‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7B Episode 6 Recap: A Stalker & the Saddest Birthday Party Ever

“This is my happy face.”

(Note: Yes, The Ashley knows this is last week’s episode…some day she will catch up on recapping…)

Howdy, fellow trash TV lovers! It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with the gals of Teen Mom OG, and, since The Ashley missed a few episodes between recaps, let’s first catch up on what happened since the last recap: Maci complained about everyone in her life, Amber complained about everyone in her life, and Tyler complained about everyone in his life.

So basically….business as usual in ‘Teen Mom’ Land.

We kick off this episode down in Tennessee, where Maci is still reeling from Jen and Larry‘s “casual” suggestion that Bentley switch to a private school that basically costs more for a semester than two “Mommy Makeovers,” a rehab stay and a couple therapy horses.

She’s not thrilled that her almost-in-laws put this idea into Bentley’s public-school-educated head, but she’s refraining from strangling them… at least on-camera, anyway.

Bentley is about to start fourth grade (for free!) Maci and Taylor “casually” lie in bed (with an MTV camera crew filming at their feet, naturally), and marvel over the fact that Bentley is going to be 10 years old soon.  The next morning, Taylor releases a full-diapered “oopsie baby” on Bentley to wake him up for school.

Nothing quite says “Rise and Shine!” like getting a whiff of your brother’s crap first thing in the morning!

“In honor of your first day of school, I’ve got my diaper all loaded up for ya!”

Later, both Taylor and Maci dress head-to-coffee-cup in TTM gear to take Bentley to school, leaving the “Oopsie Babies” with a “babysitter” (aka whatever MTV production assistant drew the shortest straw).

Once they pull up to the school, Bentley refuses to allow Maci to walk him into his class, marking the first time he’s been embarrassed to have his friends see his mom (and her MTV camera crew). Maci sheds a few tears.

Later, Producer Jenni is curious if Bentley’s dad, the hapless Ryan, bothered to roll off whatever friend’s floor mattress he’s most likely napping on to wish his son a happy first day of school.

Ha ha! Good one, Jenni! Yeah, that totally happened…about the same time Gary was teaching an aerobics class and hawking FitTea on the Instagram!

“They make me ask this crap… I swear.”

Maci confirms that Ryan did not text Bentley that day…or any day recently…or ever.

Over in Michigan, Catelynn and Tyler have discovered that it’s been almost a year since they’ve seen Carly. It’s her birthday that day, so Cate and Ty are celebrating…by eating fast food to-go salads.

And, because someone mentioned “Carly,” their overly eager adoption counselor, Dawn, has to call up.

“It’s happy birthday day…for Carly, can you believe it’s been nine years?” a chipper Dawn asks, as Catelynn literally shovels chunks of romaine into her mouth.

Cate says that “Nova” demanded they have a party and cake, since it’s Carly’s birthday.

(Um…are we sure it wasn’t a show producer who was being pressured into coming up with a story line for these knuckleheads that doesn’t involve Tyler’s dumpster fire family and/or Catelynn need for or lack of therapy horses?)

“Did somebody say CARLY?”

Tyler shouts that they are planning to make Carly a birthday video, and Dawn talks over him to give them the spiel about how proud of them she is, and how they made the right choice for Carly…blah blah blah.

If Tyler rolled his eyes any harder, I think they’d pop out and land right in his Cobb Salad!

Finally they get Dawn to stop running her trap and hang up.

Tyler is obviously lovin’ this convo…

They dash on down to the bakery and buy a cake for Carly. They’re hoping it will make Nova happy, since the kid’s been in a piss-poor mood all day. (Go figure.) She’s in the bathtub, screaming for Catelynn, as Cate is out front entertaining the “party guests,” which include Tyler’s mom Kim (who is already slugging down Coronas) and Lexi, who is the daughter of Tyler’s sister Amber. (She’s probably just happy to be hanging out in a place that has running water.)

Nova is having a complete meltdown because Catelynn won’t come in there and throw water on her head (or something), and Lexi looks like she’s about two seconds away from diving headfirst into the cake, Nova and table manners be damned!

