‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Dakota Meyer Says Divorcing Bristol Palin Has Been Good For His Health: Says He’s Happy After Getting “Rid of the Cancer” In His Life

“I love me a Palin-free house!”

Dakota Meyer is not happy with the way he’s being portrayed on Teen Mom OGso he’s making sure to let viewers know what life with his ex, Bristol Palin, was really like.

In an Instagram Live video posted on Tuesday, Dakota likened marriage to Bristol to “the cancer in his life,” and mentioned how much better his mental health has been since removing the “Palin” from his home. Dakota also cleared up a few of the tabloid stories currently circulating about him, including one started by Bristol, who talked on-camera about how Dakota has shut his ex-stepson, Bristol’s son Tripp, out of his life.

The Ashley took the liberty of pulling the most interesting (and juiciest) tidbits from Dakota’s long Instagram video.

“Why you trippin’ about Tripp?!”

On Bristol’s claims that he totally ignores Tripp and that the nine-year-old is “crushed” over it:

Dakota was quick to tell his side of this story, making fans aware that it is Bristol herself who is keeping him from having a relationship with Tripp.

“I never got the opportunity to [maintain my relationship with Tripp after my divorce,]” Dakota said. “I don’t have custody of Tripp. It’s hard enough for his own dad to get to see him!”

(Score one point for Dakota with that Grade-A shade!)

Dakota then revealed that he’s not allowed to contact Tripp without Bristol’s permission.

“When you have a stepchild you don’t get the rights to that stepchild when you get divorced,” he said. “If they’re under 18 you have to go through their mother to get them.

“Everything is everyone else’s fault with her,” Dakota added, before saying that he didn’t want to make things even harder for Tripp.

“Am I supposed to call Tripp up and mess with his mind and then when Bristol’s pissed with me, she’s not going to let me see him? I’m not going to mess with him. He’s had enough of that.”

On why his mental health has improved since Bristol moved out:

“There are fingers for people like you, Dakota!”

“When you get rid of the cancer in your life, you can go live,” Dakota said.

He later added that, since his divorce from Bristol, he has not had to rely on medications to treat his PTSD and other mental health issues.

“We talk about anxiety, do you know how many shots I’ve had to get in my neck [for anxiety] lately? None,” Dakota said. “Since Bristol moved out of my house I haven’t had to get any shots in my neck. I haven’t had to take any Ketamine. I haven’t had to take any medication…

“Ask me how many anxiety attacks I have had since she’s moved out? Zero! Do I need to say anything else?” he added.

On whether or not he regrets marrying Bristol: 

“I should have turned ‘n’ ran my ass back down that aisle!”
Dakota admitted that he and Bristol had no business getting hitched in the first place.

“Do I think marrying Bristol was a mistake? I can give you the good answer, yeah, [but] I got my two kids out of it,” Dakota said. “Of course I love my daughters, but there’s no reason me and Bristol should have gotten married. But I’m glad we did…in every mistake comes something good.”

He later went on to say that being with Bristol showed him what he doesn’t want in a future significant other.

“Before Bristol I couldn’t have appreciated a good woman in my life…But now, [after] being treated like s**t by somebody, I understand what it’s like to be treated terrible and not have someone give a s**t about you and be stuck with them, and have to put up with that,” Dakota said. “I think it was a plan by God of working on me. I don’t think it was a mistake. I think it was God using her to put me in a situation that sucked real bad and to be worked on.”

Tell us how you really feel, Dakota!

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Let’s not go so far as to imply she may not love Christ. We do not know her heart. We’re watching a not-so-very-real, “reality” show.

  2. Oh yes! It’s all her fault! Sounds like a typical narcissist. So, he’s blaming her for the PTSD and anxiety? Unbelievable….

  3. These two both sound like hot messes. I think she kind of tries to act like a victim on Teen Mom but he also comes across as mean and hostile at times. Even when Levi and his wife were on they seemed uncomfortable too. But I would take their story over Jenelle’a anyday. Even though its not the same franchise.

  4. This dude hasn’t shut his mouth about his divorce for weeks….somebody is clearly not over his ex. There is no way he’s magically cured of all of his issues because he got divorced. During this weeks episode he says he hates the attention of doing public stuff like the baseball game….yet he’s publicly putting down his kids mom every chance he gets. Just looking at the bags under his eyes and the constant sweating, he just looks unstable.

  5. They both seem like pieces of work to me but it couldn’t have been easy being in a family with Sarah Palin because she is on crack

  6. They both seem so immature. He did himself no favors here, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Bristol was more sneaky about her digs at Dakota (like this thing with Tripp). They both need to just stop. Tripp is old enough to see and read this constant back and forth.

    1. They NEVER should’ve gotten married, even if they had two kids together. They are both a mess, Dakota’s issues are complicated (maybe too complicated for Teen Mom) and Bristol is spoiled. Their first priority should be those kids, not who can talk the most shit about the other parent.

  7. Dakota obviously is full of hate and bitterness. You could tell from their interaction concerning the girls schedule that Bristol was doing her best to be kind and keep everything about the girls while Dakota kept getting in hateful digs and mean, snide remarks. When the girls are older and can read all the nasty things he’s saying about their mom it’s not going to go over to well. Dakota needs to suck it up and quit throwing a fit.

  8. Dude survived war in the middle east, do you have any idea the horrible crap he’s seen? , but the one thing he couldn’t handle was Palin

  9. The only reason they got married is because she kept getting pregnant while spouting abstinence . I also think it looked good for her political family to marry a war hero . She comes off very selfish and to marry a man who has some mental health issues means she would have to put all herself on the back burner and to be honest her kids even . If she truly loved Christ I believe she would have worked on their marriage but it was hard and she didn’t like it . She does seem awful. I’m a republican and I gotta say go away Palin family . Go far away .

  10. Dakota has PTSD; maybe Bristol triggered some things relating to anxiety for him but he’s making it sound like he’s cured of the chronic condition since he got divorced. Also he will have to deal with her the rest of his life since they have children together. The cancer’s still there.

  11. I’m glad hes speaking out. Bristol shouldn’t be the only one who gets to day her side. Best of luck to him.

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