‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7B Episode 1 Recap: One New Baby, Two New Moms & the Same Old Storylines

When there’s so many damn people on this show now that you can’t keep them all straight…

Throw on a leather pocket tee, slick down your side bangs and invite over your screen-time-hungry cousin… Teen Mom OG is back!

This season is a special one, of course, because MTV has gone and added not one but TWO new birth-control-challenged broads to this used bedpan-of-a-reality TV show. Bristol Palin (“you-betcha!”) and Cheyenne Floyd (some chick from another MTV show who got knocked up by some dude from another MTV show) have joined the cast.

Sadly, that means ol’ Farrah is officially gone. The Ashley was still holding out hope that The Big F would worm her way back onto the show, assaulting producers and/or locking them in her porch Porta-Potty until they admitted that she was the “Number One Reality TV Star In Our Nation.”


Anyway, although Farrah is no longer “Farrah-rizing” our TV sets, we are still stuck with Amber (and whatever home furnishing is growing out of her bottom), Martyr Maci, and hapless Catelynn.

“You’re gonna miss me someday!”

After a quick run-down of all the nonsense the girls went through last season, as well as a quick intro of who the hell the new girls are, we finally get to the beginning of the damn episode.

We start things off at Maci’s place. Maci’s husband Taylor tells Maci that he got a “disturbing” phone call from Ryan. (I mean…at this point…are there any phone calls—or life choices— made by Ryan that aren’t ‘disturbing?’)

Taylor explains that Ryan is all fired up about something Taylor tweeted recently. Maci is shocked that Ryan actually bothered to call in a threat to Taylor this time. (Anyone else kind of shocked that Ryan was able to punch all of those buttons? Obviously, Mackenzie had to help him through that tricky area code part!)

Naturally, Taylor and Maci are scared by Ryan’s threats to “put a bullet” in their heads, so they decide to contact the police.

“I reckon we should call the ding-dang PO-lice?”

Five minutes into the new season and we’re already getting the law involved?! This might be a new record, guys. We haven’t seen this type of instant legal action since ol’ Ambo was throwin’ TVs and punchin’ baby daddies! #TheGoodOleDays

Maci knows that Ryan has the ability to get his clammy mitts on plenty of firearms, so she’s understandably worried that she, Taylor and their kids are going to end up shot up with more holes in them than Ryan’s veins.

Too soon? Yeah…I don’t care…

Maci tells us that she and Taylor are heading to court soon to file an order of protection against Ryan, in hopes of keeping him (and his assorted weapons) away from their family.

Next, we head to Texas to meet Bristol. Bristol is the daughter of Sarah Palin (in case you missed her 455 previous mentions of that fact.) We also learn that Bristol’s husband Dakota is a former Marine who struggles with PTSD. Bristol tells us that his PTSD has caused a strain in their marriage.

Bristol has left her three children with Dakota for the weekend to celebrate her sister Willow‘s bachelorette party. Bristol and her sisters think it’s weird that their mom is along for the trip, but Sarah doesn’t see anything wrong with the situation and says she particularly enjoyed their night out at the biker bar…

“I’m not like a REGULAR mom! I’m a COOL mom!”

UM… MTV WHERE IS THIS FOOTAGE? For some reason I kind of want to see Sarah boot-scootin’ while asking a couple of bikers if she can ride their “Harvey Davelsons.”

While sitting outside with their matching bridal party shirts, Bristol and the girls eat lunch and talk exclusively about Bristol, despite this being “the bride’s weekend.” (Her sister looks like she wants to strangle Bristol with a grapevine.)

“The shirts say ‘Bride’s Babes’ not ‘Bristol’s Babes,’ just in case you didn’t notice.”

Next, we check in with Catelynn, or rather Catelynn’s home, as she is still away at a treatment facility. Luckily, Tyler and Nova are holding down the fort, along with all 586 of their animals. Last time we were hanging out with Catelynn, she had just returned from two months of treatment, but she explains that she needed yet another trip to the ‘hab pretty soon after she got home.

With Cate still in Arizona, Tyler is still being forced to film scenes with his mom, Kim, which they continue to do over paid-by-MTV lunches at quality chain restaurants.

