Amber Portwood Cries On Instagram That ‘Teen Mom OG’ Has Ruined Her Life: “My Name Has Been Smeared!”

“Damn you, MTV!”

Amber Portwood has made it no secret over the past few weeks that she’s very unhappy with how her story is playing out on the current season of Teen Mom OG. Last week, she angrily ranted on Instagram Live about fans who call her a bad mom, and on Monday, she hit up Instagram again, but this time, her tone was very different.

Amber tearfully pleaded with ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans to stop calling her a bad mom, and discussed how appearing on the MTV reality show has made her life hell.

“This s**t has really ruined my life, and my name has been smeared,” Amber said.

“I go online and I get so much hate. I feel like I’m getting bullied. This show is killing me. This show has seriously ruined my image as a mom, when the truth hasn’t even been put out there.”

Amber, who was celebrating her daughter Leah’s tenth birthday on Monday, insisted that she has changed a lot since she began appearing on ‘Teen Mom OG’ in 2010.

“Anything that I did nine or 10 years ago is something I did nine or 10 years ago and not something that should be thrown in my face,” Amber said, referring to her domestic violence charges against ex Gary Shirley and her time as an addict. “The only people that need to forgive me is Gary and God, not you guys.

“I will not let this show ruin this anymore, that is not me and that has not been me in a long time,” she added.

“If only there was a way I didn’t have to go online and read the hate….”

Of course, this is a very different tune than Amber was singing during her rant last week, when she threatened followers and let them know that she is still the same person she was years ago.

“Do you understand that, if I didn’t have two f**king kids, that I would beat the f**k out of you?” Amber told one person in last week’s Instagram rant. “Do you understand that s**t? You look at the past stuff, you think that’s not me still? You think that’s not IN me?

Anyway, on Monday, Amber insisted that ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans only think she’s a bad mom because they are not seeing her full story being played out on the show.

“This show is seriously ruined my image as a mom, when the truth hasn’t even been put out there. I have such a great relationship with [Leah].”

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My beautiful babies! Happy momma?

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She vowed to show people the “real” her, even if that means quitting ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“I hope one day you guys can see the truth, or I can make you guys see the truth. I’ll do it myself,” Amber said. “I will not deal with this anymore… This show has literally just ruined…it’s been absolutely horrible these last couple seasons.”

“I will not be the villain no more for this show because I’m not a villain anymore,” she later added.

Amber’s boyfriend/baby daddy Andrew Glennon recently took to the tabloids to defend her, accusing MTV of trying to make Amber look bad on the show.

“MTV silences her voice, oppresses her story, and manipulates footage to constantly cast her in a bad light,” Andrew told OK Magazine last week, adding that Amber has new projects in the works.

Amber also seemed to be hinting that her days on MTV are numbered. (Insert eye roll here…)

“All I’ve ever wanted is to help you guys and help you guys stay off drugs and stay sober and mentally healthy and I get bashed for it. If you want to know why I need to leave MTV, that’s the reason,” Amber said. “If I am not going to be able to show who I really am today, then I’m not going to keep taking this bullying from it. It’s not correct!

“After 10 years of being bullied like this and not having my story told, I just don’t think I can do it anymore,” she added. “My next journey is going to be helping people and I have a great team behind me. I hope you guys see the truth and really understand that not everything that you see is the truth.”

She ended her Instagram Live video with more ominous words.

“I want you guys to know the truth. I will not be able to move forward with this show unless I show my truth,” Amber said. “I don’t know if I’m going to be back or not because I want my story shown, OK?”

Watch part of Amber’s Instagram Live video below. (Be forewarned, though, that it does contain naughty language!)

Stay tuned…

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  1. Real mom’s know how to handle shit, they dont bitch and complain about mean tweets, why ?..because they’re too busy raising a child. Grow up and piss off

  2. I certainly don’t think amber should be judged for being an addict. I actually think the decision she made to remove herself from Leah’s life during that time period was actually the best choice she could’ve made for her daughter. Her mental health shouldn’t be judged either. But the fact she hasn’t seemed to learn anything from her past mistakes is what is really worrisome. She continually picks either crappy men or enablers, and she puts them before her daughter. Her problem was never being an addict or her mental health problems, it’s her bad choices and inability to learn from them

  3. She’s been a shitty mom for almost 10 years. Suddenly it bothers her that people are saying so? Get back on your psycho meds, Amber and stop drinking wine since you’re “sober”.

