10 Funny Things Reality TV Stars Tweeted This Week

“Oh boy, you so funny!”

Reality TV stars generally aren’t content to just let us gawk at their lives through our TV screens. In addition, most of the people who appear on our favorite reality TV shows also spend a great deal of time on Twitter, pouring out their innermost thoughts, throwing shade at their co-stars and, of course, making us laugh (whether they’re being intentionally funny or not…)

For fun and games, The Ashley has concocted a list of the funniest reality TV star tweets of the week!

Sean Lowe proved that his life with wife Catherine Giudici is just as glamorous as it was when they were on ‘The Bachelor’:

‘The Challenge’ star Jemmye Carroll made every girl shudder while thinking of what may be the worst texting offense you can commit:

‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ star DJ Pauly D poked fun at his co-star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro for always having relationship drama, regardless of which girl he’s with:

(If you need to be caught up on this week’s “Ron vs. Jen” highlights, click here!)

Brandi Glanville refrained from telling the clerk she knows all about that ‘Housewife’ chaos:

Former ‘The People’s Couch’ star Emerson Collins was surprised to see people taking those motivational bathroom signs to heart:

‘The Bachelorette’ star Diggy Moreland posted something every dog owner can relate to (not to mention the title of a TV show The Ashley would totally watch):

‘The Challenge’ star Shane Landrum gave us a disgusting (yet hilarious) mental picture:

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino joked that his ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ co-star Jenni “Jwoww” Farley isn’t exactly subtle:

Long-haired ‘Bachelor’ Producer Elan Gale will have people thanking him for being a friend now:

And finally… The Ashley can’t stop laughing at Ryan Seacrest dressed as Punky Brewster. He apparently takes his “Punky Power” very seriously:

(Photos: Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images; Twitter)

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