As he shovels some sort of fried vegetable into his gullet, Tyler tells his mom that Cate won’t be back for another six weeks and that he’s drained from taking care of Nova and folding clothes for Tierra Reign all by himself.

“I feel totally sucked dry,” Tyler says.

Nope…too easy!

When you learn MTV is paying the lunch bill and you can get those mozzarella sticks too…

Kim is a woman who has had her share of hard times. She tells Tyler that she went through similar incidents with his dad, Butch, so she understands what he is going through with Cate.

(Um… once Cate hears that her mother-in-law compared her to freakin’ Butch, she’ll be on the first Greyhound back to Arizona for another rip-roarin’ round of treatment!)

“You’re going to be picking up the pieces for a long time!” Kim tells her already depressed son. “It kind of makes you bitter.”

“Bitter? Who’s bitter?”

Tyler says that he’s tired of Catelynn getting all the attention, and is upset that she’s off pettin’ horses and whatnot, while he is left to deal with all the hard things in life.

Over in Indiana, it’s almost time for Amber to spew The Spawn of Andrew into the world, and she is preparing for his arrival by…sitting on the bed.

We can say Amber’s on bedrest due to her pregnancy but…she’s pretty much been on “bedrest” since George W. Bush was in office so…

“Maybe I can have the baby right here in the bed! Those Duggar girls do it all the time!”

We get to relive the lightening-fast relationship of Andrew and Amber. (In case you missed it, allow The Ashley to catch you up: she met Andrew during Marriage Boot Camp and they were basically banging as soon as Amber mopped up the body sludge her last soulmate, Matt, left in their bed.)

Amber tells us that, while she was basically a trashcan-of-a-mom to her daughter Leah, she’s determined to show everyone that she’s a good mom with her new baby, James. (Because, yes, it’s most important what ‘Teen Mom’ viewers think of your mothering skills, rather than your actual kid…)

Apparently, bedrest does a body-with-baby good, as we learn that Baby James came barreling through Amber’s pickle pocket that night. He’s a few days early, but seems to be healthy.

Gary and Kristina get word that Amber and Andrew’s lovechild has arrived, and they decide they’ll go visit Amber and the baby later that day. (We can assume that Gary wants to personally hand Andrew a “Dad Bod” shirt.)

Gary manages to get in a few words of shade during his conversation.

“I only talk crap on Amber when I know her feet are in the stirrups and she can’t get me!”

He says that Amber has been busy being focused on the new baby, while he’s been busy being focused on Leah. (I see what ya did there, Gar…and I like it!)

Gary & Co. go to the hospital, where they find Amber in her bathrobe in bed. (So…it’s basically business as usual…) Leah holds her new baby brother, and is either kissing him or whispering “Welcome to Crazy Town, bro!” into his ear.

Finally, we head to Los Angeles to we check in with New Trainwreck #2 Cheyenne and her baby daddy, Cory.

When that first MTV check rolls in…

We learn that Cheyenne has the unique ability to yell her lines, while also sounding like she has a stuffy nose and is completely uninterested in what she’s saying. (The Ashley is also completely uninterested in what Cheyenne is saying…)

We also learn that Cory banged Cheyenne while filming The Challenge simply because he thought she looked like Rihanna. I think that’s nice…

Cheyenne then found out that she was knocked up but, because she had another boyfriend at the time she humped Cory, she wasn’t sure who the father of the baby was.

OH DUDE! This chick’s going to do great on this show!

Six months after her daughter Ryder was born, the DNA test came back and revealed to Cory that “you ARE the father.”

Cheyenne tells us she recently started dating Zach, but, of course, he’s already living with her and her sister.



Meanwhile, in Tennessee, we’re treated to some Jen and Larry screen time. They’re riding around in a golf cart and gabbing about the latest ‘Teen Mom’ Twitter drama between Taylor and Ryan. It’s like “Happy Gilmore” with less Adam Sandler and more excuses.

Larry explains to Jen that Ryan called up Taylor about what he wrote about him on The Twitter and “from there, it’s he said, she said.”

Um…more like “you tweet, I shoot,” Lar!