Finally, Catelynn gives in and goes and bathes Nova, as Tyler runs into the kitchen to pout that it’s no fair that no one likes him or whatever. Kim tells Tyler that it’s not good to let Nova always have her way…but then reverses that statement and says, “That’s old-school I guess!”


Tyler tells Kim that their counselor said Nova is clinging to Cate right now because she’s worried that Cate is going to high-tail it back to Horse Camp and leave her alone…again.

Meanwhile, Amber is still living like a “boss” in Los Angeles. (By that I mean she’s been wearing sunglasses while lying in bed.) However, it’s time to go back to slumming it in Indiana, and Amber is not excited.

When your future on crappy reality TV shows is so bright you have to wear shades…inside…in bed…

Producer David is  in Indiana, chatting with Kristina about her recent miscarriage. It’s not a funny or happy conversation, so we’re just going to skip right on through this part…

Soon, California Amber and her sun-kissed crew come clankin’ up the road. (Cue the theme song from ‘The Beverly Hillbillies!’) She’s there to see Leah and she just bursts through the door after bellowing, “COMING IN!”

Kristina hears Amber’s screeching and gives a lofty roll of the eye.

“If only we had a doorbell, she wouldn’t have to barge her way in and yell like a derelict to announce her arrival…oh, wait…”

“BOOGER BUTT!” Amber screams as she tries to hug Leah, who barely looks up from her drawing.

Next, we head over to Texas where it’s moving day for Bristol. She takes a break from supervising the movers to chat with her sister Piper and give her a FaceTime tour of the new house. While Bristol’s celebrating her new house, Dakota is not so happy, as his home in Kentucky was broken into the night before.

“It was the stalker, for sure,” Bristol says. “He has it on camera.”

Bristol should paste this photo on her door to keep The Stalker away…

MTV then enlightens us to the fact that some man has been stalking Bristol and her family since Bristol was just a knocked up teenager, and Sarah was peering out her window, looking for Russia.

He was in and out of jail but he is now on the run, which scares Bristol.

“I’m now by myself with the kids…in a house…in Texas…4,000 miles away from pretty much anyone I know!” Bristol says.

“And you have no friends!” Piper chimes in.

Geez, why don’t you just print out MapQuest directions to your house and mail them to The Stalker, while painting “Come and Get Us!” on your door?

Meanwhile in Tennessee, at Jen and Larry’s house, a pregnant Mackenzie appears. Although she made a big show out of “quitting” ‘Teen Mom,’ her mug has popped up several times this season. Ryan is nowhere to be see, though.

“Ryan’s out feeding the poor, helping stray kittens and reading to the blind. Yeah, that’s it!”

Everyone is gay and merry..until they have to tell Producer David that Ryan has “checked himself” into a long-term rehab facility. Jen emphasizes that this a “90-day INTENSIVE rehab facility.”

Please let Butch be his Rehab Camp Counselor!

Ryan’s last rehab stay  was apparently less than effective (go figure), so he’s giving it another shot. Jen says they’re not allowed to talk to Ryan for seven days. (Hopefully Mackenzie is still allowed to write him letters. After all, we all know she’s great at doing that!)

“They’re very strict,” Jen says. “He gets two phone calls a week for 10 minutes.”

So….it’s like…prison? Do people wear jumpsuits, form rehab prison gangs and fight over Top Ramen noodles?

Also, I’m sure Ryan’s all broken up about not having to being able to call Mackenzie and listen to her yap about her pregnancy hemorrhoids, that gosh-dern evil Maci, etc.

Like the rest of us, Producer David wants the real story about how Ryan– the self-proclaimed King of Rehabilitated ‘Teen Mom’ Dads– ended up in an intensive rehab facility. The whole gang just starts talking at once, muttering things like “he picked the place…” “he knew he wanted to go…”

“I’d bet my Man Earrings y’all are lying!”

While everyone is talking, no one is looking up. Their eyes are all fixed on the ground.

Finally, Jen admits that Ryan did “relapse” but then quickly corrects herself, stating that it was a “slip.”

Um… calling it a “slip” makes it sound like Ryan was outside in the backyard skipping, lost his footing and accidentally landed on a syringe filled with heroin!

“A little heroin never hurt no one…oh, wait…”

Of course, Ryan “slipping” means that he is going to absent on the day his spawn is shot out of Mackenzie’s loins.