  4. Why don’t the TMs be grateful that their kids will never have to struggle? Their kids will never have to worry about paying for college. Come back down to reality. None of you are celebrities or do anything to help teen moms.

    1. That’s not entirely true, tho. Monetarily, they may have an advantage, but some of them will most definitely struggle. Amber is pretending that we don’t still see her as a currently awful parent to Leah.

  5. I fuckin called this a while back. She went back to crazy and it’s time for Raggedy Andy to take their little cooch muffin back to Cali and live with his mom and take car of the boy while Ambers back in IN going mental. She can’t be a mom. It’s too much for her. It sends her off the deep end. You watch. It’s coming. Andy is only gonna put up with so much. He doesn’t need to money like Mooch did.

  6. Amber being Amber. It’s Leah’s birthday so let me make it all about me!! Classic Histrionic personality disorder. Remember last year on Leah’s birthday party she made it all about herself. She took away her daughter’s shine by announcing how she was having a boy. And throughout the party constantly talking about herself; me, me, look at me, Im pregnant. It’s a pattern. Last episode poor Kristina revealed her miscarriage… Amber immediately me too. ? Annoying AF

  7. I agree with the comments dont allow anyone to bother you! Dont allow people to set your thermostat; you set your own thermostat. No one I mean no one is perfect. God bless you and your family and continue to move forward with your life. I will be praying for your strength and much more! Be of good cheer you are truly blessed no matter what people may say or think they are not allowed to stop the blessing from flowing regardless to how much they HATE!??

  8. She’s full of it. she wont have any income if she quits. when’s the last time you heard about her clothing line? and does her boyfriend even work??

    1. He comes from a line of award winning hollywood people so he may not actually have to work when he doesn’t want to as long as he doesn’t live a crazy life.

  9. Amber you stupid bitch. You have cultivated your own image. NO ONE is responsible for your ass hattery but yourself. You have proven over & over, for the past ten years that you couldnt make a good choice if it was the only choice. You are a lump of lazy, foul mouthed meat, that disgusts me. You are far worse than Farrah. At least she didnt ditch her kid for dick. Thank GOD for Gary & Kristen.

  10. Andrew should get Amber (more) help for her PPD. She should not be online reading and posting at this time, it’s not good for her now.
    Hope she gets better soon, sending real love to her.

  11. 1. Get a smaller nose ring; it looks ridiculous.
    2. YOU have ruined your life and smeared your own name.
    3. If you are more concerned with “showing” people the “image” of you as a good mom, you are clearly failing. You need to SHOW your CHILDREN and just BE a good mom.
    How does this girl not understand just NOT being so involved in social media? Make a private account. Turn off the comments. Or, hey… get OFF the couch/bed and OFFLINE.

  12. Amber, please. Time to just back away from the Instagram machine — and go BE the good mom you say you are, instead of spending time DEBATING about it with faceless strangers online.

    Don’t talk about it. Be about it.

    And for heaven’s sake STAY OFF INSTAGRAM about it.



  13. Seriously, why does she care so much?! I get sick of these hysterics by these people. GET OVER IT! The people commentin’ abt her are totally non-comps in her life. Why care what they say?! Move on, Amber. Live YER life. Stop tryin’ to make others happy. Continue to work on YER life. Especially people ye don’a even know. Period.

  14. Amber just wants respect.
    And all we viewers want is entertainment.
    That’s why they added 2 more storylines to teen mom.
    Couch surfing – literally all anyone of the OGS do.. isn’t getting the work done.
    That’s the bottom line ???‍♀️

  15. She could choose to not be on TV anymore but she won’t, because she gets paid to sit in bed, sit on the couch, bitch, and go in holidays to escape the stress. She ranted about beating people a week ago, she hasn’t changed and it’s not MTV editing, its who she is. Kristina is an angel in Leah’s life, she is the stability. She is an excuse for a mom, I have 2 kids 24/7 with no help, most people with kids handle it because it’s life. Get one, Amber

  16. I’m so confused. Whose bullying her? I never hear anyone talking about it accept her. Why are they bullying her? She seems fine on the show. I’m not noticing anything she’s doing on the show that would cause backlash. Am I missing something? The only thing that I’ve heard about her lately is that she had a miscarriage when she was with Matt. Is she off her meds and just being paranoid??