“Maybe Ryan didn’t really threaten Taylor. Maybe… he was just rehearsing for a play he’s in! Yeah, that’s it!”

Larry does admit that “Ryan didn’t handle it very well” (much like his life, fatherhood, TV fame, money…)

Jen and Larry hope that Ryan’s threats don’t have an effect on them seeing Bentley.

Unlike some of the other degenerates on this show, Maci and Taylor haven’t spent a fair amount of time in court. Taylor suits up in his “churchin’ flannel” for the occasion.

“That does it! We’re doin’ a leather-pocketed court goin’ clothing line!”

MTV cameras get shut out of the court hearing, but Maci and Taylor tell us that they were granted their order of protection for themselves, the two oopsie babies and their dogs. Ryan is not restricted from seeing his son, Bentley.

They’re happy that Ryan and his crazy behavior (and equally crazy eyes) have to keep some distance away from them unless he wants to face some time in jail. (Of course, jail may actually be a better option than having to spend time with a pregnant Mackenzie. At least in jail Ryan gets “three hots and a cot” and doesn’t have to hear either of his baby mamas bitch…)

Over in Michigan, we see Tyler and Nova at their “new” house (the same one they’ve been renovating for at least two seasons now and have yet to move into). They check in with their random farm animals and Cate’s therapy horse, Callie, who honestly looks like she needs a therapy horse of her own now.

Nova offers that the horse is sad because she misses Catelynn… and Tyler just has this look like, “Why?”

“As bad as you think your life is, Horse, it could be worse: You could be Farrah’s horse Starburst!”

That night, Tyler has fixed Nova some sort of “Helper” product. When Nova says she misses her mom, Tyler says that “mommy’s at work.” (Um…Nova’s going to know that Tyler’s lying if he says that. No one on this show is ever at “work!”)

During dinner, Catelynn FaceTimes Tyler.

Tyler is excited to tell Cate that her horse misses her. Cate suggests they get another horse because Cate’s horse may want someone to play with.

“MORE trips to the feed store?!?!”

Tyler says, “Well, I want a million dollars too!”

Hang on for another season or two, Ty! You’ll probably get your wish!

Nova cries that she wants to see her mom, and Tyler is more than happy to pass off the phone to the kid.

“Here! Look at her all you want!” Tyler tells Nova.

Tyler gives Nova a bath while Cate tells them both about her day of hiking and watching movies. Tyler looks annoyed by Cate’s seemingly leisure day, since he’s out here being Mr. Mom, running a kid’s clothing empire and single-handedly keeping up their low-rent farm, all while Catelynn’s catching up on her Harry Potter movie-watching!

“If I have to sit through one more conversation about Catelynn’s naps…”

Tyler can literally not hide his disdain for Cate. He’s eye-rollin’ and bitter-sighin’ all the live-long day as Cate talks about the next movie she’s going to watch.

We next head to Kentucky (yesssss!), where Dakota and his daughters are visiting Dakota’s father, Mike.

Dakota says (somewhat out of left field) that he doesn’t need a woman in his life to be a good dad. Well that’s, umm… sweet? I’m sure your WIFE will enjoy that comment also.

We know Dakota means what he’s saying because he’s shaking his sweaty man-bangs vigorously as he speaks!

“I might need someone to hose me off right quick!”

The producers then decide to get Dakota and his father to open up about Dakota’s military career. Dakota bluntly tells the producers about the deaths of his fellow Marines and his dad talks about how hard in particular the six months that followed that incident were for Dakota, who says his kids are what get him up in the morning.

Back at the bachelorette party, Bristol decides to take a break from talking about herself and actually ask her sister about her wedding plans… just kidding!

Bristol tells the girls all about her and Dakota’s quickie elopement.

“Does this ‘BRIDE’ T-shirt literally mean NOTHING to you, Bristol?!”

Basically, Dakota and Bristol’s journey to wedded “bliss” starts at the mall (naturally) and ends with some random dude at a golf course signing their marriage license. Add in a drugged-out ride in a truck and it sounds like Ryan and Mackenzie’s wedding!

