it didn’t require letting in a giant bag of crazy.

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