  17. Well….the real you won’t be driving any Rolls Royces, that’s for sure. Might want to think that one through there, Ambie.

  18. How is it that all these “celebrities” forget that while a “bad edit” can be a thing – if you don’t give them the bad things, they wouldn’t be able to give you a bad edit.

    They can’t just edit you saying you didn’t see Leah all summer, you were going to LA for 6 months (or whatever) and maybe Gary would bring Leah to see you, you can’t leave your bed, and so on and so forth. You said all that, you did all that, and they are representing it accurately. You might have a point that they aren’t showing the good stuff, but your bad stuff is so completely shitty that anything good you might do would NEVER make up for all the bad stuff.

    God bless Gary and Kristina – and I think that Leah knows they love her and she’s just an accessory to Amber. 9 year olds don’t just want to “do their own thing” and not see their mother unless they know that their mother is terrible. And while I don’t know this for a fact, I doubt that Gary and Kristina bad mouth Amber in front of her because they know that would hurt Leah and that Leah has pretty much figured it out on her own (kinda like I don’t think Barb calls Juhnelle and UBT pieces of shit in front of Jace – he just figured it out on his own).

  19. Amber is off her crazy pills, again. Andrew run!!! And take baby James with you. Also, Ambie claiming the show ruined her life. Girl sit down. Everything you have; your nice home, your tits, the fact that you havent left your couch in years and still managed to make $$$$$$, is all because of the show. Be grateful! Without it you’d probably be a hooker giving handjobs for some oxy’s or you’d be in jail.

  20. What the fuck is Amber talking about? If she’s reading the same comments I am, not one of them mentions her past with domestic violence, even though I’m sure she still has that in her, too. What I and many others have an issue with is her present life, where she is “too depressed” and “can’t get out of bed” to see her daughter because she doesn’t want her “to see me like this,” yet she has no problem meeting, having unprotected sex with, and getting pregnant by a random guy in the span of 3 months, declaring that HE changed her life and made her better, something her daughter was never able to do. Amber is a piece of shit through and through. Even freaking JENELLE pretends to give a fuck about her kids, even if she only does it for the Instagram photos.

    Bye, amber. Last time the show went off the air, you went to jail. Have a nice life. Leah will be just fine with her real parents and may God watch out for baby james.

  21. What on earth is going on in that house? Is Andrew messing with her medication? Is her dosage off? Has she relapsed? Is she drunk? Is it all of the above??…She seems more unhinged with this Andrew dude than she ever did with Matt, and that’s saying something…She needs to get a grip.

  22. I actually agree with her that she is a different person than she was ten years ago and it would suck to constantly be reminded of it; so here’s what you do, live your life with your children and close friends and stay off social media, it really is as simple as that. This is why I can’t feel sorry for her, she wants to act like big bad Bertha one week, vowing to come to the front doors of all those who dare speak ill of her name and fight them mano y mano, then the next week is acting like she’s a misunderstood Mother Theresa. I don’t doubt that there’s some mental disorders at play here (with so many folks in the Teen Mom franchise dealing with mental/substance abuse issues it makes you think if mtv created this or are these just the types of people attracted to this kind of exposure); however, Amber’s narcissism that keeps her engaged in these social media fights and diatribes are literally the reason why she leads such a miserable life, she has gotten paid hundreds of thousands of dollars over a decade to congeal on a couch surrounded by aimless dogs and dirty laundry and b***h about how sad her life is and is confused as to why people don’t have sympathy for her.

  23. This chick is a basket case. If she doesn’t like how she’s portrayed, QUIT. She won’t quit because she loves the attention and money that MTV throws at her and the other ding bats. This show has run its course several years ago. It should be discontinued and start over with other youngsters, not continue with 30 year olds that are dysfunctional.