Back in Los Angeles, Cheyenne and her family go out to lunch. Everyone in the family is calling Ryder “mooch.” That’s a nickname generally reserved for the girls’ baby daddies but OK…

During lunch, Cheyenne’s mom worries about Cheyenne’s boyfriend, Zach, handling the co-parenting situation with Cory, but Zack isn’t worried… he’s in this for the long haul (i.e. at least until that MTV check arrives!)

Since Cheyenne and Cory can co-parent without the court system involved (at least for now), they go to lunch the next day with Ryder to discuss their schedules.

When your parents are annoying…but the chalk tastes damn good…

Cory tells Cheyenne he doesn’t love the fact that she and her boyfriend are shacking up already but Cheyenne assures Cory that Zach has no intention of stepping on his toes as a father. Cory reminds her that everyone thinks the two of them still have something going on, which he clearly gets some satisfaction out of.

Cheyenne, her mom and Cory get ready for Ryder’s first gymnastic class, which Zach doesn’t receive an invite to. Cory shows up with flowers for Ryder—which babies totally love—and Cheyenne is mad that the bouquet isn’t actually for her. Once inside the gymnastics place, Ryder strays from the group a few times, clearly over listening to Cory brag and Cheyenne sound like she really needs a Breathe Right strip.

Back in Indiana, Amber and Andrew have James at home and are already killing this parenting thing. They’re changing the baby on their kitchen counter, and just letting him poop wherever the fecal matter splashes.


Amber and Andrew tell the producers all about their wet and wild (literally) birthing experience and the little effort it took to get baby James out of Amber. (That sounds right up Amber’s alley!)

Even Matt gets a special shoutout in the conversation. Amber says that she was with Matt for over three years and never wanted to have a baby with him. (Why bother? He already had like 15 he couldn’t take care of!)

“This guy may impregnate women as fast as Matt, but he sure as hell smells better!”

The next day, Andrew is whipping up some lunch on the same counter that his son’s feces was touching less than 24 hours prior. While ignoring the various bacterial risks, Andrew tells the producers that life with baby James is perfect and a ring purchase might be in the near future.

Might we suggest he ask Gary for some engagement-ring-selecting tips? #NeverForget #WhatsYourReturnPolicy

Later, Gary and Kristina come over to visit baby James, along with Cousin Krystal.

Sooo…is Cousin Krystal just keeping a tattooed tally sheet on her arm of how many baby daddies she has or…?

Later on, Producer Kiki asks Amber if she plans to marry Andrew.

“Gosh, why does everyone keep asking about that?!” Amber says.

Um…probably because you’ve already been engaged like five times in 10 years…

Amber says she feels horrible about things that happened when Leah was little and blames her past poor decisions on the company she kept.

Of course, there’s always the slight possibility that AMBER is responsible for her drug takin’, Gary beatin’, loser chosin’ ways but… nahh!

In Michigan, Tyler and Nova drop by Kim’s house to talk about Cate and her frequent napping and movie adventures. Tyler’s stepdad says that he doesn’t understand what “The Anxiety” even is. He does, however, seem to be willing to sign up for “The Anxiety” if it means he gets to watch The Godfather in his bathrobe on the regular.

Tyler says he’s losing his ability to sympathize and empathize with Cate. Kim agrees that Cate appears to be doing nothing while she’s in treatment. Kim is afraid Catelynn will come home and then go right back to treatment again, leaving Tyler to ship Tierra Reign onesies and feed the turtle all by himself.

When you haven’t gone on a nature hike in weeks and nobody cares…

He tells his mom that he thinks it’s “repulsing” that Catelynn gets to lounge all day in her robe.

Tyler is growing more fed up by the day, so he decides to reach out and make an appointment with a therapist.

Tyler’s therapist says everyone has their limits and Tyler is about one therapy goat away from hitting his. Tyler tells her he needs some change. He also reveals that…DUN DUN DUN.. he is having some doubts about his marriage.

He’s angry that he’s never consulted when Cate makes decisions, even if it means he’s going to have to deal with the heap ‘o’ pig crap that comes from that decision. (This is, of course, both literally and figuratively.)

“Catelynn wants a pig, she gets a pig!” Ty cries. “She wants a horse? She’ll buy the horse!”

Tyler says he’s tired of taking care of people (and therapy farm animals).


