“90 Day Fiance” Star Larissa Christina Pleads with Instagram Followers to Call Police After Alleged Fight with Colt Johnson

There appears to be trouble in ’90 Day’ Paradise…

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Christina posted a series of disturbing photos and videos to her Instagram account on Saturday, claiming that her husband Colt Johnson had taken her phone and trashed the house after the couple had a fight.

Larissa changed her Instagram handle to @helpmeimwithoutphone and changed her Instagram bio to plead her followers to help her.

“He turned off [my phone] hide my phone help me he wants to call police help me,” Larissa wrote in her Instagram bio.

(In comments on her posts, Larissa claimed that she was using a MacBook to post to Instagram, and that she’s “hiding in the bathroom.”)

The couple, who is currently being featured on the show’s sixth season, got married back in June and, while they often post happy photos to the social media, Larissa tearfully admitted it’s all been an act and their relationship is anything but happy.

Larissa’s Instagram bio on Saturday…

“I can’t lie and I can’t pretend anymore,” Larissa said in a video posted to her Instagram stories. “This is the truth – I can’t keep lying, lying, lying, posting pictures. I’m tired of this game.”

In her video, Larissa also seemed to be saying that Colt made her put her Instagram on private, and hide all posts about him so that girls who are messaging Colt don’t seem them.

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More from Larissa on Colt. #90DayFiance

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“If I show that we are happy…the girls will stop,” she said. “It’s extremely selfish.”

“We no breakup…I still do things for him but he doesn’t like to show us together,” she said later adding, “He decided to pretend that we’re not together.”

In her videos, she stated that Colt brought her flowers, but they ended up on the floor (along with a bunch of other stuff) after the couple got into a fight.

“People need to understand, look now, Colt fans, look at who he is,” Larissa said as she panned a trashed room that she claims was the work of Colt.

While many fans were skeptical that Larissa was really in trouble, others wrote in the comment section of several posts that they had contacted Las Vegas police to do a welfare check on the couple. “90 Day Fiance” blogger John Yates tweeted out that “help is currently on the way to Colt and Larissa’s house.”

“I have a feeling that Colt got home and was pissed that Larissa posted all that crap about him on her story and here we are. Or I could be wrong,” John tweeted.

John confirmed that Colt’s mother Debbie, who lives with the couple, is out of town.

“Debbie is here in NYC for the live show tomorrow. Still waiting to hear back what happened,” he tweeted, later adding, “It has been confirmed that Larissa is safe at a friends house.”

UPDATE! Larissa has been arrested for domestic battery! Click here for the latest info!

UPDATE #2! Colt confirmed, via Instagram, that Larissa had been arrested and gave an explanation for his actions earlier on Saturday.

“Larissa was arrested this afternoon,” he wrote. “She suffers from high anxiety and [severe] depression. She overreacted to problems that do not exist.”

He confirmed that he did, indeed, deactivate Larissa’s phone, but said he had a good reason for doing so.

“I proceeded to deactivate her phone to try to diffuse the situation,” Colt wrote. “This escalated issues and matters became worse. She felt this action was a threat towards her and tried to reach out for help. Not long after her cry was posted, the police came and knocked down the front door. They drew their guns at me and handcuffed me.

“The police interviewed us but not long after they decided to arrest Larissa,” Colt continued. “No one was hurt and I did not press charges against my wife. However it is policy in the state of Nevada that since we are in a domestic partnership, someone had to be arrested.”

He also posted a photo of the flowers he had given Larissa earlier that day.

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I am sorry.

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  2. Something is very off with him….she just seems like a gold digger, but he seems like an abuser. I get Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer vibes from him. Somethings not right… He’s not wrapped too tight.

    1. I know right, she was a disaster even before she got off the plane, demanding that he change her ticket no matter how much it cost. He probably lied some about his income, but her general demeanor is just unlikable.

  3. So she’s already playing the Mohammed and Luis card? Saying she’s abused so she can stay in the U.S after their divorce. And isn’t it funny that all this supposedly happened while his mom was gone

    1. Not sure why you got so many downvotes. It’s bewn quite obvious from the beginning that this woman is only with Colt for citizenship and his credit card. He’s a fool and she is annoying.

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