“If I did not love Ryan, I would call him the most selfish a**hole ever for missing this,” Mackenzie says, before saying that it’s for the best if Ryan’s getting help.

The gang admits to being sad that they’ll have to inform Bentley that Daddy Dearest is back in The ‘Hab.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I BLAME MACI FOR ALL OF THIS.

Back in Michigan, Catelynn, Tyler and their sad party crew gathers around Carly’s birthday cake.

Even Nova knows this is a bad idea…

They all begin to sing “Happy Birthday” to Carly (which isn’t weird at all…said no one…) Cate and Ty both film the song so that they can send the video to Carly, as the ‘Teen Mom’ film crew zooms in to capture every creepy second of this. (Oh, BrandonandTeresa are just going to love this!)

Nova blows out the candle “for Carly” and everyone cheers. Cate then confirms that they have had a creepy birthday party sans Carly every year since her birth.

“At least we didn’t drag out the blanket we have with Carly’s face on it and sing to that…this time!”

Later, after thinking that the birthday video will hit BrandonandTeresa “in the feels,” Cate contacts them to see if they can arrange a visit with their long-lost daughter, since it’s been over a year since they last saw her.

Teresa responds (sort of) but doesn’t seem thrilled about Cate & Co. coming down for a visit.

“At least Dawn says we’re cool!”

Finally, Teresa tells them not to make plans to come there because they are “working through” some things with Carly, who is apparently having trouble comprehending her “very different story.”

I guess not everybody’s parents got knocked up at 16, placed them up for adoption (in front of MTV cameras) and then talked about it on TV for A DECADE, huh? That creepy cake video probably didn’t help things along, either.

“Teresa says Carly just needs to mature some,” Catelynn says.

Um…Carly’s not the only one…just sayin’.

Cate is angry that Teresa isn’t begging them to come and unload their decade of baggage on her child…and then talk about it on national television. Catelynn presses for more info but Teresa basically tells her to back the f**k off, go sing to a cake and leave the parenting  of Carly to them.

Cate and Ty vow to keep badgering BrandonandTeresa to let them see Carly.

“It’s almost like they don’t want us to come out there or something!”

They end the segment by doing a cartoon of Carly’s name…that slowly blows away in the wind.


Finally, they drag out trusty Adoption Counselor Dawn to “get some advice” on how to make BrandonandTeresa do what they want in regard to Carly.  Tyler says he’s grown up in the last few years (even though he still dresses like a confused middle school kid trying to be Justin Bieber), and he’s accepted that Carly is not their child.

Dawn, as per usual, is speaking in riddles. She tells them to create “a soft landing conversation” with BrandonandTeresa. Tyler seems to get what she’s saying though: basically, stop calling these people and demanding crap, and try being interested in them for a change.

Meanwhile in Indiana, Gary settles down into his trusty recliner to chat with Amber, Andrew and the producers…about Kristina’s tubes.

“Gather ’round everyone! It’s time for another awkward conversation about reproductive parts!”

“We’re done having kids!” Gary announces, pointing at Kristina. “She had her tubes tied!”

Um…shouldn’t Amber hand out the “I Love California” T-shirts and keychains before everyone starts talking about Kristina’s lady parts?

Gary then reveals that he’s about to get a vasectomy, which just makes for a real pleasant mental picture. Amber asks why he’s getting snipped, and he says it’s because Kristina had a miscarriage, despite being “tied.” Amber then reveals that she, too, had a miscarriage while she was with Matt.

To cheer things up a bit, Gary takes out the ol’ lawn chairs and assembles them on the grass. Gary tells Kristina that he’s decided to go through with the vasectomy, in part to prevent Kristina from having to go through another miscarriage.

“These are my outside relaxin’ chairs!”

Over in Texas, Bristol says she’s had the constant threat of The Stalker for 10 years. Instead of buying an ultra-expensive security system, though, Bristol decides to go all “Jennifer Lopez in ‘Enough'” and learn self defense so she can protect herself and the kids from The Stalker.

She’s learning all kinds of moves while on her back (which, as we know, is a position Bristol is rather comfortable in).

