Audrina Patridge Films For ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ As Her Ex Corey Bohan Files Court Order to Keep Their Daughter Off the Show

“Keep our kid off your lame TV show!”
“Um…yeah, no…”

The cast of The Hills revival has already started filming for The Hills: New Beginnings, but one of the show’s (potential) tiny stars may not get the chance to make her on-camera debut.

US Weekly reports that Audrina Partridge and Justin Bobby Brescia were spotted filming together this week. Audrina’s daughter Kirra, however, has yet to be filmed for the new reality show and, if Kirra’s father has his way, she never will be.

Corey Bohan, Audrina’s ex-husband and the father of her child, has filed a court order to prevent two-year-old Kirra, from filming for the show, E! News reports.

According to court documents obtained by E! Corey asked the court for an “order restraining either party from allowing the minor child to be filmed or to appear on any reality television production without express written consent of the other parent.”

The document also said Audrina must “revoke any prior consent she may have provided for the child to appear on ‘The Hills’ reboot.”

Corey has been adamant that appearing on reality TV is not in Kirra’s best interest. In the new court documents, Corey wrote that he feels that “being in the public spotlight could be extremely damaging to such a young child.”


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Earlier this year he posted a series of Instagram messages to his private Instagram account regarding his feelings about Kirra appearing on reality television.

“I refuse to think it’s ok for our 2yr old daughter Kirra Bohan to be shown & exploited on reality TV. Not just my child but anyone’s for that matter,” Corey wrote in August. “I stand up for what I believe in. This post isn’t an attack or negative rant. This is about our daughter Kirra Bohan.”

Audrina and Corey divorced in 2017 after just 10 months of marriage. Since the split, the two have had their fair share of drama. Audrina filed for and was granted a restraining order during their divorce proceedings, claiming in court documents that Corey had a series of “emotionally and physically abusive episodes.”

In those court docs, Audrina claimed Corey has “displayed angry, rude, and emotionally abusive” behavior toward Kirra.

In March, Audrina accused Corey of stalking her. That same month, she went to court to ask that Corey be stripped of his visitation rights for Kirra.

“I am more afraid of him now than ever and fear for the safety of our daughter Kirra when she is in his care,” Audrina wrote in court documents.

Corey has denied all allegations and, judging by his Instagram photos, which show him with Kirra, it appears that he still has access to the little girl.

Kirra, Corey and Audrina before Audrina filed for divorce in 2017…

While Kirra’s future on ‘The Hills: New Beginnings” remains unclear, MTV recently announced that another star—- actress Mischa Barton—- will be joining the cast… for some reason.

Although Mischa was not a cast member on the original ‘Hills,’ she did star on the 2000s drama The O.C. which, apparently, qualified her for a spot on the ‘Hills’ reboot. (MTV has yet to explain its logic on this one, but we can assume that Mischa got the gig because ‘The O.C.’ was the inspiration for Laguna Beach, the show that was later spun-off into ‘The Hills.’)

Mischa confirmed her casting on Instagram last week.

“Welcome to the Hills, bitch,” she said on a video, obviously referencing the iconic ‘O.C.’ line.

“When MTV approached me with the chance to be part of the reality show that was inspired by ‘The O.C.,’ it felt like the perfect opportunity for an irresistibly inviting new chapter,” Mischa wrote in the post’s caption.

‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ will premiere on MTV in early 2019.

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  1. Putting their issues aside, if you cannot hold down your own storyline on reality television without exploiting your child perhaps you should not be on reality tv.
    I don’t think children should be on these shows. They don’t have a choice or say.
    Do you think the teen mom kids will be proud of all their parents BS and being used as pawns on television for “entertainment”?
    The hills was successful because we knew Lauren from years before and it was about rich kids living a glamorous life full of relatable drama if you add kids to that mix it just gets messy and sad.

  2. This will be a flop…
    They are too old and nature for reality TV in this format. I loved The Hills! That was so long ago??

  3. Soooo Kirra not filming is in her best interest…but he thought shoving Audrina while she was holding Kirra made sense? This guy seems like one bitter nightmare. I feel bad for Audrina…she’s got at least 16 more years of his antics.

    As far as Mischa….how RANDOM is that?…I knew the rest of the cast couldn’t hold that show on their own. They were all supporting cast, and honestly that’s all they’ll ever be. They probably had to bring in Mischa to liven it up, because honestly the reboot seemed really lame/desperate without Kristin or Lauren.

    That being said….it’s sad that Mischa has to resort to reality TV…She was one of the biggest stars back in the day…she must have received some bad advice leaving the OC…she only got cast in B movies (that are actually so bad they’re really good) after that.

      1. Yea I remember that too…I thought it was more drug related though? I remember that whole her screaming over that fence and scaring the hell outta her neighbors fiasco that happened a few years ago…. I’m curious to know who they’re going to have be her friend on this reboot….I didn’t think she was friends any of them…maybe Brody and Spencer?

  4. It’s ok for the kid to be all over social media, but not occasionally on tv? She’s two, so it’s not Iike she’ll have a storyline. It’s weird how he refers to her as “Kirra Bohan” twice in a very short post, like he’s establishing that she is his possession. No one refers to their own child by first and last name, especially multiple times in one post. Maybe it’s nothing, but it seems manipulative given the context.

    Also, Mischa? Seriously? Whyyyyy???

  5. “Welcome to the OC, bitch!” Wasn’t her line. It was Luke’s. Also..I wonder if she’ll channel her Marissa Cooper, and bring the drama.

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