‘Jersey Shore’ Star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is Pregnant With Her Third Child: See Her Cute Announcement

“No more spiraling for me for a while, I guess!”

There will soon be another little meatball rollin’ into the Jersey Shore family!

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi announced on Thursday that she is expecting her third child with husband Jionni LaValle. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star used the Thanksgiving holiday as a way to announce her big news.

In the caption of an Instagram photo of her kids— six-year-old Lorenzo and four-year-old Giovanna— holding a framed sonogram photo, Nicole wrote, “What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.”

While Jionni has yet to post anything to social media about the new addition, Nicole’s ‘Jersey Shore’ pals were thrilled with the news, especially Deena Cortese, who is also currently pregnant.

“They are going to be best friends!” she wrote in the comment section of Nicole’s Instagram post. “Love you meatball!”

“I am so freaking excited,” Jenni Farley commented.

“Congrats sis,” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino wrote. “Love yah!”

On last week’s episode of ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ Nicole confirmed that she and Jionni were trying to have another baby. She took a pregnancy test after she started throwing up. The test came back negative, and Nicole realized it was the mass amounts of alcohol she drank that make her puke, not a baby.

“It’s no,” Nicole told Jenni of the test results. “I’m not pregnant. I’m so annoyed. I’m just old and I can’t f**king hang anymore.”

Nicole has yet to announce when she’s due to give birth; however, she has plenty to keep her busy in the meantime. In addition to starring on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation,’ Nicole is also co-hosting the MTV show How Far is Tattoo Far? She is also set to open her first retail store— The Snooki Shop in Madison, New Jersey— this weekend.

“Ahh! There’s a baby inside me!”

This will be the eighth child (counting Deena’s unborn son) to be born to a ‘Jersey Shore’ cast member. In addition to Nicole’s three kids and Deena’s son, Jenni currently has two children with her (now estranged) husband Roger MathewsRonnie Ortiz-Magro has one child with his on-and-off-again girlfriend Jen Harley and DJ Pauly D has a five-year-old daughter named Amabella, who is the product of a one-night stand he had with a Vegas cocktail waitress.

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8 Responses

  1. So happy for her!

    On another note, can anyone else not stand to watch How Far is Tattoo Far? It’s just not entertaining, not fun, not funny and completely horrible. I have quite a few tattoos and the thought and time I’ve put into each one is astronomical and the fact this show takes something that should be very personal and a big decision and turns it into something that ruins relationships and makes people hate themselves and each other really baffles me. Why?? It’s just awful.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought when I watched the UK version of the show. Just WHY would you do that?! Either you trust your partner/friend/family member so much or you are just too stupid.

  2. Her kiddos are really adorable, Giovanna and Lorenzo are such cuties! I actually love the fact that my hunches that her marriage is on the rocks (after the whole Roger-Jenni divorce debacle) were wrong! Jionni is Italian, they usually have big families so I don’t think they are stopping here, hehe, anyway congrats!

  3. I could tell she was pregnant during that Friendsgiving special they had. Her face was puffy and she kept hiding her belly. She makes such cute kids ?

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