Kail Lowry Opens Up About ‘Teen Mom’ Money In Her New Book: “My Kids Have No Idea How Blessed We Are Financially At the Cost of My Privacy & Humility”

“Money doesn’t grow on MTV trees, boys!”

In her newest book, A Letter of Love, Kail Lowry opens up about how her chosen life as a reality TV star (and the megabucks she’s made from that role) have and will affect her three sons.

The Teen Mom 2 star admits that signing on to the show has made her very wealthy, but in one part of the new book, Kail discusses how she doesn’t want her kids– Isaac, Lincoln and Lux– to grow up thinking that their way of life is normal. She also writes that she is worried about the long-term effects the wealth and fame from the show will have on her sons.

“My kids have no idea how blessed we are financially at the cost of my privacy and humility,” Kail writes in one chapter of A Letter of Love. “Of course, it’s for them. I don’t want them to be spoiled in that way.”

She acknowledges that the money she makes from the show (and, of course, outside opportunities she got because she is on ‘Teen Mom 2’) have enabled her to give her son things she never would have been able to had she not signed on with MTV.

“I want them to be spoiled with culture and experiences and to know that there is life outside our hometown of Dover, Delaware,” Kail writes. “My kids don’t know any life different from the life they have now. I’m afraid that this is going to set them up for failure.

Since the kids have always known a life of wealth, Kail writes that she worries they will not be able handle things when they become adults, since they have never really seen their parents work menial jobs in order to pay the bills.

“They don’t understand the concept of working in order to obtain what they need or want,” Kail wrote. “I’m working on this as a parent.”

“I want you guys to be able to have everything, but I also want you all to know the value of a dollar and what it means to keep moving and working hard for the things you want and need,” Kail tells her kids in another part of the book.

She also writes directly to her son Lux in one part of the book, explaining her fear that putting him and his brothers in the spotlight will make things hard for him.

“Since I had your brother, Isaac, remaining on television has presented quite a unique dynamic for our lives,” Kail wrote. “I’m thankful but sometimes I am regretful. Overall, I am thankful for the opportunities. However, being in the public eye allows for opinions and judgment from people who don’t affect our family…

“I’m sure you will wonder why I say that and what it all has to do with you? The truth is that I want you to be prepared,” Kail added. “You may hear things about me or your dad, or you may hear things about your family and life in general that may not always be true. This is my attempt to set the record straight for you.”

Kail wrote that she is afraid of the day that her sons will be able to look her up on the Internet.

“I must publicly apologize to my boys for some of the stuff in the media that they are going to read about me,” she writes. “I’m not sorry for doing the show, but I am sorry for not being fully aware of how things were produced. I’m sorry for some of the things that have been done on the show. I haven’t always made good choices.

“Many of my bad decisions, mixed with the production of a reality show, don’t always air according to how things really happened,” she added. “I have to face the truth one day. My boys are going to be able to Google me and find things about me that may not be favorable. However, those things don’t define who I honestly am. I want my boys to know that I am human, and I want them to know that I have made some mistakes, despite my best efforts.”

Kail’s new book, A Letter of Love, is on sale now. Click here to order it!

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  1. First of all, WHY make this all public?! The letter is meant for your sons? I mean, if they can’t read it now, bury it somewhere in the drawer and give it to them when they’re old enough to understand.

    Second, you could just quit? Or I don’t know, don’t buy them expensive stuff?! Just because you have money, you don’t have to spend it all. Saving it for the future (esp their college funds) is an option too. But I guess the more money you have, less you think about it. I know I wouldn’t change if I had a lot because I am not into materialism.

  2. I would love to be a fly on the wall, if and when she has to get a REAL JOB. Can not imagine her getting along well w/ co-workers. Or having to be at a real job at 8:00 AM, and work til 5:00 PM. Good luck with that teen moms

  3. Is it possible Kail actually means HUMILIATION, not humility? I assume she had a ghost writer helping her with this book…maybe that’s why she doesn’t understand the words on the pages? ?

  4. ASHLEY, I’m locked and can’t tweet you but I was wondering if you know what’s going on with narcassist JE and her supposed emergency sinus surgery… (btw…there is no such thing as an emergency sinus surgery, they’re always scheduled in advance, unless there’s immediate trauma or such) Her worthless husband unfollowed her on IG then reflowed only her personal acct. I’m wondering if there’s also chaos on the landddd. lol Thanks Ashley.

  5. Didn’t Kail get a bachelor’s degree? Didn’t she leverage her celebrity to host a successful podcast? I think she’ll do just fine when the show is over. She doesn’t strike me as lazy, she just doesn’t have a 9-5 because she doesn’t need one. I believe she will successfully make that transition when the time comes for her to do so.

