Fans React After ‘Mob Wives’ Star Natalie DiDonato Announced as Farrah Abraham’s Replacement For Fight Against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander

“Get your sorry backdoor outta here, Farrah!”

A replacement boxer has been chosen to fight Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander in place of Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, who backed out (pun intended) of the November 10 match last week.

TMZ reports that Natalie DiDonato of Mob Wives fame will step into the ring this Saturday in Atlantic City to box Hoopz.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the crowd going…mild…

In case you have no idea who the hell Natalie is, she joined the ‘Mob Wives’ cast during Season 5 and is the cousin of deceased mobster Frankie Flowers. She notoriously got physical with several ‘Mob Wives’ stars during her time on the show.

In an Instagram Live video posted on Sunday, Hoopz made it clear that she’s going to be uppercutting somebody‘s face, come Saturday.

“I don’t know what ‘Flip Flop Farrah’s’ gonna do, but I still will be fighting November 10,” Hoopz told her fans before Natalie was announced as her opponent.

As The Ashley previously reported, Farrah backed out of the fight last week, claiming that the fight’s promoters failed to follow through with the terms of their contract. (The promoters claim that they did everything they were supposed to do, but couldn’t make the former Teen Mom OG star happy.)

Farrah’s dad, Michael Abraham, told The Ashley that one of the other reasons Farrah pulled out of the fight was that her nemesis, Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo, was named as the fight’s referee, something Michael said was “not safe” for Farrah.

“Drita has it out for my daughter, and that’s known,” Michael told The Ashley. “And now she’s been put in a position of authority with this fight and that’s not safe. Farrah does not have to put her life in jeopardy with someone like Drita…she is out of control. That person could do anything–bring weapons or whatever– and we’re not going to play that game.”

Hoopz has not yet commented on the fact that the fight’s ref, Drita, has an existing relationship with Natalie. However, people who had purchased tickets to the Farrah/Hoopz fight seemed underwhelmed by Farrah’s replacement, judging by the comments left on the fight promoter’s Instagram post about Natalie joining the fight.

“Lol so once again another fight you hyped up for months that won’t happen,” one person wrote.

“Damn I wanted her to get beat bad,” another person wrote of Farrah. “I don’t even think I’m interested anymore.”

“False advertising for all the people that bought those tickets,” another angry fan wrote. “Good job business man.”

The fight’s promoters have stated that they intend to sue Farrah for the millions she cost them.

“Farrah has already been paid half the money she’s owed upfront,” The Blast reported last week. “Bottom line: The promoters and their attorney tell us the fight’s still going down and Farrah is fighting … and if she doesn’t she will be facing a lawsuit for millions of dollars based on the damage she will cause.”

Farrah has not made any comment regarding the potential lawsuit, or the announcement of Natalie as her replacement… yet.

Watch Natalie DiDonato show off her fighting skills during this scene from a ‘Mob Wives’ Reunion special.

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(Photos: CBS, Instagram, VH1)


  1. Haha I bet Farrah is pissed they didn’t beg her to still do it and cave in to all her demands. ANd they found a replacement easily instead of cancelling it. Good for them. It’s about time someone didn’t put up with her insane BS.

  2. Honestly, I’d be more interested in watching the lawsuit on Court TV than watching this boxing match with the replacement. If it’s not Farrah getting beat down, no one is going to care. I just want to see someone get at Farrah either in the ring or the courtroom.

  3. I never in a million years thought I would agree with Farrah, but I do honestly see how appointing Drita as the referee last minute would cause an issue. Farrah was awful to Drita and her behavior is deplorable, but it’s beyond obvious that the coordinators of this fight added Drita to stir up drama. The worst part of it is that this is supposedly to promote “anti-bullying” and yet they chose to involve two people who have done nothing but bully each other from the get go. Ridiculous.

    1. It all comes down to what’s in the contract. I am confident the contract doesn’t say that Farrah has any say over who referees the match, and it certainly doesn’t say that Farrah can walk away from the agreement without recourse. Unless she can prove that she’s not just talking out of her ass and that they really are in violation of the agreement, she’s gonna have to pay up, and is unlikely to get future reality tv deals.

      “I don’t like it/her/you” isn’t a valid reason to break a contract.

      1. Valid, but also this situation seems reasonably dangerous to Farrah. This sucks that it becomes a legal situation, because legit this actually would be scary.. Fight or flight, baby.

    2. Ok but it’s a fundraiser for anti-bullying. The whole point of doing a fundraiser is to raise as much money as possible. How were they going to do that? Add Drita. More drama = more tickets and viewers = more money for the cause.

  4. Thought Drita hated Nat D like the rest of us? Nat D is a liar! It also came out that she has never met or was related to Micky Flowers, his family was trying to start a lawsuit to stop her from saying that! She’s a disgusting butt wedge!

  5. had to google her to remind me who the f*ck she is. pretty sure hated her and I couldnt stand her fake lying ass on mob wives. hope hoopz beats her ass.

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