Yikes! Watch Former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Get Knocked Around the Ring During Practice For Her Upcoming Boxing Match

“Is it too late for me to demand that Michael take my place in the ring?”

Farrah Abraham may want to consider backing her infamous “Backdoor” out of her upcoming boxing match!

The former Teen Mom OG star posted an Instagram Live video of herself boxing another woman during a training session for her November 10 boxing match against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander and… let’s just say she needs all the practice she can get before the big night in Atlantic City.

The video, which shows Farrah wearing headgear (and a skimpy sports bra…naturally) while sparring with her opponent, was apparently recorded by Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, who, at one point turns the camera on herself and seems to be rolling her eyes at her mom. (This boxing match is not even close to the most disturbing thing Farrah has made Sophia record for her!)

Farrah takes some brutal body shots from her opponent during the video, as well as a couple nasty punches to the head.

Farrah’s “fans” on Instagram Live weren’t exactly coming through with encouraging words for the Backdoor Teen Mom.

“I hope you have a will written out,” one person wrote to Farrah in the comment section of the video.

“She better punch harder because the other chick is a beast,” another person wrote.

As The Ashley previously reported, Farrah’s opponent Hoopz has stated that she’s not planning to go easy on Farrah in the ring, just because it’s an anti-bullying “celebrity” boxing match (whatever that is….)

“I’m gonna get in there and fight for real,” Hoopz told Detroit’s WJLB radio station in an interview earlier this month. “She’s an opponent…the people are coming out to see a fight. At the end of the day, we walk around as celebrities and we can’t touch anybody [on the shows we’re on]. So you’re giving me an opportunity to get in the ring and I can actually take something out on somebody else?! How am I gonna get in there and half-ass something?”

Hoopz also joked about the fact that Farrah has been doing most of her training in skimpy clothing (some of which she ended up wearing on the p0rn-cam site Cam Soda and then auctioned off.)

“She may come out in some nothingness,” Hoopz said in the interview. “It don’t matter, that’s how she’s gonna fall asleep.”

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29 Responses

  1. I’m not a fan of a boxing but since back alley porn hag Fugly Farrah chose this venue to promote herself, hope she’s prepared for a good old fashioned knock out. On a positive note, post match facial reconstruction might actually help her look less repulsive!

  2. If I actually thought that she was going to go through with it, I’d say she’s in big trouble. But I’m almost 100% certain that “something” will happen and the world will be deprived of seeing a top celebrity in the nation in the boxing ring. But at least we’ll have a word salad Farrahspeak response to read next week.

  3. TheAshley, I hope you’re going to be able to tell us about the fight afterwards. That would be hilarious!

  4. Um…….what’s up with “training” on a boat?

    Oh I know, it’s for publicity (dear lordy)

    Drita is total street. She will pull no punches and miss butthole will end up a TKO

  5. The skimpier the outfit her “training” is for show but in that actual fight her stance is terrible, she seems to not be able to handle her gear and she seems tired from the start with no strength behind her punches. She’s gain no muscle in her skinny arms just more abs.

  6. What’s the likelihood that Farrah will back out at the last minute? I’d put money on her faking some bullshit injury a day or two before the match.

  7. I feel like they’re purposely doing all this to hype up the fight and end up in a draw just so they can make more money off another match

  8. She’s dead meat!!!!!! OMG who does she think she’s boxing? A pizza box? A sick kitten? A baby wrapped in a blanket? She’s marshmallow

  9. Is that as hard as she can hit?? No wonder Sophia doesn’t listen to her. ?

    I don’t think Hoops (Hoopz?) is going to pull any punches like her sparring partner was in this video! RIP Farrah.

  10. I’ll give it to her….Farrah is in really top notch shape, but that’s all I can give her…she don’t want that smoke with Hoopz. Hoopz looks like Mayweather compared to Farrah, and the only way this will last longer than 30 seconds is if Hoopz lets it go that long.

  11. Y’all..oh my god lol Farrah looks like I would in the ring and that ain’t a compliment l! You’d think weeks of “training” would’ve taught her to actually punch. She looks like Ray Charles in the ring. Good Lord

  12. Highly doubt this fight will ever happen. Farrah will have some lame excuse, last minute before fight not to fight. She’s all hype and then nothing.

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