“If someone asked me ‘Are you happy in your marriage?’ I would say absolutely not,” Tyler tells the therapist. “And I haven’t been…for a couple of years.”

Um…HOLD UP. These people had been married less than three years when this was filmed. Even Butch and April’s marriage was happy in the very beginning! This is bad, folks!

Finally, we head to Texas one last time. Bristol is back from the bachelorette party, so she and Dakota are watching their daughter’s soccer practice. The two of them try to make some small talk but Bristol knows something is wrong. She decides the best time to delve into the situation is on the way home from soccer practice with a car full of kids.

Dakota tells Bristol his anxiety has been really bad recently and again mentions the death of his fellow Marines. Bristol reminds him that the kids are in the car, but he continues to unload his feelings on her while she sits quietly in the front seat.

Things at Bristol and Dakota’s house are still tense and the heavy conversations continue to flow despite the kids being within earshot. Bristol says she understands Dakota is going through a lot but after two years of dealing with everything, she’s feeling frustrated. Dakota says he’s been dealing with these issues since 2009 and that all he needs is to be supported.

“This reminds me of that awful bachelorette party when no one wanted to talk about ME!”

Bristol says she doesn’t want to raise her kids to think that their marriage is normal. Dakota starts to raise his voice. The argument escalates and Dakota ultimately leaves…

I think we all need a night out at the biker bar after this episode… Sarah, save us a stool!

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29 Responses

  1. Is anyone gonna talk about how Dakota wore the same outfit the entire episode? Wasn’t this over several days supposedly lol

  2. Did anyone else find Ambers interactions with the baby to seem awkward??? Something about it doesn’t feel right to me. I guess only time will tell.

  3. I really dont like Bristol. She seems cold and unloving. I know people like her and they just dont have it in them to be emotionally there. I felt terrible for her husband.

  4. Ugh. I am not a tyler a fan but I feel really bad for him. I’ve said it before but she selfish and uses rehab as a vacation from every day life. Maybe of she had a job she wouldnt have time to sit on the couch all day a dwell on her childhood trauma. Instead she jets off leaves tyler to take care of all the damn animals you bought and your kid and that horribly overpriced cheesy clothing line. Did u ever ask tyler if it was ok with him before u left? Have not one ounce of sympathy for this chick. Tyler has checked out of this marriage. I’m sure shes type if he tried to leave she would say I’m going to kill myself. Selfish never thinking of others. So let’s pop out a trap baby. Shes a moron grow up!!

    1. 100% agree…last nights episode, I was pretty much over her antics. He took the advice of a professional therapist and gently asked Cate to watch last seasons episodes to see his side and she flat out was like NO…then flipped it on him, like you don’t think I know?! You’re hurting me!…It’s like Cate…I don’t think you know or care to know. That man had SO MUCH on his plate…her, their kid, her animals, Butch, his sister…it’s time for her to stop watching movies at Rehab, and start being proactive and taking the advice of professionals. Then it’s like I think she knows she’s wrong, so she tries to get pregnant like look Ty, now you have to stay with me…she needs to start taking accountability, responsibility and constructive criticism, before he either leaves her or has an affair.

      1. I know.. I was waiting for someone to bring that up. She is a perpetual victim. When tyler brought up watching the show and how defensive she got wanted to slap her. And then tyler proceeds to tip toe around the issue. His therapist suggested it. Maybe for once u should listen to the professional advice these people are giving u. Instead of hightailing it to a rehab for 2 months at a time. I have PTSD from a terrible childhood. I also have a 5 year old. U couldn’t pay me to go to a rehab a million miles away. Go to therapy. Get off your fat ass. I’m done with catelyn and her excuses. Grow up go on a diet and get healthy. Maybe your mood would change if you weren’t feeding your body garbage day in and day out. Run tyler and take nova. Take care of yourself and nova. This girl is like dead weight.

  5. Being in Australia, I’ve only seen the previews for this season. But damn! I feel for Tyler. He’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders and a lead anchor called Catelynn around his ankle. I completely understand and can relate to depression and anxiety, but I feel that it must get to a point where you have to think “I want to try to get better and live a normal, happy life” and that’s certainly not something Catelynn is ever going to do. Not even for the sake of her husband or daughter.. and this bandaid baby won’t solve their problems.

