‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Reacts After Javi Marroquin’s Baby Mama Lauren Comeau Slams Her For Causing Drama Over Their Son’s Birth

“Don’t make me get Roxanne on you!”

Despite ongoing rumors of cheating, Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus says she has no hard feelings for her ex-boyfriend Javi Marroquin or his (most-recent) baby mama, Lauren Comeau.

As The Ashley previously reported, Javi and Lauren welcomed their son, Eli, last week. Shortly after the announcement of Eli’s reported “early birth,” some began to speculate that Javi had knocked up Lauren before calling it quits with Briana, which allegedly happened in February.

However, Lauren told Radar Online that her son’s early birth was the result of her preeclampsia diagnosis, not a case of a shady timeline cover-up.

“I’ll tell you the day I conceived! March 10. We know the timeline… ,” Lauren said. “We know when we conceived. We haven’t seen each other in February. There was no possible way of cheating.”


(According to Javi’s Instagram posts, he and Lincoln—his son with Kailyn Lowry—were in Lexington, Kentucky, for Comic Con event on March 10 and Lauren’s posts confirm she was there as well.)

Lauren went on to accuse Briana of tainting her experience as a new mom.

“It’s frustrating,” she said. “You have been a mom twice now. You haven’t had the support during your pregnancies. Why would you wish that on a first-time mom?

“You say you’ve completely moved on,” she added. “Just out of respect for me as a first-time mom. Let me enjoy this moment. Don’t take it away from me.”

After Lauren accused Briana of fanning the flame on the infidelity rumors, Briana set the record straight in an interview with In Touch Weekly.

“To be clear I am only responding to this because it’s continuing to be in the press and hence I’m being asked about it,” she said. “I never said anyone cheated on me. That never came out of my mouth.”

In regard to Javi’s murky timeline, Briana confirmed that her surgery (which Javi was very much present for, as filmed by MTV), took place on February 1. Briana went on to say that people came to their own conclusions about when everything had actually taken place, but assured the magazine that “nothing has ever come out of my mouth specifically where I said he cheated on me.”

“My relationship with Javi is LONG in the past,” she added, noting that she’s “very happy” in her new relationship.


“I wish Lauren and Javi the best with their new child and even congratulated them on social media on the day they announced their baby,” she told In Touch.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is a dead issue and I’m continuing to move forward in my life with positivity and people around me that make me happy. And that’s that.”

Until the reunion, of course…

(Photos: MTV/Instagram)

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  1. There is nothing that annoys me more than women that think the world owes them something because they’re a mom. You know the ones –
    they let their misbehaved, undisciplined children run wild, making a mess they expect someone else to clean up while letting them scream and bother everyone else. (And I say that as a mom to two kids.)

    Perhaps instead of scrolling through gossip sites and Instagram posts, Lauren could **respect herself** and “enjoy this moment as a first-time mom”.

    She’s thirsty like Javi and is obviously one of those women that thinks they’ve done something amazing by giving birth. As if billions of people haven’t done it before.

    1. 100% agree
      I was on my kid like white in rice when she was being a brst – drives me nuts to go out & see precious darlings running around screaming.
      No, your bratty kid is not adorable – teach some discipline.

    2. Exactly! Her comment just sounded so entitled “my moment as a first time mom”. Well Lauren, get your ass off of social media and go be a FTM.

  2. As nobody is asking it… where was Lincoln when his brother was conceived? Was he in the same room or was he in a different room (hopefully with a sitter??). So either Javi had sex in the same room or he put this girl he dated for a hot minute before his son on this trip with his son. Lincoln knew his daddy was sharing a room with yet another ladyfriend. Great going Javi. Is that picking up the pieces?

    1. Yikes – good observation. If Lincoln was in the room with just the two of them then Kail’s head should be exploding right about now. Lauren might have gotten herself into more trouble with Kail in an attempt to look better with the Briana situation. And she’s now stuck with Kail for life since they share a baby daddy. Kail flipped out when she thought Javi was sharing a room in Orlando with Briana back when they were dating.