    1. Agreed! Teen Mom OG needed to end years ago (along with Teen Mom 2).
      I am so into Teen Mum UK (everyone is at least likeable and a lot of them have left and brought on new girls since they understand life is worth more than an MTV paycheque).
      Teen Mom Y&P is also great – there’s real things they are dealing with and while it’s annoying watching them make dumb decisions, I can excuse them most of the time as I remind myself most of them are under 20 years old.
      These OG girls are almost THIRTY and not struggling financially in any way, and the show needs to end.

  24. shes a lousy mother cuz she doesnt care for leah gary and cristina take care of her and james is her full time job so get off the couch put away the blankets and be a real mother . she cant mother from bed all the time stop being so lazy . maybe she needs vitamins or something but shes just plain lazy lazy lazy

  25. Andrew, stop drinking Ambers Kool Aid, and go get a DNA test, fool! Amber is a crappy “mother” to Leah, and will be a crappy mother to her latest spawn, whoever turns out to be the father. Amber is trailer trash who got pregnant, lucky and a TV show.SHE WILL NEVER QUIT THE SHOW, AND WE ALL KNOW IT!! She also has NEVER been “sober”, she is either drinking, drugging, or BOTH!

  26. Im sure without teen mom you would be in a horrrible place right now. What selfish amber doesnt realize is that she could have a great life if she wanted to because she does right now. She just doesnt see it that way.

    1. What amber doesn’t get is she’s fucking selfish because she comes in as “the fun mom” takes Leah parasailing cause “she’s never done it” she’s 10 for Christ’s sake. All while poor Kristina is the one raising her and keeping her in track and wants to take her to do something meaningful like get her nails done. Amber is too selfish to realize any of this

  27. So she sold her life to MTV but doesn’t want anyone to talk about her? She only wants to do an Instagram story while she is in a cab in NY, all made up and ready to roll? Then whoopsie she gets loaded and spills the beans and expects that only people who adore her are going to comment? I am sad for her and she should quit, plus get off social media.

  28. I can’t stand the pity party! She does it all the time! She, like most of theother of the TM girls, still hasn’t matured past the age she was when she got pregnant.

  29. There’s a very short list of people whose opinions of her as a mother actually mean anything, and none of them will be experiencing her through a TV screen. The thing is, I don’t think the idea of millions of strangers thinking she’s a bad mom would bother her quite so much if she knew those people thought differently.

  30. Here we go.. shes either drinking or drugging. Shes been really off lately. I cant stand her. Get it together stupid!! Its always all about amber. If u dont like what people are saying get off tv. Nobody would miss u as you suck at life

  31. She’s “done nothing to be a bad mom” in the past 10 years?! Leah just turned 10 yesterday and the list of sh!t Amber has pulled in the past decade is endless. She admitted that last summer she was drinking excessively until she found out she was pregnant by her brand new boyfriend that she met while filming MBC with her ex-fiancé. During this time she barely saw her daughter and fell behind on child support. Even now she barely sees Leah on her weekends and doesn’t seem to be involved in her day to day life at all. “I see her when I see her” sums it up. She is lucky Gary and Kristina love Leah too much to spill the tea.

    Amber looked like a hot mess during this “vent” session with her lipstick all over the place and wiping away fake tears. This is her second IG rant in the past week, which doesn’t mean great thing for her mental stability. Andrew better prepare himself for single fatherhood. Amber’s true colors are about to come shining through.

  32. Grow the hell up Amber. You just continue to show us how you have no changed in the slightest. You are still the same, uneducated, rude, obnoxious, abusive and crap ‘mother’ you have always been. Leah has never been your priority. She wasn’t your priority ten years ago, and she’s not your priority now. You have a do-over baby with a guy you’ve known for 10 minutes, and you spend all your time on insta or facebook live whilst on your couch or in bed, complaining about how mean and horrible people are to you. Get over yourself, focus on Leah and James, and maybe get a job yourself instead of following your boyfriend around the country while HE works and complaining about MTV who have PAID you for the last 10 years to ‘work’ for them!

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