EXCLUSIVE! “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” Star Darcey Silva Says Split From Jesse Meester Hasn’t Deterred Her From Looking For Love Overseas

“Let me catch you guys up!”

Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester’s relationship provided the bulk of the drama on the second season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, with the couple eventually calling it quits during the September 30 episode. Since then, the former couple has battled it out on social media, with Jesse even referring to Darcey as an “alcoholic” in the wake of their split.

The Ashley spoke with Darcey exclusively at NYC’s Ladies Night Out event last week. At the event, which took place at Elsie Rooftop and was hosted by Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania, Darcey spilled the tea on where her battle with Jesse stands, as well as the rumors about her having a drinking problem and the possibility of her dating someone from another country again.

Despite the negative experience Darcey had dating foreign-born Jesse, she said she’s still open to looking for love with someone outside the United States.

“I would absolutely possibly love to date someone from overseas again,” she said. “That hasn’t stopped me.”

Darcey revealed that she currently has a man in her life, though.

“There’s someone I’m talking to,” she said, “But yeah, there is someone on I’m interested in and we’ll see where that goes. My heart is open for love.”

Darcey also addressed the accusations Jesse made about her being an alcoholic.

“All my family and friends know that’s false,” Darcey told The Ashley regarding her alleged drinking problem, adding that she is “ready to move on” and “cut the cord” with Jesse for good.

“I wish him well,” Darcey continued. “Honestly, I feel so free from that relationship and I wish him well. It just is what it is. I wore my heart on my sleeve, and all I can do is share my side of the story with things. It was an emotional roller coaster at times, but I’m strong enough and just happy I did this amazing transformation for myself.”

Darcey further assured The Ashley that things are much better today than when her season of ‘Before the 90 Days’ was filming, and that she’s been working on some projects with her sister.

She also has plans to return to reality TV.

“I feel like reality TV is a great outlet and kind of a part of me now, so I’ll always continue to do that,” she shared.

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9 Responses

  1. Darcy, stop crying, putting fillers in your lips, acting desperate and be the strong personal woman that you are business n professionally!!!!… Love will find you!!! Stop settling for any man you can get your dream man, just STOP being desperate n crying….your better than that!!!!

  2. darcy is so desperate, insecure, condescending, irritating, argumentative, controlling and WTH has she done to her face AGAIN?

    what is her obsession with younger men?
    Jesse never stood a chance with her kids as they mimicked her sarcasm.

    he is a little controlling but maybe that’s how they are in holland. i think he is the sane one and she is coo-coo.

    darcy, stop with the face! starting to look like a kartrashian

  3. I just finished watching the first season of Before the 90 Days (thanks to Hulu for adding this series!) and right from the bat she was out of touch with reality. I think it’s sad that at her age she’s pressuring and pushing for an engagement with someone that young. First off, with her life “experience” she should’ve known that rushing things and pressuring a man into marriage does not end well. Second, he out of the two of them was the only one that seemed grounded. It makes American women seem desperate and pushy honestly.

    That entire season with Darcey and the other chick that went to Spain… it was just shameful.

    She’s a looney. I feel sorry for her kids.

  4. She was totally crazy! I felt sorry for Jesse. He could not win for losing with her! Talk about in need of intervention. And I would think she had a problem with alcohol, too. Absolutely wackado, that one!

    1. After seeing the show now. We’re just seeing the episodes now with Darcey and (James Bond) Tom.
      OMG! It was hilarious when she walked into the restaraunt and she saw him in “real life”
      He wasn’t a superhero but more like a droopy wet noodle! Mr Bean has got more sex appeal . A DRASTIC come down ( body wise) from Jesse. Jesse may have been a moron but he was spot on with Darcey and her dinking.
      She’s embarrassing, I feel sorry for her girls, imagine their friends watching this show and seeing their friends mother a drunken mess and throwing herself at younger men.

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