    I don’t know how some people can criticize Tyler for voicing how he is feeling. It’s alright for Catelynn to run off to therapy every 5 minutes, but heaven forbid Tyler says how he feels. I don’t blame him for finding her repulsive in her laziness. I am wondering if her bathrobe is zebra print though.. ?

  6. I watched last week’s episode last night. The one being talked about here. I feel as sad as Cate’s horse after watching this. It sucked. Every last bit of it. Their lives are pathetically boring. It’s like watching the grass grow. Honestly if Ryan didn’t exist, Macy would have NOTHING to talk about, Tyler and Cate both need to move on…is different directions. It’s only a matter of time before Amber goes back to get old ways. The newness will wear off and she’ll be the old Ambie. Seriously MTV it’s over. It was a good ride in the beginning but you’ve drained the well. P.S. please MTV, don’t do this to anyone else. You’ve messed them up for good. None of them know how to hold a job and they’re rapidly approaching their 30’s. I just feel sorry for them now. Please stop this madness!!!!

  7. Omg, “Harvey Davelsons,” spot on…I am so glad to be done with Farrah-speak, bring on the Ashley’s recaps of the Sarah-speak!

  8. The good news is with these new girls, the show is faster for me to watch because I just zap right through their segments.

    1. It’s pretty disgusting that she’s been ran through that many times without protection, to the point she didn’t know who the baby’s father was…Jenelle hasn’t even done that yet…and considering how many “soul mates” she’s had, that’s saying a lot…and Cheyenne’s trying to have another baby within 2 years with this rando boyfriend of the month she moved into her house after a few weeks?…She’s gross.

        1. From what I remember she knew he was the father, but he was the one with all of the doubt issues because she hooked up with some guy at a party, causing her to have doubts…So she got a paternity test…but that was forever ago…and she was 16 making poor decisions not 24…hate how I sound like I’m sticking up for her lol…I’m totally not. She’s an all around POS.

  9. Tyler needs to give himself permission to pull the chute. She doesn’t even care to try to stay attractive for him, which is scary considering she’s still very young. She’ll probably be 400 lbs by the time she’s 35. But that’s nothing compared to her tendency to dwell in her trauma. I think that’s an unfortunate result of her therapy.

    Sadly, I think Catelynn has been harmed more than helped by the “professionals” responsible for her psychiatric care. I don’t think that’s uncommon in today’s world. First, they put you on drugs on the first appointment because being on drugs requires oversight. Therefore, they just pre-authorized unlimited future visits. I’ve seen a co-worker suffer the same fate and he seems hopelessly fucked after ten years of therapy and anti-depressants.

  10. **I’ve gotta say, if I were Tyler I would be totally fed up myself…Catelynn complains about being miserable, but instead of participating in treatment, she watches movies…notice how she was like Oh the horse is sad? Lets just get another one…even though I don’t take care of the one I already have….She’s doing the same thing with Nova and Tyler…oh you guys are sad? Let’s make another baby to keep Nova company, and hopefully it’ll be a boy to make Tyler happy…even though I don’t take care of you guys now, a new baby sounds like the perfect answer…like wtf Catelynn? Stop being lazy and get your shit together.

    **Dare I say it? So far, I actually like Bristol…I feel really bad for her and her husband. I see both sides..his PTSD is eating away at him, and he wants/needs her support, she tries to give it, and it’s not good enough…so he tears her down, and she can’t be and doesn’t deserve to be his punching bag, so I have to agree with them…divorce is their best option.

    **Cheyenne is a HOE.

    1. Agree, I feel so sorry for Tyler…Butch for a father, the drug addict sister. Stuck with Caitlyn due to their serve co-dependancy, its appalling they are bringing another child into the world, TBH. Appalling. Caitlyn, Amber and Jenele are the most neglectful of all the ‘mothers’ on these franchises.