    1. Since when does a mass communication undergraduate degree from a mediocre school guarantee a six figure income? Kailyn, makes more money now than most doctors and lawyers. Since she is above “menial” jobs there will always be porn and yacht girl jobs. Maybe Farrah will hook her up with some clients when the time comes.

      1. Yeah, but kails degree is more than most of the other people on this show have accomplished. Amber, Tyler and Caitlin really don’t do much. Sit around and complain. At least kail did something and it seems like she’s very Active with her kids. She doesn’t sit around on the couch like a moop.

    2. It’s not like her podcast will bring in huge bank for her, so no…..
      She probably won’t be as well off as you think

  6. Do worry Kail, your kids don’t have to wait until adulthood to see real life. They only have to wait a year or so until Teen No, is cancelled and they will see you and Javier and Joe working “menial” jobs. She said that reality tv star is such a respectable career, Kailyn is so delusional.

  7. I wonder if the book was delayed because she said a lot of unfavorable things about Chris. And now that they’re getting along better wanted to change some things lol also I don’t think it will be long before she announces she pregnant again. But then again what do I know (nothing lol) I’m just speculating…

  8. She had a choice and still does to do the show, she also has the choice to do “menial” jobs if she chooses to show her kids work ethics I have no sympathy for her she’s a hypocrite and I’ve never liked her she’s vicious and not a nice person.

  9. Just what I would expect from Kailyn. She needs to dispense her sanctimonious advice to us peasants.

    I can’t wait to get my copy! /s

  10. Since when has Kail EVERRRRRR showcased humility??
    Don’t get that confused with narcissism, sweetie ????‍♀️

  11. At the cost of “my ” privacy?? It’s your kids privacy too! One day they’ll get made fun of, and be so embarrassed about what You did on reality TV.

    1. I was thinking the same about the “my” privacy thing. She had and made the choice to be on TV, her children didn’t! But now Kail’s the hero in all this? Girl, bye

  12. First off, Kail has a pretty decent ghost writer. I believe some of the sentiments in this article, but there’s no way that she’s this self aware because if she was she wouldn’t continue to act like a social media thug, pretending to want to physically fight, calling names and cursing at folks with empty threats online, on camera and on her bootleg podcast. Second, she is lying to herself is she actually thinks she is “very wealthy”. She’s got money in the bank at this moment; however, once a person has built a public persona that shows them as crude, violent, mentally unstable and generally unlikable, that is a hard reputation to shake. Yes she has a bachelor’s, but it’s in a fickle field and five minutes after the TM franchise is off the air, no one will care about her random, boring podcasts (let’s face it, anyone who actually listens to this mess wants to hear behind the scenes crap-talking amongst the TM cast, no one listens for her or the Chrisley gal’s parenting advice) and she’ll be chasing sewer-level reality shows and any other ego-driven opportunity to get her face on tv just like countless others before her (a certain non bio-degradable, over-inflated human dumpster fire with word perception problems and an affinity for having her backdoor stuffed on camera comes to mind).

    1. “Bootleg podcast” is the best description I’ve seen for that drivel those two put out. What in the world made those two think anyone wants to listen to them for advice on parenting or something? I wouldn’t call Kailyn a role model, I’d call her a twat.

      1. I listened to a part of the podcast on two occasions (on this site): once when Leah was on and the other was right after Jenelle tried to enact some vigilante justice on dude who dared cut her off. I figured The Ashley was just posting clips of the relevant TM material, so I was surprised when I heard what the podcasts were actually about. It was literally just Kail and Ms. Chrisley (Lindsey?) talking about dropping off their kids at school, how little Timmy(?) likes his new teacher, what kind of sandwich they’d pack in their lunches kind of bs. Now if Kail lives under the illusion she’d have a single listener at all if she weren’t on TM she is off the rails. You could literally go to the Food City parking lot, pluck any young mother out of her mini van, stick a microphone in front of her and the conversation would be just as riveting.

  13. You just can’t have your cake and eat it too. Also, Kail and all the other teen moms sold their kids privacy as well. Practically the Truman show at this point.

  14. Crazy how all these moms “hate” or have some issue with their MTV fame. Yet they’re riding this money train as far as it’ll take them. Your parents don’t have to struggle for you to learn how to work hard. Her views are so skewed. We get it you have lots of money and life is “so hard” for you. When will these garbage shows get cancelled. 90% of the cast is unlikable and unrelatable.

  15. She could quit the show and get a real job if she wants to set an example and have privacy…

    Crazy idea, I know

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