      The Kail vs Javi/Lauren drama might get really interesting if Lincoln was in fact in the room. Oh the trashiness!!! And if these people are making such piss-poor decisions then WHY do they keep bringing more innocent kids into the mess.

      1. On second thought, even if Lincoln wasn’t in the same bedroom, it’s still jacked up that Javi was boning some rando girl while on a father / son trip to a toy convention. I’m really hoping Kail comes out in full Kail Smash mode over this. Not that she’s one to talk since she brings her fair share of randos around the kids.

        1. I might be wrong but didn’t Javi and Lauren know each other prior to this?!?! Really I have no clue but I swear they did?…..I thought they dated before Brianna and Javi?!!!

          1. They did date for a little while before Briana so I guess she’s not truly a rando. But a booty call during a father / son trip just doesn’t seem right – call me judgy or old fashioned.

  3. Brianna is pretty for posting that, but it’s hard to feel bad for Lauren. She is just as thirsty as javi is.
    What kind of respectable woman has unprotected sex with a dude you barely know, who is also having unprotected sex with other women. These women have no self respect, aren’t they afraid to catch an STD? Nasty people.

    1. It’s not only on Lauren. Javi could have easily wrapped it up. Birth control – let alone protection from STDs- should be a priority for both men and women.

      1. Actually it is on Lauren… If a man wants to have sex, then I’ll make sure he wears protection. Especially having sex with someone like Javi. If he is dumb enough to stick it to other women without protection I’m not going to as dumb or dumber and do the same.
        These people lack common sense and have no self respect.

          1. So you would have unprotected sex with random guys?
            Yes it takes two, but at the end of the day, if a guy isn’t wearing condoms then there is no way sex is happening. Two wrongs don’t make a right.
            If you think this makes her look good, then YOU my dear, are the dumbass.

        1. Agreed – birth control aside, what was she thinking having unprotected sex with someone that boasts about having sex with other women. That’s nasty – protect yourself, girl. Make sure he wraps it before he taps it!

  4. Can’t wait for Briana’s third whoopsie child! None of these broads know shit about birth control. How bout they all worry about their own shit.

  5. I don’t believe this Lauren girl. Back in May she was claiming she was less than 3 months, and looked about 4 or 5 months pregnant. We all said she’s was going to have the baby “early”, and was only saying she was 2 months along so she wouldn’t look dumb, and so Javi wouldn’t look like a slut.

  6. It grosses me out she knows their exact conception date.
    Why would you not wear a damn condom if you’re banging that many girls in such a short time period? What a dirty psychopath.

    It would have looked better if Lauren hadn’t said anything at all.

    1. Why does it gross you out? If they had sex once in the possible conceiving period, then she would know though?

      I agree about Javi.

      1. Okay I guess not that she KNOWS it, just that she’s putting that very personal information out into the universe.

  7. Revealing your conception date, really?! Talk about TMI, what is next, you will allow us in your bedroom (if it even happened there) to film it?! Like I know she wanted to clear the air but she could have just said it happened in March. Like tell us the hour when he…….okay, I’m gonna go stop here and barf.

  8. Gawd, these people act like 13 year old’s. This gal is so ridiculous for saying that Briana “is taking this moment away from her” as a new mom. I said it the other day that of course Lauren is going to be all up on the next season of TM2, these people just thrive on drama, how on Earth can anyone in their right minds suggest that someone that you’ve never met is taking the joy of being a new mom away from you for sitting on their mom’s couch and commenting on some website. Here’s what you do honey, stay off social media and enjoy your new baby. Idiots.

  9. What I don’t understand is why Lauren cares what is said. This whole issue is cause her man bedded multiple woman around the time they got together and she basically got pregnant Right after shacking up again. I don’t like Bri and think it’s petty that she caved to the press and posted that stuff like a bitter ex, but I think it’s low of Lauren to bring up the fact that Bri had two crappy pregnancies with no support so she should let enjoy having Family Bri couldn’t give her kids.