      Painful to watch Caitlyn constantly try to get Nova out of her face/shut her up, ignore her. You don’t get PTSD from being a knocked up teen ho and placing a baby for adoption. You don’t get PTSD from having a very early miscarriage you didn’t need surgery to remove. From her childhood, oh I bet she had all sorts of God knows what happen to her. And I still think Nick is her son, not her brother and whoever April was married to at that time (NOT BUTCH) fathered the kid, she then kept. Which would have meant Caitlyn had him when she was 13. It’s a theory of mine..just a theory b/c she is severely damaged..there is no denying it, but Tyler doesn’t need to be life sentenced to as he said repulsive mess.

      Cheyenne and Cory desperately trying for a spin off..no, boring. Yes, she a HOE.

      I also feel for Bristol and Dakota, it sounds like he was very needy even in the beginning and she said she doesn’t have it to give. The patience the nurturing the understanding he needs. I don’t know many teen mothers, single, raising Tripp alone could offer Dakota what he needs. But, we know he needs it. The poor guy breaks my heart. It will be a lot for any woman to handle but a young women like Bristol who then had two back to back babies..she doesn’t have it to give. I feel like maybe if they were 36 not 26 they would have a shot at their marriage..

  11. I get why mtv cast the new gals; the original moms have been called “talent” for so long, they have it in their minds that they actually have some, hence the demands and diva behavior are getting higher and higher (much like Jenelle and Keifer circa season two). This being said, I have zero interest in the two newbies. Cheyenne’s entire situation is so manufactured and out of place for this franchise, I need both her and baby-daddy to go to Maury to prove that baby is either one of theirs and not just selected from a casting call. I’ll bet 95% of the attendees at that scripted pool party on tonight’s episode were paid extras shipped in from Floribama Shore or that new dumpster-fire show Farrah weaseled herself onto. No interest in Bristol either, but my heart goes out to her husband, he’s been through a lot and I hope he finds some peace. The only thing in life that truly makes Amber happy is attention from men (she shares this horrible trait with Jenelle). I think she loves her children but doesn’t get the type of attention she truly craves from them, this is why she was too depressed from her breakup with Matt to see Leah all summer, but went and got her a soon to be baby-daddy in a hot minute. I truly feel for Cate, because it’s clear that she’s struggling, but I wish they had actually been using protection because she needs help, not another baby. This episode showed exactly why she did get pregnant, Tyler is fed up and is just about ready to throw in the towel (repulsion is not a good emotion to feel towards one’s spouse) so she is counting on another baby to fix all the things wrong with the relationship and bring them closer. I hope she gets her head clear and can really pull things together once the new baby is born because if she does go back to rehab for six weeks and leaves Ty with two babies, he will not stay and Cate will absolutely dissolve without him.

    1. Right! If she can’t take care of it, she needs to give it to someone who will. I hate when people get pets, and don’t take care of them…I hope PETA comes after her and rescues that horse.

  12. I feel bad for Tyler. He’s only staying with Catelynn because he’s afraid she will commit suicide if he divorces her. He has to be tremendously depressed. I don’t think Cate is a bad person, but she has no level of self-awareness and how her actions are affecting Tyler.

    1. I’ve always maintained that they would have just broken up if MTV hadn’t intervened. No one can ever take away the selfless act that they both did by giving up Carlee, but with MTV there basically focusing on that storyline and thier relationship for YEARS, they stayed stunted and trapped. I have sympathy for them because I really feel if left one thier own, they would have grown up, broke up, and found real jobs. Now they’re going to be even more tied together by child #3.

      1. It’s too much to ask anyone to pick the person you are marry and spend the rest of your life with at 15 or 16. You grow and evolve mentally, spiritually…in so many ways. Think back to when you were in high school. Are you married with anyone you dated back then? I think this was inevitable with Tyler. He loves Catelynn and his family, but he wants the opportunity to explore his own identity without Catelynn. Really without Catelynn and his dad who may as well be like another child of his.

  13. I hated the first episode so much with the new girls. The show was already boring, i skipped through most of it. Palin seems like a bad wife and the other new girl Cheyenne doesnt need to be on this show at all. The only good thing is that amber seems to be doing pretty well being a mom for the second time. Trying to turn her life around. She has really oned down. Weird how she was all push up bras and blonde hair witb annoying looking clothing when she was with matt. now she is more natural looking.

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