Catelynn Lowell Won’t Be Watching Her Marital Struggles Play Out On New ‘Teen Mom OG’: “I Lived It, I’m Not Going To Watch It”

“Yeah, I’m gonna have to pass on this one…”

The return of Teen Mom OG will undoubtedly bring plenty of drama and emotional moments, but cast member Catelynn Lowell has no intention of watching any of it play out on screen. 

Us Weekly reports that while Season 8 will put Cate and her husband Tyler Baltierra’s marital strains on full display, Cate doesn’t believe that reliving those darker days would be very beneficial to herself or to her marriage. 

“I lived it, I’m not going to watch it,” she told the magazine. “I feel like every couple goes through bumps in the road, especially as you’re growing up together like me and Ty have.

“I mean, we’ve been together 13 years now and married for three, so we’ve grown up together,” she added. “I feel like, as people, you grow up and you change in certain ways, and it’s all about learning how to process that with your significant other and how do you go from there or how you change things.” 

As The Ashley recently told you, Cate and Tyler are currently expecting their third child. They are already parents to three-year-old Nova and they also have a nine-year-old daughter, Carly, whom they placed for adoption in 2009. 

Last season on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ viewers saw Cate battle suicidal thoughts after suffering a miscarriage, which ultimately led her to seek professional help at an in-patient treatment facility on two subsequent occasions. Cate said that although Tyler stood by her side through that difficult time, it still impacted him. 

Looks like we’re in for another emotional season with Cate and Ty.

“It’s not like we’re in the gutter or we’re getting a divorce like everybody says,” she told the magazine. “Couples go through ups and downs, just like any relationship, even friendships, family, you know, and it’s all about how you work through things.

“What I went through put a lot of strain on a relationship, especially leaving him and him having to be a single dad for so long and running a business on his own,” Cate told the magazine. “I have a lot of sympathy for what I put him through. I think that’s put a lot of stress on our relationship.

“Right now, we’re hitting a couple of bumps that need to be worked through.” 

Fans of the show have already gotten a preview of what’s in store for the Baltierra’s in a trailer for the upcoming season, in which Tyler offers a very candid take on he and Cate’s relationship. 

“If someone asked me if I was happy in my marriage, I would say ‘absolutely not,’” he says in the trailer. 

“Do you think I’m blind to it all,” Cate responds. 

Fans can watch Cate and Tyler’s trials and tribulations (along with those of the rest of the cast) unfold in the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ premiering Monday, October 1 on MTV.

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  1. Scares me because it feels like she’s having this baby to try and make herself happy or distract herself from her life. It may keep you busy for a little while but eventually your mental illnesses will catch up to you. Especially since she never follows up with her mental health regime of eating right, exercising, refraining from ANY drugs and alcohol, not smoking cigarettes, taking required medications as instructed (not abusing her xanax!), etc.
    So sad. Because ultimately her kids will be the ones to suffer. And I’m sorry but Tyler is just as much to blame at this point. He knows she’s not taking care of herself but is ok with her raising another baby (she can’t even seem to manage taking care of her pets and attending to her horse!!!)

    Work on your problems before having more kids. My mom did the same thing and long story short…. she says she hates us now for having us. Again, the kids will suffer the most.

  2. I think they are staying together just because of the show. (and fans who consider them relationship goals-lol) How many times do they have to say they are together for 13 years?! My parents are married for 34 and they don’t go around telling everyone they do because they are genuinely happy. They keep on mentioning it. It’s like they are trying to convince each other they need to stay together because they are together for so long. Love is long gone and you all know how I feel about Tyler. Having another child won’t fix their crumbling marriage.

    1. Very true. It’s sad because all they know is each other at this point and they’ll keep just being unhappy till something seriously changes or they divorce finally. (My money is on divorce.)

  3. Caitlin has no business getting pregnant at this stage in her life! I’ve only ever rooted for these two ans I know she has her issues but the more I watch, the more I see that she is so entitled and lazy and she just isn’t held accountable for anything..The episode where she was in rehab and her Mum & Dad went in for the day therapy and they had to sit tjere and listen to akk of their faukts and downfalls but they had to sit in silence and not make any negative comments about Cait..You could see the hurt in her Father’s face! At the end of the day, they earn enough money on this show that I wouldn’t mind so much if she didn’t have a job IF she was a full time mother to Nova and took care of the home and maybe got out for a long walk once in a while..It’s not fair for her to keep having babies and not being there for them, palming them off on April etc..Tyler has come so far since Xmas, losing all that weight and keeping fit, eating healthy etc and yet he runs the business single handedly and basically raises Nova alone..Thar episode where he visited Cait in rehab and he was worried how his mum would handle the running of the business and Cait was like “dont worry aboit it she can cope” just shows how little she really cares..I hope she comes through for this baby and Nova..I cant watch one more episode of her laying in bed when she has children who need their Mother!