    1. I agree….This girl is comes off as being so pitiful…Why does she let Briana have that much power over her anyway? She’s got to be a pretty weak individual if she gives Briana the power to take anything away from her “moment”. The fact is that the father of her kid was running around trying to get married to Briana, trying to impregnate either Kail?, Briana or her, and she was the dummy that ended up pregnant…but somehow Briana is the bad guy because she stated the obvious…The timeline DOES NOT add up….I’m not a fan of Bri AT ALL…but this Lauren girl is clearly bitter Briana she wasn’t dumb enough (this time) to get pregnant by Javi the Hoe like she was.

  10. Does Lauren think it makes her look better, to deny that Javi cheated on Bri? To me its worse that she admittedly knew Javi 10 days before making babies. Seriously

    1. They actually dated before Briana and Javi….then got back together after he and Bri broke up…well actually, Lauren was the girl Javi had waiting and willing to move to Delaware for him that he mentioned to Briana.

  11. For the record I’m pretty sure Brianna on an aftershow remarked Javi was cheating on her putting how far along Lauren really was.

  12. …you just had a baby…why are you even talking about your dudes ex? ? if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t acknowledge it and just focus on being a “first time mom”. Oh, that’s right, Lauren wants those checks too. She is pretty but in the videos comes off totally disingenuous, something about her is just not likeable….Maybe it’s bc she has a newborn and is worried about telling the world the exact date she conceived (as if that makes it okay Javi was porking 3 different girls at the time) or bc she’s selling stories like hot cakes. Just a hard, hard no on this girl. I see another Mack in the making.

  13. What was the point of Briana commenting at all? She implied he cheated on at least one post. Doesn’t she have anything else to talk about?

    They are both so thirsty for attention.

  14. Hey I’m not gonna lie, as soon as she gave birth I counted back and the timing is VERY close! I mean you don’t have to get someone pregnant 2 weeks after your last relationship ends, especially one where you were prepared to propose, supposedly.

  15. Either way Javi is no prize and it’s still gross how he bounced between Kail, Brianna and Lauren in such a short time, talking about marrying Briana and then right away having a baby with number three. It’s only a matter of time before this relationship fails and he’s into the next baby mama.

    1. The only end of January, I believe.

      So, he was basically having sex with all three women within 6 weeks or less, but Lauren wants to blame Brianna for ruining her experience. She can thank Javi for that. She just doesn’t want to face the fact that she was Plan C. Javi even told Brianna at her 2/1 surgery that there was another woman willing to move up to Delaware for him. She’s clearly just as thirsty as Javi, Kail, and Brianna. She will fit right in.

      1. Thank you…, you r 100% right… kail will be in the middle of it soon… kail doesn’t hav a life or a good story.., kail will be prego soon with # 4

  16. Briana might be a petty little thing, but Lauren is thirsty for attention. She was happy being the 3rd choice who Javi knocked up and moved to be with him. She knew exactly who he was when she got with him. And now she’s going to appear on the upcoming season? Brianna is a petty bitch, but she’s always been open about who she is…Lauren is a depserate, thirsty bitch who settled for someone else’s leftovers.

    1. And the second she got pregnant she started posting ads on her Instagram. She’s not that innocent. She sees some dollar signs.

      1. Thank you!! Agreed. She also posts those clickbate articles as well. The whole reason they didn’t work out after two months of dating before was her ability to deal with someone as recognized as Javi but now it’s all postabke content and your selling stories to radar instead of enjoying your motherhood? Lauren did a 180 to justify her relationship with a guy that slept with 3 girls in a Nearly 3 month period.

  17. Brianna is gross. Of course she is gonna make this about her. Shes an attention whore and just a regular one of those also. Lol. Anywho. Happy thanksgiving!!!

  18. Briana may not have directly said Javi cheated on her but she sure implied it by telling people they broke up in February and to do the math. She should own the shot she says and does but she never will. She just deletes tweets and plays dumb instead.

  19. In her defense, Briana never said Javi cheated. She’s full of drama, but I can’t lay it on her this time. It was all media speculation that caused the rumors.

    As far as Lauren is concerned, I don’t like her comment “you’ve been a mom twice now, let me enjoy being a first time mom.” Like being a first timer makes her experiences any more special or something. Javi is no prize. She needs to enjoy her mini Javi and close her mouth.

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