“If you’re really scared, I’d be willing to stand in front of your house and tell stories about my vasectomy. That’ll scare anyone away!”

Once she’s ready to battle The Stalker (and/or Farrah Abraham should she decide that she’s going to become a pro wrestler or something), Bristol calls up Dakota to chat. She apologizes that the Palin Stalker has now involved Dakota. He’s upset because he says he tried to warn Bristol that this would happen and she refused to listen.

“I don’t want to sit here and act like I do nothing about it!” Bristol says.

I mean…like, she took one self defense class. What more does Dakota want!?

Um…did The Stalker attack those jeans? That’s honestly the only acceptable explanation for her wearing those things…

Soon the exes are bickering and Dakota hangs up.

Finally, we check in with Cheyenne because…well, we have to, I guess. Basically, she made up with Zach over fast food and cheap wine, and then broke the news to Cory, who seemed mad, likely because he was hoping to take his hose to Cheyenne’s lady garden himself.

“We’re not together but we’re working on our relationship,” Cheyenne explains to Cory regarding her and Zach. “We’re having positive conversations.”

“That doesn’t make sense to me,” Cory says.

Um…welcome to the club, Cory. Nothing this girl does makes any sense. Ever. I mean, this is the same chick who wore a thong bathing suit at a family party so….

This basically sums up how The Ashley feels about Cheyenne’s segments…

Later, Cory, Cheyenne and Cheyenne’s oddly named sister, RKO KardashiaLynn, go visit Cheyenne’s dad. They all yell at Cheyenne for getting back with Zach. It’s more mind-numbing than watching Gary nap in his yard recliner. I can’t with this one, guys…sorry…

That’s all for this week!

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  1. I’ve never been in this situation, so I might be way off base, but Dawn seems like a TERRIBLE “adoption” counselor. I get that this is an open adoption, but C&T act like Carly is still theirs and she’s just hanging out at Uncle&Aunt B&T’s for the summer.

    Carly might be your biological spawn, but she is not your child. And B&T have asked you REPEATEDLY to stop talking about them, Carly, and your conversations with them on TV. How do we know this? Because C&T immediately told us all about it. Your newly-sprung jailbird father/father-in-law goes up to Carly at the wedding like he knows her and he thinks he’s her grandfather. Yeah, I don’t understand why B&T don’t want you around. /sarcasm

    Dawn is very much terrible at guiding them through the boundaries that should be there even in an open adoption. It’s fine to think about Carly, remember Carly on her birthday, wait for a picture or an update, and keep your mouth shut on national TV. But Dawn keeps egging them on to engage B&T, talk about Carly, and generally make asses of themselves over it.

    Quite frankly, I’m with B&T on this one. I wouldn’t want my daughter within a mile of this train wreck. I also hope that her name really isn’t Carly, that her name is something like Jennifer or Mary, and B&T have just told her that these weird people will call her Carly and she should just answer to it. That way no one really knows who she is. I hope – because no child deserves this and I would hate it if someone recognized her because of this show. So unfair to her.

  2. If Caitlynn and Tyler keep up this charade, Brandon and Teresa’s next move will be a restraining order…and that wouldn’t be a bad thing…

    1. A new storyline for the entire next season, written for them. They don’t have to show trashy Amber, Butch relapsing again, Catelynn sitting on her couch, going to rehab again, and/or neglecting her daughter and therapy horse.

  3. Rhine needs a solid YEAR of inpatient, and then at least six months of sober living nowhere near TN if he has any sort of chance of not relapsing again

  4. The writing of this article was HYSTERICAL, as always! I come for the funny reports, more than I am interested in the actual recap. I lost interest in Morgan J Freemans shit show programs long ago. But I will always come to read “The Ashley” articles! They are the BEST!??

  5. I have to say. I dont hate Cheyenne I dont like some of the things she has said but her and cory co parent nicely. That baby is adorable!!! Ugh…… where to begin with tyler and caitlyn. Why on earth would you confuse nova like that?? Shes not old enough to understand that she has a sister somewhere. The whole cake thing…. really??? Very bizarre, I guess they wouldnt have a story line if they didnt do it though. Listen if you want to celebrate her birthday in private be my guest nothing wrong with that. It should be for just the 2 of them though. Wait till nova is IN BED and light a cupcake. Not throw a weird party. Cant stand caitlyn

  6. Tyler is coming unhinged. I feel bad for him. Cate just lays around. Amber hit the jackpot with the man she trapped. Don’t like Cheyenne. She’s racist as hell.