  4. of course she won’t watch god forbid she see she is the reason for all their problems. Or that she is a lazy pot head who wants to sit on a couch and do nothing else. poor ty had one foot out the door and she gets knocked up “accidentally” even though its her 4th pregnancy if you believe her. I don’t believe the miscarriage having had multiples to hear her and tyler describe the amount of blood running down her legs the clots yet she went to bed. Not the er or the hospital to bed got up in the morning to “supposedly” go to the drs yet mtv didn’t know bull

    1. I agree with you! I thought the same thing, why didn’t she go to the hospital if it was that bad instead she just goes to the doctors office!

      1. and the next day without mtv knowing till after the fact and no its not they want privacy they never cared before and they could have privacy by simply saying we think she is having a miscarriage but to share everything and hide this bull

    2. I’ve always said that about the miscarriage. It never sat right for me for some reason. Imagine of it really didn’t and all these ” rainbow baby” weird pics she has been taking is all fake. I’m so over these 2. Put your big girl pants on finally please caitlin!

      1. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it I’ve had an early term miscarriage as well as a later term. The early time nothing more then a really bad period. But they both said blood everywhere who the hell goes to bed and not the er? If its that bad you could have tissue in there and need a d&c at the very least or be checked for blood loss. but nope to bed gets up goes the dr no big fan fare . again you could say they want privacy but they share everything else including her whining I thought of every way to kill myself. If she was a decent mom she would have not allowed them to show that because that is what nova will see when she googles and she will. but nope it gets attention. Yet nothing but a bleep of yep went to the dr but according to them they were gushing blood. Also what a chicken shit so as long as people are giving you sympathy and good job posts you will watch but if they are not your out of here. How about all those rumors last year about them breaking up and her playing the victim? how people were being mean how hard it was an unfair they were happily married? she got down right nasty online when it was true. They couldn’t bear to look at each other at the reunion if you cannot handle the calling out with the praise get off tv. Their marriage isn’t fine she trapped him with another child plain and simple. Its also not an accident when its your fourth child and your a damn adult. She is pathetic I said I wasn’t going to watch tonight but I did. i’m glad because it truly showed how selfish she was and what tyler really thought and he wasn’t wrong that is not how its done. You try outpatient first. She should have been going anyways the minute she got out they have outpaitent therapy in place . But what do we expect from someone who went to rehab to get off pot and is seen in her car smoking right when she got out. she is too good for that she needs a spa. Also if your husband has no idea how bad it is until you mention your booked your flight going for 6 weeks guess what it wasn’t that bad . how could you do that to your daughter and on xmas ? I’m so sick of this waste of space. She needs a reality check like mtv checks to stop. She is so full of herself she thought mtv owed it to her to tell her first before they hired new moms just wtf. As usual cait the coward isn’t even on twitter right now shocking right nope

  5. Tyler needs to leave her and take both the kids he’ll be taking care of both of them anyways! I can’t stand her she’s so lazy!

    1. I think Tyler feels as though he has to stay and take care of Catelynn . He’s very codependent on the people around him. He should get help for his own sanity.

  6. If only this were true. I don’t believe for one second she can keep this promise even though that would be the best thing for her. I also don’t think she can stay off social media for more than 24 hours; this is not unique to her, all of the cast members of the TM franchise have been coddled into thinking that they are stars. They really seem to be clueless to the fact that no one looks at the show as more than guilty pleasure escapist nonsense, full of kid-adults (mostly) who have no idea how to adult in the real world. I wish Cate and Ty the best, but Cate needs to be off tv (forever) get some therapy, get some job training and parenting classes and except the fact that this gig is not going to last much longer. If she doesn’t figure out how to live like an adult in the real world, in a few years she will only be slightly better off than Tyler’s trap queen sister.

    1. right watching her and tyler indignant over mtv not telling them about the new moms really mtv doesn’t owe you anything and your nothing no notice needed.

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