See All the Photos From the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7B Reunion Taping in New York City

“Reunions are better when they’re Farrah-less!”

The entire cast of Teen Mom OG was in New York City over the weekend, filming the Season 7B reunion special. The moms (new and old!), their current and former beaus, kids and other assorted family members who were mooching a free trip, took the Big Apple by storm!

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ gang was joined by the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant cast, who were in NYC to their reunion special as well. Even Butch Baltierra attended the festivities, marking the first time in a while the ‘Teen Mom OG’ grandpa was legally allowed to leave the state to attend!

Mackenzie Edwards— wife of the currently rehabbing Ryan Edwards— even made an appearance, although, according to comments she posted to Instagram, she won’t be featured on the reunion episode.

“I had to come but I can’t film,” she wrote. “[They] don’t want to know what really happened this year I guess lol.”

Check out the photo gallery to see snaps of the filming weekend! (Click the thumbnail to enlarge and flip through the photos).


(Photos: Instagram, Twitter)

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  1. I completely forgot Cate is knocked up again. Just what she and Tyler need, where was Nova?! If you can’t take care of your first child, how do you think you will take care of the second one?! And she’s prone to PPD so I think when she gives birth, this little girl will be screwed and in April’s care most of the time.

    Mack, get a drink, you’re so thirsty!

  2. I said the same thing about Leah! Uh oh! And why does Mack think we care what her baby looks like? She is so delusional, I’m sure she thinks she’ll get some big payday for eventually showing his face to the highest bidder.

  3. I’m posting regarding this weeks episode..Could Cate have been any less interested when Tyler was trying to express his concerns about their marriage? I think she is in denial but she just came across as though she didn’t want to work on their issues and when she said ‘life isn’t always peaches and cream’it was like she was telling Tyler ‘tough shit you married me!’ And I just couldn’t believe that after seeing most of their segments this week were based on little Nova’s fear of her Mum leaving and after Cate left for a business trip, she had the bloody cheek to suggest her and Tyler LEAVE her for ‘çouples therapy’ in Arizona! SMDH! At this point I feel like she had no business getting pregnant again! It seems as though she has no maternal tie to Nova and is just so caught up in the whole Carly situation it is just so sad for poor little Nova! When she announced this pregnancy she stated that she was taking birth control, it makes me wonder if that is what she told Tyler in order to trap him..I mean, I know it takes 2 but a husband should be able to trust his wife when she says she is taking birth control so who knows…
    Maci’s storline was good this week, glad they are showing how good of a father Taylor is! I still kind of like Jen & Larry but they do need to accept that Bentley is their Grandson, not their Son and just because they are Ryans parents and he is not around, down not give them the right to have the same sort of visitation (not that Ryan ever visited Bentley anyway). Mackenzie is still a snake! Keep seeing her slating MTV, calling them all the names under the sun yet this week she was on a free trip in NYC at the reunion!
    I cant make my mind up about Amber as she seems at times to be getting her shit together but then we see her on Instagram threatening to beat ass! I think she is all nicey nice when she is getting praise from her fans but as soon as someone tells her something she doesn’t want to hear she flips out because she is a narcissist and thinks she is the bees knees!
    As for Cheyenne, meh!
    Bristol is clearly a money grabber, fighting with both her exes over money and I’ve heard both her exes say during her segments that she is twisting the truth and making more out of things in order to make villains out of the two dads. She acts like she can do no wrong and she is the victim.
    So glad Nova has Tyler or God knows where she would be..Poor little sweetheart.

    1. Well said Mamber ! I agree with everything you said ! Poor Nova Cate finds any excuse to get away from her. It made me so mad when she suggested that she and Tyler go to couples therapy in Arizona!!
      I also feel sorry for Tyler, Cate acts like she doesn’t even care about his feelings that he is struggling with their marriage issues !

    2. Cate’s been awful this entire season…and she keeps talking about working through her trauma, all the while traumatizing Nova. When she suggested her and Tyler leave for a therapy trip just showed how that girl really thinks the world revolves around her, and it’s always about her. Tyler suggested a certain therapy, Cate didn’t wanna do it…Nova screams about her disappearing, and Cate still disappears. I really don’t know how Tyler does it. Yea marriage CAN be hard, but theirs is clearly one sided, and SHE is the one making it hard for everyone. When she told Tyler something so “little” shouldn’t break them, you could see it in Tyler’s face and demeanor he was doing EVERYTHING he could not to lose his shit on her in front of the cameras. I’m surprised she hasn’t been diagnosed with narcissism yet considering all of her other “diagnosis'” she’s received in “therapy”.

    3. I agree totally with everything you said! Especially about Cate. I think I’m the next 1-2 years, he will file for divorce. Seeing them is like watching a car accident happen in slow motion. Cate has become sloppy in appearance and overall lazy. Lazy mom and lazy wife. I can see it in Tyler’s eyes: he feels somewhat obligated to stay with her I guess because of their history.

      But, I can tell he’s tired of her and all the crap she does… or doesn’t do for that matter. Granted he can be a butt hole and a little too blunt at times, but is he ever lying though? When he got onto Cate about her weight once, everyone jumped down his throat about it. However, he was telling the truth. She has let herself go and just sits on the couch and does nothing about it. His mom even told her once that she lacks motivation because she does!

      All the stories of her trauma and depression are moving. I suffered from crippling depression in my past too. But I picked myself up and kept living. Not only for myself, but for my child as well. Cate can’t even stop fantasizing about Carly long enough to even focus on poor Nova. This baby will be pawned off on her mom and Tyler once it’s born as well. He’s going to leave her soon though. I can tell

  4. What the he’ll is that onsie that Mac and Cheese is holding?? Bristol seems so greedy and money hungry. He problems will both of her ex’s is about money. The men I’m sure hatw her because she is a frigid bitch bit for Bristol its just business.

  5. Woahhh.,,.Leah looks about 14 in that picture with Kristina…and Mack is still so desperate. She still doesn’t realize nobody cares what she has to say about her and Rhine, because we all know she’s so full of shit her eyes have turned brown. She needs to give up the constant bashing…she’s coming off as VERY bitter.

    1. Exactly. She bashes MTV while still doing everything she can do put her ass in front of their cameras. And what is even more pathetic is that she doesn’t even realize everyone sees through her. She is completely delusional. I feel embarrassed for her.

  6. Really, Mack? After all the lies you’ve been caught in, you really think we’d take what you’d say as the truth? MTV knows you’re full of shit just like the rest of us. And why are you even bothering still being on camera after you ranted about how the show was soooo fake???? Girl, bye. Everyone sees through your attention seeking bullshit.

  7. MacKenzie came to glare at Maci from the audience, hand her some notes blaming her for some more s**t Ryan isn’t taking any responsibility for, and try to get some camera time.

  8. Omg that last picture of Bentley…..he has grown up so much. Happy for Butch and his sobriety, hope he sticks with it. And that picture at the top of the article, Bristol looks like Farrah from an earlier face so much. Didn’t watch any of this season, I cancelled my DVR after watching these bitches from 16&p, but I can’t support the addition of a cast member who said she wants to kill all white babies…too hypocritical of MTV.

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