        1. He’s not rich. His parents are rich. Which is what rich kids say when they want to seem cool and aloof and divert attention away from the fact that he can drop everything and traipse to Indiana to lay on a couch.

  7. I am totally on Macis side about the private school thing. I think it’s rude that before Jenn and Mack talked about it and act like it’s free and got Bentley all excited. Why doesn’t Jenn pay for it then if she wants him to go that much? I seriously can’t stand Jenn anymore.

    1. Seriously! You (and your deadbeat son) are not involved to the level you think you are. And like Maci, I would be hesitant to accept any parenting advice from Jenn and Larry based on their track record…

    2. They act like Ryan has the money for it in a school fund for Bently which we all know is complete b.s. No way in hell has he been making payments to a school fund when he doesn’t even pay child support and he’s a full blown junkie. I could see Macenzie making such a ridiculous claim but I was shocked and disappointed in Jen for stating such a ridiculous lie.

  8. I thought I would like Bristol but something about her is so annoying. She is snotty and condescending. I think she is a good mom and that her husband is a pos but she just seems so cold and awkward. I really didn’t expect to like Cheyanne and Cory at all but I do. You can’t help but want them to get together.

    1. I like Bristol so far…but I feel like because she was on a reality show before, she knows how to act right for the camera’s…I don’t think Dakota’s totally lying when he says she can be mean…where there’s smoke, there is usually fire…but you’re on your own with Cheyenne and Cory LOL…Cheyenne seems to always be looking for a story line, so she starts fights with Zach that don’t need to be started…she’s a little to immature for me.

  9. Every season Cate and Tyler become more and more entitled and selfish when it comes to Carly. I feel like they didn’t and still don’t fully understand what an open adoption is. I think they thought that B&T were going to raise Carly until they got older, and give her back…or that they would be able to co-parent. They also fail to sympathize with the fact that Carly is growing up and starting to understand that her circumstances are very different than other kids…she needs time to learn how to process the fact that her bio family is a bunch of addicts running around Michigan destroying houses, in and out of rehab, blasting all her business on national TV and talk shit about her adoptive parents. The 2 of them really think the world revolves around them, and still think B&T should do what they want when they want…They also need to realize that they’re very lucky B&T haven’t cut them off yet, because that’s the direction this seems to be headed…B&T seem just about fed up with the 2 of them. The way that Teresa was so short with Catelynn makes me think that her and Tyler have crossed the line more than once.

    Cate and Tyler need to stop obsessing over Carly, and pay attention to the daughter that lives with them, and the baby they’re pregnant with. I felt so bad for Nova when she was screaming at the top of her lungs for Cate to give her a bath. Poor thing is probably paranoid that Cate is going to vanish AGAIN if she’s out of her sight, so of course she’s clingy. When Cate was like why can’t daddy give you a bath? It’s like are you SERIOUS?? He’s was giving her all of her baths while Cate was on vacation watching movies at rehab…and let’s be real…when she gives birth to this new baby she’s going to be going back to rehab, so she needs to be spending as much time with Nova as possible.

    1. The worst part about the Nova thing is that Tyler said a therapist has already told them that this is Nova dealing with Cate’s prolonged absences. If you know your toddler has been traumatized by her mother being gone for months, why on earth would you yell at her and act like she’s just being defiant. And that day was so focused on Carly, this imaginary sister they keep saying Nova has but she can’t remember, of course she’s “in a mood.” Calmly reassuring her that Cate was still there probably would have gone a long way.

      Also, did anyone notice that Dawn suggested that instead of demanding visits, they just casually text to ask how Carly is doing? Tyler and Cate are like “oh yeah, we could ask about school or her hobbies.” Um you think? How have you not already been doing that? Do you really just only request visits (when the camera crew is going to be around)?

    2. Spot on…I think they thought Carly’s adoption was temporary and that B&T were just gonna hold onto her for a little while for them…there was a time a few years ago I felt really hopeful and impressed with them going to therapy and they seemed to understand their past and where they wanted to be in life…then they stalled…and now seem to have regressed. Stunted by too much money, I guess. I even had hopes for their clothing line to give them some purpose, something to be proud of. I feel bad for Nova, she doesn’t seem to get the attention she deserves.

      Is she pregnant again?? Good God, why?

  10. I’ve said this before, but Cate and Tyler need to stop fixating on Carly.

    Open Adoption is a beautiful thing in many circumstances. But I don’t think it’s been healthy for Cate and Tyler. I don’t think they were ever emotionally mature (or stable) enough to process the adoption in a healthy way, and between the ongoing contact with Brandon and Theresa, and the forced fixation on the adoption courtesy of MTV, it had a much bigger presence in their lives than it should.

    They need to step back and move to exchanging letters and pictures once or twice a year. They need to focus on themselves, their marriage, and the kids they are parenting.

    Poor, poor Nova

    1. I agree. I bet Brandon and Theresa wish they would have been able to have a closed adoption now after all this crap. Especially with Cate and Tyler airing all their b.s on tv years after they’ve asked them to stop. I can see them in the future looking to close more doors to Ty and Cate, and when it comes down to it; it will only be their own fault. They should never have had another kid, but I bet if the doors were shut a little more tightly all these years with Carly, they might, just might, be better parents to Nova. Tyler tries, I’ll give him that. But Cate just has a total disconnect with her, and I feel horrible for that little girl.

    2. You’re right, I wonder how it would have been if they didn’t have MTV asking about Carly all the time, maybe they wouldn’t be AS fixated on her?

    3. Agreed. I think Open Adoption is something that can work if it is understood the child is no longer yours and that you can move forward and see that your choice made two people happy and your child will grow up better that way. But I’m most cases I don’t agree with it. From experience my parents adopted 4 of us. My sis and I don’t know our birth parents nor am I interested to find them. The last two had open adoption and the woman’s kids told them that that were related before my mom was ready then the moment they turned 18 she sent her oldest to bring them to see her and tells everyone they are her kids even though she didn’t raise them at all! They feel like they have to see her now which is the responsibility I wouldn’t want since I have my own family to focus on. Can you imagine when Carly is older she’ll feel like she owes it to them to be a part of their lives cause they feel the need to have their kids bond with her. She may grow up to resent them for not letting her fully enjoy her real parents.

      1. I also believe that’s C&T’s thought process…that as soon as Carly turns 18, she’s going to want to leave B&T and come live with them, and that’s why they get so pissed B&T won’t let them have a closer relationship with her. Those 2 really think that B&T are just Carly’s babysitters until she can legally leave them. That is so selfish and so wrong…Poor Carly…and once she’s legal, I can totally see C&T sending her on constant guilt trips, like we’re your REAL parents! We missed 18 Christmas’ and Thanksgivings! You need to spend them with us! We deserve it!…Those are the type of people they’re turning into.

  11. You’re not wrong. That adoption agency has been involved in some pretty high profile adoption disputes, mostly situations in which the father wanted the child and Bethany Christian Services seemingly encouraged the mother to cut him out and make it seem like he didn’t want to be involved. Can’t have those pesky dads messing up the sale.

    In this case, however, while it’s obvious Cate had serious reservations about adoption, Tyler very clearly did not want raise Carly. He is the one who twisted Cate’s arm. Dawn definitely piled on though to convince Cate it would be ok. But, there’s no going back now. Cate owes it to Nova to be present and she’s failing. She also needs to start respecting boundaries if she wants to improve her relationship with B&T. She and Tyler could start with no longer using Carly as a storyline and reading/repeating everything her parents say for the cameras. That’s a pretty gross violation of Carly’s privacy and they’ve been asked not to do it. Cate and Tyler continuing to fail both Carly and Nova is where my sympathy for them ends.

    1. I totally agree about Cate actually. I just don’t like how Dawn misled her and continues to be involved. I can get on a bit of a soapbox. Cate absolutely needs to respect boundaries and be present for her daughter. She’s failing Nova and that is not ok.

      1. My comment was supposed to be a reply to you (oops!). You are right about Dawn. It’s not normal that she continues to be involved and I am sure she wouldn’t be if there were no cameras around.

  12. Dawn the “adoption counselor” makes my blood boil. MTV doesn’t let viewers know that she’s part of a terrible “Christian charity” that sells newborns to the highest bidder.

    The “advice” she gives Caitlyn and Tyler is terrible. After she took advantage of their naivety and promised them whatever they wanted to hear, it’s guaranteed they’d have many of the issues they are having coming to terms with the adoption.

    Tyler seems to finally have her number. But Caitlyn keeps running back to her for advice, despite the fact she’s only looking out for herself and the baby brokers she represents. These “adoption counselors” at this agency stop calling you back once they have your signature and your newborn if you don’t appear on a TV show.

    They also run “crisis pregnancy centers” that deceive and outright lie to vulnerable young women to trick them – and if that doesn’t work, guilt them – to try to prevent them from getting an abortion. It goes from telling horrible misrepresentations of statistics to rescheduling their free ultrasound appointments until it’s too late for a safe, legal medical abortion to blatant lies.

    Just google Bethany Christian Services and read the sites that aren’t placed at the top by their SEO to see how awful these baby brokers truly are.

  13. Caitlyn and Tyler act like BrandonandTeresa are just babysitting Carly until C & T are ready to swing by and pick her up in a couple years.

    Jeez…this so puts me off open adoption – no clear boundaries!

    1. I say the same thing! They seem to think that they can co-parent with B&T or something. At this point, I would not be surprised or blame B&T if they changed their number, and only they contacted C&T from a blocked number or specific e-mail so that C&T could not contact them anymore…C&T clearly do not understand their place.

  14. Cate and Ty should have seen this coming, BrandonandTeresa have been asking them not to talk about Carly at all on television and they have continued to ignore their requests. This child is now ten years old and fully aware of her birth parents and their “situations”. Can you imagine being this poor child who’s certainly grown up around other children in their neatly manicured subdivision, who are driven around in late-model, mid-size suvs, with mothers who wear pastel colored cardigans and fathers who wear layered oxfords from L.L.Bean, knowing that your biological stock is that of an April and a Butch. This kid must be horrified by the ratchetness of it all and want to distance herself from it, but she can’t because she remains Cate and Ty’s storyline. That, my friends is undoubtedly the stuff Carley has to “work through”.

    1. I just want to say I always feel like I can “like” your comment before I even read it. We’re almost always in agreement, but you’re funnier!

      1. Thanks Lydia, I feel the same about your comments as well. I just love the comment section, I work from home so coming here to break up the day is a necessity for me to break up the day 🙂

          1. Exactly what are they missing? I understand they were young and not fully aware of what the open adoption entailed at the time, but whatever happened to “making Carly proud”? Going to school, getting degrees and the rest of their lives together before deciding to raise have another child, whom they would be able to care for financially and emotionally. Have they done anything that they said? They skipped right through and jumped on having another baby, living an unhappy marriage and Catelynn running away from her problems. They wanted their “do-over” baby and had Nova, who is abandoned onto April for days at a time and for some reason, Cate decided to have another do over baby since poor Nova didn’t solve her emptiness. At this point, they are too grown to act like they did when they were 16. Had they kept their word, they would have a good relationship with B&T and all involved, would be happy. Maybe even April and Butch would be allowed to see Carly as well and Carly wouldn’t be confused, instead be proud of all the obstacles they come across. Cate can’t even say she regrets missing out on providing the basics for Carly when she is clearly not even interested in getting up to give Nova a bath! If she cared for any of her kids, she would get her lazy ass off the couch, take care of herself to able to take care of her kids and while she’s at it, maybe she’d become more attractive to her husband that she’s so busy trying to trap. These two together are a recipe for disaster. They don’t even love each other anymore, however, they don’t know anything different.

    1. Privately (read: offscreen) remembering her birthday and sending a text is one thing. Cutting a cake and having your family sing is another. Nova looked confused and bothered and I doubt Carly will appreciate the video.

    2. I don’t think it’s wrong for them to celebrate her birthday but they should do it in private away from Nova. The poor girl is going to grow up thinking she will never be enough for them because all they do is talk about her. They also shouldn’t do it in front of the camera as a publicity stunt.

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